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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We have had a lovely Christmas this year. I woke up early on Christmas Day and found a stocking full of presents which I took into Mummy and Daddies room to open. I had lots of jewellery and hair clips, some sun glasses, crayons, glitter pens, chocolates, cars, books and DVDs. It was very exciting and I loved showing Michael my new presents. Daddy told Mummy, Michael and I to wait in the bedroom so that he could check Father Christmas wasn't still at our house- I hoped so as I wanted to see him again! Daddy came back and said he had gone so we could go and play with my new presents. I was very impressed when we went into the living room and there were two piles of presents by the tree! The biggest one was for me too! Apparently Michael's early arrival didn't give Father Christmas much time to get his presents ready. I don't think my brother noticed though.

I was very lucky and very spoiled! My favourite present was my bike and my scooter which Nanny and Grandad had arranged for Father Christmas to bring to me. My Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and Cousins sent a floor piano mat which Daddy and I love, Mummy less so! Daddy and I have played with my tent from Aunty Charlotte and Jason too, we think it's great fun and Mummy has made it even better by filling it up with balls! I had lots of Mickey Mouse Club House toys, a car mat, more cars, puzzles, books, a helmet for my bike and scooter, bubble machine, bath toys, dolls stroller, playdoh, cups, plates, cutlery and lots more! I guess I was quite a good girl after all!

I opened Michael's presents for him as he is too little and then gave Mummy and Daddy their presents from Michael and I. I think they liked them! Daddy picked up our dinner from a hotel which was good but not as good as Mummies Christmas Dinner. My favourite part was Daddies cheesecake! We spent the afternoon watching films and playing with my new toys and before I knew it Christmas Day was over. I can't wait for next year! Today we have spent the day playing with my toys and speaking to family on Skype. Mummy has tried sorting out my new toys and Michaels new toys but it looks like another trip to Ikea is in store for toy boxes!

Christmas cuddles with my baby brother

On Friday my Grandparents arrive and I'm just too excited! I want to show them all of my new toys and I've told Grandad he can take me outside to play on my scooter and bike! I think Michael is looking forward to meeting them properly too! They are staying for two weeks and then my Nanny White is coming over for a week so we have lots of fun things planned for the next three weeks!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, December 24, 2012

Our First Week as a Family of Four

Mummy and Michael came home on Wednesday and I will admit, I was a little shocked that she actually brought the baby back with her. I do like him a lot though even though he doesn't do much! I give him lots of cuddles and kisses and when he cries I shout to Mummy that he needs milk. Mummy says I am a wonderful and really helpful big sister. I was also a little upset at Mummy for leaving me at home whilst she was in hospital with Michael. There have been lots of tears and I've had quite a few tantrums this week but things are getting better. I'm slowly forgiving my Mummy for leaving me.

See sleepy all the time! 

My brother is a really good baby, we often forget he is here until he makes a noise for his milk. Mummy and I can still play and spend lots of time together. It has helped having Daddy working from home so he can help us with Michael when we need him to. Jack and Charlie's mummy and daddy came to visit on Thursday evening when I was in bed. I heard them arrive though and made my escape from the bedroom to say hello! Mummy was having her first glass of champagne since we were in Thailand last April. She looked very happy, I  however was not impressed to be refused the special drink by everyone! I was given a big sister present though which I was really pleased with. It was a book about teddy bears and I love it!

On Friday we had our first outing to the Marina Mall. We went for lunch with Adriana's family and then the men walked back home to pick up the cars whilst us girls (and Michael) went shopping. Adriana's big sister Angela took us both on the train in the mall too which was great fun. So much fun in fact that I refused to get off it. By the time Daddy came to pick us up, I'd had enough of shopping so was shouting to get out of the pushchair and Michael was screaming for milk. Mummy looked a bit frazzled and was clearly very pleased that Daddy had arrived! I decided I should behave next time we go shopping, I don't like upsetting my parents.

We had a quiet day on Saturday as we were all very tired. In the afternoon, Mummy and I went out to the shop together so that I could chose a present from my nanny and grandad. They knew how much I wanted a scooter so I picked out a pink one. Mummy said I have to wait until Christmas Day to have it though. It's now only a day away so i don't mind too much! I can't wait for my grandparents to get here on Friday so they can take me out on it!

Mummy, Michael and I did our last Christmas shopping yesterday. I sat nicely in the pushchair and played on the iPad like I promised I would. Michael just slept as usual! As a reward, we met Daddy at a cafe after we had finished and I had some carrot cake! I slept when we came home and then Mummy and I went for a walk. We bumped into Father Christmas outside a little supermarket! I was so excited that I ran over to say hello. He gave me a cake bar too- I was expecting another toy but I'll let him off. The cake was good.

It's Christmas Eve today and we have spent the morning watching The Snowman during breakfast! I'm so excited that Father Christmas is coming tonight and so far I have been on my best behaviour! Daddy has to 'pop out' this afternoon- I told him to do the Christmas shopping weeks ago! Mummy has already had her present from Daddy as he bought her a lovely new bag to keep all of mine and Michaels' things in when we go out. She was very excited by it for some reason- Mummy likes bags the way I like toys! Whilst Daddy is out, Mummy is taking Michael and I to soft play. I want to take him on the trampoline but Mummy said he's a bit to small yet...

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and gets lots of lovely presents (remember to be good today!)

Lots of love

Ella Bella (AKA Big Sister)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing my Baby Brother

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks and I've not had chance to write on my blog- I hope you haven't missed me too much! I finished nursery last week for Christmas and the whole week was spent doing lots of festive activities. Mummy and Daddy came to watch my Christmas concert but I got upset when I wasn't allowed to go and see them so my teacher called Mummy up on to the stage to sing with me. I'm not sure she was impressed as no other parents had to go up. I thought it was great fun though!

On Friday I went to a Christmas party with Jack and Charlie and Father Christmas arrived! He handed out presents to all of us, it was wonderful! I was so excited when he walked in to the room, I gave him a big hug and followed him around. Mummy and Daddy laughed when I spanked his bottom with a balloon because he bent down in front of me to talk to another child. I think he thought it was funny too! I hope he did or I might not get that bike next week...

On Saturday Mummy went to her doctors appointment and had a bit of a shock when her consultant told her that baby was making his way out. She arranged for Mummy to go back on Wednesday to check progress so we went on with our day as planned. I got dragged around Ikea, I didn't like it there until Mummy gave me chocolate! The evening was better as we had dinner at Adriana's house. It was about 7pm when Mummy said she was starting to get cramps in her back and tummy. Daddy started to time them and everyone seemed very excited when they realised they were regular. Mummy decided we should go home and get some sleep just in case but she told Daddy she didn't think much was happening.

The following morning, I took my little case and went to Adriana's house to play. Mummy and Daddy left to see the doctor and they didn't come back. Mummy was in labour and decided to go to the hospital and get ready for our baby to arrive. I was a little bit excited but I missed my parents as they had to spend the night away from me. I had a slumber party with Adriana and her mummy though! Just after 1am, Mummy text Adriana's mummy to tell her that my brother had arrived at 1:07am- he really took his time! Mummy was very tired but she said that it went really well (mostly)! Daddy decided on his name after he was born- my parents could not make a decision at all before this! My baby brother is called Michael Terence James White after our Grandfathers and Uncle James. He is really tiny and weighed just 6lbs 8oz when he was born. I love him and love to cuddle and kiss him. I think he likes me too as he doesn't cry when I go near him! The only thing I don't like is him crying at night as he keeps waking me up! I feel sorry for my Mummy and Daddy as he is sleeping in their room. I think we should make him sleep on the balcony so we don't get disturbed...

Being a big sister is great fun. I have had lots of presents and people keep making a fuss of me. Michael is mostly a good little brother but Mummy says in a few months he will be even better as he will start to interact more with us. I hope it's not too long before we can play together! Then I can start blaming him for all the mischief I get up to...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Week at Nursery

It's my last week at nursery before we finish for Christmas and I am so excited by all of the festive things we are doing! Today we are rehearsing for our Christmas Carol concert on Tuesday. Mummy and daddy will be coming to watch me and I've already sung some of the Christmas songs that we have learned for them. We are also making Christmas cards and decorations- but it's a surprise for my parents!

The weekend went very quickly. Daddy was away last week and I got very upset that he wasn't here in the evening so didn't sleep very well. Mummy and I were both very tired and grumpy all week! It was almost 10pm when he came home on Thursday night but Mummy let me stay up to see him. We watched 101 Dalmations until he arrived and I was just too excited to see him! I wouldn't go to bed and  my poor parents were very tired!

Daddy is not allowed to travel anymore until my baby arrives. I went to the doctors with Mummy yesterday to see him on the screen again. He's really big now and Mummy doesn't have long left until he makes an appearance. We are all hoping he doesn't arrive on Christmas Day though like Mummies Consultant joked yesterday! We will be eating our turkey dinner in hospital!

After we had been to the doctors, Daddy and I went to Jack and Charlie's house. We went swimming at the club near their home and then played together before dinner. Our mummies had gone out for afternoon tea with friends to celebrate Mummy having a new baby. Mummy had a lovely time and when she came to get Daddy and I, Daddy couldn't wait to see her as he said I had been a bit naughty and he was tired! I wasn't impressed! I think Mummy was secretly pleased too as now Daddy knows what it's like to be with me for a day!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We have a busy week this week and I am off to Christmas party at the weekend- apparently Father Christmas is going to make an appearance! Last time I saw him, I got a present, he is great!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Festive Weekend

After helping Mummy to decorate our home on Friday, I went to see Father Christmas at Wafi Mall on Saturday evening. I was very excited but got quite fed up after waiting in a queue for an hour before finally getting into his grotto! I gave him a big cuddle when I saw him and sat on his lap. I was so pleased when he said I had been mostly a good girl this year and gave me a soft, cuddly dog. I told him what I was hoping he would bring for me on Christmas Day, he seemed to think I had been good enough to get a bike and mentioned that he'd only deliver it if he brought a helmet along too which I agreed to wear! I can't wait for Christmas Day now but don't like how Mummy keeps reminding me to be a good girl if I want that bike...

Yesterday was National Day in the UAE so Daddy had the day off. He had to go to the office in the morning to do a few things as he is travelling this week. Mummy and I spent the morning writing Christmas cards and colouring. When Daddy came home we went for a walk and they took me to the park but it was very busy with big children that kept getting in my way! Daddy cooked dinner when we got home as Mummy is getting tired quickly now. I think it's just an excuse to get Daddy to do things around the house! We all had an early night as Daddy had to get up to catch his plane in the middle of the night. I miss Daddy when he goes away, so does Mummy. This is the last week he is allowed to do any travelling until after my baby arrives though. 

Mummy and I are having a lazy morning today- we have only just got dressed and it's after 10am! Mummy is taking me to soft play this afternoon too! I can't wait! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours has been a lot of fun! 

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Friday, November 30, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

I'm feeling very festive at the moment! In nursery we are currently practicing for our Christmas Concert which will be on the 11th December. Mummy has bought my costume and I can't wait to show her and Daddy what we have learned in nursery! My teacher told Mummy that I'm a brilliant little dancer during practice, not that Mummy was surprised! We have been listening to Christmas songs and making decorations in nursery all week, it's very exciting!

Mummy took me shopping last week to choose some decorations for our tree. I was allowed to decorate it this year and we have had lots of fun today putting it together. Mummy had to lift me up a lot though so that I could reach more than the bottom branches! Whilst we were decorating, Mummy and I danced around to Christmas songs and ate Christmas biscuits! Daddy was very rude when he saw my finished tree and asked Mummy if she planned to redo it! Mummy and I think it looks just fine the way it is actually...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Atlantis, The Palm

I've been poorly all week so had to take time off nursery. Daddy was away on business for a few days which always seems to happen when I don't feel well. We had a very quiet week. After spending Sunday evening celebrating Adriana's birthday, I didn't feel like doing much at all. Mummy had a couple of appointments with her consultant and as my baby brother is showing signs of getting ready to come out and meet us, she is now being monitored weekly at hospital. Mummy isn't worrying too much though as she believes he will be just like me and come late- I had to be evicted!

Daddy came home on Thursday and we were very excited to see him. We had planned to spend a night at the Atlantis hotel over the weekend but he had made special arrangements for us to spend an extra night there and had upgraded our stay. We had a lovely room which overlooked the Dubai skyline and beneath our balcony, we were able to see into the giant aquarium. It was very exciting watching the fish swim around whilst we enjoyed breakfast on the balcony.

The hotel is very big and there was a lot of activities for us to do. We went to the swimming pool on Friday morning but I still didn't feel 100% so we didn't stay too long before I asked to go back to our room and sleep. Daddy slept too as he had signed up for the Nike Run that evening and needed lots of rest in preparation. Mummy said she enjoyed having some time to herself whilst we were being lazy! Cheeky Mummy! We went for lunch at Ronda Locatelli which was very nice but certainly not worth the money and then headed to the aquarium as Daddy hasn't been to it before. Mummy and I love the aquarium, much more than the Dubai Mall one. We went to the club lounge after we had toured the aquarium and Mummy and I filled up on too much cake! It was great!

We walked with Daddy to the start line of the run that evening but I got bored of waiting for them to start and fell asleep! Mummy took me back to the hotel and the noise there was enough to wake me up so we went and got some dinner for me. Mummy and I then wandered around the hotel and watched the fish again until Daddy called to say he had finished. He did so well, Mummy and I were very very proud of him! Once we were back in our room, I decided I was ready to turn in for the night so my parents ordered room service and watched TV whilst I slept in my special bed.

I loved sitting out on the balcony eating breakfast again this morning and it wasn't long before we had to check out and head home. It really felt as though we had been on a nice little holiday. I hope we can do it again soon! Mummy and I agreed that my Daddy is the best in the whole world after treating us this weekend! My temperature however, went back up again today and I feel terrible this evening so plan to go to bed early. I'm hoping that I'll feel well enough to go to nursery tomorrow as I really miss my teachers and friends but Mummy has told me to wait and see. I'm keeping everything crossed that i feel better tomorrow as Mummy and I have made lots of fun plans this week! Even more exciting, we get to put the Christmas decorations up next weekend so Mummy and I are making hanging decorations for the tree! I can't wait!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are enjoying the weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun with my Family

Tuesday was my last day at nursery last week before our long weekend. I had a great day and my teacher told Mummy how well behaved I had been. We had a swimming lesson first thing and I loved it! In the afternoon Mummy took me to soft play to meet Toby and Elodie. We had lots of fun but were all a little overtired so only stayed an hour before we went to get dinner at Carluccio's. Mummy and I did a little shopping afterwards too as I need new party shoes ready for the festive season!

I had a quiet day on Wednesday with Mummy as we were not feeling too well. Daddy had to work late so Mummy let me stay up late to see him. He is very busy at work at the moment and has to try to get everything finished ready for my brother's arrival! It means working during the weekends too. We went to the mall on Thursday morning, Daddy had the day off as it was the Islamic New Year. We had to buy some cakes to take to a party that afternoon. I helped Daddy choose them and the nice lady in the shop gave me a chocolate because I wasn't allowed to eat the cakes!

In the afternoon we went to Jack and Charlie's house and I had lots of fun playing with them. We bounced on the trampoline, although I was disappointed that I couldn't get Mummy to come on with us!   We raced around on scooters and in cars, played in the playroom and chased each other around the garden before it was time for dinner. The adults had a BBQ later in the evening and it was after 11pm when we finally got home. I was exhausted!

We woke late on Friday as all of us were very tired. I went back to bed soon after getting up as did Daddy! Poor Daddy had to work so Mummy and I read books, played with my toys and watched films all afternoon. Mummy also spent some of the day making Christmas presents for my Grandparents. We can't wait to give them out next month! On saturday we had to go to the mall again as my baby brother needs more things! Daddy picked out a wooden crib for him which should be delivered this week. As a treat, I got to have Mcdonalds for lunch!

This morning it was back to nursery for me and Daddy had to go to the office. He's coming home early to look after me though as Mummy's got to go to an emergency appointment at the dentist! Poor Mummy, I've caused her some real problems after cracking her tooth last year. Hopefully it will be fixed soon though! This evening we are going to dinner at Adriana's house. Adriana turned 3 yesterday so we are having a little tea party. I can't wait to give her the presents I chose!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home and it isn't feeling too cold. I told Mummy I was cold on the way to nursery this morning. It was only 23 degrees, compared to the 31 degrees it normally is, I felt chilly!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun in the Park

Now that it is cooler over here- although still reaching 30 degrees most days- we are able to spend more time outside which we love. It was quite warm on Friday so Daddy and I went to soft play. I had a great time and he's much more fun than Mummy as he can actually get into the play areas with me (Mummies tummy gets in the way now!) Daddy also spent time chatting to another Mummy there and he took her phone number! I'm not sure what Mummy will think of that one...

Mummy and I had to do our usual food shopping on Saturday morning but I also got to choose some new clothes as I am growing again! We also had lunch out before we came home for my nap. We had arranged to meet Adriana's family at Creek Park later in the afternoon. The weather was lovely and we had a great time. I played for hours and poor Mummy struggled to keep up with me! Daddy went on a cable car over the park with Adriana's daddy and sister. They were gone for a very long time and I was starving by the time they got back so was glad to head home for dinner!

Nursery was great fun on Sunday, I had a very good day and Mummy was told just how much of a good girl I had been! In the afternoon, Charlie and Jack's mummy picked me up and took us all to soft play together. We also had dinner at the play centre, it was lots of fun. Mummy was spending the afternoon with her feet up as she is really tired and uncomfortable now. I quite like her being pregnant if it means I get to go off with my friends and have fun! Daddy got home just before I did so i got to play with him for a bit before bed time too!

My friend Eleanor had a baby brother on Sunday too. He wasn't supposed to come out for another four weeks so their mummy and daddy are in a bit of shock. My Mummy can't wait to meet him and today we went shopping to buy him some presents. It was boring so I slept in my stroller! I hope Eleanor likes her new baby, I'm still a bit skeptical about having a brother as I quite like having all of my parents attention. Mummy and I watched Tinkerbell this afternoon and have built towers with my bricks that i can knock down- hours of fun! I'm back in nursery tomorrow for the last day this week as we have a holiday on Thursday- Daddy is off work too so we are going to a BBQ at Jack and Charlie's house.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Lots of love,

Tinkerbell xxx

Friday, November 9, 2012

Visiting my Baby

On Tuesday Mummy took me to her Consultant appointment after nursery so that we could see my baby brother together. Daddy had to work in Abu Dhabi again so was not able to make it. I had a great time at the doctors. I made friends with the receptionist and she let me sit at the computer next to her and help her with the administration whilst Mummy was taken off to have her usual tests! Once I had got bored of typing on the computer, I went for a wander and found the dentists room where a lovely man was having his teeth cleaned. He didn't seem to mind me popping in to have a look at what was going on and the dentist even checked my teeth and said they were perfect!

I went to take a look at my brother on the screen briefly but as he is now so big, Mummy and I couldn't see too much. He is definitely still my brother though! Everything is progressing well and it would appear we are having a big baby as Mummies due date has been brought forward by a whole week. She is sticking with the original date though- I think she is a little bit worried about having another baby. Too late now Mummy...

Wednesday was a boring day. We had to visit a few schools and put my name down on a list for registration. I don't want to eave my nursery so showed no interest in the schools at all! My parents are doing it as a precaution because we don't know exactly when we will be coming home. Hopefully it won't be too much longer though as we miss our family and friends a lot! Mummy and I played at home in the afternoon and Daddy came home early but had to work as he is very busy at the moment!

I had a great morning in nursery on Thursday. We are learning all about healthy eating and got to make fruit kebabs! My teacher told Mummy that I was very well behaved too so I'm in my parents good books this weekend! Mummy spent the morning shopping as we have a few birthdays coming up. She also bought me some Christmas pyjamas which I love and can't wait to wear!

Today my Mummy is off having fun with friends at a baby shower so Daddy and I are having an afternoon together. She is spending it at a beach club so will no doubt be lazing in the sun whilst eating and drinking lots! I am going to suggest that Daddy and I go to the park as it is much cooler here now! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Ours will mostly be a relaxing one and even better, Daddy will be with us this week!

Lots of love

Ella xx 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lucky Daddy has spent the weekend watching very fast cars race each other in Abu Dhabi and I think he had a great time! Mummy and I didn't do anything quite as exciting whilst he was there. We spent Saturday indoors having a crafty day as Mummy wanted to be sure I was completely better before we saw any friends or went swimming again. I spoke to my Nanny & Granddad on Skype and was very excited to hear that they will be coming over to stay in 7 weeks time! I have lots of plans for us! Nanny read to me, Granddad sang silly songs and I showed them my toys and my tantrum technique. A fun Skype session!

Yesterday I went back to nursery after our Eid break and was so excited to see my teacher. I had a brilliant first day back but was absolutely exhausted by home time. I spent the evening at Adriana's, we had dinner together, watched Mickey Mouse and played. Oh, we also tried to flood the en suite! It was a lot of fun but our mummies didn't look impressed!

Daddy was really late home last night so I didn't see him until I woke him up at 3am! I needed a drink. He didn't look happy. Daddy has to go back to Abu Dhabi this morning but not to see racing cars, poor Daddy has to do some work. Mummy and I are off to soft play with friends. Eleanor is coming and we are going to have lunch together afterwards. I'm looking forward to causing havoc with her this morning!

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the fireworks tonight. We won't be seeing any here unfortunately but don't mind too much as we do get to see displays at least once a month from our balcony!

Lots of love

Bella xxxx

Friday, November 2, 2012

Having Daddy Home

I went to a Halloween party on Wednesday. Mummy was unsure whether to take me at first as I had hurt my foot and couldn't walk on it, but I convinced her that we should go- I wanted sweets! Adriana and Eleanor also came, we had costumes to wear- I was a devil, Adriana a witch and I'm not entirely sure what Eleanor was but she looked amazing with her stripy outfit, horns and wings! Perhaps she was a fallen angel?! Whatever she was, she was quite scary! We watched a magic show before we went to play in the soft play area. They had spooky story time but Adriana and I had too much fun in soft play to listen to it. Eventually our Mummies made us sit down for dinner (pizza and chips!) but I really didn't feel like eating. Even when the scary staff brought lollipops and chocolate coins, I wasn't interested. I started to feel poorly and hot so I just sat and cuddled Mummy until it was time to leave.

We went back to Adriana's house and our mummies ordered take out but again, I didn't eat it. I sat and played with Adriana and watched Mickey Mouse but eventually told Mummy it was time for bed. I had some medicine as when Adriana's mummy took my temperature, it was 39.7 which is a lot higher than normal. I also got to stay in Mummies bed that night! I didn't feel any better when I woke up, I hadn't slept well either! Daddy came home at 10am and he looked after me with Mummy. It was so lovely to see him and I enjoyed lots of cuddles on the sofa in front of the Disney Channel for the rest of the day!

I felt a little better this morning but still not completely right. Mummy and I went and did the food shopping and she was pleased that I ate lunch when we got home! I think we might try and go out for a walk or to the park later if I feel better! Daddy is home all day today but has tickets for the Grand Prix tomorrow and Sunday! He's very lucky! I wish I was going!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Ella the Devil! xxx

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

On Monday morning Mummy and I went to the Dubai Mall to meet up with the Weavers as they are here on holiday this week. We went to a cafe and had breakfast- which consisted of cakes and coffee's, my idea of a great breakfast! Hannah gave Mummy a bag full of presents for me and my brother so I was very excited! Owen and Phoebe had bought a book for me which I love and have made Mummy read it to me at least twice everyday since! They also gave my brother a taggie for our new pushchair. He will love it just like I used to love mine! I had a beautiful new dolly and some pretty pyjamas from my aunty, uncle and cousins. I insisted on opening the babies present too and he had a dinosaur romper from them! Mummy got some lovely 'New Mum' toiletries from Hannah which was very thoughtful and she was very pleased with them!

After our sugary breakfast we went to the aquarium. I started to get told off for running away at this point. My Mummy can be such a bore sometimes! Phoebe, Owen and I had our photo taken before we went into the aquarium tunnel, and then we went off in search of sharks! Once we had been through the tunnel we went up to the aquarium zoo. I was strapped into my pushchair at this point as Mummy said I was misbehaving! I couldn't believe it, she is so unfair! I still had a great time looking at the different types of sea creatures. We also went up to the Creepy Crawly area and saw lots of different bugs and reptiles! Owen was very pleased that there were frogs at the aquarium but as always, the penguins were my favourite!

We were finished by lunch time so said our good byes and Mummy and I came home for a nap. We were very tired as I had woken up at 5:30am. I miss Daddy when he goes away and find it hard to sleep properly. We were woken up by a very loud noise a little while later and Mummy went off in search of it's source! There was a storm heading towards us and the wind was so strong, it was making a noise through our balcony door despite it being shut! It was quite frightening, especially considering how high up we are. The sand followed- we had hoped for rain so that we could go splashing in puddles later but that never materialised! It felt like a winter afternoon as we could hear the wind rattling around outside and we had the lights on at 4pm! Mummy and I decided to have a duvet afternoon on the sofa and watch the Disney channel!

Mummy and I went out for breakfast again yesterday. We were going to just have a walk around but Mummy started to get pains in her back and tummy so we decided to stop and I decided I was ready for my second breakfast of the day! Afterwards we went to soft play for an hour but I got into a fight just before it was time to leave. A little girl was mean to me and shouted at me. Then she called me a baby (I wasn't the one sucking my thumb and cuddling a blanket!) so I snatched her blanket from her and threw it down the slide. I also shouted back at her but she made me very cross! I wasn't happy that I got told off my Mummy, the naughty girl started it!

After my nap Mummy took me to the beach to meet Adriana and Eleanor. We had a great time splashing around and falling over in the sand and water! I stood on lots of shells and stones though and cut my feet. Today I am struggling to walk, they are very sore. Mummy has put magic cream on them and princess plasters but it's not helped very much. I'm hoping that they are better for my Halloween party this afternoon! We are having a lazy morning to help my poorly feet recover! I spoke to Daddy on Skype last night and was very excited to hear that he is getting a flight home tonight. I won't see him until I get back from nursery tomorrow though. I hope he has remembered to buy me presents...

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Eid Weekend

We had a long weekend with Daddy finishing work on Wednesday. I didn't have to go to nursery on Thursday either so we made plans to go to the Dinosaur Exhibition at Festival City. We had lunch out first, I insisted on a Happy meal at McDonalds, it was yummy! Adriana met us at the exhibition with her mummy and daddy. It was very noisy as the life size dinosaurs were roaring at us- I roared right back at them! Mummy tried to teach me a little about dinosaurs but I was much more interested in looking at the big monsters, they were fascinating!

After we had been around the exhibition we went to Toys R Us so that I could try and ride the bikes. I've asked Father Christmas for one this Christmas and have tried to be a very good girl! We found one that I loved so I have asked Mummy to let Father Christmas know and now I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will bring it for me. I can't wait for my Nanny and Granddad to take me outside on it in December!

We had dinner at a Rotana hotel in the evening with Adriana and her parents. We didn't stay long though as I was very very tired. I hadn't slept during the day which Mummy says always makes me grumpy! I enjoyed my pizza and sorbet though!

We had to pop to the mall on Friday. Mummy said we needed to go food shopping and Daddy had promised to buy me some new Crocs! I chose some pale pink ones and as a surprise, Daddy also bought a Mickey Mouse charm for them! I love them and want to wear them everywhere much to Mummies delight! Daddy also bought presents for my new cousin Anabelle as he is visiting our family this week.

On Saturday I went to Elodie's pool party! I had a fantastic time splashing around! I also enjoyed the cake and party bags at the end of it! It was quite late when we got home so Mummy got me ready for bed whilst Daddy went for a run. Poor Daddy had to leave for his plane at midnight so I made sure I gave him lots of extra cuddles and kisses before I went to bed! I get sad when Daddy has to go away.

Mummy and I went to the mall yesterday as we still have boring Christmas shopping to do! At least I get to spend lots of time in toy shops though! I spoke to Daddy on Skype and was very excited to see him! I read him lots of stories, I think he enjoyed that. We had dinner at Adriana's last night and I went straight to bed when we came home as it was getting late and we have an early start today. We are going to the Dubai Mall to meet with friends who are on holiday here. Mummy said we are going to go to the aquarium so I get to see Pingu again, I can't wait! I'm glad Mummy is keeping us busy so we don't miss Daddy being away too much!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the extra hour. (We don't like the clocks going back, it makes it harder to speak to family and friends on Skype!)

Lots of love

Bella xxx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Long Weekend

As it is almost Eid, Daddy doesn't have to go to work on Thursday which means we get a lovely long weekend together! We are going to make the most of it as Daddy is flying back to the UK on Sunday as he has to work in London for a few days. Mummy is not allowed to fly home, she is too pregnant now which has made her sad. I am going to stay in Dubai though and look after her so Daddy doesn't need to worry! I've also got lots of plans to spend time with friends and we have Halloween parties to go to so Mummy and I won't be bored.

My pushchair didn't arrive on Sunday like it was supposed to. The shop called to say it would arrive on Monday instead which meant Mummy and I couldn't make any plans to do anything yesterday. It finally arrived after lunch though so Mummy took me outside to play for a bit on my trike. Daddy assembled our pushchair when he came home and I love it! Mummy was mean though and said I can't use it until my brother arrives!

It's my last day at nursery this week as we are also off for Eid. I've made Mummy and Daddy a special card which I am going to bring home today. I hope they like it, it took me a long time to make! This afternoon I am meeting my friends Jack and Charlie at soft play. I'm very excited! Daddy should be home in time for dinner together too tonight which means he will do bath time (always so much more fun with Daddy than Mummy!)

I won't be back on before the weekend so I hope you have a lovely one too!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn in Dubai (Finally)

As I suspected, our weekend was spent being dragged around the malls! Mummy needed to go to the Dubai Mall and Daddy agreed to take us to Paul's for breakfast before we started our shopping. Whilst we were wandering around the shops, Mummy noticed the pushchair she was planning to buy in the UK on display in a shop window. We went in to have a look and make sure it was the same one before Daddy agreed to buy it. It saves my Nanny and Granddad having to bring it over for us in December. I loved it, I get to sit really high up whilst our baby is little as he has an area underneath me to sleep in. It's going to be delivered today too.

After we had been shopping, we came home and watched a film whilst playing with my toys. After dinner we went out for a walk and I was allowed to ride my trike. The weather had cooled down significantly this weekend so it was lovely to be out. It also means that our area is filling up with tourists now and getting very busy again. I had an early night when we got home as I hadn't slept much during the day and I like my sleep! Daddy went out for a run as he is training for a Nike run in November, Mummy and I are really proud of how well he is doing too.

On saturday Mummy went food shopping so Daddy and I had some time together. He took me to a few toy shops and I showed him some bikes I like. He and Mummy had said they would ask Father Christmas to buy me a bike for Christmas but everything we have found so far has been too big or too heavy for me to peddle. Mummy suggested I wait until my birthday instead and ask Father Christmas for other toys. I am not too disappointed as I have plenty of other toys in mind!

Mummy and Daddy went out in the evening for dinner with Jack and Charlie's mummy and daddy. They went to a restaurant called Thiptara at the Palace Hotel. It sounded like the food was delicious and they all had a lovely time. I wasn't invited along but i didn't mind as it meant I was able to spend the evening playing with Adriana. We had a great time and were still awake when my parents came to pick me up at 11pm! I was tired when I woke this morning but I have to go to nursery. I think I might need a long nap this afternoon!

Mummy enjoying an evening out without me!

The weekends go too fast here. Next weekend is Eid though so we have a lovely long weekend together. I only have today and Tuesday at nursery this week and then Mummy gets to spend a whole week with me. I bet she can't wait! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to the Beach!

The weeks really seem to be going by so quickly, it's almost the start of our weekend again! Mummy and I have had a busy week despite Mummy being told to rest. I heard daddy telling her off last night when I was in bed! We did have a quiet day on Monday, the most we did was go for a walk around the plaza and then we spent the afternoon watching a Tinkerbell movie together and then went to play outside with Adriana until Daddy came home.

Beep Beep!

After nursery on Tuesday, I went to soft play with Eleanor for an hour and then she came back to my house to have dinner and play with my toys. Our Mummies both have great big tummy's now, it's very funny! Daddy was home when we came back and so we played with him whilst the Mummies chatted away as usual!

Mummy and I went shopping on Wednesday morning. We are trying to be organised for Christmas this year! We managed to buy a few little presents but didn't have much luck getting things Mummy needs ready to pack her hospital bag. I've warned Daddy that we may find ourselves being dragged out again this weekend! I also chose my Halloween costume ready for my party! I can't wait to show you in a couple of weeks, I love it (Daddy said it's a bit racy though...) For being a good girl whilst shopping, I asked Mummy for a Happy Meal!

My Happy Meal made me very happy!

Yesterday afternoon,  we went to the beach for the first time in months. Adriana came too and her Mummy took photos of us. My Mummy is so pleased with them, and I must admit, I do look cute in most of them! The beach is perfect again now, the sea is warm and there is a lovely breeze. We stayed until the sun had set.

I'm back in nursery this morning, we have a fun and very busy day ahead. Mummy is taking me to the pool this afternoon too which I am really looking forward to! It'll be a great start to our weekend! I'm not sure what we have planned other than shopping this weekend. I heard Daddy ask Mummy if she would go out for dinner with him and some other people on Saturday night. I guess that means I'm not invited... Oh well, I'm sure I can think of something that we can do to make it up to me.

I hope you are all enjoying your week. It sounds like the weather is getting really cold back home. I miss wearing gloves and wooly hats! I'm still sporting my sun hat over here!

Lots of love

Ella xx  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Al Qasr Brunch

The weekends always go so quickly! I had a lovely afternoon at the pool with Adriana on Thursday and we ordered pizza when we had finished! Daddy came home at 6pm but had to get on a conference call until 7pm so I didn't see him for very long before bedtime.

Ready to go swimming!

On Friday, Mummy and Daddy were going to brunch at Al Qasr, I was pleased that I didn't have to go this time as it meant I got to spend the afternoon at Jack and Charlie's house instead. We played in their play room, watched Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse, ate more pizza and just had a lovely time! I was very tired by the time Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up!

Ready for my play date!

On Saturday morning Daddy had arranged to meet a friend for coffee so Mummy and I went to the mall and I bought some Minnie Mouse knickers ready for my potty training! We also bought a sleepsuit and romper for my baby brother which I helped Mummy choose. Daddy came to meet us afterwards and we went to TGI Fridays for lunch. I had lots of attention from the waitresses as usual! We went to another mall afterwards as Mummy wanted to go to Next and finish buying clothes for our baby. He almost has as much as me now!

The car I want...

After Mummy dragged us around the supermarket, we came home and played with my toys. I had an early night as I was still tired from playing on Friday! It was a lovely weekend and now we are back to normal and I'm off to nursery this morning. Daddy left early as always for work so hopefully he won't be too late home tonight.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meeting my Brother

I was so excited yesterday as Mummy and Daddy decided to take me along to Mummies appointment so that I could finally see my baby brother on the screen. I didn't know what to expect and thought it was very strange that the baby Mummy keeps talking about really is in her tummy! He had his arms crossed over which was very cute, I said hello to him and now I can't wait for him to come home with us. Mummy told her doctor that she hasn't been feeling too good recently and has been having a lot of cramping. The consultant told her she has to rest and stop doing so much with me (never going to happen!) because our baby is now very much in a position where he is ready to come out. So Daddy and I are taking extra precautions to look after Mummy and help her out as she is terrified of baby coming out too early (I think Daddy is too!) I gave her a big cuddle in bed this morning so I hope it has made her feel better.

We have had a relatively quiet week. I've had my usual mornings at nursery which have been a lot of fun. On Sunday we learned about fruit and vegetables and were allowed to taste them, and talk about their shapes and colours. I got most of them right too! Mummy said she was very proud of me. Daddy has been working longer hours this week as he is really busy so I'm looking forward to seeing him over the weekend. I spoke to my Nanny on Skype yesterday as Mummy wanted to let her know about the appointment- Nanny & Granddad are hoping to be here when the baby arrives, I can't wait! I showed Nanny my toys and my dancing and blew her lots of kisses! She sang funny songs and made me laugh a lot!

Mummy took me out on my trike yesterday as Daddy has said if I learn to peddle properly, I can ask Father Christmas for a big girls bike this year. I'm getting really good at it now and plan to show Daddy this weekend! I also went to see Adriana for an hour before dinner as I hadn't seen her for a while. Daddy was home early enough to have dinner with me yesterday and he gave me my bath again, we had lots of fun splashing! I also refused to go to bed last night as I was having too much fun playing with Mummy! I woke up early though so have been feeling really tired at nursery today! I'm looking forward to my nap now.

This afternoon, I am going to play with Adriana at the pool and then when Daddy gets home, we can start our weekend! Mummy and Daddy are off for brunch tomorrow and I am going to Jack and Charlie's house to play. I've been given strict instructions from Mummy to be on my best behaviour and to play nicely with them both. I'm sure I can manage that as long as Mummy brings me sweets back from the brunch! I'm not sure what we have planned for Saturday so I'll ask Mummy if we can go to the pool again!

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today is my Daddies birthday! We have spent our weekend celebrating and have had a lot of fun! Yesterday we went to the Bubbalicous brunch at the Westin Hotel and it was fabulous. I ate so much I thought I might burst! Lots of my little friends joined us and we had a great time filling up on sugar whilst our parents enjoyed the food and drinks. Adriana, Eleanor and I went on to the dance floor for a little while after we had eaten and I showed the girls my crowd surfing technique!

Filling up on sugar!

After we had eaten (and the waiters were trying to encourage us to leave), we were all invited back to my new friends Jack and Charlie's house. I loved it there as they had the best play room I have ever seen! We made a great mess exploring all of their toys. I loved having dinner together and the best part was going in the bath with Jack and Charlie and borrowing their Mickey Mouse pyjamas! I've asked Mummy to buy me the same pyjamas because I loved them so much and didn't want to get dressed this morning! Before we left, Daddy opened his lovely presents and we had a takeaway despite eating a lot of food at brunch! It was after 10pm when I finally went to bed last night!

Exploring the twins playroom! 

We all slept in until 8am this morning and had a lazy couple of hours in front of the TV. We decided to go to the Aquarium at the Dubai Mall and Daddy renewed Mummies annual membership so we can go lots again this year! I loved showing Daddy all of the different fish and showed him the scary sharks! There were crocodiles there this time too andas always, we went in search of (and found) Pingu! Daddy wanted to go for frozen yoghurt afterwards as a treat. He's strange and doesn't really like birthday cake so we had yoghurt instead! I really enjoyed it though and sang Happy Birthday to him and blew out pretend candles! By mid afternoon, we were all feeling very tired so decided to come home and sleep.

We found Pingu!

I hope Daddy has had a great birthday this year. He had lots of lovely presents and I think he liked the pants, socks and polo shirt that I chose for him! Mummy and I find it very hard to buy presents for Daddy as he has everything already! Mummy has given him tickets to the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi next month which I know he will have a brilliant weekend attending! I really enjoyed myself this weekend and wish we could have a birthday every week! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home, I'm back to nursery tomorrow and poor Daddy has to go to work but at least he can wear some of his new presents!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Very Special Birthday

My Daddy will be another year older on Saturday so Mummy and I have spent the week getting ready to make it lots of fun for him so he doesn't dwell too much on the fact that he is getting old! I will admit that I didn't mind shopping for his presents too much. Mummy let me chose most things which is very unusual! I just hope that he is happy with his presents, I thought they were quite boring but unless I get toys or books, I'm not really interested in presents. So Monday was spent at the mall trying to find lots of nice things and Mummy took me to soft play afterwards because she said I was very well behaved.

On Tuesday I had a very fun day at nursery playing in the sand pit, outside in the playground and in the indoor play area. We had a crafty afternoon too and I came home covered in paint and glue! We also had a French class in the morning, I really enjoy learning other languages and find it so much easier than Arabic. The songs we sing make me laugh so much, I've tried to teach Mummy but she is a hopeless case! In the afternoon I went to a new play area with Eleanor and we stayed and had dinner together. We caused a lot of commotion though running around the food hall, it was great fun but we were both dropping off on the way home! I also discovered that Mummy doesn't sit at home waiting for me to finish nursery, she actually goes out and meets up with friends who also have children in nursery. I hope she doesn't get too used to it as my baby brother will be arriving soon!

Yesterday Toby's Mummy Hannah came to visit us and brought along lots of Toby and Elodie's baby things for my brother to borrow. It was very exciting until last night when I wedged myself into the bumbo and got stuck. We went to the mall (again) with Hannah to help her buy a dress for our brunch tomorrow. Mummy took me to Dhani and Lila's house in the afternoon so that we could play and I stayed for dinner. It was dark when we left to go home! There was a little baby at Dhani's house too. I showed her my impression of a lion and scared her so much that she cried. I took it to mean my lion impression is pretty good! Mummy made me stroke her better though.

I was back at nursery today and again had a very busy morning. We did lots of painting, singing and rhymes and I had another French lesson. Mummy picked me up and my teacher told her that my new nick name is Drama Queen now. Mummy said it was very fitting, I was not impressed. This afternoon I am going to the marina with Adriana. I've not seen her all week so I'm looking forward to getting up to mischief with her! Mummy is making me go to sleep now though and she has promised that Daddy will be home to see me when I wake up. I can't wait!

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Month Closer

We had a rather quiet weekend. Daddy came home from Saudi on Wednesday and he was also poorly with the virus that I had. Both of us were miserable so Mummy was in charge of looking after us! Daddy had to come home early on Thursday as he really wasn't well, and I hadn't been allowed to go to nursery so had a duvet day on the sofa watching Mickey Mouse with Mummy. Friday we were still ill, but we did manage to have a little walk in the morning together and we went swimming in the afternoon.  The sun was very hot though so I wasn't allowed to stay there too long. It was still lots of fun and I'm getting much better at swimming. .

By Saturday we were both on the mend so as usual, Mummy dragged us to the supermarket! Daddy and I hate shopping, we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves whilst Mummy filled the trolley up! Mummy, Daddy and I all went out for lunch after we had been shopping and I gave Daddy his present for his promotion. I'd helped Mummy pick a nice tie for him to wear the next day at work. I think he liked it. I thought it was really boring, we should have got him chocolates or the mickey Mouse DVD I showed Mummy!

I was back at nursery this morning and Daddy was back at work. I had a lovely day playing with my school friends. My teacher is teaching us the alphabet and I showed Mummy how well I can do it this afternoon. She was very pleased and gave me a sticker! It was just like being in nursery again! Daddy came home early enough for us all to have dinner together and then I splashed him lots whilst he did my bath!  Mummy and I have been talking about my baby brother a lot this weekend too. Mummy also realised that it's October tomorrow which only gives us a couple more months to get prepared for his arrival. She looked very worried...

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. We have a great one planned next week as it is Daddies birthday! I can't wait to celebrate with birthday cake and give him his presents!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Daddy

This week my Daddy found out that he had got the promotion he'd interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. Mummy and I are very proud of him and pleased for him, even though we knew he'd get it! It does mean that my family will spend longer than anticipated over here and we won't be coming home in February, but we are very happy to extend our stay for a little bit longer. I would miss my nursery and my teacher too much if we left so soon and I'm not ready to say goodbye to the pool just yet. We are a little sad that we will be so far away from our family and friends for longer but Mummy has planned a couple of trips back to visit next year so we will see you all. Daddy has been in Saudi this week but is flying home this evening so we are going to celebrate tomorrow evening. Hopefully I'll be feeling better then.

Mummy had to pick me up early from nursery yesterday as I had a high temperature and just wanted to sleep on my teacher. I was given Calpol and went to bed when I got home. I slept for 3 hours and felt absolutely fine when I woke up so Mummy assumed I just needed some sleep. I went to Adriana's for dinner and we played until I started to get tired at 7:30pm so Mummy took me home to bed. When Mummy checked on me before she went to bed, my temperature had gone up again so she gave me more medicine, some water and I spent the night in her big bed. We didn't get much sleep though as I was very uncomfortable. Today we are having a lazy, duvet day and Mummy is letting me watch Mickey Mouse! I hope I feel better so I can go to nursery tomorrow!

At least I have had a lovely week. I spent Sunday morning at nursery and after I had my nap, Mummy took me to soft play with Eleanor and we had pizza for dinner! Daddy was home when we got back and he was doing his weight training so I joined in! It was hard work! On Monday Adriana came up to play so that her mummy could help her sister revise for exams this week. We played and had a picnic together before we went to Adriana's house for dinner and to watch cartoons.

I hope you are all having a lovely week.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekends with Friends

Our weekends are over far too quickly for my liking but at least we had a lovely one. Mummy and Daddy took me shopping on Thursday as I needed new sandals. I chose some very pretty white ones and Mummy got some new black ones. Daddy had to buy trainers as he has started running again now that it is getting cooler outside. Mummy and I went to Adriana's for dinner and to play in the evening as our Daddies went out to the yacht club with their friends. We had a lovely time and I stayed up until 11pm when Daddy came home! I slept for a long time on Friday morning which I think made my parents very happy!

Sporting a tummy like Mummies at Adriana's house

We went to the Dubai Mall on Friday morning. We wandered around the shops for a while before we had to do our usual Waitrose shopping. Adriana and her family came for dinner that evening and we had lots of fun together. We also made an impressive mess by pulling out all of my toy boxes! Daddy was trying to encourage Adriana's daddy to do a 10k run with him in 8 weeks time. I think it worked! The best part is that we will be spending a night at the Atlantis hotel that weekend as a treat from Daddy! Mummy will be very close to having my baby brother so we are going to have a little break away together one last time before the sleepless nights start for my parents again!

On Saturday we went to look around the hospital where Mummy will have our baby. It's a very modern and clean hospital which looked more like a hotel than hospitals back home! Mummy looked quite scared and was not her usual chatty self. Daddy asked all of the questions though so hopefully he covered everything! When my mummy has to stay at the hospital, my Granddad is going to be here to look after me! I'm really looking forward to having my grandparents come over and visit us! Mummy and Daddy took me swimming yesterday afternoon and I showed Daddy how well I can swim and even better, how I can jump in the water at the deep end! We called my Grandparents on Skype afterwards and Nanny has a week of dog sitting for my Aunty! I'm not sure Granddad is impressed with 3 dogs in the house and I don't think our doggy Josh likes the new tenants too much either!

I'm back at nursery today and Daddy is working in Abu Dhabi although he told Mummy he'd be home early as the football is on! Mummy is taking me to soft play this afternoon with Eleanor and we are having pizza for dinner! I'm looking forward to that! I hope you are all having a good weekend and that the weather isn't getting too cold just yet!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Weekend

I'm so glad the weekend is finally almost here and I get to spend some time with Daddy again. Adriana and her family are coming for dinner tomorrow evening too which will be lots of fun. I'm sure we will make lots of mess for Mummy! This week has been busy again and Mummy and I are beginning to feel quite tired. Mummy is also getting bigger and she is starting to struggle with chasing after me now. She says both the baby and I make her even more tired! Nursery is tiring for me too, although i do have a lot of fun when I am there. This week we have been learning all about people's feelings and how we should be kind to each other. Mummy has been very impressed as she said I have not hit any children this week at all! Cheeky Mummy!

On Tuesday I went to Adriana's for dinner with Mummy as both of our Daddies were working late. It meant that I had another late night and was a bit grumpy yesterday. Mummy still took me to meet Eleanor at soft play in the morning though and then we had to go to the mall and do a bit of boring shopping. I still need some sandals so poor daddy and I are going to be dragged to the mall again this weekend! After I get home today and have a sleep, we are going to the swimming pool. I haven't been for a week so I'm very excited. I'm also hoping that Daddy will come home early so we can start our weekend!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, September 17, 2012

Splashing Fun

Mummy, Daddy and I had a busy weekend. Mummy and I did our usual Friday morning supermarket shop which I always find incredibly boring but have started adding items to the trolley that I want which makes it a bit more fun. Especially when Mummy doesn't notice until we get to the checkout! I went to my friend Lily's 3rd birthday party in the afternoon which was great fun. It was held at a soft play so I made Daddy go up and down the slide with me. I'm sad that Mummy can't join in anymore, I'm looking forward to her getting rid of that giant tummy so she can slide again too!

Saturday was spent at Ikea buying more toy boxes and bedding for my big girl bed. I could tell by Daddies face that he was having as much fun as I was there! I was glad to come home and help Mummy sort out all of my toys so that they are no longer bulging out of boxes and taking over the living room! We got my train set out after that whilst poor Daddy had work to catch up on. My Uncle Christopher and Aunty Lisa got married on saturday too but we weren't able to attend which was very sad. Fortunately they are having a bigger do next year so we plan to go back for that instead. It sounds like it was a lovely afternoon though and we can't wait to see photos!

I was pleased to get back to nursery on Sunday, I missed my teacher and friends over the summer. We had lots of fun in the sandpit, although Mummy complained that half of it was in my hair when I got home! We did some painting too and I can't wat to show Mummy the picture that I made for her and Daddy. Mummy has told me we need to buy scrapbooks to keep all of my art work in because there is no room left on the fridge or door anymore!

This morning I had breakfast out with Mummy and we talked about nursery and Mickey Mouse. We were hoping to go to the park but it's still a little hot here so Mummy filled up the paddling pool for me! I'm having so much fun splashing Mummy and emptying water out of the pool! This afternoon I am going to Adriana's house to play and was very excited to hear that Daddy will be home early tonight because he has to be up very early to travel to Saudi tomorrow. It means we can have dinner together and Daddy can give me my bath!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss you lots,

Ella xxxx

Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching Up!

Nursery got much better as the week went by. The noisy new children stopped screaming quite so often and I actually enjoyed being back. Mummy was able to leave me for much longer each day and I was so worn out by the time she came to pick me up that I'd have to have a little afternoon nap as soon as we got home! Twice this week I came home with stickers for my good work and behaviour, only once did I find myself in Time Out which wasn't fun, so I won't be shoving other children again for a while! On Tuesday I had a lovely surprise when Adriana came to pick me up from nursery with our mummies! She has been back to nursery this week too but we go to different ones.

I went to the pool with Adriana on Tuesday afternoon too which was lots of fun. Our mummies complained that it was very cold, so did Adriana and her big sister. They were not as brave as me, I just jumped straight in! It really was cold but great fun! Daddy came home early too that day so we had dinner together and he got me ready for bed. Wednesday was another busy day after nursery. Mummy and I went over to Eleanor's house to play and we had dinner together whilst watching Tinkerbell. Our mummies hadn't seen each other all summer so as usual they had a lot of catching up to do- mummies can really talk!

By Thursday, all of the children in my class had settled and finally stopped crying so I had a really good morning there. Mummy and I went shopping for presents afterwards and I went to Favourite Things to play with Toby and his sister Elodie afterwards. It was a lot of fun and I screamed when Mummy told me it was time to go home! Daddy had come home early again though so we had a lovely evening together which is always a great way to start the weekend! I have a birthday party to go to this afternoon so Mummy is making sure I have a lazy morning and go back to bed soon! I bet she makes me wear a party dress too! I can't climb very well in dresses!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Today is my Nanny's birthday! I'm a little disappointed that we are not still in the UK so that I can help her out with eating the birthday cake!

I hope you have a lovely day though Nanny and I hope that Granddad spoils you lots!

Lots of love

Ella xxxxx

Me with my Nanny!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our First Week Back

It has been very strange coming back, Mummy and I have found it hard to get out of holiday mode! Daddy had to go back to work as normal last week and I've really missed having him around. It took me a couple of days to get back into Dubai time too which I don't think Mummy and Daddy were best pleased about- especially when I was still up playing in my room at 11pm! We went to see Adriana and her mummy on Wednesday morning. I'd missed her a lot and we had lots of fun playing together again! As usual our mummies spent all morning chatting over coffee! Mummies talk far too much! I was even more excited when we went to Adriana's for dinner on Thursday. Daddy had gone out after work with colleagues and Adriana's daddy was flying to Italy so it was a girls night in for us!

On Friday we went to the Dubai Mall for Daddy to treat us to our favourite Chinese! It was delicious but very soon after we had finished eating, I started to feel poorly so we had to go home. Daddy had planned to take us out on the Saturday but his plans had to be put on hold as I woke up with a very high temperature and didn't feel well at all. We had a lazy day instead and Daddy looked after me as Mummy was very tired from carrying her big tummy around! In the evening, I started to feel better and insisted that we go outside with my trike for a bit. The weather is cooling down now but it is still hot and humid, even at night time.

Daddy had to go to Abu Dhabi for work this morning and I had my settling in session at nursery. I cried when I got there as there were a lot of new children in my classroom who were all screaming. It frightened me but my teacher, Miss Vicky, gave me lots of hugs until I calmed down enough to explore our new classroom. Mummy came to get me a little while later and I was glad to get away from those noisy children! I have to go every morning this week to try and help my new classmates adjust to the nursery. I really hope they don't plan to scream everyday! I had been so excited about seeing Miss Vicky too!

Mummy has arranged for us to see friends all this week after nursery which I'm really looking forward to! I hope you all have lots of fun things planned this week too!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our 2012 UK Trip

We are back in the sandpit- 17 days went far too quickly! Mummy, Daddy and I had such a lovely time at home, we wished we had planned to stay longer. Our trip didn't start too well. The morning that we were due to fly, I woke with a temperature but after some medicine I felt fine. That was until we got on the plane. I spent the entire flight sleeping or just sat watching Mickey Mouse and felt awful. I didn't want to eat or drink anything and just needed cuddles now and again. When we landed, we got through security and baggage very quickly and waited for my Nanny & Granddad. I was so pleased to see them, Nanny gave me a Minnie Mouse teddy too! I went back in their car whilst Mummy and Daddy picked up our hire car and met us back at their house. I was very pleased when Aunty Becci arrived too but it was already 9pm (midnight for my body clock) and I soon fell asleep on Mummy.

I woke the following morning and played with Granddad whilst we waited for my cousins to come over and have breakfast with us. I loved seing the boys again and forgot that I wasn't feeling very well whilst we ate and played together. We then set off to Kent to spend a few days with Nanny & Granddad White. I slept for the whole journey and when we arrived, I felt terrible. Mummy gave me some more medicine and tried to make me eat but I really didn't want to- not even the birthday cake that Nanny had bought for me. Mummy noticed a few spots appear on my tummy later that evening so Daddy had to come home from the pub as she was worried (like she always is when I'm not well!). I felt much better the next day and spent the morning playing with Rose and Nannies dog Roxy.

We stayed at my grandparents for 5 days and didn't do very much. It was great, Daddy was very relaxed for the first time in a long time! Granddad took me to the park one afternoon and I was thrilled to find a sandpit there! We also spent an evening at Daddies Aunty and Uncles house where I played 'Olympics' with my cousins. Mummy said I did a great job of running and jumping! My Great Granddad came for dinner one evening too and I liked him a lot when he gave me money and told Mummy to buy me an ice cream!

It was sad to say goodbye to my family in Kent but we had to head back for my cousin Ollie's birthday that weekend. I was very excited when Mummies friend Sarah arrived on Thursday to spend the afternoon with us. We went for lunch and whilst I was busy eating, they talked excitedly about Sarah's wedding next year. It all sounds very lovely, Mummy can't wait! We spent Friday at the Monkey Forest in Trentham with my Grandparents, Aunties and cousins. I got a bit bored after I spotted a few monkeys so just ran off and explored all of the greenery! I was amazed by how many trees there were! Ollie had his party on Saturday, it was football themed but I wasn't allowed to join in with the games as Mummy said I would get hurt. Nanny Irene came to stay and we had dinner at Aunty Becci's afterwards. I fell asleep there and woke up back at Nanny and Granddads the following morning.

I went to my friend Oscar's birthday party on the Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I was very happy when we were all allowed to play in the garden. Daddy came to pick us up later and wasn't feeling very well- he had been at the pub all night with his friend Gary! When we got back to Nannies house, Evodia and Ian came to visit us. It was all so tiring that I had an early night. It was just as well as Aunty Claire, Uncle Garfyn and my cousins arrived the next day. Before they arrived, I met my bestest friend in the world for breakfast! We also visited some ducks whilst our mummies chatted and they had a lot to talk about! I had dinner at Frankie and Benny's that evening with my family which was great fun. Charlie and I sat together and watched Mickey Mouse on my iPad whilst the grown ups talked ( a lot!)

The following morning, we all went to the park but Daddy had to go to work. It was sunny and quite warm but Mummy insisted on putting a coat on me- I felt a fool as I was the only one wearing a coat! Nanny & Granddad joined us for lunch at the park and then Mummy and I had to leave and go into Birmingham to do some shopping. We bought shoes and accessories for my Aunty and Uncles wedding and then met up with Daddy before going to Wagamamas with Kiran and Sarah for dinner. I really liked noodles! Daddy was back in work on Wednesday so Mummy and I met with most of my baby friends at Annabels house. I loved seeing everyone again and especially liked seeing Annabels dog Paddy! We had lunch together and then had to say goodbye as we had more shopping to do! Daddy came home with Sian that evening and we had dinner at the Hedgehog before she had to go back to Oxford. On Thursday, Mummy and Daddy took me to the farm with Aunty Becci and the boys. I had a brilliant time feeding and petting animals, sitting on a pony and riding in a tractor! I think Daddy enjoyed it as much as I did too!

Our last weekend was spent in Wales celebrating Aunty Claire and Uncle Garfyn's big day. It was really lovely and I was able to stay up dancing until 10pm! Everyone seemed to be having a great day and my Aunty looked beautiful. Sunday was a very sad day. We had to say goodbye to family. I was especially sad to say bye to Aunty Charlotte and her boyfriend Jason. They live in Australia and we don't see them very much. Mummy and Daddy are hoping that we can fly over there before we leave Dubai and spend some time with them. I hope it is soon! Back at Nannies, Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and the boys came over for dinner as it was our last night. Mummy managed to pack most of the cases too so the following morning wasn't too chaotic. My cousins came over and we had to say goodbye to Aunty Becci before she went to work. Mummy cried again!

I was very excited that my Grandparents and cousins came to the airport with us to say goodbye. Mummy doesn't like being on our own when we go there. We had lunch together and before we knew it, we were on the plane and flying 'home'. We can't go back to the UK this year as my Mummy can't fly. My grandparents are planning to come over two days after Christmas for a couple of weeks though as they want to be able to help Mummy and Daddy when my baby brother arrives. Nanny White will also come over when they go home so I'm looking forward to seeing them all then. I wish the rest of my family could come too though.

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about my adventures in the UK. It was lovely to see so many of you and such a shame that I didn't see everyone I'd hoped to this time.

Lots of love


Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm very excited, today is my last day at Summer Camp because tomorrow Mummy and Daddy are taking me on a big aeroplane and we are coming home to visit you all! It's been a busy week for Mummy trying to get organised to come back. Mummy still keeps unpacking the extra toys I have been putting in the cases! I'm not impressed! Mummy is going to get her nails done whilst I'm at camp this morning as a treat for doing all of our packing- I'm not sure she has told Daddy yet though...

After Summer Camp yesterday, Mummy took me swimming and we had lots of fun. My favourite game is jumping in off the side at the deep end. I kept landing on Mummy and she was going under the water. I found it very funny! I tried to swim without my armbands on but I don't float at the top for very long. I was very brave though and didn't panic or cry when I went under the water. Mummy says I'll get there soon. Daddy came home early and we all played together last night. I also had ice cream as a treat!

This afternoon I am going to see my friends Dhani, Lila and Lily and we will be having birthday cake to celebrate Dhani turning 2 tomorrow. I hope Mummy has wrapped his presents, I'm not very good at it! I also told Mummy that if Dhani doesn't want his presents, I'll keep them instead! I'm really looking forward to having cake! When we get home, I have just one more sleep! I am really looking forward to seeing my Nanny and Granddad tomorrow and Aunty Becci is coming over too! On Saturday morning, my cousins will come to Nanny and Granddads for breakfast before we drive to Kent to see my other Nanny, Granddad, Aunties, Uncles and cousin! It's going to be a busy weekend!

I hope I see you very soon!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 More Sleeps...

It's probably obvious that we are getting very excited about coming home to visit this weekend! Mummy and I have done most of our shopping but we weren't able to get shoes for me. I've got funny size feet according to Mummy and anything we did find that fitted was too summery for the UK. Mummy also looked for shoes that I can wear to my Aunty and Uncles wedding and I chose some very pretty white ones with 3 roses on them. Mummy said I wasn't allowed them when she checked the price, so I ran around the shop and refused to take them off! She wasn't very happy about it, but I wasn't very happy that she wouldn't buy me the beautiful, expensive shoes!

I've had a few good days at summer camp this week. My favourite teacher Miss Vicky has been working in the classroom next door to me so I have been pressing my face up against the window to get her attention. Sometimes she comes into cuddle me! We were singing lots of songs this afternoon before mummy came to get me but I have a tummy bug so wasn't joining in. I feel a bit better after my nap this afternoon though. I have to be better ready to go on the aeroplane on Friday too!

I have 2 days left at summer camp and on Thursday I'm going to Lily's house to have a little party for our friend Dhani's birthday. I'm looking forward to eating some cake! Dhani's mummy bakes delicious cakes, I can't wait! Mummy took me shopping to choose Dhani's birthday presents too, I hope he likes them and I hope he lets me help unwrap them! Daddy is coming home early today so we get to have dinner together and he can give me a bath- my favourite time of day!

I can't wait to see you all in a few days!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Weekend in Dubai...

Well for 3 weeks anyway! Mummy, Daddy and I are literally counting down the days now. Daddy reminded us this morning that there are just 6 days to go until we fly to Birmingham! All of us are excited and Mummy has nearly finished packing! I was very lucky yesterday. We went to the mall and Daddy took me to play at Peekaboo whilst Mummy got on with the shopping. I had lots of fun but Daddy struggled to keep up with me and my fast running! He told Mummy I wore him out after an hour! Mummy managed to get a few more clothes that we needed for home without spending so much that Daddy gave her the disapproving look. We went home and had lunch together before Daddy and I fell asleep. I really must have tired him out!

Once we woke up, Mummy got me all dressed up and we went over to have dinner with friends. I met their new baby Aida too, she was very small and seemed a little bit frightened when I screamed. We had a lie down together under her play gym too! Dinner was delicious but a little bit spicy so I blew raspberries to get the heat off my tongue! Luckily everyone thought it was funny. Baby Aida has 2 cats that I had lots of fun chasing and terrifying! I asked Mummy if we can have cats too but she said not until I'm older and calmer. We came home well past my bedtime so I fell straight to sleep and slept in until after 8am this morning.

We have spent this morning swimming. I haven't been with both Mummy and Daddy for a long time. We had lots of fun kicking our legs and playing with my beach ball. I also jumped in off the sides a lot! I had a lovely time and didn't want to come out! We came home for lunch and now Mummy is insisting that I go and have a nap. Next week is my last at Summer Camp, I'm looking forward to lots more fun activities but most of all, I'm looking forward to getting on an aeroplane on Friday and coming to see you all!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx