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Monday, August 12, 2013

4 Day Weekend

I wish every weekend would last 4 days! It was so much fun having Daddy at home (and not on his laptop!) for so long. We had a lazy start on Thursday morning and spent lots of time in our pyjamas playing with Daddy. I showed him how Mummy and I are practicing my reading too. In the afternoon we went to Ibn Batutta Mall as Daddy needed more things for golf and Michael is already growing out of his clothes! Mummy and I have also started Christmas shopping and added a few things to the pile while we were out!

On Friday we went out early and decided to head to Mirdif and spend an hour at Little Explorers. It was lots of fun but I found it slightly overwhelming as there was so much to do. We had to leave when a dancing competition started as the music was so loud it made my brother scream! I didn't mind too much though as we were going to Carluccio's for lunch.

Michael and I spent all of Saturday morning with Daddy and left Mummy in peace to do whatever Mummies get up to when they are child free. We had lots of fun reading, playing and even watched a film together before we both fell asleep! In the afternoon we went for a short walk (it's still very hot here) and I took my bike out to show Daddy how I can ride by myself- well that was the idea but I got too hot so I made him push me...

Sunday, Daddy dragged us around the Dubai Mall as he needed more things for golf (he is really getting into this). It got boring very quickly so Mummy, Michael and I wandered around until it was lunch time. After lunch I went to Waitrose with Mummy as I have to be sure that she buys everything I want, and Michael spent time in more sports shops with Daddy.

There is no summer camp this week so Mummy is finding lots of ways to keep us busy. I spent this afternoon at fletcher and Willow's house and had so much fun that I came home and went straight to bed! I've arranged to see a few other friends this week too and Mummy has said we can do lots of crafty activities as that's what I love most at the moment.

Next week my Auntie Charlotte is coming to stay for 5 days. Michael and I are so excited! We have lots of plans, just cannot wait to see her. Mummy has bought us a boat for the swimming pool and has promised Auntie Charlotte will take me out in it! We are counting down the days!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend back there.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

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