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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Lucky Mummy was treated to afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab by Nanny yesterday.  After Mummy had taken me to my music class and to a play area with my friend Eleanor, I came home for a sleep. I woke up to find Mummy gone and Grandad, Daddy and Aunty Nicola here instead! Sneaky Mummy! I think she had a wonderful time there and ate far too much! She told me that it isn't possible to get inside the 7 star hotel unless you are a guest or have booked to eat there. Security was very tight and Mummy said she could see why on arrival, it was apparently magnificent! She took some photos of inside the hotel before they were sent up in a lift to the 27th floor and greeted by their waitress.

Nanny and Mummy were very pleased with the glass of champagne on arrival but once Mummy spotted that any additional glasses would cost 150dhs each (about £26) they decided to stick to tea and coffee! The first course was a mix of berries and fresh cream, which Mummy said went well with the champagne! I'm sure it did! They then had beef wellington with mashed potato and mustard sauce. Mummy and Nanny said it was delicious but were surprised that it was included in afternoon tea! They were given lots of sandwiches and were free to have as many more as they wanted. The waitress brought over a cake stand in the shape of the hotel with lots of cakes and puddings and eventually they were given little chocolates. I was very envious but there is a strict over 21s policy in the Sky Bar so I couldn't have gone anyway!
The View From Their Table
Afternoon Tea Selection
Nanny Got Carried Away and Bought a RR! (Joking Grandad!)

I went out for lunch and for a walk with Grandad and Nicola instead. I had lots of fun too! We had takeaway once Daddy got home from work and then it was bedtime as we have a very busy day planned today. Mummy and I are meeting Nanny & Nicola at the Marina Mall so that they can join me at Mini Miracles.  We are having lunch at Nanny and Grandads hotel before we go to the Dubai Mall so that Daddy can take them up to the top of the Burj Khalifa and then I will take them to the Aquarium. We are also having dinner by the dancing fountains this evening which is one of my favourite things to do. It's such a shame that my family have to leave on Thursday, we are having so much fun!

I hope you are all enjoying your week!

Lots of love,

Tinkerbell xx

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