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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pizza Party!

For my 3rd birthday this year, my parents planned a party at Pizza Express for a group of my friends. We all wore chefs hats and aprons and made our own pizza's! A few of us even got to help the chef make the dough bases for it first which was great fun (I didn't tell anyone that I'd dropped a couple on the floor though!)

As I was the birthday girl, I got to make a bigger pizza than everyone else but I managed to get through 3 bases as I kept eating the dough or turning it into a ball! The chef teaching us did not seem very happy with me... I also went a bit over the top with my toppings but I had good fun!

After we had made pizza, a clown arrived and made balloon animals, flowers, swords, etc for us all to play with! It was great! We all sat back down to eat our own made pizza's which were delicious before a magic show started. The magician was very clever and did lots of tricks, and best of all he could dance like Michael Jackson!

Before everyone left, Mummy brought out my cake which was amazing and just what I had asked for! Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and then we ate lots of cake- there is still so much left that Mummy is making lots of play dates this week to ensure we manage to eat it all!

I went straight to bed when I got home as the whole thing had been a little overwhelming! It was a lot of fun though and I think my friends enjoyed it! I just hope my parents have something just as exciting planned for my actual birthday now!

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