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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autumn in Dubai

We have had such a busy few months, I've not even had time to come on and update my blog. I still love my new school. I have made lots of new friends and settled really well. Mummy and Daddy had their Parent Teacher meeting last week and concluded that I only do what I want, not what I am told to do at school. I am mostly well behaved, but if an activity doesn't interest me, I'll tell my teachers that I can't do it. It means I get to move on to playing or a more fun activity so who can blame me...

School does mean that our days start very early. Mummy is up around 5:30am every day and gets Mikey and I up at 6am for breakfast. Then we have a mad rush to be out of the house on time but it's worth it! We are planning on moving in the new year so that we can be a little closer to school and Daddies office. Plus we need more space as Mummy constantly moans about our toys taking over the apartment!

Mummy has been spending some mornings at baby classes with my brother which he mostly enjoys but apparently cries when he goes into Boogie Babies which was always my favourite class. Our afternoons are often spent at classes for Michael or for me, visiting friends or running around the parks. The weather has cooled down a lot now so we can get back outside and enjoy running around a lot more!

In two weeks we are flying back to the UK for a week without Daddy. Mummy says she is nervous but Michael and I plan to be very good on the plane for her. I'm so looking forward to visiting my Grandparents and seeing my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins. I hope we also have time to visit friends while we are back but have left that to Mummy to organise!

It's a long weekend here for us so Daddy is home an extra day. We spent yesterday buying new clothes for Michael and I as we both keep growing! Daddy played golf as he doesn't like the malls much so when we had finished we met him at the golf club for lunch. My parents went to evening brunches on Thursday and Friday evening so our babysitter has spent lots of time with us which we love! Daddy is currently still in bed feeling slightly unwell! I hope he isn't catching Michael's cold...

Today we are spending the morning at the pool and then are off to my friends birthday party. Tomorrow daddy will be playing golf again so we get to spend more time at the club which I love! Then it'll be back to school as normal come Monday.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend too. I'm hoping it's getting really really cold as I have winter woolies to wear when we are visiting! I can't wait!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Auntie C's Visit

My Auntie Charlotte stayed with us in September for a week. It had been just over 2 years since her last visit and a year since we were all together in the UK. I loved having her here. We started the visit with a Dubai Friday Brunch which all of us really enjoyed. There was a great play area set up for me to keep busy and mischievous while my Mummy and Auntie talked, a lot. After brunch my parents took Auntie Charlotte to a friends house for a BBQ. I'm not sure how they managed to eat so much food that day!

Over the next week we spent time at the pool, in the park, visiting the souks and the malls. Auntie Charlotte took me to Build a Bear and I chose a lovely one that I call Bubbles. Mummy took Auntie Charlotte out in the evenings too. I think we all spent far too much time that week eating! The week flew by and before we knew it, it was time to take Auntie Charlotte to the airport so she could fly home to Uncle Jason.

I'm hoping that Auntie C can come and visit again before next summer but she has to bring Uncle Jason next time too!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Mini Trip

It was my nannies birthday last Thursday and we had a wonderful present lined up for her. We got on an aeroplane and flew over to surprise her! It was very late when we arrived but she was so happy to see us, she cried a lot! Michael and I were very excited to spend some time with her and grandad but Mummy and Daddy insisted we get straight to bed as it was very late and we were very much on Dubai time.

On Friday Nanny and Grandad took me out for the morning and I loved spending time with them. Michael was clearly exhausted from the trip as he slept for most of the morning! We had arranged for my Auntie Becci, Uncle Tommy and cousins to come over for dinner in the afternoon. I had so much fun with them all and wished we didn't have to leave the next day. We all had breakfast and lunch together on Saturday though so we had a few more hours together.

We had to drive to my other grandparents on Saturday and arrived in time for dinner. My two cousins from Daddies side of our family were there too. We played for a little while before it was bedtime. Rose kept trying to get into bed with me but it was keeping me awake so we had to be separated! The following day we were all up very early and had to go to church for my uncles blessing. We had a party afterwards and I got to wear one of my pretty dresses which got lots of lovely comments! I felt like Princess Sofia! It all got a bit much though and after dinner I fell asleep so Mummy took Michael and I back to the hotel. We had to be up at 5am for our flight home!

I loved being on the plane and Mummy said I was mostly a very good girl! I've not been able to go to school though today as I have a bug and don't feel very well. I hope I can get back in soon and see my friends! It was such a short trip back but I loved seeing my family and hope it isn't too long before I get to spend time with them again.

I have even more excitement this weekend though, my Auntie Charlotte is coming to spend a week with us! I can't wait!

Hope you are all keeping warm back there (we were very chilly!)

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, August 12, 2013

4 Day Weekend

I wish every weekend would last 4 days! It was so much fun having Daddy at home (and not on his laptop!) for so long. We had a lazy start on Thursday morning and spent lots of time in our pyjamas playing with Daddy. I showed him how Mummy and I are practicing my reading too. In the afternoon we went to Ibn Batutta Mall as Daddy needed more things for golf and Michael is already growing out of his clothes! Mummy and I have also started Christmas shopping and added a few things to the pile while we were out!

On Friday we went out early and decided to head to Mirdif and spend an hour at Little Explorers. It was lots of fun but I found it slightly overwhelming as there was so much to do. We had to leave when a dancing competition started as the music was so loud it made my brother scream! I didn't mind too much though as we were going to Carluccio's for lunch.

Michael and I spent all of Saturday morning with Daddy and left Mummy in peace to do whatever Mummies get up to when they are child free. We had lots of fun reading, playing and even watched a film together before we both fell asleep! In the afternoon we went for a short walk (it's still very hot here) and I took my bike out to show Daddy how I can ride by myself- well that was the idea but I got too hot so I made him push me...

Sunday, Daddy dragged us around the Dubai Mall as he needed more things for golf (he is really getting into this). It got boring very quickly so Mummy, Michael and I wandered around until it was lunch time. After lunch I went to Waitrose with Mummy as I have to be sure that she buys everything I want, and Michael spent time in more sports shops with Daddy.

There is no summer camp this week so Mummy is finding lots of ways to keep us busy. I spent this afternoon at fletcher and Willow's house and had so much fun that I came home and went straight to bed! I've arranged to see a few other friends this week too and Mummy has said we can do lots of crafty activities as that's what I love most at the moment.

Next week my Auntie Charlotte is coming to stay for 5 days. Michael and I are so excited! We have lots of plans, just cannot wait to see her. Mummy has bought us a boat for the swimming pool and has promised Auntie Charlotte will take me out in it! We are counting down the days!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend back there.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid al-Fitr

Ramadan has come to an end and today we are starting our four day weekend for Eid. I'm so pleased that Daddy will get to spend so much time with us! Mummy seems more pleased about being able to go to a coffee shop and drink coffee... Unfortunately our weekend will be much quieter than we had planned as poor Mikey Moo is not very well. He keeps being sick (on Mummy haha) and is very upset. I'm the only one that seems to make him happy again but it doesn't last very long.

Poorly Mikey Moo

I spent another week at summer camp last week but was sad not to be able to see any friends on the days we had arranged play dates because of Michael. I was also sad to say goodbye to my wonderful teacher after 18 months. It was her last day yesterday but hopefully we made it very special with our little party. I only have a few weeks left at nursery too, I start big school in September! Mummy is taking me shopping this weekend for my uniform.

I am also hoping Mummy will take us swimming tomorrow morning when Daddy is playing golf. Hopefully the weather will be better, it has been a strange August so far with rain, clouds and relatively low temperatures! I've even been able to ride my bike outside which I am getting very good at! Michael shouts at me to let him have a go too, I'm not keen on that idea at all though.

It's raining!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. We have visitors lined up- Auntie Charlotte is flying over in 10 days and my Grandad (and hopefully Nanny) are coming in September! I can't wait to show them my new school!

Lots of love

Ella xxx 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I am 3!

On Monday, I turned 3. I'd had a big party the weekend before with lots of my friends (sadly some of my closest friends weren't there though so I've asked mummy for another party when they get back! She said no...) On the Sunday I went into Summer Camp at nursery and my teacher and teaching assistant had decorated the room and we had cakes, played party games, danced and played with balloons! I had a wonderful time and loved celebrating with my nursery friends.

I was very excited to come into the living room to find a carpet of pink balloons and lots of presents for me on Monday morning. I had a lovely fairy garden and fairies from Mummy and Daddy and Michael bought me books, sunglasses, Barbies and accessories and so much more. Aoife had also given my Mummy some presents that I could open when it was my actual birthday and I loved my princess dressing up set, hair clips and space hopper. I was very lucky. After breakfast I went to soft play with Daddy and Michael. The lady there painted flowers on my arms and we had a lot of fun.

Mummy had booked afternoon tea for us at the Ritz Carlton which we all really enjoyed. I was so pleased when the staff came out singing Happy Birthday with a big cheesecake for me. It had an enormous sparkler on top that I couldn't blow out! The rest or the restaurant diners sang along and clapped for me. I loved every minute of it! I was so tired by the end of it that I had an early night ready for summer camp fun the next day!

I cannot wait to turn 4 next year now!

Ella x

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Heat is On

We don't much like summer time in Dubai. The only time we can get outside is either whilst darting between air conditioned cars to air conditioned buildings or by spending time in the pool- the latter being my favourite. Mummy and Daddy agreed that I could do a few days each week in summer camp at nursery again this year. It's only 4 hours a day but it keeps me busy, it's a lot of fun and I get to spend a bit more time with my friends before I have to move to big school in September.

When I'm not in summer camp or swimming, we tend to spend our time at friends houses making a lot of mess or at soft play which can be pretty pricey here. Mummy also got into an argument last week when a place we visited tried to charge Michael. All he did was sit and try to eat toys as my Mummy pointed out. I could tell she was quickly getting cross and she's not one to back down when she gets like that. Needless to say Mummy won, and we left without paying for Michael. I'm not sure we can go back again for a while though...

Weekends have been very busy too. After my party last Friday, I went to Jack and Charlie's on Saturday morning with Michael while Mummy and Daddy went to see the doctor. We went car shopping once they picked us up which I loved! I suggested Daddy should buy a pick up truck but he didn't seem keen! Michael and I had dinner at Toby and Elodie's new house later that day- always great fun as we get to eat in our pants- and spent the evening playing with toys before saying goodbye as they are leaving Dubai for a few weeks to escape the worst of the heat.

Quite a lot of our friends have escaped back to the UK, Australia and Lebanon for the summer but unfortunately we have not been able to make the same plans this year and will be making a very short visit in September, just as it should start to cool down here and will no doubt be snowing back there! Mummy is starting to find it difficult to keep me entertained when we are stuck indoors so has started trying to teach me things like how to write and read. She makes it sound like it's going to be lots of fun but I'm not stupid. It's boring...

This evening Mummy and Daddy are going on one of their 'date nights' (basically they escape Michael and I and spend time together in peace, I'm not keen on it at all) which means our babysitter is coming over and I love her! She lets me eat cereal, play on the iPad, watch Disney Junior and go to bed when I say so. A great night ahead for me!

I hope everyone back home is well and hope the lovely weather has continued for you. I was jealous of all the paddling pools in the garden photos on Facebook! I cannot wait for the weather to cool down enough that we can spend time out doors again!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pizza Party!

For my 3rd birthday this year, my parents planned a party at Pizza Express for a group of my friends. We all wore chefs hats and aprons and made our own pizza's! A few of us even got to help the chef make the dough bases for it first which was great fun (I didn't tell anyone that I'd dropped a couple on the floor though!)

As I was the birthday girl, I got to make a bigger pizza than everyone else but I managed to get through 3 bases as I kept eating the dough or turning it into a ball! The chef teaching us did not seem very happy with me... I also went a bit over the top with my toppings but I had good fun!

After we had made pizza, a clown arrived and made balloon animals, flowers, swords, etc for us all to play with! It was great! We all sat back down to eat our own made pizza's which were delicious before a magic show started. The magician was very clever and did lots of tricks, and best of all he could dance like Michael Jackson!

Before everyone left, Mummy brought out my cake which was amazing and just what I had asked for! Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and then we ate lots of cake- there is still so much left that Mummy is making lots of play dates this week to ensure we manage to eat it all!

I went straight to bed when I got home as the whole thing had been a little overwhelming! It was a lot of fun though and I think my friends enjoyed it! I just hope my parents have something just as exciting planned for my actual birthday now!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


It has been far too long since I had time to get on to my blog! We have been so busy recently but have had such a fun couple of months. At the beginning of June my Mummy turned 30. We celebrated with a weekend at the Atlantis hotel which was fantastic. Michael and I went to the swimming pool, looked around the aquarium, ate far too much and did a little shopping in the gift shop. We also had brunch with friends to celebrate on the Friday at the Ritz Carlton. I had a great time and ate most of the chocolate fountain! Mummy was very spoiled with some lovely presents too.

A few days later we were on the plane heading to the UK for a short visit. Michael and I spent the first weekend with my nanny and grandad as Mummy and Daddy were going to their friends, Sarah and Richards wedding. I know they had a wonderful time there, I just hope it wasn't because we were not with them... When they came back to nannies, we had a BBQ at Aunty Becci's house and my Aunty Claire, Uncle Garfyn and cousins came up to stay. It was a lot of fun.

We drove to Nanny and Grandad White's the following day and spent 5 days in Kent. Grandad took me to the beach- it was very different to the beaches here and I loved it- we also went to the park and he treated me to a slushie and a biscuit in a cafe! I loved playing in the garden with him and Roxy (the dog). It was great being able to spend so much time outside as it had been getting too hot in Dubai to do that. Before we had to come home, we spent some more time in the Midlands with family and friends and I was sad that our trip had to be over so quickly. I do love going on the aeroplane though!

I had my last week at nursery and Mummy and Daddy received a glowing report which made them very proud of me. We had a little party to mark the end of the term and I was saddened that I have to start a new school in September. I am spending a couple of days a week at nursery for summer camp though so I am still seeing lots of my friends.

In a couple of weeks I am going to be 3. Mummy has arranged a party for me next week which I am really excited about. Mummy and I had a day out together without Daddy and Michael yesterday and I chose my outfit. I can't wait to wear it! I'll make sure I update you and show photos next weekend.

We have heard there is a bit of a heatwave in the UK so I hope you are all enjoying the time in the sunshine! It is still very hot here, too hot to venture outside for long unless we are going to the swimming pool! Mummy has found lots of things to do though so Michael and I are being kept busy! We have been to soft play, spent a lot of time swimming, had crafty afternoons, been for afternoon tea and spent time at friends houses or had friends around to play at ours. We are looking forward to the summer ending though!

I am off to order my school uniform this morning!

Lots of love

Ella xxx 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Surprise Visit

On Monday evening, Mummy suggested we go and look at aeroplanes at the airport which was very exciting! We had to wait for a little while in the Arrivals area and I couldn't believe it when I spotted my Nanny and Grandad walking towards us! I was so excited that I ran screeching at Nanny and we landed on the floor in a heap! My Mummy is apparently very good at keeping secrets and tricking me! I had a new fairy (Silvermist and I love her!) and Michael had a funny looking teddy! It was quite late on Monday so we didn't get to spend too much time with my grandparents before it was time to go home to bed.

I had nursery the following day and nanny took me in as Mummy had to go to the doctor. I loved showing Nanny my classroom and was very excited when she came back in the afternoon to pick me up! I was very excited that nanny had bought more presents over for us, I had a beautiful new dress that I can wear to Mummies birthday party next week. Mummy, Michael and I took nanny for lunch and then spent the afternoon in the swimming pool. Michael loves swimming as much as I do. Daddy came over to nanny and grandad's hotel in the evening and we ate dinner together but grandad had to go out for a work dinner so we didn't get to see him.

The following day we spent a few hours in the Dubai Mall dress shopping for Mummy. Never go shopping with my Mummy... We left empty handed after she tried far too many dresses on! I asked if we could spend the afternoon at the swimming pool and then I stayed with my grandparents while Mummy took Michael home to bed. We joined them later and I was so tired that I went straight to bed after dinner.

I went to nursery as normal on Thursday morning and was a little sad that nanny and grandad had flown to Oman for a few days but I'll see them again tomorrow before they leave the Middle East. ur weekend has been quiet. Mummy made us go dress shopping again yesterday but luckily Daddy has much more patience than I do and helped her find one eventually! We had breakfast at Pauls as a treat and Michael enjoys joining in with us now too.

Toda we are having a lazy day and watching films while poor Daddy has to do some work. I'm hoping to Skype my other Nanny and Grandad this afternoon though. I have to tell them that we are visiting very soon- Mummy has already started packing our warm clothes! She put a coat on Michael last week and it made him very upset!

I hope you have a lovely, long bank holiday weekend!

Lots of love

Bella xxxx

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring in Dubai

We have been so busy since the end of April that I have not had chance to write to you all! Nursery has been a lot of fun, we are learning lots about recycling, singing new songs, reading new exciting books- my current favourite is The Gingerbread Man, learning languages and of course there is a little playing. Today I showed Mummy how I can introduce myself in Arabic. I think she was very impressed.

Our weekends have been filled with birthday parties, brunches, shopping trips, soft play and afternoons at the swimming pool. It's getting very hot here now even though summer is still a couple of months away! We are looking forward to a little break from the heat when we fly back in just under 3 weeks. I can't wait, I'm really excited that I'll be seeing my grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and friends so soon. Michael and I have also been playing together a lot- he is getting much more fun now, I enjoy having him around much more.

Next weekend, Mummy has pre warned us that we have to go shopping for clothes to wear when we are visiting. It seems like you are having another cold spell and my summer dresses won't be much good to me there. My nanny has bought me a coat which I can't wait to wear. Mummy put a coat on Michael today to check it fits him and he cried. I don't think he's going to like wearing lots of clothes in June!

Mummy turns 30 at the beginning of June so Daddy and I have been planning a fun weekend just before we fly back. We have booked to stay at a lovely hotel for the weekend, and we have arranged a little party with lots of our friends for her. Hopefully she will have lots of fun- I'm sure I will anyway!

We also confirmed my school place for next September which I'm both excited and nervous about. I'll miss my nursery and my teacher a lot. I get to go everyday instead of just three mornings a week too. It's quite a long way from where we live at the moment and as I start at 7:30am, we will be leaving the house before 7am! Lots of early nights for us!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home. I'm sad it's over here as it means Daddy has to go back to work and I'll miss him!

Lots of love

Ella Bella xx

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Trip to Oman

I've been really busy over the past couple of weeks and have not had as much time to write home to all of you. We are all well and I am still having lots of fun in the sun! We spent last weekend in Oman, in a beautiful place called Musandam. We went with Jack and Charlie's family and I was very excited to take Michael on his first little trip. It was just over a 3 hour drive but it took longer as I was sick in the car on the way and then Charlie was also sick in his mummies car. By the time we arrived at our hotel, we were all hungry and tired so we had dinner together before getting to bed.

In the morning we saw what a wonderful view we had form our hotel room. I couldn't wait to have breakfast and get out on a dhow for the day. The water was quite choppy that day but we had lots of fun on the boat. We saw amazing views of the surrounding mountains, little villages nestled among them, birds, fish and the most amazing experience I've encountered, dolphins swimming alongside us. It was magical! I was desperate to get into the water and swim with them! We did stop a couple of times so that we could swim in the sea, some people snorkelled too. I was not happy about getting out of the water to have lunch though!

After our trip we went back to our hotel and our mummies took us to play in the children's play area before we had dinner together. We sat outside by the pool in the evening and Charlie, Jack and I spent the time chasing each other and splashing in the pool! Even Michael was still awake and enjoying the night. The following day we had planned to go to DreamLand Water Park but after we crossed the border back into the UAE, we were greeted by dark clouds and heavy rain! Plus at 26 degrees, it was cold! Instead we stopped at a hotel for lunch and spent some time in the play area before heading home.  It was a great weekend and I couldn't wait to tell my teacher all about it when I got into nursery on Sunday!

I overheard Mummy planning our next trip away too this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it! I hope you are all enjoying your long bank holiday weekend!

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxxx

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun and Friends

The weeks seem to be going so quickly here and the weather is really beginning to heat up. Needless to say we are not looking forward to the summer and are glad we will be flying back in 6 weeks to escape the weather here briefly. I was pleased to get back to nursery after two weeks off, as was Mummy. She has started taking Michael to baby classes on those mornings which he isn't too keen on. Michael apparently dislikes loud noises. I find it strange as I'm hardly quiet around him... Mummy is going to persevere though as she thinks he will enjoy them eventually and I think Mummy secretly enjoys the classes herself! I hope she isn't embarrassing my baby brother too much.

It was Mummy and Daddies wedding anniversary on Monday and Daddy had made special plans to take Mummy for dinner at the Burj al Arab. They had dinner on the beach by themselves and Mummy was spoiled with flowers, champagne and a special cake. Mollie came to look after Michael and I but I was sad when I woke up on Tuesday morning and she had gone home. She was more fun than my Mummy at bedtime! Daddy had to go to Saudi on Tuesday so Nellie came over to play after nursery and we had dinner at Pizza Express before getting in the bath and putting our pyjamas on! It was lots of fun. Mummy took me to the park on Wednesday morning but the heat meant that we didn't get to stay too long. Daddy came home Wednesday night too and I was very pleased to see him!

We had a crafty day at nursery on Thursday and made cameras out of recycled materials. It was lots of fun and I'm sure my parents can't wait for me to bring home my homemade camera to add to the many crafty items I make at nursery! Mummy took Michael and I to play in Jack and Charlie's pool in the afternoon. Lots of my other friends arrived to join in the fun and we had a pizza tea together too. It was great but I was very tired when we got home from jumping in the pool all afternoon! daddy went out to a wedding so he was quite unwell over the weekend and did not appreciate having to attend a birthday party on the Friday. Mummy said perhaps he will think twice before drinking when we have a birthday party to go to next time!

Mummy, Michael and I went shopping in the morning on Friday while Daddy stayed in bed recovering! He came to meet us for lunch but kept his sunglasses on while we were indoors so he must have been feeling pretty bad! Toby turned 3 over the weekend and we had a pool pirate party to celebrate on Friday afternoon. It was great fun, I especially enjoyed going on a treasure hunt! I fell asleep in the car on the way home as I was so exhausted from so much swimming and cake eating over the weekend! On Saturday Daddy got up with Michael and I and left Mummy sleeping. We read lots of stories and played with our toys until Mummy finally emerged and announced that we had to go to the Dubai Mall- luckily we did not stay too long. Daddy had to work in the afternoon so Mummy took me to meet Jack and Charlie at soft play for a little while. It was great fun even though we argued and refused to share things.

The cake was GOOD!

I enjoyed being back in nursery today and was so excited that Daddy came home to work at lunch time. He did however, have to go on an aeroplane tonight and will be working away for a few days. I was sad to say goodbye, we don't like Daddy going away. Mummy has made lots of plans this week though to keep us busy again and when Daddy does come home, we are going on our first little family holiday to Oman. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll make sure we take lots of pictures and will tell you all about it next week!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine at last!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holidays Are Ending

Much to Mummies delight, I only have two more days off for Easter. I'm also looking forward to going back to nursery even though this week has been a lot of fun. Mummy is confident that I am now potty trained so is happy to venture out more! I spent all day Sunday at Eleanor's house. We had an amazing storm on Saturday night that continued into Sunday. A mix of thunder, lightning, rain and sand. It helped the weather cool down a little but sadly it meant that Nellie and I couldn't play in the garden or the paddling pool like we really wanted to! Another of Nellie's friends spent some of the day with us and we played, argued and fought over toys before sitting quietly in front of Peppa Pig after lunch. Nellie and I carried on playing until dinner time and then we went to the park to play as the weather had got a little bit better. We also went in the bath together and had fun getting her mummy wet! Michael and I fell fast asleep in the car on the way home luckily for my Mummy.

Story Time 

We had a quiet morning on Monday and I stayed in playing with my toys. Mummy took me to play at Sky's house in the afternoon. I was excited on the way home as Daddy was on an aeroplane coming back from Saudi. All the excitement was too much though and I fell asleep before he got in! I was very pleased to see him yesterday morning before he went to work. We went over to my new friend India's house and played in the pool in her garden yesterday. When our daddies finished work, they ordered take away for us all so my playdate was extended until quite late! Michael and I also fell asleep in the car on the way home from there!

This afternoon I am going to meet Toby and Elodie at the park. Mummy has insisted I sleep before we go out though as I had a late night and an early start and she claims I'm really grumpy! The cheek! Tomorrow I am seeing Jack and Charlie at soft play and staying for dinner before our weekend starts! Mummy hasn't told me about any plans this weekend but I think she is hoping for some quiet, family time as we seem to always have so much on. I just hope she takes me to the pool...

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Potty Trained

We spent almost a whole work week indoors so Mummy could help me learn to use the potty and toilet. I think she and Daddy were surprised how quickly I took to it but when there are sweets involved, I'll do pretty much anything. I learned quickly that if I made one wee last 5 or 6 toilet trips, I'd get more sweets, lots of fun!

By Wednesday, Mummy felt it was safe enough to venture outside. We started with a (what should have been) quick trip to the shop. It didn't go quite to plan, there was lots of waiting around in the queue while the shop assistant found barcodes and then they charged Mummy the wrong amount and suddenly I needed a wee! Luckily Mummies friend was sat with her little girls outside the shop so she offered to take me to the toilet! I think Mummy was very relieved to have bumped into a familiar face!

In the afternoon Mummy took me for ice cream as a treat for doing really well and I didn't have an accident at all while we were out. So on Thursday we braved a morning at soft play with Katie (armed with my potty!) I needed a few toilet trips while we were out but again I managed to go accident free! I was very pleased with myself.

Mummy and Daddy had arranged to meet friends for lunch on Friday afternoon. I mostly told my parents when I needed the toilet but towards the end of the meal, I was so wrapped up in my food that I forgot to say anything and had my first accident since day 1! Not the best place for it to happen! We went to Katie's house for a BBQ later that afternoon and I did it again in the garden just before it was time to go home. I've learned my lesson now and I have made sure I tell Mummy every time I need to go today!

I have another week off nursery so Mummy has made quite a few plans to see friends this week after being stuck inside for so long. Daddy had to fly to Saudi today for work but it's just a short trip luckily! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

My ear got better by Tuesday and I was able to go to nursery again much to mine and Mummies delight. We spent the week getting ready for Easter which included decorating eggs and making bunny pictures. I couldn't wait to take them home to show my parents. I spent Wednesday afternoon at the park with Adriana and then had dinner at her house when our Daddies got home.

On Thursday at nursery we had a party day. We hunted for Easter eggs, it was great fun and I got to enjoy a lot of chocolate eggs and cakes! I didn't want to go home so was pleased when Mummy arrived and had to stay behind to talk to my teacher as it meant I could play there longer! My end of term report was a great one, but my parents shouldn't expect anything less. I like being a good girl at nursery more than at home.

We went for dinner on Thursday evening along JBR with Adriana's family and caused lots of noise. I had fun but my Mummy kept telling us to stop shouting and screaming. Adriana's mummy made us snowflake hats which I think was an attempt to keep us quiet! It didn't work. I went on another Easter Egg hunt at the park with my friend Katie on Friday. It was a really hot day but we very much enjoyed it. Most of the chocolate melted in the heat. It still tasted good!

Daddy had to work on Easter Day and as I am off nursery for two weeks, Mummy has made me start using the potty again. I'm doing really well and haven't had an accident for a couple of days now. Mummy is planning to take me to soft play on Thursday which we are both a bit nervous about! I'll make sure she takes my travel potty though just in case! I'll  have to try very hard to not have an accident as being stuck in the house is driving both Mummy and I potty!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ear Infection

There is a naughty fairy living in my ear and she is making it hurt (or so I told the doctor today). I was awake all night and very uncomfortable. I think everyone is very tired today, Michael is currently sleeping the day away so I must have disturbed him too last night! Mummy took me to see the doctor this morning- something tells me she wasn't sure if I was telling the truth. My ear is very red inside but I'm not being given antibiotics which Mummy is pleased about as she thinks it is important for me to fight things myself. The doctor has insisted that we manage my pain though so I'm having to take Calpol and Ibuprofen regularly. It does help for a little while, enough for me to run around like a lunatic for an hour and then fall asleep anyway! The good part of being ill is all the fuss I get. The down side though, is that I can't go to nursery today.

At least I had a great week. Daddies trip to Saudi was cancelled so we had a whole week with him here! I spent Monday afternoon outside playing with Adriana on our bikes and we made puddles with our drinking water and splashed around like Peppa Pig and George! I had fun in nursery making salt dough mini beasts with my class on Tuesday morning and in the evening Michael and I stayed at Adriana's house so Mummy and Daddy could go out for dinner together. On Wednesday Mummy, Michael and I spent the whole morning in our pyjamas playing games! I went along to a little party in the afternoon which I really enjoyed! We played lots of games and danced around. Each of us got a little trophy for participating but I lost mine! On Thursday we had a charity bake sale at nursery for Worlds Down Syndrome Day. I had 2 cakes and a biscuit but felt a bit sick afterwards! I finished nursery early so Mummy took me to play with Adriana and we had lunch together. I came home to speak with Nanny and Grandad on Skype which is always great fun. Grandad sings silly songs about Michael and I!

I went for lunch with Charlie, Jack, Katie and William (our parents were there too of course) and then we watched a show at the theatre together on Friday. I loved it and found it very funny! Michael watched half of it before he fell asleep but he kept smiling so I guess he enjoyed it too! Afterwards Daddy treated Mummy and I to tea and cake at the Mina Al Salam Hotel which was delicious! I was exhausted and ready for bed when we got home that afternoon! Yesterday Michael had to go to the doctors again as he needed a scan on his hip. Fortunately everything is fine, he just has one chubbier thigh! We had lunch afterwards at a little cafe and then I had to visit the dentist. I was very pleased to see that Mummy had taken me to see Toby's mummy! I happily let her look at my teeth even though she had tickley fingers! My teeth are all there and they looked fine, best of all the dummies I no longer have, didn't do any damage to them! The best part of my visit was going into the staff room to see the fish and budgies! I can't wait to go and let Hannah look at my teeth again soon! I spoke to nanny, Rose and Aunty Lisa on Skype last night too.

Today will mostly be spent feeling sorry for myself on the sofa! Mummy has let me watch DVDs while we snuggle up so I feel a bit better! Daddy is going to try and come home in time to have dinner with me and I'll need cuddles before bed from him! I hope you are enjoying the weekend despite the cold back home. I hope it stops snowing ready for us to visit in June!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy BumbleBees

As always, I've been very busy and neglected my blog! Must try harder so I can keep my Nannies up to date with my adventures here! It has now been a week since the Dummy Fairy came to visit and my parents are constantly telling me how proud they are of me. I've only had one meltdown over them since then and asked Mummy to call the fairy and ask for them back but we both got through it and I've come to accept that they really are gone and not just hidden in a cupboard somewhere. I still have my Barbie to play with anyway!

Last week Daddy had to work away in the UK and Saudi so we didn't see very much of him. We were however, lucky enough to borrow Mollie, Jack and Charlie's Nanny, for a couple of mornings a week to look after Michael and I. I love Mollie and I think my brother does too! She took us to the park and played with our toys with us. The two days we had her here, I screamed when she left! Mollie is much more fun than Mummy! We also have a new maid that comes in 3 afternoons a week to help Mummy. She is great and does so much to help, I've noticed a much less stressed Mummy when she is here. Daddy really likes that all his clothes are ironed, folded and put away too (Mummy doesn't know how to use an iron apparently...)

At nursery for the last week, we have been learning all about mini beasts! We have painted our own ladybirds and other funny looking bugs! I've come home with flowers painted on my face and bumblebees on my arm (the bees are my favourite!) It's been a very interesting topic and I've been teaching Mummy all about them. If we had a garden, I'd be able to take her out to look for these mini beasts! Maybe next year.

Daddy was home with us for the whole weekend for a change which was lovely. We went to Global Village on Friday evening with Adriana's family which I really enjoyed. There was a play area for us, we had some delicious Arabic food, Krispy Kreme donuts and Adriana and I were allowed to buy a helium balloon- I chose a tiger and Adriana chose a car! On Saturday we met Eleanor and Williams family at Tast of Dubai and enjoyed some more delicious food! Nellie and I danced away the evening and bounced away on the bouncy castle! It was great fun!

Yesterday Mummy took Michael to his first baby sensory class while I was at nursery. She said he didn't like it too much as he has a cold and just wanted cuddles. Mummy is going to take him next week to see if he likes it better. In the afternoon we met my friends Eleanor, Jack, Charlie, Toby, Elodie and Katie at soft ply and stayed for dinner together. It was like a party but without the cake! Mummy and I met Daddy at the Dubai Mall afterwards for Mummy and Daddy to do some chores and get dinner. I treated myself to a new toy with some money I found in Mummies purse too!

Today we are having a quiet day as Michael is still not very well and Mummy is getting a cold now too! I hope they all keep their germs to themselves! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope the weather is getting better back home!  

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxx

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dummy Fairy

The Dummy fairy paid me a visit this evening. Before I went in the bath, Mummy suggested I put all of my dummies in a bag that we could leave outside the door for the fairy to take away. I think she will give them out to babies that still need their dummies- I'm a big girl now so I don't really need them anymore. After I had my bath and put my pyjamas on, Mummy said we should check to see if the fairy had taken my dummies. I was so excited when we opened the door and there was a shiny red present with my name on it! The fairy left me a Barbie doll to say thank you for giving away my dummies. I love my new doll! Tonight I will be taking her to bed with me instead of those baby dummies. I showed Daddy my new Barbie on Skype and he was very proud of me for being so good and letting the dummies go!

Well, it's bedtime. I hope Mummy isn't planning on sleeping too much tonight...


It's been two weeks since I last had chance to sit down and update my blog, it's been a very busy couple of weeks! We can't believe it's March already, this year is already going too fast. Since my last post, I have had another assessment at a school we applied to last year. It went really really well and my parents told me that they were proud of me (naturally). I have been offered two school places now and we have to make a decision about which one I'll go to. I'm happy with whatever my parents decide as there were plenty of toys at both schools to keep me happy!

As a treat for doing so well, my parents took me to Al Tamimi Stables to see some animals and play in this great big outdoor park. I had a lovely day but was disappointed that there were no pink or blue horses. I was also too small to ride on any of them so we are going to go back next winter when I should be a little bit bigger! Michael enjoyed looking at the animals and watching me play too!

I had a busy time at nursery as always and had a lot of fun! Mummy seems to be enjoying having time alone with Michael when I'm there too but I make sure she makes it up to me with lots of attention when I get home. We met with friends last week at soft play and in the park. I had a great time at Magic Planet with Cora and we played together really well considering we haven't seen each other since she moved back to Scotland two summers ago. I hope we can see her again soon. I spent time with Toby and Elodie on Tuesday afternoon and then went to the Dubai Mall to meet Daddy for dinner. I was fast asleep by the time I got home!

Adriana and I have had lots of time together too as our daddies are both travelling so much at the moment and our mummies like to keep each other company. We also went to Safa Park for a BBQ last Friday and Jack and Charlie joined us with their parents. It was a lovely day and luckily not too hot! We spent the evening at Adriana's house and the on Saturday, Daddy had to fly back to the UK. Mummy, Michael and I are very jealous but we couldn't go as Michaels' passport isn't ready yet! Silly Michael...

Today is Mother's Day and I've just given Mummy a card that I made in nursery as well as a cupcake I decorated (well actually, I just showed her the cake and then I told her how nice it was). I think she liked them! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are enjoying Mothering Sunday whatever you are doing.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mid Term

My mid term break started with lots of fun at my friend Eleanor's 2nd birthday party. It was also the first party that Michael has been to and it looked like he was having lots of fun too! We had a buffet and BBQ at Nellies house and best of all was the bouncy castle! We stayed very late and mummy found me fast asleep on the sofa in front of The Muppets at 10pm!

The following day poor Michael had his injections but he and Mummy were very brave. He slept all day afterwards but seemed fine which was good. I haven't warned him that the mean nurses will be doing it again, soon... He is also weighing a healthy 5.5kg and is 58cm long which makes him just perfect! He took a liking to the doctor that checked him over and flashed lots of smiles at her. If only he had listened to me when I'd warned him about what they planned to do...

We had a quiet day on Sunday as Mummy needed to catch up on boring chores! I played indoors and spoke to my Grandad on Skype. Monday we took my scooter out for the morning before it got too hot. I then spent the rest of the week meeting up with friends, going to the park or soft play and having lots of fun, but I missed nursery and it seems like Mummy did too.

On Friday Daddy had to go to Saudi for work which broke into our weekend. We went to Paul's for breakfast and then he took me to a play area before my nap. When I woke up, we met Adriana and her family and walked to the Marina Mall so that we could play at Favourite Things before Daddy had to catch his plane. The weekend was windy so we didn't do too much outside.

Yesterday, I was so pleased to go back to nursery. I spent the afternoon with Adriana playing on the green outside. Michael loves watching us run around together, and I have told him that soon he will be able to join us! Daddy got home in the early hours this morning but I didn't see him for long as he had to go into work again today. Hopefully he will be home early tonight though.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Thomas Gang Came to Stay

My Aunty, Uncle and cousins arrived late on Thursday night and Daddy met them on his own at the airport so he could get them all back to their hotel safely. Mummy and I woke early on Friday morning and were very excited to know they had arrived. We had arranged to take them to brunch that day and picked them up at midday before walking along the Marina to the hotel. We had a great time- my cousins had their faces painted, played on the Wii and ate a lot of cake! Charlie and I also played in the ball pit and sat chatting to each other while we ate lots of yummy food and filled up on juice! We all went back to my house afterwards to play but decided to get an early night as everyone was tired.

On Saturday we spent the day at Aquaventure as it was a lovely warm day. We had so much fun in the water and I was able to go on the rapids with Mummy which was scary at first but once I knew we could hold hands really tight, I had a great time. Everyone except Charlie and I suffered a bit of sunburn because we had spent so much time outside, but it was definitely worth it! We had dinner at my cousins hotel that evening and I loved spending time playing with them.

We spent Sunday morning in their swimming pool and I showed off my swimming skills! Before it got too hot, we went to the Mall of Emirates and spent the afternoon in Magic Planet. Charlie and I ran around in the soft play area whilst Ollie and Jake went on the big scary rides! We went to the Hilton for dinner in the evening and Daddy was able to tear himself away from dinner long enough to join us! 

Ollie wanted to have a beach day on Monday so we spent the day digging holes, building sandcastles and splashing about in the sea! Uncle Tommy was great at taking me out in the water, I loved it! In the evening, they all went to dinner at Uncle Tommy's cousins' house and so I got an early night ready for nursery the next day.

I had lots of fun at nursery on Tuesday and was so happy to see my teacher. Mummy picked me up as normal and we went to the beach where my cousins had already spent most of the morning playing. I was very excited to join in! We went to Marina Walk in the evening and had dinner at an Italian restaurant before we went on a dhow. Jake, Charlie, Michael and I all fell asleep before the dhow got back to the marina as it was very late! I was glad to get home to my own bed.

Wednesday was our last day together so we spent the morning in the pool before taking the metro to the Dubai Mall. Our parents took us for ice cream at the Rainforest Cafe- it was a bit scary there but we were brave! We them went to the aquarium before we met Daddy for dinner under the Burj Khalifa. We love taking people to watch the dancing fountains, it's one of my favourite places in Dubai. 

Thursday we had to say our goodbyes which was sad. Mummy reminded me that it won't be long until we fly back to see the family again though. I also spent the afternoon playing at Dhani and Lila's house so that kept me busy until we went home to see Daddy! I had such a great time with my cousins, I just wish they lived here so I could see them everyday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Countdown to the Thomas Gangs Arrival

I got into a little bit of trouble at nursery on Sunday. I pinched two children. I thought that they deserved it but my teacher told me off and I had to take some 'time out'. I was a little annoyed that she also felt the need to tell Mummy at home time but I decided it was best to be honest and told her all about my time in 'time out'. I don't think I'll do it again. Apart from that, I had a great time at nursery as always and enjoyed playing with my friends. Daddy got home just as I was going to bed last night and I missed him lots so was glad that he was around a bit more today.

Mummy had to go to the dentist this morning so Daddy was watching Michael and I. I think we were well behaved- he just gives me the iPad and we are both happy. I had to have a little nap in the morning as my parents had arranged to take me to a big school where I was going to play in a classroom with other children and teachers. Mummy called it an assessment but whatever it was, I had fun. That is until we had to pack up the toys and leave. I threw a big screaming tantrum. I did not want to go. I'm not sure Mummy was impressed with me but she just told me not to be silly and carried me out to the car.

We went for coffee and cake near Daddies office afterwards and I was very excited when Jack and Charlie's mummy came to see me. I made her chase me around a little bit which is always good fun. Back at home, I helped Mummy make dinner and gave myself a yoghurt face mask once we had finished eating! Before bed we spoke to Nanny and my cousin Charlie on Skype. I was excited to see tem both and even more excited that Charlie is coming over on Thursday with Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew, Ollie and Jake! We have so much planned for the week that they are here, it's going to be lots and lots of fun!

We have a busy few days before they arrive including a photo shoot of Michael and I on Wednesday. Mummy is very excited, I'm not. She's going to make us dress up in silly clothes isn't she? Mummy has also arranged play dates with friends for me tomorrow and Wednesday. It should hopefully make the week go faster!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend back home!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Visitor

I had another great week at nursery and was very excited on Wednesday when Daddy came home with Uncle Chris. He stayed with us for 3 days as Daddy was taking him to have dinner at the races on Thursday night. I had to go to nursery on Thursday morning as usual and Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Christopher enjoyed breakfast at Paul's without me. I wasn't impressed! Daddy came to get me, which is always lovely as it doesn't happen very often. Mummy spent the afternoon at a spa having treatments that she claims were long overdue and when she came home we all got ready to go out.

Mummy and I spent Thursday night at Adriana's house. We had dinner together and played with her many toys. A little later in the night Adriana locked us in her mummy and daddies bedroom. It wasn't ideal as a key is required to open it from outside and her mummy didn't have they key! We were in there for just over half an hour before Adriana's daddy came home and rescued us. Adriana was very upset once she realised we were actually stuck and she was probably in trouble. Our mummies were quite worried but were very relieved when we were freed. I don't know what all the fuss was about, I was having fun jumping on the bed. We were taken out for ice cream afterwards too- I might encourage Adriana to lock us in a room again if that's the outcome!

Daddy and Uncle Chris spent the night at Meydan and then went to a bar nearby before coming home well past my bedtime. On Friday we had to go shopping, which as you all know, I hate. So I made lots of fuss which resulted in a big bag of sweeties from Uncle Christopher- brilliant! Daddy had to take Uncle Chris back to the airport as he had to go home for work and I was sad to say goodbye again. I have been asking to see him all morning but Mummy says he is too far away. Hopefully he will come and visit me again soon!

Today I had been hoping to go to the park but it has been raining so I don't think that will happen now. Michael and I have watched cartoons and I've been making things with my Play Doh. I think I heard Mummy suggest we have to go to the supermarket later too, I'll have to make another fuss...

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I have one more week at nursery and then my Auntie Becci, Uncle Matthew and cousins arrive! I cannot wait, I just hope the weather gets better so we can go to the beach!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Thursday was a public holiday over here so Daddy was home with us for an extra day this weekend and I didn't go to nursery. He still had to work, but it was nice to have him at home with us. Mummy, Michael and I had a lazy morning watching films and playing with my toys and in the afternoon we had to go food shopping which is never fun! I was also a little miserable as I had conjuntivitis. Mummy had got some eye drops for me though and by Friday night, they were all better. Luckily, I didn't pass it on to Michael either.

I was still feeling under the weather all day Friday so we decided to stay in and play. We went out on my bike in the evening though and Daddy treated us to ice cream. We had arranged to go for lunch with Adriana and her family on Saturday so I was glad to wake up with normal eyes again in the morning! We went to a burger place in the marina that has a little play area. It was a lot of fun and after all the running around, we enjoyed our lunch whilst watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad.

I was back in nursery this morning and very keen to show my teacher how I can use the toilet like a big girl now. Mummy took me in armed with lots of spare clothes as she is worried I might have an accident! I used my potty and the toilet quite a few times over the weekend so I think I have almost got the hang of it. Mummy and Daddy are very proud of me which is nice, ut even better is getting sweets when I remember to go on the potty!

This afternoon my friends Jack and Charlie are coming over to play. I can't wait as I haven't seen them since before Christmas. We have lots of playing to do together to make up for it! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home and hopefully the weather is improving. it's getting warmer here which is great as we have more visitors over the next few weeks!

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Me, Mummy & Michael

Our visitors have come to a stop for the time being and Daddy is back to work as normal so it's just Mummy at home with Michael and I now. I think she was a little bit worried on Sunday but we managed just fine. I went to nursery in the morning and played so much that I went straight to bed when we got home! Mummy said Michael had just wanted to be cuddled and played on his play gym most of the morning so she didn't have to do much at all. Daddy was home in time for dinner and bath time which really helped.

On Monday we had a day at home together and Mummy played with me for most of the day. Michael just sat and watched us until he got hungry! He shouts a lot when he wants his milk. I don't like it when he does this, I find it very upsetting so I always tell Mummy to hurry up and feed him. Daddy was home in time again to help at bath time but then he worked until after midnight as he has so much to do at the moment. Poor Daddy, it's just as well we have a 3 day weekend coming up.

I was back in nursery yesterday and Mummies friend Hannah came over to meet Michael in the afternoon whilst I was in bed. Daddy popped home briefly but then he had to go to the airport as he is working away. Mummy really wasn't looking forward to being on her own overnight with us but it was fine and I helped look after Michael. He slept really well and I didn't hear him until 6:30am this morning. We have spent the morning in our pyjamas watching cartoons and playing with my trains.

Cuddles in bed with a grumpy Michael

I'm off to play with Adriana this afternoon as I haven't seen her since Christmas! I can't wait! Daddy will be home tonight too and we can start our long weekend together. Hopefully he won't have to work!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had a lovely last few days with Nanny and Grandad here. They came back from Doha on the Thursday and we took the metro to the Dubai Mall so we could have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. My silly family ate too much dinner that they didn't have any room for cheesecake! Mummy and I were unimpressed so plan to take my Aunty, Uncle and cousins there next month and make up for it! Nanny, Grandad and I went out on Friday for a walk and stopped for ice cream then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my toys at home before they had to head back to their hotel and pack.

Playing in the Gold Souk with Nanny

On Friday night, I was allowed to stay up late and even better, go to the airport to pick up my other Nanny. I was so excited when I saw her come through arrivals that I ran and jumped on her! I made her sit in the back of Daddies car with me and play games. It was very late when we got home and I wanted to go straight to bed! We had arranged to meet up with nanny and Grandad on saturday morning before they had to leave for the airport. We all had a lovely long breakfast out on The Walk together but before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. I was sad that they were leaving but pleased I had Nanny staying for a week to keep me busy!

Mummy and I took Nanny to nursery on the Sunday to show her where I spend my mornings. I was very excited to see my teacher as always and had a lovely time but couldn't wait to get home and see Nanny. Mummy had taken Nanny for breakfast (again) whilst I was in nursery and poor Daddy had to go to work! When they picked me up, we headed out to the mall as I was going to choose some Christmas presents with money family had sent over. I had a guitar from the Early learning Centre, which I love making a racket on! I think Mummy regrets buying it now!

Rocking my Guitar

The rest of the week was mostly spent indoors as the weather became cold and windy here. We spent an afternoon at the Mall of the Emirates and bought Michael some more clothes as he is growing so quickly! We had dinner out together but Daddy missed out again as he had to go to Saudi for work. On Thursday we took Nanny for dinner and spent an evening walking along the Marina and finally on Friday, our last day, we went for a yummy brunch! I was sad when I was told Nanny was also going on an aeroplane on Saturday, I knew that meant she was going to leave us too.

I miss all of my Grandparents and keep asking Mummy and daddy where they are and when we will see them next. It sounds like we won't be going back home to visit until the summer again though. I do however, have Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and the boys coming over in less than 3 weeks! I really can't wait and have made lots of plans to make sure we have a fun week together! Mummy is counting down the days!

I have to go to nursery this morning, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and have had lots of fun in the snow! We went to my friend Eleanor's and had a BBQ last night whilst everyone at home seemed to be building snowmen!

Lots of love,

Ella xxx

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boat Trip

I spent yesterday morning playing in the swimming pool at Nanny & Grandad's hotel. It was great fun but I was a little bit cold when I finally got out! Mummy and Michael came to meet us and we went out for lunch along the marina where we found a restaurant with a play area outside. I was too busy playing to eat my lunch which Mummy didn't seem too happy about! Afterwards we wandered along the marina and went for coffee and cake before looking at the Dubai ferry and deciding that nanny, Mummy, Michael and I would take a trip the next morning whilst Daddy and Grandad were in work.

The boat was good fun, especially as the water was quite rough so we were bouncing up and down over the waves! Michael didn't seem so keen though. The journey took us up to the Atlantis on the Palm and back so we saw lots of tourist sites of Dubai. It only lasted an hour and I didn't want to get off! Mummy said she was really pleased that I sat in my chair and looked out of the window for the entire time. We had to go to a cafe afterwards as Michael needed his milk. Mummy bought a cake for me for being so good! Then I was dragged around shops again as Nanny needed more shoes! After lunch, Mummy, Michael and I all went to bed for a couple of hours as we were shattered. My brother keeps waking up around 3am and refuses to go back to sleep for hours! He wakes me up with all his noise, I get upset when Michael is crying, I really don't like it!

Tomorrow my Grandparents are flying to Doha for the night. I've arranged for Eleanor to come over and play in the morning. I can imagine our mummies will have lots to talk about as usual! I'm back in nursery on Thursday too and can't wait to see my friends and teachers. Nanny and Grandad will be back by the time I get home and then we are going to the Dubai Mall to have dinner with Daddy and watch the fountains, one of my favourite things to do here! It's a shame this week is going so fast, I'm really going to miss Nanny and Grandad when they leave on Saturday. I'll have to make the most of them being here for now!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

I woke up last Saturday morning to find my Grandparents had arrived, I was super excited to see them! They had landed very late so needed to sleep in but once they were up, I had lots of extra Christmas presents to open for Mummy, Daddy, Michael and I. We were very spoiled by my grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. I'm surprised Nanny had any room for hers and grandad's clothes after packing so much for us! We had another Christmas dinner- this time Mummy actually cooked!

On Sunday, Michael had to go to hospital with Mummy and Nanny so Grandad and I went for a walk along the marina. We all met up for lunch afterwards and then had to go shopping as Grandad needed shoes! He takes longer than my Mummy to buy shoes... It was boring. Daddy had to go to Abu Dhabi, it was his first full day back at work since Michael was born and we missed him lots.

I went out with my Grandparents on New Years Eve, it was very quiet around our area as I guess people were getting ready for their parties. We were staying in and watching the fireworks from our balcony. Our view over the Palm is brilliant for watching fireworks at the Atlantis hotel. We were also able to see 3 other displays from nearby hotels. I loved it but Michael slept through all of the noise so he missed out! We had arranged to have brunch at Bubbalicious on New Years Day. It was great fun, they had a petting zoo and I picked up a duckling! I spent lots of time on the bouncy castle and ate far too much cake and sweets!

The rest of last week was spent at the beach, playing in the park or shopping (I don't like shopping!) it has been lots of fun! Family friends, Ron and Janis, flew over from Doha at the weekend to spend an evening with my grandparents and we met up for breakfast with them yesterday. I was very happy to get more presents! We had dinner at Nanny and Grandad's apartment yesterday evening and I was so tired when we got home that I slept in until 8am this morning. I think I made Mummy very happy!

I have my grandparents here until Saturday so have lots of plans to keep us busy. My Nanny White arrives Friday evening too! I'm very much looking forward to having her to stay next! Michael is looking forward to meeting our Nanny for the first time too. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I was very sad when our Christmas tree had to be put away on Friday! I ask Mummy where it is every morning hoping she might just put it back up, so far she hasn't budged...

Lots of love,

Ella xx