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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ear Infection

There is a naughty fairy living in my ear and she is making it hurt (or so I told the doctor today). I was awake all night and very uncomfortable. I think everyone is very tired today, Michael is currently sleeping the day away so I must have disturbed him too last night! Mummy took me to see the doctor this morning- something tells me she wasn't sure if I was telling the truth. My ear is very red inside but I'm not being given antibiotics which Mummy is pleased about as she thinks it is important for me to fight things myself. The doctor has insisted that we manage my pain though so I'm having to take Calpol and Ibuprofen regularly. It does help for a little while, enough for me to run around like a lunatic for an hour and then fall asleep anyway! The good part of being ill is all the fuss I get. The down side though, is that I can't go to nursery today.

At least I had a great week. Daddies trip to Saudi was cancelled so we had a whole week with him here! I spent Monday afternoon outside playing with Adriana on our bikes and we made puddles with our drinking water and splashed around like Peppa Pig and George! I had fun in nursery making salt dough mini beasts with my class on Tuesday morning and in the evening Michael and I stayed at Adriana's house so Mummy and Daddy could go out for dinner together. On Wednesday Mummy, Michael and I spent the whole morning in our pyjamas playing games! I went along to a little party in the afternoon which I really enjoyed! We played lots of games and danced around. Each of us got a little trophy for participating but I lost mine! On Thursday we had a charity bake sale at nursery for Worlds Down Syndrome Day. I had 2 cakes and a biscuit but felt a bit sick afterwards! I finished nursery early so Mummy took me to play with Adriana and we had lunch together. I came home to speak with Nanny and Grandad on Skype which is always great fun. Grandad sings silly songs about Michael and I!

I went for lunch with Charlie, Jack, Katie and William (our parents were there too of course) and then we watched a show at the theatre together on Friday. I loved it and found it very funny! Michael watched half of it before he fell asleep but he kept smiling so I guess he enjoyed it too! Afterwards Daddy treated Mummy and I to tea and cake at the Mina Al Salam Hotel which was delicious! I was exhausted and ready for bed when we got home that afternoon! Yesterday Michael had to go to the doctors again as he needed a scan on his hip. Fortunately everything is fine, he just has one chubbier thigh! We had lunch afterwards at a little cafe and then I had to visit the dentist. I was very pleased to see that Mummy had taken me to see Toby's mummy! I happily let her look at my teeth even though she had tickley fingers! My teeth are all there and they looked fine, best of all the dummies I no longer have, didn't do any damage to them! The best part of my visit was going into the staff room to see the fish and budgies! I can't wait to go and let Hannah look at my teeth again soon! I spoke to nanny, Rose and Aunty Lisa on Skype last night too.

Today will mostly be spent feeling sorry for myself on the sofa! Mummy has let me watch DVDs while we snuggle up so I feel a bit better! Daddy is going to try and come home in time to have dinner with me and I'll need cuddles before bed from him! I hope you are enjoying the weekend despite the cold back home. I hope it stops snowing ready for us to visit in June!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

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