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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I had a lovely few days since I last blogged. On Wednesday 9 of my friends came to play at my house in the afternoon. There were a lot of people in the apartment but we all had good fun playing whilst our mummies chatted as usual! Daddy came home early but hid himself away in the bedroom when he saw how many babies had invaded his living room! After everyone had left, I had dinner and went straight to bed as I was so exhausted! Daddy went out for drinks with his work friends and came home with a takeaway for him and Mummy! I think it is really mean when they have takeaway and I am in bed!

On Thursday morning we had to go to Boogie Babies. I love it there, we dance and sing funny songs whilst playing with toys! My friend Amelie was there too, she is a little bit shy so didn't seem to want to join me at the front of the class! I tried to copy the teachers actions and when I came home, I watched The Wiggles DVD and did some of the actions for Mummy again! She thinks I'm really funny, I like making her laugh at me! I met my friend Eleanor after Boogie Babies for lunch at Carluccios. Mummy ordered a pizza for us to share but made me eat it with my top off! She forgot top pack my bib and I was wearing a white top! That was slightly embarrassing! Eleanor and I are a little bit under the weather still too.

We decided to have a lazy day after we went shopping for our weekly food yesterday. Daddy treated Mummy to a turkish coffee at the Ibn Batutta mall and then we came home for lunch and my nap. We all played indoors until it was time for my dinner. After that, Daddy took us to Cone Street for ice-cream! I loved it, it helped my sore throat! I was so tired when we got home that I had to go straight to bed and I slept until after 6am this morning which is unusual for me!
Tasting Daddies Ice-Cream (It was very cold!)
Today we went to Children's City. it's a big green park that has lots of things to do. We went to the science museum. Daddy loves anything to do with science and was playing with everything there! It was very funny for Mummy and I to watch him. We got to play with instruments and make lots of noise, I played with water which was my favourite part of the day! My least favourite part was when Daddy decided to make an imprint of me in the needle shaper! Mummy took photos which I have to admit were quite funny! I hope we go back there again. It was very hot today so it was a great place to hide away!
Tomorrow Mummy is taking me to Peekaboo at the Mall of the Emirates.  We also have to do some shopping as it is my Daddies birthday next week! I'm very excited, Mummy and I have plans to make it a very special day. We have lots of things planned again next week and I'll tell you all about it. It is also my friend Amelie's last week here in Dubai so we have arranged to play with her on Tuesday afternoon and we will say goodbye! I think it'll be quite sad.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold in Dubai

Mummy and I have been ill! We both had colds on Thursday that lasted all weekend and still haven't gone yet. It's miserable. So we had a quiet weekend with Daddy looking after us. We played at home, read books and watched Barney. It wasn't very exciting but it was fun because Daddy was home.  We also checked our emails together after breakfast. My laptop is quite a bit better than my Daddies...
It has started to get cooler here so Mummy and I can spend a bit more time outside. We took my trike along the plaza yesterday and stopped at Starbucks for a drink and I chatted away to anyone that would listen there! Grandad flew to Dubai yesterday for a day before he went to India. Mummy managed to see him briefly at the airport but I was fast asleep so missed him! Mummy said he gave me a big kiss though. I was sad to have not seen him!

Today I started one of my term classes. It's called Mini Miracles and I love it! We did lots of singing and dancing, I'm very good at that, and played with toys. Then we had a craft session and I coloured in a parrot and gave him a few feathers! Mummy and Daddy are so proud of my picture, they have stuck it on the fridge and on Facebook (of course!) so everyone can see it. Mummy said I can do lots more pictures if I want to, especially now I don't tend to eat the crayons!
Tomorrow we have lots of friends coming to play at our house, I'm very excited! I also have a couple of baby classes running this week so we are keeping very busy! Next week Mummy and I are starting Baby Zumba with my friend Eleanor and her mummy. It sounds interesting! I hope you all have a lovely week.

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun and Parties!

I've had yet another lovely week! I met up with my friend Eleanor and her mummy on Tuesday. We went to Peekaboo to play and they have a singing morning which I loved dancing along to. I made a few friends in there and played peekaboo with them and went down the little slide holding their hands- it was very funny! My favourite toy there is a kitchen. I spent a lot of time washing my hands in the sink! Mummy has said we should put a kitchen on my Christmas list for Father Christmas because she knows how much fun I have playing with them I also like to bang the plastic pots and pans together! So much fun!

We had lunch together in the Mall of the Emirates too. Eleanor is eating real food now too and she is as messy as I was when I first started eating. She's very clever and funny to watch. I taught her to scream loudly! I also taught my cousin Charlie to do this before I left Lichfield. I needed a new buddy to influence and Eleanor was more than willing. I hope she showed her Daddy her new trick! On Monday our mummies are doing Baby Zumba with us! I have no idea what it is but Mummy said it means she does lots of dancing with me in the pushchair- I think I'll have to hold back any laughter! Mummy is so silly when she dances! I'll try and sneak a few photos to share if I ever figure out how to use the phone camera!

Yesterday I went to celebrate Dhani's first birthday. there were a lot of children there and so many toys to play with. I had such a lovely time and cried when Mummy put me in the buggy to go home! I was so excitable afterwards that I didn't go to bed until half past 8! I'm tired though this morning as I woke up from a very scary dream at half past 5! I think I'll need a couple of naps today before we go out! I loved singing Happy Birthday to Dhani. It reminded me of my parties when everyone embarrassed me by singing! Dhani didn't seem to mind at all, he just wanted to blow out his candle!

We are going to Dhani's again this afternoon. Mummy and I have agreed to stay and play with him whilst his mummy picks his big sister up from nursery. I can't wait! Mummy said there may even be some cake if I am lucky! We are going to messy play after that. Today there will be a story about African fruits, we all get to try the fruit after too! Then we get to make pretty drawings (Mummy calls mine messes) with the fruits and some paint before we splash around in water to clean up! I can't wait. The best part is when I get back, Daddy will be home for the weekend! I love having Daddy home.
Daddy was home yesterday to help look after me. Mummy had to go back to the dentist to finish her root canal. It was very painful as the first attempt had been done badly and so they had to give her more injections to numb her mouth. She had a reaction to it and her top lip looked very big and puffy! Poor Mummy, she has to go back again on Sunday to have another crown fitted. Only 2 more trips and hopefully they will be finished. She much prefers the dentist here as he seems to be doing a better job. I like him a lot. When we arrived yesterday he was having his breakfast and let me help him eat it- cheese toasties are great for breakfast! Then he gave me lots of toys to play with and said if ever I need my teeth done (hopefully never), I'd have the work done for free! I hope I can share his food again on Sunday...

Well, must go. I hope you ar all having a good week. I'll be back after the weekend to let you know what other adventures I have been up to!

Lots of love

Tink xxx

Monday, September 12, 2011

Watch This!

So Mummy finally managed to capture me on her phone! Here you go-

How clever am I?! It's fun but I'm still pretty wobbly when I walk!

Happy Birthday Naynee!!!!!

This is a special message for my Nanny (pronounced Naynee).

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Naynee
Happy Birthday to You

I love you lots and lots and miss you every day! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you and help eat your cake! I hope you like your presents and cards from us!

Everyone wish my Nanny a happy birthday today please!! She is 36- that's getting pretty old!

All my love and kisses,

Ella Bella xxxxxxxxx

Lazy Mondays

Mummy has decided today that I will be having a lazy day in doors so she can have what she calls a catch up day- I think she means a laundry day! So far I have watched 2 episodes of Barney, jumped about in my ball pit and most importantly checked my blog messages on my laptop (thanks Oscar and Lottie, lovely to hear from you) whilst playing some lovely music for Mummy on my mini piano. I quite like lazy days as I am allowed to pull the entire contents of my toy boxes out and explore my toys whilst making a fab mess!
Daddy is coming home tonight but he will be late so I'm not likely to see him. It's a real shame when Daddy gets back after bed time, I really miss him. I hope he will spend some time with me tomorrow morning though instead!

Yesterday morning I had lunch at my friend Lily's house and got to play with her toys and her mummies ornaments! Great fun. It is only 15 minutes walking distance to Lily's but when we got home, Mummy and I looked like sweaty tomatoes. We think the temperature here has gone up again! Summer is supposed to be coming to an end but it is still very hot and sticky outside. I don't mind though as I like going out in my stroller for walks as I can be nosey!

I have a few busy days ahead of me! Tomorrow I am meeting up with my friend Eleanor as we haven't seen each other since July and I'm sure our Mummies will have lots to talk about! Mummy wants to go to the Mall of the Emirates as she is in Christmas shopping mode now! Oh dear, poor Daddy! On Wednesday, daddy is looking after me in the morning as Mummy has to have another root canal and another new tooth as the last dentist made a big mess of her mouth- she's very cross about it! I like the dentist here, he comes out to the waiting room with lots of toys for me and plays on the floor with me! He keeps his patients waiting just so we can have 5 minutes of playtime! He is very funny! After Mummy feels better, we are going to my friend Dhani's birthday party! I'm hoping there will be cake again mmmm! Then finally on Thursday is our messy play at Marina Mums, I can't wait!

Well for today, I have to keep myself busy whilst Mummy does the washing. She has said after my nap this afternoon we can go to the pool too! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Reality

Mummy and I have been home for a week now and have started to settle back into our usual routine. I still think weekends are my favourite part of the week as Daddy was here and he plays with me lots. He also does funny impressions and makes me laugh! He's very silly! I was poorly last week. I ended up going to the doctor after coming up in a rash all over my back and tummy. They thought it might be food allergies so tried to take blood from me! There were 4 nurses holding me down and squeezing my arms. I was very frightened and upset. I think Mummy was too as she shouted at them after a few failed attempts and took me home for cuddles. Daddy came home early to look after us too. On Thursday I was unhappy all day. I tried to tell Mummy it was my teeth hurting  and I think she understood as she just let me play at home and cuddled me when I got grumpy. Daddy came home early that day too which I loved because it meant our weekend started early!

We went shopping on Friday. I love spending time in the supermarket, there are so many things to see and grab! We had lunch there as well because I was well behaved all morning. When we came home, Mummy made me have a nap and then all 3 of us went down to the pool for a splash about. We were a bit surprised to find the pool was hotter than the sun! I guess they have stopped cooling the pools now that summer is over (it is still reaching 40 degrees everyday though!). We couldn't stay in it for too long which was a shame. We all had fajitas together at dinner and read books before bed.
Daddy wanted his watch polished as he can see some scratches on the strap- Mummy and I can't see them! He found a Tag shop at the Dubai Mall and they were able to send it off for him. Whilst he was filling out forms Mummy and I got to look at pretty watches, Mummy got to try them on too but I wasn't allowed! We had to go shopping for sunglasses for Mummy after I snapped hers! We went to Ikea in the afternoon to look at Christmas presents. Mummy wants Father Christmas to bring me a kitchen. There is a wooden one in Ikea that she and Daddy like but also one in ELC that is a little more expensive but bigger. I don't mind which one I have as I just like playing with kitchens. We saw lots of other wooden toys that Mummy suggested we put on my Christmas List to Father Christmas. I'm very excited now!

When we came home, we called my Nanny & Grandad on Skype. I showed them how I can walk now and they were cheering. It was lots of fun! I spent the rest of the evening walking around showing off to Mummy and Daddy! I managed to take 6 steps in one go too! I'm going to keep working on my walking as it is so much fun! Daddy has had to fly to Saudi today and won't be home until tomorrow night. Mummy and I are going to go to the pool this morning and may go to the Marina Mall this afternoon if it isn't too hot.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and hope the weather has been better. Today I am missing my good friends Luke and Jacobs birthday party in Lichfield. Mummy and I are very sad not to be able to attend but we hope everyone has a lovely time and both of my special friends are spoiled!

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxx 

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Can Walk!

Just a short post but I am very excited! When we got home on Saturday, I took my first steps for my Daddy to see. He was very pleased and Mummy was super excited (but what's new!). Today I have taken 7 more steps all by myself. It's easy peasy! I'm still wobbly and fall down quite a lot but it is great fun. I showed my friend Iski and his mummy earlier and have done some more walking at home for Mummy. She can't wait for Daddy to come home and see me do it again. She is going to try and video it next time so we can show you all! I'm very clever!

I've had a lovely day today. I went to soft play this morning with my friend Lily and this afternoon I played at Iskander's house. He has lots of toy cars and animals to play with, I had a lot of fun there. I didn't want to leave but it is almost dinner time and I have to watch Barney whilst Mummy cooks for me!
I hope you are all having a lovely day too!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

And We Are Back!

Our last week in lichfield flew by! We had lots of people to see before we left and lots of things to do. My big cousin Ollie was 6 on Saturday and had a sports party which was great fun once the rain had stopped. I think he had a lovely time. I was suffering another tooth coming through so was sleepy for most of it! Mummy went out on the Saturday night with my friend's mummies and so she had a bit of a break from my crying and clinging to her. I was happy staying with Nanny & Grandad. Ron was there too as he and my Grandad were off sailing for a few days last week. Ron bought me a lovely cuddly Koala teddy! It has an australian flag scarf and a boomerang! I liked him a lot! His name is Blinky Bill.

On Sunday, my cousins, Elyse, Erin and Maisey cam to stay with Auntie Becci. We spent the afternoon at one of our favourite pubs having lunch but the weather was not too good so we had to go back to Auntie Becci's earlier than we had wanted to. Nanny Irene stayed with me at Nanny's house because Auntie Becci didn't have enough room for everyone at hers! We went to Drayton manor on the Monday together which was so much fun. I got to go on lots of rides in Thomas Land. I kept shouting Wee when my tummy went over. Mummy thought I was very funny. She made me hold her hand very tight, poor Mummy must have been scared!
Mummy and I spent Tuesday shopping in town as we had to get some last minute bits for our trip home. I'm not too keen on shopping and I'm not sure that Mummy is when she is with me either. She bought some new shoes to wear back here that I love- I can't fit them on my feet no matter how much I try! She says that when I am older we might be able to share shoes then instead. I need bigger feet! We had a lovely visit from Mummies friend Auntie Sarah on Wednesday. It was lovely to see her and she is great as she likes playing with my toys with me. Mummy was very sad when she had to leave and so was I. We will get to play again in December though so that's not too far away!

On Thursday I was invited to a Pirate Party at Harry's house as he and Oscar both turned 1 last week. It was a brilliant party but Mummy kept telling me to stop opening cupboards and taking things off me that she thought I shouldn't have. I was a little bit naughty and screamed at her. She now calls me a diva! I just get very frustrated when I'm not allowed to do things. I went dressed as Tinkerbell. Mummy didn't want to dress me up as a pirate because she knew I wouldn't wear a hat or an eye patch so it wasn't worth the fight haha! I made a lovely Tinkerbell! Mummy was sad to say bye to our friends when we left the party. It will be a few months before we see them again. At least we had a lovely time there to remember!
Mummy packed Thursday night and was worried about all of our stuff being too heavy! Luckily Grandad weighed it on Friday before we left and it was 28kg- phew! She even managed to get most of my toys in too! It was mostly the clothes that I had causing the problem, no way I was leaving any behind unless they didn't fit though! We spent Friday with Auntie Becci after poor Mummy had been back to the dentist for more work- she has had lots of trouble since I broke her tooth. Luckily Nanny was there to help me look after her though! Nanny woke up with a sickness bug on Friday which was not ideal on our last day- poor Nanny! It was best though that we stayed out of the house as much as possible so that I didn't catch it! We had a picnic in the park and Charlie and I played on the swings. Ollie pushed me so high, I loved it but Mummy and Auntie Becci told him to stop and looked very scared. Spoil Sports, we were having a great time! ara and Aoife joined us later on in the afternoon but we  didn't get to see them for long as Nanny phoned with some bad news that her brother in law had passed away that afternoon. It was very unexpected and very sad. Nanny & Grandad are there with the family this weekend.
Saying bye to my Auntie Becci and cousins was very hard. I made sure I gave Charlie a kiss as he and I are buddies now! I have loved spending time with all of them. Auntie Becci spoils me rotten, Ollie is like a big brother, Charlie is my pal but Jake is still unsure of me! I think I scare him. Uncle Tommy thinks I'm loud, I think he is too! He did a monkey impression and made me cry! It hurt my ears! I already miss them lots and lots!
  Grandad got home in time to take us to the airport that afternoon. We had dinner at Frankie & Bennys before we had to go through security. I liked being able to play with Grandad there as he had been away for so long. I missed him lots! After giving cuddles and kisses, it was time to say bye to Nanny & Grandad. Mummy was very brave and didn't cry until we got through to the bag checking area. A nice lady came and looked after us, she helped Mummy with me and the pushchair and didn't tell Mummy off or charge her a £1 when she saw that we hadn't put my creams into a plastic bag- oops! Mummy and I set off the alarm again too. I found it very funny! Once we were through, we looked at toys in Duty Free and then Mummy and I were allowed to sit in an Audi R8 that was on show there! It was great fun but the man wouldn't let me in on my own so we couldn't take a picture! Daddy was jealous!
Waiting to board the plane with Teddington

We were first to board the plan and were sat right at the front. I had my own big girl chair and after an hour I fell asleep until a couple of hours before we landed. It was a little bit uncomfortable. Mummy didn't sleep at all so was very tired. We watched Beauty & the Beast for a bit in the morning together. I loved it! I thought Chip was very funny!
Daddy was very kind and arranged for a Meet & Greet at the airport as Mummy struggles with all the luggage and me! A man came up to us with a huge bouquet of flowers for Mummy. They were off Daddy! She went very red but I could see she was very pleased and impressed with them. My Daddy is good at surprising Mummy! We went through to get our bags and Daddy was waiting outside for us. I was very happy to see him, so was Mummy. 
Lucky Mummy!
Once we got home, we had a few hours sleep and then got up and dressed ready for Lily's party. I had lots of fun there but became a little overwhelmed by it all as I was still very tired. I had to have another nap when we got home before dinner. After dinner, I showed Daddy how clever I am at getting around and took my first steps on my own for him. I'm a bit wobbly and my feet move faster than I want them too! It was scary but I'll keep at it so I can run around with my friends here! That'll keep Mummy extra busy! 

Well I'm tired, I slept until 7:30am this morning but need to catch up some more! I hope you are all well. I enjoyed seeing so many of you this summer and will look forward to seeing as many of you as we can in December. In the mean time, I'll keep you up to date with what I am up to on my blog and I'm sure Mummy will show me off on Facebook!

Thank you to my Nanny & Grandad for looking after me and my Mummy too. We miss you lots and lots today!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx