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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

On Monday morning Mummy and I went to the Dubai Mall to meet up with the Weavers as they are here on holiday this week. We went to a cafe and had breakfast- which consisted of cakes and coffee's, my idea of a great breakfast! Hannah gave Mummy a bag full of presents for me and my brother so I was very excited! Owen and Phoebe had bought a book for me which I love and have made Mummy read it to me at least twice everyday since! They also gave my brother a taggie for our new pushchair. He will love it just like I used to love mine! I had a beautiful new dolly and some pretty pyjamas from my aunty, uncle and cousins. I insisted on opening the babies present too and he had a dinosaur romper from them! Mummy got some lovely 'New Mum' toiletries from Hannah which was very thoughtful and she was very pleased with them!

After our sugary breakfast we went to the aquarium. I started to get told off for running away at this point. My Mummy can be such a bore sometimes! Phoebe, Owen and I had our photo taken before we went into the aquarium tunnel, and then we went off in search of sharks! Once we had been through the tunnel we went up to the aquarium zoo. I was strapped into my pushchair at this point as Mummy said I was misbehaving! I couldn't believe it, she is so unfair! I still had a great time looking at the different types of sea creatures. We also went up to the Creepy Crawly area and saw lots of different bugs and reptiles! Owen was very pleased that there were frogs at the aquarium but as always, the penguins were my favourite!

We were finished by lunch time so said our good byes and Mummy and I came home for a nap. We were very tired as I had woken up at 5:30am. I miss Daddy when he goes away and find it hard to sleep properly. We were woken up by a very loud noise a little while later and Mummy went off in search of it's source! There was a storm heading towards us and the wind was so strong, it was making a noise through our balcony door despite it being shut! It was quite frightening, especially considering how high up we are. The sand followed- we had hoped for rain so that we could go splashing in puddles later but that never materialised! It felt like a winter afternoon as we could hear the wind rattling around outside and we had the lights on at 4pm! Mummy and I decided to have a duvet afternoon on the sofa and watch the Disney channel!

Mummy and I went out for breakfast again yesterday. We were going to just have a walk around but Mummy started to get pains in her back and tummy so we decided to stop and I decided I was ready for my second breakfast of the day! Afterwards we went to soft play for an hour but I got into a fight just before it was time to leave. A little girl was mean to me and shouted at me. Then she called me a baby (I wasn't the one sucking my thumb and cuddling a blanket!) so I snatched her blanket from her and threw it down the slide. I also shouted back at her but she made me very cross! I wasn't happy that I got told off my Mummy, the naughty girl started it!

After my nap Mummy took me to the beach to meet Adriana and Eleanor. We had a great time splashing around and falling over in the sand and water! I stood on lots of shells and stones though and cut my feet. Today I am struggling to walk, they are very sore. Mummy has put magic cream on them and princess plasters but it's not helped very much. I'm hoping that they are better for my Halloween party this afternoon! We are having a lazy morning to help my poorly feet recover! I spoke to Daddy on Skype last night and was very excited to hear that he is getting a flight home tonight. I won't see him until I get back from nursery tomorrow though. I hope he has remembered to buy me presents...

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Eid Weekend

We had a long weekend with Daddy finishing work on Wednesday. I didn't have to go to nursery on Thursday either so we made plans to go to the Dinosaur Exhibition at Festival City. We had lunch out first, I insisted on a Happy meal at McDonalds, it was yummy! Adriana met us at the exhibition with her mummy and daddy. It was very noisy as the life size dinosaurs were roaring at us- I roared right back at them! Mummy tried to teach me a little about dinosaurs but I was much more interested in looking at the big monsters, they were fascinating!

After we had been around the exhibition we went to Toys R Us so that I could try and ride the bikes. I've asked Father Christmas for one this Christmas and have tried to be a very good girl! We found one that I loved so I have asked Mummy to let Father Christmas know and now I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will bring it for me. I can't wait for my Nanny and Granddad to take me outside on it in December!

We had dinner at a Rotana hotel in the evening with Adriana and her parents. We didn't stay long though as I was very very tired. I hadn't slept during the day which Mummy says always makes me grumpy! I enjoyed my pizza and sorbet though!

We had to pop to the mall on Friday. Mummy said we needed to go food shopping and Daddy had promised to buy me some new Crocs! I chose some pale pink ones and as a surprise, Daddy also bought a Mickey Mouse charm for them! I love them and want to wear them everywhere much to Mummies delight! Daddy also bought presents for my new cousin Anabelle as he is visiting our family this week.

On Saturday I went to Elodie's pool party! I had a fantastic time splashing around! I also enjoyed the cake and party bags at the end of it! It was quite late when we got home so Mummy got me ready for bed whilst Daddy went for a run. Poor Daddy had to leave for his plane at midnight so I made sure I gave him lots of extra cuddles and kisses before I went to bed! I get sad when Daddy has to go away.

Mummy and I went to the mall yesterday as we still have boring Christmas shopping to do! At least I get to spend lots of time in toy shops though! I spoke to Daddy on Skype and was very excited to see him! I read him lots of stories, I think he enjoyed that. We had dinner at Adriana's last night and I went straight to bed when we came home as it was getting late and we have an early start today. We are going to the Dubai Mall to meet with friends who are on holiday here. Mummy said we are going to go to the aquarium so I get to see Pingu again, I can't wait! I'm glad Mummy is keeping us busy so we don't miss Daddy being away too much!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the extra hour. (We don't like the clocks going back, it makes it harder to speak to family and friends on Skype!)

Lots of love

Bella xxx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Long Weekend

As it is almost Eid, Daddy doesn't have to go to work on Thursday which means we get a lovely long weekend together! We are going to make the most of it as Daddy is flying back to the UK on Sunday as he has to work in London for a few days. Mummy is not allowed to fly home, she is too pregnant now which has made her sad. I am going to stay in Dubai though and look after her so Daddy doesn't need to worry! I've also got lots of plans to spend time with friends and we have Halloween parties to go to so Mummy and I won't be bored.

My pushchair didn't arrive on Sunday like it was supposed to. The shop called to say it would arrive on Monday instead which meant Mummy and I couldn't make any plans to do anything yesterday. It finally arrived after lunch though so Mummy took me outside to play for a bit on my trike. Daddy assembled our pushchair when he came home and I love it! Mummy was mean though and said I can't use it until my brother arrives!

It's my last day at nursery this week as we are also off for Eid. I've made Mummy and Daddy a special card which I am going to bring home today. I hope they like it, it took me a long time to make! This afternoon I am meeting my friends Jack and Charlie at soft play. I'm very excited! Daddy should be home in time for dinner together too tonight which means he will do bath time (always so much more fun with Daddy than Mummy!)

I won't be back on before the weekend so I hope you have a lovely one too!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn in Dubai (Finally)

As I suspected, our weekend was spent being dragged around the malls! Mummy needed to go to the Dubai Mall and Daddy agreed to take us to Paul's for breakfast before we started our shopping. Whilst we were wandering around the shops, Mummy noticed the pushchair she was planning to buy in the UK on display in a shop window. We went in to have a look and make sure it was the same one before Daddy agreed to buy it. It saves my Nanny and Granddad having to bring it over for us in December. I loved it, I get to sit really high up whilst our baby is little as he has an area underneath me to sleep in. It's going to be delivered today too.

After we had been shopping, we came home and watched a film whilst playing with my toys. After dinner we went out for a walk and I was allowed to ride my trike. The weather had cooled down significantly this weekend so it was lovely to be out. It also means that our area is filling up with tourists now and getting very busy again. I had an early night when we got home as I hadn't slept much during the day and I like my sleep! Daddy went out for a run as he is training for a Nike run in November, Mummy and I are really proud of how well he is doing too.

On saturday Mummy went food shopping so Daddy and I had some time together. He took me to a few toy shops and I showed him some bikes I like. He and Mummy had said they would ask Father Christmas to buy me a bike for Christmas but everything we have found so far has been too big or too heavy for me to peddle. Mummy suggested I wait until my birthday instead and ask Father Christmas for other toys. I am not too disappointed as I have plenty of other toys in mind!

Mummy and Daddy went out in the evening for dinner with Jack and Charlie's mummy and daddy. They went to a restaurant called Thiptara at the Palace Hotel. It sounded like the food was delicious and they all had a lovely time. I wasn't invited along but i didn't mind as it meant I was able to spend the evening playing with Adriana. We had a great time and were still awake when my parents came to pick me up at 11pm! I was tired when I woke this morning but I have to go to nursery. I think I might need a long nap this afternoon!

Mummy enjoying an evening out without me!

The weekends go too fast here. Next weekend is Eid though so we have a lovely long weekend together. I only have today and Tuesday at nursery this week and then Mummy gets to spend a whole week with me. I bet she can't wait! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to the Beach!

The weeks really seem to be going by so quickly, it's almost the start of our weekend again! Mummy and I have had a busy week despite Mummy being told to rest. I heard daddy telling her off last night when I was in bed! We did have a quiet day on Monday, the most we did was go for a walk around the plaza and then we spent the afternoon watching a Tinkerbell movie together and then went to play outside with Adriana until Daddy came home.

Beep Beep!

After nursery on Tuesday, I went to soft play with Eleanor for an hour and then she came back to my house to have dinner and play with my toys. Our Mummies both have great big tummy's now, it's very funny! Daddy was home when we came back and so we played with him whilst the Mummies chatted away as usual!

Mummy and I went shopping on Wednesday morning. We are trying to be organised for Christmas this year! We managed to buy a few little presents but didn't have much luck getting things Mummy needs ready to pack her hospital bag. I've warned Daddy that we may find ourselves being dragged out again this weekend! I also chose my Halloween costume ready for my party! I can't wait to show you in a couple of weeks, I love it (Daddy said it's a bit racy though...) For being a good girl whilst shopping, I asked Mummy for a Happy Meal!

My Happy Meal made me very happy!

Yesterday afternoon,  we went to the beach for the first time in months. Adriana came too and her Mummy took photos of us. My Mummy is so pleased with them, and I must admit, I do look cute in most of them! The beach is perfect again now, the sea is warm and there is a lovely breeze. We stayed until the sun had set.

I'm back in nursery this morning, we have a fun and very busy day ahead. Mummy is taking me to the pool this afternoon too which I am really looking forward to! It'll be a great start to our weekend! I'm not sure what we have planned other than shopping this weekend. I heard Daddy ask Mummy if she would go out for dinner with him and some other people on Saturday night. I guess that means I'm not invited... Oh well, I'm sure I can think of something that we can do to make it up to me.

I hope you are all enjoying your week. It sounds like the weather is getting really cold back home. I miss wearing gloves and wooly hats! I'm still sporting my sun hat over here!

Lots of love

Ella xx  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Al Qasr Brunch

The weekends always go so quickly! I had a lovely afternoon at the pool with Adriana on Thursday and we ordered pizza when we had finished! Daddy came home at 6pm but had to get on a conference call until 7pm so I didn't see him for very long before bedtime.

Ready to go swimming!

On Friday, Mummy and Daddy were going to brunch at Al Qasr, I was pleased that I didn't have to go this time as it meant I got to spend the afternoon at Jack and Charlie's house instead. We played in their play room, watched Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse, ate more pizza and just had a lovely time! I was very tired by the time Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up!

Ready for my play date!

On Saturday morning Daddy had arranged to meet a friend for coffee so Mummy and I went to the mall and I bought some Minnie Mouse knickers ready for my potty training! We also bought a sleepsuit and romper for my baby brother which I helped Mummy choose. Daddy came to meet us afterwards and we went to TGI Fridays for lunch. I had lots of attention from the waitresses as usual! We went to another mall afterwards as Mummy wanted to go to Next and finish buying clothes for our baby. He almost has as much as me now!

The car I want...

After Mummy dragged us around the supermarket, we came home and played with my toys. I had an early night as I was still tired from playing on Friday! It was a lovely weekend and now we are back to normal and I'm off to nursery this morning. Daddy left early as always for work so hopefully he won't be too late home tonight.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meeting my Brother

I was so excited yesterday as Mummy and Daddy decided to take me along to Mummies appointment so that I could finally see my baby brother on the screen. I didn't know what to expect and thought it was very strange that the baby Mummy keeps talking about really is in her tummy! He had his arms crossed over which was very cute, I said hello to him and now I can't wait for him to come home with us. Mummy told her doctor that she hasn't been feeling too good recently and has been having a lot of cramping. The consultant told her she has to rest and stop doing so much with me (never going to happen!) because our baby is now very much in a position where he is ready to come out. So Daddy and I are taking extra precautions to look after Mummy and help her out as she is terrified of baby coming out too early (I think Daddy is too!) I gave her a big cuddle in bed this morning so I hope it has made her feel better.

We have had a relatively quiet week. I've had my usual mornings at nursery which have been a lot of fun. On Sunday we learned about fruit and vegetables and were allowed to taste them, and talk about their shapes and colours. I got most of them right too! Mummy said she was very proud of me. Daddy has been working longer hours this week as he is really busy so I'm looking forward to seeing him over the weekend. I spoke to my Nanny on Skype yesterday as Mummy wanted to let her know about the appointment- Nanny & Granddad are hoping to be here when the baby arrives, I can't wait! I showed Nanny my toys and my dancing and blew her lots of kisses! She sang funny songs and made me laugh a lot!

Mummy took me out on my trike yesterday as Daddy has said if I learn to peddle properly, I can ask Father Christmas for a big girls bike this year. I'm getting really good at it now and plan to show Daddy this weekend! I also went to see Adriana for an hour before dinner as I hadn't seen her for a while. Daddy was home early enough to have dinner with me yesterday and he gave me my bath again, we had lots of fun splashing! I also refused to go to bed last night as I was having too much fun playing with Mummy! I woke up early though so have been feeling really tired at nursery today! I'm looking forward to my nap now.

This afternoon, I am going to play with Adriana at the pool and then when Daddy gets home, we can start our weekend! Mummy and Daddy are off for brunch tomorrow and I am going to Jack and Charlie's house to play. I've been given strict instructions from Mummy to be on my best behaviour and to play nicely with them both. I'm sure I can manage that as long as Mummy brings me sweets back from the brunch! I'm not sure what we have planned for Saturday so I'll ask Mummy if we can go to the pool again!

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today is my Daddies birthday! We have spent our weekend celebrating and have had a lot of fun! Yesterday we went to the Bubbalicous brunch at the Westin Hotel and it was fabulous. I ate so much I thought I might burst! Lots of my little friends joined us and we had a great time filling up on sugar whilst our parents enjoyed the food and drinks. Adriana, Eleanor and I went on to the dance floor for a little while after we had eaten and I showed the girls my crowd surfing technique!

Filling up on sugar!

After we had eaten (and the waiters were trying to encourage us to leave), we were all invited back to my new friends Jack and Charlie's house. I loved it there as they had the best play room I have ever seen! We made a great mess exploring all of their toys. I loved having dinner together and the best part was going in the bath with Jack and Charlie and borrowing their Mickey Mouse pyjamas! I've asked Mummy to buy me the same pyjamas because I loved them so much and didn't want to get dressed this morning! Before we left, Daddy opened his lovely presents and we had a takeaway despite eating a lot of food at brunch! It was after 10pm when I finally went to bed last night!

Exploring the twins playroom! 

We all slept in until 8am this morning and had a lazy couple of hours in front of the TV. We decided to go to the Aquarium at the Dubai Mall and Daddy renewed Mummies annual membership so we can go lots again this year! I loved showing Daddy all of the different fish and showed him the scary sharks! There were crocodiles there this time too andas always, we went in search of (and found) Pingu! Daddy wanted to go for frozen yoghurt afterwards as a treat. He's strange and doesn't really like birthday cake so we had yoghurt instead! I really enjoyed it though and sang Happy Birthday to him and blew out pretend candles! By mid afternoon, we were all feeling very tired so decided to come home and sleep.

We found Pingu!

I hope Daddy has had a great birthday this year. He had lots of lovely presents and I think he liked the pants, socks and polo shirt that I chose for him! Mummy and I find it very hard to buy presents for Daddy as he has everything already! Mummy has given him tickets to the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi next month which I know he will have a brilliant weekend attending! I really enjoyed myself this weekend and wish we could have a birthday every week! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home, I'm back to nursery tomorrow and poor Daddy has to go to work but at least he can wear some of his new presents!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Very Special Birthday

My Daddy will be another year older on Saturday so Mummy and I have spent the week getting ready to make it lots of fun for him so he doesn't dwell too much on the fact that he is getting old! I will admit that I didn't mind shopping for his presents too much. Mummy let me chose most things which is very unusual! I just hope that he is happy with his presents, I thought they were quite boring but unless I get toys or books, I'm not really interested in presents. So Monday was spent at the mall trying to find lots of nice things and Mummy took me to soft play afterwards because she said I was very well behaved.

On Tuesday I had a very fun day at nursery playing in the sand pit, outside in the playground and in the indoor play area. We had a crafty afternoon too and I came home covered in paint and glue! We also had a French class in the morning, I really enjoy learning other languages and find it so much easier than Arabic. The songs we sing make me laugh so much, I've tried to teach Mummy but she is a hopeless case! In the afternoon I went to a new play area with Eleanor and we stayed and had dinner together. We caused a lot of commotion though running around the food hall, it was great fun but we were both dropping off on the way home! I also discovered that Mummy doesn't sit at home waiting for me to finish nursery, she actually goes out and meets up with friends who also have children in nursery. I hope she doesn't get too used to it as my baby brother will be arriving soon!

Yesterday Toby's Mummy Hannah came to visit us and brought along lots of Toby and Elodie's baby things for my brother to borrow. It was very exciting until last night when I wedged myself into the bumbo and got stuck. We went to the mall (again) with Hannah to help her buy a dress for our brunch tomorrow. Mummy took me to Dhani and Lila's house in the afternoon so that we could play and I stayed for dinner. It was dark when we left to go home! There was a little baby at Dhani's house too. I showed her my impression of a lion and scared her so much that she cried. I took it to mean my lion impression is pretty good! Mummy made me stroke her better though.

I was back at nursery today and again had a very busy morning. We did lots of painting, singing and rhymes and I had another French lesson. Mummy picked me up and my teacher told her that my new nick name is Drama Queen now. Mummy said it was very fitting, I was not impressed. This afternoon I am going to the marina with Adriana. I've not seen her all week so I'm looking forward to getting up to mischief with her! Mummy is making me go to sleep now though and she has promised that Daddy will be home to see me when I wake up. I can't wait!

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned.

Lots of love

Ella xxx