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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We have had a lovely Christmas this year. I woke up early on Christmas Day and found a stocking full of presents which I took into Mummy and Daddies room to open. I had lots of jewellery and hair clips, some sun glasses, crayons, glitter pens, chocolates, cars, books and DVDs. It was very exciting and I loved showing Michael my new presents. Daddy told Mummy, Michael and I to wait in the bedroom so that he could check Father Christmas wasn't still at our house- I hoped so as I wanted to see him again! Daddy came back and said he had gone so we could go and play with my new presents. I was very impressed when we went into the living room and there were two piles of presents by the tree! The biggest one was for me too! Apparently Michael's early arrival didn't give Father Christmas much time to get his presents ready. I don't think my brother noticed though.

I was very lucky and very spoiled! My favourite present was my bike and my scooter which Nanny and Grandad had arranged for Father Christmas to bring to me. My Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and Cousins sent a floor piano mat which Daddy and I love, Mummy less so! Daddy and I have played with my tent from Aunty Charlotte and Jason too, we think it's great fun and Mummy has made it even better by filling it up with balls! I had lots of Mickey Mouse Club House toys, a car mat, more cars, puzzles, books, a helmet for my bike and scooter, bubble machine, bath toys, dolls stroller, playdoh, cups, plates, cutlery and lots more! I guess I was quite a good girl after all!

I opened Michael's presents for him as he is too little and then gave Mummy and Daddy their presents from Michael and I. I think they liked them! Daddy picked up our dinner from a hotel which was good but not as good as Mummies Christmas Dinner. My favourite part was Daddies cheesecake! We spent the afternoon watching films and playing with my new toys and before I knew it Christmas Day was over. I can't wait for next year! Today we have spent the day playing with my toys and speaking to family on Skype. Mummy has tried sorting out my new toys and Michaels new toys but it looks like another trip to Ikea is in store for toy boxes!

Christmas cuddles with my baby brother

On Friday my Grandparents arrive and I'm just too excited! I want to show them all of my new toys and I've told Grandad he can take me outside to play on my scooter and bike! I think Michael is looking forward to meeting them properly too! They are staying for two weeks and then my Nanny White is coming over for a week so we have lots of fun things planned for the next three weeks!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, December 24, 2012

Our First Week as a Family of Four

Mummy and Michael came home on Wednesday and I will admit, I was a little shocked that she actually brought the baby back with her. I do like him a lot though even though he doesn't do much! I give him lots of cuddles and kisses and when he cries I shout to Mummy that he needs milk. Mummy says I am a wonderful and really helpful big sister. I was also a little upset at Mummy for leaving me at home whilst she was in hospital with Michael. There have been lots of tears and I've had quite a few tantrums this week but things are getting better. I'm slowly forgiving my Mummy for leaving me.

See sleepy all the time! 

My brother is a really good baby, we often forget he is here until he makes a noise for his milk. Mummy and I can still play and spend lots of time together. It has helped having Daddy working from home so he can help us with Michael when we need him to. Jack and Charlie's mummy and daddy came to visit on Thursday evening when I was in bed. I heard them arrive though and made my escape from the bedroom to say hello! Mummy was having her first glass of champagne since we were in Thailand last April. She looked very happy, I  however was not impressed to be refused the special drink by everyone! I was given a big sister present though which I was really pleased with. It was a book about teddy bears and I love it!

On Friday we had our first outing to the Marina Mall. We went for lunch with Adriana's family and then the men walked back home to pick up the cars whilst us girls (and Michael) went shopping. Adriana's big sister Angela took us both on the train in the mall too which was great fun. So much fun in fact that I refused to get off it. By the time Daddy came to pick us up, I'd had enough of shopping so was shouting to get out of the pushchair and Michael was screaming for milk. Mummy looked a bit frazzled and was clearly very pleased that Daddy had arrived! I decided I should behave next time we go shopping, I don't like upsetting my parents.

We had a quiet day on Saturday as we were all very tired. In the afternoon, Mummy and I went out to the shop together so that I could chose a present from my nanny and grandad. They knew how much I wanted a scooter so I picked out a pink one. Mummy said I have to wait until Christmas Day to have it though. It's now only a day away so i don't mind too much! I can't wait for my grandparents to get here on Friday so they can take me out on it!

Mummy, Michael and I did our last Christmas shopping yesterday. I sat nicely in the pushchair and played on the iPad like I promised I would. Michael just slept as usual! As a reward, we met Daddy at a cafe after we had finished and I had some carrot cake! I slept when we came home and then Mummy and I went for a walk. We bumped into Father Christmas outside a little supermarket! I was so excited that I ran over to say hello. He gave me a cake bar too- I was expecting another toy but I'll let him off. The cake was good.

It's Christmas Eve today and we have spent the morning watching The Snowman during breakfast! I'm so excited that Father Christmas is coming tonight and so far I have been on my best behaviour! Daddy has to 'pop out' this afternoon- I told him to do the Christmas shopping weeks ago! Mummy has already had her present from Daddy as he bought her a lovely new bag to keep all of mine and Michaels' things in when we go out. She was very excited by it for some reason- Mummy likes bags the way I like toys! Whilst Daddy is out, Mummy is taking Michael and I to soft play. I want to take him on the trampoline but Mummy said he's a bit to small yet...

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and gets lots of lovely presents (remember to be good today!)

Lots of love

Ella Bella (AKA Big Sister)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing my Baby Brother

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks and I've not had chance to write on my blog- I hope you haven't missed me too much! I finished nursery last week for Christmas and the whole week was spent doing lots of festive activities. Mummy and Daddy came to watch my Christmas concert but I got upset when I wasn't allowed to go and see them so my teacher called Mummy up on to the stage to sing with me. I'm not sure she was impressed as no other parents had to go up. I thought it was great fun though!

On Friday I went to a Christmas party with Jack and Charlie and Father Christmas arrived! He handed out presents to all of us, it was wonderful! I was so excited when he walked in to the room, I gave him a big hug and followed him around. Mummy and Daddy laughed when I spanked his bottom with a balloon because he bent down in front of me to talk to another child. I think he thought it was funny too! I hope he did or I might not get that bike next week...

On Saturday Mummy went to her doctors appointment and had a bit of a shock when her consultant told her that baby was making his way out. She arranged for Mummy to go back on Wednesday to check progress so we went on with our day as planned. I got dragged around Ikea, I didn't like it there until Mummy gave me chocolate! The evening was better as we had dinner at Adriana's house. It was about 7pm when Mummy said she was starting to get cramps in her back and tummy. Daddy started to time them and everyone seemed very excited when they realised they were regular. Mummy decided we should go home and get some sleep just in case but she told Daddy she didn't think much was happening.

The following morning, I took my little case and went to Adriana's house to play. Mummy and Daddy left to see the doctor and they didn't come back. Mummy was in labour and decided to go to the hospital and get ready for our baby to arrive. I was a little bit excited but I missed my parents as they had to spend the night away from me. I had a slumber party with Adriana and her mummy though! Just after 1am, Mummy text Adriana's mummy to tell her that my brother had arrived at 1:07am- he really took his time! Mummy was very tired but she said that it went really well (mostly)! Daddy decided on his name after he was born- my parents could not make a decision at all before this! My baby brother is called Michael Terence James White after our Grandfathers and Uncle James. He is really tiny and weighed just 6lbs 8oz when he was born. I love him and love to cuddle and kiss him. I think he likes me too as he doesn't cry when I go near him! The only thing I don't like is him crying at night as he keeps waking me up! I feel sorry for my Mummy and Daddy as he is sleeping in their room. I think we should make him sleep on the balcony so we don't get disturbed...

Being a big sister is great fun. I have had lots of presents and people keep making a fuss of me. Michael is mostly a good little brother but Mummy says in a few months he will be even better as he will start to interact more with us. I hope it's not too long before we can play together! Then I can start blaming him for all the mischief I get up to...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Week at Nursery

It's my last week at nursery before we finish for Christmas and I am so excited by all of the festive things we are doing! Today we are rehearsing for our Christmas Carol concert on Tuesday. Mummy and daddy will be coming to watch me and I've already sung some of the Christmas songs that we have learned for them. We are also making Christmas cards and decorations- but it's a surprise for my parents!

The weekend went very quickly. Daddy was away last week and I got very upset that he wasn't here in the evening so didn't sleep very well. Mummy and I were both very tired and grumpy all week! It was almost 10pm when he came home on Thursday night but Mummy let me stay up to see him. We watched 101 Dalmations until he arrived and I was just too excited to see him! I wouldn't go to bed and  my poor parents were very tired!

Daddy is not allowed to travel anymore until my baby arrives. I went to the doctors with Mummy yesterday to see him on the screen again. He's really big now and Mummy doesn't have long left until he makes an appearance. We are all hoping he doesn't arrive on Christmas Day though like Mummies Consultant joked yesterday! We will be eating our turkey dinner in hospital!

After we had been to the doctors, Daddy and I went to Jack and Charlie's house. We went swimming at the club near their home and then played together before dinner. Our mummies had gone out for afternoon tea with friends to celebrate Mummy having a new baby. Mummy had a lovely time and when she came to get Daddy and I, Daddy couldn't wait to see her as he said I had been a bit naughty and he was tired! I wasn't impressed! I think Mummy was secretly pleased too as now Daddy knows what it's like to be with me for a day!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We have a busy week this week and I am off to Christmas party at the weekend- apparently Father Christmas is going to make an appearance! Last time I saw him, I got a present, he is great!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Festive Weekend

After helping Mummy to decorate our home on Friday, I went to see Father Christmas at Wafi Mall on Saturday evening. I was very excited but got quite fed up after waiting in a queue for an hour before finally getting into his grotto! I gave him a big cuddle when I saw him and sat on his lap. I was so pleased when he said I had been mostly a good girl this year and gave me a soft, cuddly dog. I told him what I was hoping he would bring for me on Christmas Day, he seemed to think I had been good enough to get a bike and mentioned that he'd only deliver it if he brought a helmet along too which I agreed to wear! I can't wait for Christmas Day now but don't like how Mummy keeps reminding me to be a good girl if I want that bike...

Yesterday was National Day in the UAE so Daddy had the day off. He had to go to the office in the morning to do a few things as he is travelling this week. Mummy and I spent the morning writing Christmas cards and colouring. When Daddy came home we went for a walk and they took me to the park but it was very busy with big children that kept getting in my way! Daddy cooked dinner when we got home as Mummy is getting tired quickly now. I think it's just an excuse to get Daddy to do things around the house! We all had an early night as Daddy had to get up to catch his plane in the middle of the night. I miss Daddy when he goes away, so does Mummy. This is the last week he is allowed to do any travelling until after my baby arrives though. 

Mummy and I are having a lazy morning today- we have only just got dressed and it's after 10am! Mummy is taking me to soft play this afternoon too! I can't wait! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours has been a lot of fun! 

Lots of love

Ella xxx