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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autumn in Dubai

We have had such a busy few months, I've not even had time to come on and update my blog. I still love my new school. I have made lots of new friends and settled really well. Mummy and Daddy had their Parent Teacher meeting last week and concluded that I only do what I want, not what I am told to do at school. I am mostly well behaved, but if an activity doesn't interest me, I'll tell my teachers that I can't do it. It means I get to move on to playing or a more fun activity so who can blame me...

School does mean that our days start very early. Mummy is up around 5:30am every day and gets Mikey and I up at 6am for breakfast. Then we have a mad rush to be out of the house on time but it's worth it! We are planning on moving in the new year so that we can be a little closer to school and Daddies office. Plus we need more space as Mummy constantly moans about our toys taking over the apartment!

Mummy has been spending some mornings at baby classes with my brother which he mostly enjoys but apparently cries when he goes into Boogie Babies which was always my favourite class. Our afternoons are often spent at classes for Michael or for me, visiting friends or running around the parks. The weather has cooled down a lot now so we can get back outside and enjoy running around a lot more!

In two weeks we are flying back to the UK for a week without Daddy. Mummy says she is nervous but Michael and I plan to be very good on the plane for her. I'm so looking forward to visiting my Grandparents and seeing my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins. I hope we also have time to visit friends while we are back but have left that to Mummy to organise!

It's a long weekend here for us so Daddy is home an extra day. We spent yesterday buying new clothes for Michael and I as we both keep growing! Daddy played golf as he doesn't like the malls much so when we had finished we met him at the golf club for lunch. My parents went to evening brunches on Thursday and Friday evening so our babysitter has spent lots of time with us which we love! Daddy is currently still in bed feeling slightly unwell! I hope he isn't catching Michael's cold...

Today we are spending the morning at the pool and then are off to my friends birthday party. Tomorrow daddy will be playing golf again so we get to spend more time at the club which I love! Then it'll be back to school as normal come Monday.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend too. I'm hoping it's getting really really cold as I have winter woolies to wear when we are visiting! I can't wait!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Auntie C's Visit

My Auntie Charlotte stayed with us in September for a week. It had been just over 2 years since her last visit and a year since we were all together in the UK. I loved having her here. We started the visit with a Dubai Friday Brunch which all of us really enjoyed. There was a great play area set up for me to keep busy and mischievous while my Mummy and Auntie talked, a lot. After brunch my parents took Auntie Charlotte to a friends house for a BBQ. I'm not sure how they managed to eat so much food that day!

Over the next week we spent time at the pool, in the park, visiting the souks and the malls. Auntie Charlotte took me to Build a Bear and I chose a lovely one that I call Bubbles. Mummy took Auntie Charlotte out in the evenings too. I think we all spent far too much time that week eating! The week flew by and before we knew it, it was time to take Auntie Charlotte to the airport so she could fly home to Uncle Jason.

I'm hoping that Auntie C can come and visit again before next summer but she has to bring Uncle Jason next time too!