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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Countdown to Our UK Return!

We are so excited! In 17 days we will be flying back to the UK. Mummy and I are hoping for some rain as my Nanny has bought me some special Peppa Pig wellies so that I can go jumping in puddles! Mummy started packing a fortnight ago so clearly she is looking forward to our visit! I've been adding things to my suitcase but have noticed they keep being taken back out! I need my teddies and lego, silly Mummy! Daddy is excited too, it will be a nice break for him as he is still working so hard at the moment. Mummy says we have to go shopping again soon so that we make sure we have suitable clothes for the weather back home! I hate shopping!

Mummy has promised that we will do lots of fun things in the UK that we can't do here. We are going to feed the ducks, play in a park that doesn't have to be watered 3 times a day to keep it green, visit the farm and an old fashioned railway line- steam trains just like Thomas the Tank Engine! I really can't wait. I'm also going to enjoy some BBQs if the weather is ok some days! It's too hot to have BBQs here at the moment and I want some Packington pork sausages!

I've been to Summer Camp again today and had lots of fun but I was really tired as I woke up very early this morning. I have a cough still and I needed a drink. It was too tempting to get up and play so I didn't go back to bed. I'm going to have a long nap now to make up for it! Mummy and I are then going swimming this afternoon when the pool is in the shade!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, July 30, 2012

My 2nd Birthday

We didn't manage to do any of the fun things Mummy and Daddy had planned for me over the weekend. I was really poorly and just wanted to sleep and cuddle my parents. I did get lots of presents though and I spent a bit of time playing with them and was especially pleased with my new Windmill Farm from Nanny & Grandad. My Aunty Nicola bought me cleaning things! A vacuum cleaner, broom and a dustpan & brush which I suspect Mummy had something to do with! I helped the cleaners vacuum the floors yesterday and secretly had great fun! I had some lovely summer clothes from my Aunty Becci and Uncle Matthew, I need new clothes as I am growing so quickly, Mummy can't keep up! I didn't even manage to eat the cake that Daddy had made for me but he and Mummy enjoyed it.

I spent my actual birthday at Summer Camp in my nursery. I had a great time and they sang Happy Birthday and had cakes for my classmates. Mummy picked me up afterwards and came with a balloon just as I'd hoped! Even better, when we got home, the living room had been filled with lots of balloons, it was very exciting! Mummy and I played with my new toys after my nap and I spent some time with Daddy in the evening after he had finished work. Next weekend, we are planning to do all of the fun things we were supposed to do for my birthday but couldn't. I'm very excited! Nanny and Granddad have also planned a little tea party for me when we go and visit them in a few weeks. My cousin Rose will be there to help me eat my cake too! I can't wait! I will have had so many parties for my birthday!

I'm back at Summer Camp this morning. I really enjoy being there and I think Mummy enjoys having some time to herself in the morning. Daddy is working in Dubai this week so we have a whole week of him coming home at last! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. It's almost 2 weeks until we fly back to see everyone and we really can't wait! Mummy and Daddy have so many plans that I hope we manage to do everything and see as many of our family and friends as we can!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Our Beautiful Daughter

Dearest Ella,

Today you turn two. Daddy and I can't quite believe how quickly you have grown but also find it hard to believe that you have only been a part of our lives for 2 short years. There's no doubt that you made our world a better place, and everyday since we brought you home from hospital we have watched you grow with such pride. You bring us complete joy and happiness but I'll be honest and say that having you has been the most challenging thing we have ever had to do! Becoming parents has been a wonderful experience and we could not have asked for a more beautiful, happy, intelligent and special little girl.

I hope that we have made your 2nd birthday a very special one even though you have spent the weekend poorly and feeling sorry for yourself! Next weekend Daddy and I have lots of fun activities planned to celebrate and I know your Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles will celebrate with you when we go home and visit them in a few weeks.

You make us so proud Tinkerbell, we love you with all of our hearts. You are the love of our lives.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Mummy & Daddy xxx

Just One Hour Old

On your 1st Birthday with Daddy and Cousin Ollie

Our 2 Year Old (so proud of you Princess)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Countdown to my Birthday!

On Monday Mummy took me to soft play before lunch which was lots of fun! It wasn't very busy so I was able to play on everything. We came home for lunch as its near impossible to find places to eat during the day now and I was really tired from playing so slept after I'd eaten. In the forenoon, I helped Mummy with the washing. Mummy stood up on a chair to reach the top of Daddies wardrobe and she fell off. She really hurt her back and so we had to go to A&E to make sure our baby wasn't hurt. Mummy has felt our baby moving lots since though, and baby kicked me a couple of times yesterday so we are sure everything is fine! Mummy is not allowed to climb anymore either.

Yesterday we thought it best that Mummy and I have a quiet day in together so we did lots of crafts together and watched lots of cartoons! Our baby has recovered from Mummy falling over (i think her big tummy acted like a pillow!) so Daddy bought ice cream for us to enjoy last night whilst we watched Mickey Mouse! I showed Daddy how to do the hot dog dance like Pluto which made him laugh lots!

I didn't see Daddy this morning, he'd gone to the airport very early as he is working in Kuwait. Mummy took me to play with Dhani and Lila at soft play this morning and we had the place to ourselves for most of the time we were there. We were planning to go swimming this afternoon but it's just too hot outside so we are playing in the house instead with the air con on! Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Sky at a play area and then looking forward to having Daddy home to celebrate my birthday weekend! Mummy and Daddy have lots of fun things planned but it's a secret so I don't know what we are going to be doing but I can't wait! I hope I get a balloon though!

I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather back home!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan Weekend

Daddy had to go into the office on Thursday but came home in time for us to play before I went to bed. Mummy tells Daddy off when he comes home so close to my bedtime as he chases me around the house and makes me scream! It's so much fun but then I don't want to go to bed afterwards! Thursday was a special night for me, it was the last time I would sleep in my baby cot! My cot turns into a bed but i agreed with Mummy and Daddy that our baby could have the cot from December which meant we had to go and choose a bed for me on Friday. After looking at lots of options, we went to Ikea and I picked out a bed with sheep on the headboard. It's white so that it matches the rest of my furniture.

Shopping on Friday was very strange. On Thursday night, Ramadan was confirmed so lots of people here are fasting whilst the sun is up which means that the cafes and restaurants are now closed during the day. Mummy and I are allowed to eat and drink in public but we are very discreet about it if we must. Mummy is making sure that we eat breakfast and lunch before we go anywhere so that we shouldn't need to eat when we are out. Daddy must not eat or drink in public here, not even when he is in his car! After we bought my bed and Mummy got a new cooking pot- which she gets very excited about, she is strange! We had to buy my birthday presents from my nanny and Auntie Nicola, buy some food at the supermarket and get home in time for the furniture delivery!

After dinner, my parents started assembling my bed when Daddy realised the slats were missing so had to drive back to Ikea! In that time, Mummy and I assembled the bed, stair gate (to trap me in my room at night!) and emptied and loaded the dishwasher- poor Daddy was gone for an hour but at least everything was ready for him when he got home. I was a little scared of my new bed at first. Mummy ut me back to bed 3 times in half an hour, and each time I protested. Eventually I was so tired that I gave up and fell asleep. My second night in my bed went much better. After my bedtime story I just fell asleep but did wake at midnight and got told off for playing with my toys! I do love my new bed though, I feel very grown up.

We went shopping again yesterday as Mummy wanted to buy bedding for my new bed- we were not successful- and she needed more maternity clothes (Mummies belly is getting very big!) We also went to lunch with Mummy and Daddies friends. Their apartment is lots of fun as you can run around in a big circle through the rooms! I played hide and seek with Tyson there which was great fun! Daddy had to fly to Saudi yesterday afternoon so we didn't stay for too long. Mummy and I had to go and do more food shopping after Daddy had left us. She did my favourite dinner- all sorts as my Nanny calls it and then we watched Mickey Mouse before I went to bed.

Mummy took me to the park first thing but the sun is already too hot and the slides burned my bottom! We didn't stay for very long at all. Later this morning I am going to soft play and after my nap, we will go swimming. Daddy is coming home tonight, it's nice when he doesn't have to stay away for too long! Next week I start summer camp (and I turn 2!) which i am really looking forward to. I am only there for 3 weeks and then we fly home! I'm very excited that we will see lots of people so soon. We are all looking forward to some cooler weather too!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends. Mummy tells me that you should be having some nice weather now at last! I hope it stays like it for us too but I do have wellies just in case!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadan Begins...

It's very nearly the weekend! Daddy left for work this morning a little later than usual as he is very tired from travelling but when he gets home, we have him all to ourselves until Saturday afternoon! We have plans to go shopping tomorrow morning for my birthday presents and my new big girl bed, I can't wait. Then we have lunch with some friends in the afternoon which we were initially supposed to go to the Westin Hotel for but realised that Friday is likely to mark the start of Ramadan and so we would struggle to get lunch anywhere! We are off to their house instead so Mummy has warned me to be on my best behaviour! Cheeky!

I had a lovely afternoon with my friends Lily, Dhani and Lila yesterday. They sang happy birthday to me and there was another cake! I also had a Princess Castle off Lily that I've enjoyed playing with this morning- I insisted on opening it when we got home yesterday! I was very hot on the way to Lily's house even though she is only 10 minutes away and Mummy did all the walking! We stopped at a cafe and I was allowed a smoothie which had lots of ice in it! I needed it, I looked like a tomato! I stayed up late to have dinner with my parents when Daddy got home and we all played with my new castle until it was bedtime, it was a lovely evening. Mummy and I love having Daddy home.

Today Mummy is taking me to soft play after my nap. This morning the cleaners have been and I have been helping them tidy up. I also had lots of fun unplugging the vacuum cleaner whilst they were using it! Mummy told me off though, she isn't much fun sometimes! Mummy is having some pains in her belly at the moment so isn't able to chase me around, it's not good for her but great for me as she takes a long time to catch me when I run away now! Mummy has said in a few weeks she and Daddy will be taking me to see our baby on a screen. I'm very excited as I've only seen photos so far and they are very hard to make out!

I hope everyone is having a good week! We are coming home in 4 weeks! We can't wait.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daddy's Coming Home

I'm very excited that Daddy has managed to cut his travels short and is coming home this afternoon! Mummy and I haven't seen him since Sunday so are really looking forward to having him home for a few days! We are having a quiet morning watching Mickey Mouse and playing with my toys but this afternoon Mummy is taking me to Lily's house to play with her, Dhani and Lila. Hopefully Daddy will be back by the time we get home.

I had a fun day at soft play with Eleanor and Sky yesterday. We spent two hours playing and dancing before I got hungry and asked Mummy to take me home for lunch. Eleanor was allowed to come back and eat with me which was great fun! She is going back to the UK this week for a month and when she gets back here, we will be flying home so it will be a long time before I see her again! We played with my toys after lunch whilst our mummies sat chatting over tea- mummies seem to like to do that! Eleanor and I also put sandwiches and crisps in my toy boxes which was very funny, although Mummy didn't seem to think so when she found them this morning!

Tomorrow, Mummy has promised to take me swimming. We are trying to go at least once a week but it depends on the weather. Sometimes it's too sandy outside which is very unpleasant! When it is really sunny though, I get smothered in horrible cream and Mummy doesn't let me stay outside for more than half an hour!

Anyway, time to go, I've spotted Mummy putting the washing out so plan to be helpful...

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Countdown

I hadn't realised that I've not blogged for almost two weeks! Mummy and I have been busy finding fun things to do and poor Daddy has been working away so much that we have not seen very much of him and when he is home, we just want to make the most of our time together. Poor Daddy is very busy at work right now, and Mummy says he will be until we come home to visit in four weeks time. So to pass the days, Mummy has taken me swimming, to soft play and we have had lots of friends over for play dates at our house. Lots of my friends have already left for the summer and more of them are starting to leave after next weekend! Luckily, Mummy has signed me up for summer camp from 29th July (my birthday!) so I'll have a few weeks with lots of planned activities and playtime. Lots of my nursery friends are going to be there so I can't wait to start!

Ramadan starts here on Saturday so summer camp is good timing as a lot of places are closed during the day. It's also very hot and unless we are going to the pool, it's not pleasant to be outside for more than a few minutes. We had forgotten how bad the summer is here! It's just as well there are plenty of things for us to do indoors! Daddy also booked our flights home last week so we will be coming over to the UK on Friday 17th July! I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and friends. I'm also really looking forward to seeing rain, I haven't seen any since we were in Thailand and I loved jumping in the puddles then! Mummy told me that there has been a lot of rain back home so I have plenty of puddle jumping days ahead! Mummy and I went shopping on Saturday for warmer clothes to take back but we really struggled! Everything here is designed for Dubai summers, not cold, wet ones! I think we will have to buy more clothes when we get home.

Daddy is travelling again this week, it's very quiet at home without him! He comes home soon though and we get a few days together before he has to travel again. It must be very tiring going on so many planes! Mummy and I are looking forward to coming back so that we can spend more time with Daddy! Mummy has made sure we have something to do every day this week- except yesterday as Mummy was poorly but I looked after her and made her feel much better! We are going to see my friends Dhani and Lila tis afternoon, tomorrow I am meeting Eleanor and Sky at soft play and on Wednesday I am going to play at Lily's house. Mummy has also promised to take me swimming this week again as I love it so much!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I promise to write more often and not neglect my page in future! I have to go now and get ready to go shopping- so boring!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Holidays

Mummy and I are finding ways to keep entertained and busy now that nursery has finished and I'm not starting summer camp for three more weeks. We had a fun morning on Monday at soft play with my friends Eleanor, Toby, Abigail and Mia. It was the last time I will play with Toby until September as he is flying back to the UK this morning for a couple of months. I hope it doesn't rain too much and he gets to play outside! We still have six weeks here before we get on a plane and go back to visit you all. I'm very excited but wish we were able to leave sooner. After soft play, I fell fast asleep for a couple of hours and had to have lunch late! Daddy was working from home so I interrupted him a few times during the afternoon which is always fun!

Yesterday Mummy and I looked after Mia so that her parents could pack the rest of their things as they are leaving Dubai on Friday and had to move into a hotel for a few days. Mia and I had lots of fun playing together and eating. Mummy did however, have to separate us at lunchtime as Mia kept snatching my fork and throwing it on the floor and I kept pinching Mia's food in retaliation! We both fell asleep after lunch but woke up a little while later and started playing all over again. We made a brilliant mess for Mummy (although she did make me help her clean up after Mia had left!) I had to say bye bye to Mia at 4pm but hopefully I'll see her again one day when we are home visiting.

Today is another very hot day. Mummy says that she has a few chores to get on with in the house (boring) but we are going for a swim this afternoon! This morning, I'm allowed to play with my toys and watch Mickey Mouse though so I'm happy! I hope all of you are enjoying your week.

Lots of love,

Ella xxx 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Party Party!

Last Wednesday, Mummy and I met up with Mia and her mummy at soft play for a couple of hours before spending the afternoon shopping for my party. I helped her to pick out my decorations and party favours and for being so good, she took me to a play area. Daddy came home Wednesday night but I didn't see him as I was tucked up in bed, it was very late! It was lovely when I woke up on Thursday morning though and Daddy was there to get me up! I had really missed him. Even better was when he gave me a present- a giant Pingu! I love it but had a tantrum when Mummy wouldn't let me take him to nursery that morning!

At nursery we had a big party with another class. There was a lot of food, lots of balloons and lots of very excited children. I was a little overwhelmed when mummy took me into Miss V's class at first but once I spotted the cakes, I was quite happy for her to go. I won some Minnie Mouse stickers in a dancing competition which made me very happy! I'm a great little mover! Mummy picked me up at 1pm and I was very tired but also hyperactive so it took me a while to go to sleep. At 3pm, I hear the doorbell go and Adriana had arrived for my party. Eleanor wasn't far behind, but I was so grumpy, Mummy just put my Tinkerbell outfit on and let me have some party food whilst I woke up. It didn't take long for the rest of my friends to arrive and help eat my food, play with my toys and make a good mess for my Mummy! We played Parce the Parcel and Abigail won a Mickey Mouse beach ball. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and then my friend Sky, and I ate a lot of icing off the cupcakes! It was a lovely afternoon. Poor Daddy was overwhelmed by all of the children so hid away in his bedroom!

After everyone had left, Daddy gave me a bath and we opened and played with my lovely new presents whilst Mummy cleaned up. Then we went to spend a few hours with Adriana and her family. Adriana and I were grumpy though as we were both very tired after the party! I went straight to bed when Mummy and Daddy brought me home. I won't see Adriana now until September! She has flown back to AUstralia with her mummy and sister to escape the heat here and spend time with their family. Mummy and I will really miss them! Daddy has been looking at flights to take us back to the UK in August though which I am really excited about!

On Friday, Mummy and Daddy had to go and do a little shopping. I got to choose some more of my birthday presents in the Early Learning Centre, but I'm not allowed them until I really turn 2! Afterwards, we went to Sky's birthday party at Mini Monsters. It was so much fun. We had an hour in the play area where Mummy, me, Eleanor and her Mummy and Daddy got lost! It was very funny! Then we went to a big room and played Parce the parcel- I won some sweets! Danced and sang and ate some dinner. It was brilliant fun, Daddy was there to keep Nellie's daddy company too so I think they didn't mind being at a soft play centre too much! I was so tired when we got home and definitely all partied out after a busy week of cake eating and dancing!

On Saturday, we had to go food shopping but then decided to have a lazy afternoon at home. All of us were very tired but we had a lovely weekend! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend too!

Lots of love

Ella xxx