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Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy BumbleBees

As always, I've been very busy and neglected my blog! Must try harder so I can keep my Nannies up to date with my adventures here! It has now been a week since the Dummy Fairy came to visit and my parents are constantly telling me how proud they are of me. I've only had one meltdown over them since then and asked Mummy to call the fairy and ask for them back but we both got through it and I've come to accept that they really are gone and not just hidden in a cupboard somewhere. I still have my Barbie to play with anyway!

Last week Daddy had to work away in the UK and Saudi so we didn't see very much of him. We were however, lucky enough to borrow Mollie, Jack and Charlie's Nanny, for a couple of mornings a week to look after Michael and I. I love Mollie and I think my brother does too! She took us to the park and played with our toys with us. The two days we had her here, I screamed when she left! Mollie is much more fun than Mummy! We also have a new maid that comes in 3 afternoons a week to help Mummy. She is great and does so much to help, I've noticed a much less stressed Mummy when she is here. Daddy really likes that all his clothes are ironed, folded and put away too (Mummy doesn't know how to use an iron apparently...)

At nursery for the last week, we have been learning all about mini beasts! We have painted our own ladybirds and other funny looking bugs! I've come home with flowers painted on my face and bumblebees on my arm (the bees are my favourite!) It's been a very interesting topic and I've been teaching Mummy all about them. If we had a garden, I'd be able to take her out to look for these mini beasts! Maybe next year.

Daddy was home with us for the whole weekend for a change which was lovely. We went to Global Village on Friday evening with Adriana's family which I really enjoyed. There was a play area for us, we had some delicious Arabic food, Krispy Kreme donuts and Adriana and I were allowed to buy a helium balloon- I chose a tiger and Adriana chose a car! On Saturday we met Eleanor and Williams family at Tast of Dubai and enjoyed some more delicious food! Nellie and I danced away the evening and bounced away on the bouncy castle! It was great fun!

Yesterday Mummy took Michael to his first baby sensory class while I was at nursery. She said he didn't like it too much as he has a cold and just wanted cuddles. Mummy is going to take him next week to see if he likes it better. In the afternoon we met my friends Eleanor, Jack, Charlie, Toby, Elodie and Katie at soft ply and stayed for dinner together. It was like a party but without the cake! Mummy and I met Daddy at the Dubai Mall afterwards for Mummy and Daddy to do some chores and get dinner. I treated myself to a new toy with some money I found in Mummies purse too!

Today we are having a quiet day as Michael is still not very well and Mummy is getting a cold now too! I hope they all keep their germs to themselves! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope the weather is getting better back home!  

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxx

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