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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dummy Fairy

The Dummy fairy paid me a visit this evening. Before I went in the bath, Mummy suggested I put all of my dummies in a bag that we could leave outside the door for the fairy to take away. I think she will give them out to babies that still need their dummies- I'm a big girl now so I don't really need them anymore. After I had my bath and put my pyjamas on, Mummy said we should check to see if the fairy had taken my dummies. I was so excited when we opened the door and there was a shiny red present with my name on it! The fairy left me a Barbie doll to say thank you for giving away my dummies. I love my new doll! Tonight I will be taking her to bed with me instead of those baby dummies. I showed Daddy my new Barbie on Skype and he was very proud of me for being so good and letting the dummies go!

Well, it's bedtime. I hope Mummy isn't planning on sleeping too much tonight...

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