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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Week in Nursery

I went to nursery on Sunday and had a lovely day, the teacher told Mummy that I was on my best behaviour and she was very pleased with me. I like it when Mummy hears that I have been a good girl. Daddy was working in Abu Dhabi so was home by 5pm. We ordered chinese for dinner which was delicious and once I had finished I got to speak with Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and my cousins. Ollie and Jake had been having a water fight and they were both very wet! I thought it was funny but I don't think Aunty Becci did! Charlie kept screeching at me so I copied him, it was very funny, I can't wait to play with him when I come home as I think he will be as mischievous as me- watch out Nanny and Granddad! Daddy left after I went to bed to watch the football with Adriana's daddy. It wasn't the result he had hoped for though! Daddy had to get on a plane after the game had finished and fly to Kuwait, I woke up in the night asking for him and was very sad when Mummy said he was at work.

I woke up being sick yesterday and my tummy hurt. Mummy had to bath me and give me lots of cuddles as I didn't feel well at all. I slept most of the day away and when I woke up in the afternoon, I felt completely fine and just wanted to eat. Mummy made me lots of yummy food and I insisted on having two bananas! I also helped Mummy make final plans for my party on Thursday which I am really excited about! Mummy and I went to bed early after watching CBeebies and I stayed in bed until 6:30am this morning which made Mummy happy!

Off for a walk

Nursery was lots of fun again today, we did lots of singing and dancing and read books! I'm really sad that Thursday is my last day but we are having a party to celebrate! Mummy has a parent teacher meeting this afternoon so I am going to play at Adriana's and wait to find out if my teacher has told Mummy that I'm a good girl or a naughty girl! Daddy is sad that he can't go along too but he is very busy with work at the moment.

Time for school!

Tomorrow I am going to soft play with my friend Mia. I've not seen her for ages so looking forward to playing together again! On Thursday I have two parties, one at nursery and my early birthday party which is Tinkerbell themed! I've helped Mummy choose decorations and food for it! Mummy is concerned that I will consume too much sugar and get over excited on Thursday- I guess it's lucky that Daddy will be home too then!

I hope you are all well!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dubai Bowling

Mummy, Daddy and I didn't spend too much time out shopping yesterday luckily! I chose a make your own wooden jewellery set for the birthday girl and chose some princess knickers for me! I had a sleep when we came home and after I had woken up and eaten dinner, we went to the playground for a little play. I showed Daddy how good I am at climbing and how much I love the big twirly slide. Daddy looked very worried but I'm careful and don't fall too often!

Off shopping

Today I went to my first ever bowling party. I wasn't very good at bowling but I still enjoyed pushing the balls down the alley! Adriana and I sat together and watched a very clever magician before we had some lunch and birthday cake. We were a little bit frightened by the magician to begin with so went and found our mummies! I loved singing Happy Birthday to Zahra though, it was a fantastic birthday party. After the party had finished our parents decided to play a game of bowling too! Mummy lost the first game but came second in the last game so she was quite happy! Daddy likes to win all of the time, he wasn't happy unless he knocked all of the pins down. I think I play like Mummy...

Mmm Cake!

After dinner this evening, Mummy and Daddy took me to the bakery to chose my birthday cake. I am having Tinkerbell! I can't wait to go and pick it up this week and show it off to my friends at my party on Thursday! I hope mummy has got my Tinkerbell outfit ready for me too! This week Mummy and I are going to try and make cupcakes for the party too! We have another busy week and it is my last one in nursery this term.

I had best go to bed, it is getting very late here! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx

Friday, June 22, 2012

Soft Play in Dubai

Just like last year, Mummy and I are spending a lot of our time in soft play centres to escape the heat and have lots of fun! Mummy took me to a new place that has opened very close to our house on Monday morning and I had a lot of fun as there were not many other children there. I loved being able to climb up the slide and roll back down into the ball pit without being told off for knocking other people over! There are two trampolines there that I love and could happily spend all day bouncing up and down on! They have a big open space in the building which is reserved for parties but I use it as a dance floor when there are no parties taking place!

I had a lovely morning in nursery. We had our first gym class which involved lots of jumping about and dancing! It was so much fun but so tiring that I feel asleep in my lunch! My teacher had to wake me up after forty minutes because Mummy and Daddy were on their way to pick me up. I wasn't very happy about being woken up at all! I watched Pingu at home with Mummy for a little bit before she and Daddy took me to play at Adriana's so that they could go to the doctors.

On Wednesday I took my friends Adriana and Dhani to see the new soft play and I think they loved it as much as I did. We played for two hours until our mummies insisted we go home for lunch. Adriana also had to go to nursery after lunch so we had to say goodbye. By the time I got to my front door I was fast asleep! I had to have lunch when I woke up after 2pm! We were supposed to meet Toby at Favourite Things in the afternoon but silly Mummy had forgotten that her friend was having a goodbye party at another soft play centre so I was sad not to go and see Toby. The lady used to run my Junior Jingles classes too so we were very sad that she is leaving Dubai next week. Dhani and his big sister were there and Eleanor came along so we played together until I got overtired and started what Mummy and my teacher call my 'silly behaviour'. I was taken away from the soft play earlier than we were supposed to because I was naughty! Mummy and Nellie's mummy went for a drink so that they could chat quickly until it was time to go home for dinner. Daddy was already home when we got back so we could have dinner together and Daddy could get me ready for bed.

I went to nursery on Thursday and was very sad to find out that next week is my last before we break up for summer. The good news is that we are having a party next Thursday morning to celebrate and will get to eat lots of yummy food and play games! Even more exciting is that Mummy has arranged an early birthday party for me on Thursday afternoon! Lots of my friends will be heading home next week to cooler climates so I asked for a little get together at home because I didn't want anyone to miss my birthday. Mummy and Daddy are taking me to choose my birthday cake today. We have to order it because we don't have the option of popping to a supermarket and picking up a good birthday cake here. I don't mind though, it means I get to choose the colours and pictures- I've asked for Tinkerbell! I want to wear my Tinkerbell outfit and I've told my friends that they can wear their wings too! I can't wait!

I went to play at Adriana's yesterday after nursery and we had dinner together. Mummy said she was very pleased with me yesterday that I didn't smack Adriana very much and that we played together nicely. I've been getting into a lot of trouble for hitting recently so I'm trying very hard to be good and have gentle hands with my friends. I think my friends prefer my cuddles too! We have a busy weekend ahead. Today Mummy has to help film Daddy for a work project and then we have food shopping and party shopping to do! Tomorrow I am going to a bowling birthday party. I'm really excited as I have never been bowling before! I hope you all have fabulous weekends!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Little Baby Sibling

After I had been to nursery today, Mummy and Daddy took me to play at Adriana's and then went off to see Mummies doctor. Mummy and Daddy got to see my new baby brother/sister on a big screen and the doctor gave them some pictures to bring home and show me. I was very excited by the baby and now I can't wait to meet my new sibling in December! My Mummy is getting a really big tummy too! It is bigger this time apparently and Mummy was quite big when she was pregnant with me. Poor Mummy has already got swollen feet and she thinks that the heat here isn't helping! My parents have to go back to the doctor in 5 weeks to check that the baby is still well and they will get to see him/her on the screen again. I hope they take me with them next time!

Our new addition!

Mummies fat tummy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Our long weekend went far too quickly and Daddy had to go back to work today. I treated Daddy to a brunch on Friday afternoon, I think he enjoyed the food. We went with Adriana and her family too so it was even more fun than usual! There was a play area for us but it didn't really have much there and there were so many children that I couldn't get involved in many of the activities so I just jumped up and down some steps. That was great fun! Adriana had her face painted by a clown but I was too busy to sit long enough for mine to be done too. I ate a lot of food and my favourite part was the pudding! Mummy gave me a selection of little cakes which were just delicious! I also got to eat lots of sweets as there was a sweetie table for the children, lots of Daddies were helping themselves though- including mine and Adriana's! We came home around 4pm and all sat on the sofa watching the television as we were too full to do anything else! Mummy and I went to bed early but Daddy stayed up very late to watch the England football match. It didn't kick off until 10:45pm here so I wasn't allowed to watch it.

Mummy & I ready to go!

Enjoying my pudding!

We spent Saturday shopping. Poor Mummy has a big belly now and needed some clothes that fit around it! She took 6 hours and we went to 3 different malls! I was really bored and I think Daddy was a little bit too! Eventually she found some things but I think she was annoyed with the poor selection and the prices over here. She plans to go shopping again when we go back to England in August. I'm not going with her next time! When we got home, Mummy and I were feeling a little poorly so went to bed early. We woke up on Sunday with colds and felt very sorry for ourselves!

We still had to make sure Daddy had a special day though so we baked cakes which Mummy actually let me do most of. I was allowed to pour ingredients into a big bowl and stir them around. My favourite part was eating the mixture! Mummy showed me how to make icing whilst the cakes were baking. It tasted really good! I chose to make them yellow and after putting a big scoop of icing on each cake, Mummy let me shake hundreds and thousands all over them! Mummy didn't let me help her clean up the kitchen afterwards, I had made a great mess for her! I made Daddy a card with my handprints which he loved. Mummy tried to help me make the card but I wanted to do it by myself. I let her write Daddy and help me to colour the letters in though. In nursery I made Daddy a special photo frame which I painted red and covered in pretty sequins. I think he liked it. Mummy also said we should give Daddy chocolates and now I am just waiting for him to open them...

Mmmm Cake!

Today Mummy and I are going to soft play for a couple of hours. I was stuck indoors all day yesterday but as I am feeling a little better today I'd really like to go out. I missed not being in nursery yesterday. I only have this wek and next week left before I break up for summer. I then have 4 weeks at home with Mummy until I start summer camp at my nursery. I had to wait until my birthday to start as I have to be 2. I'll start on my actual birthday too so hoping Mummy will let me take some cakes in for everyone! I can't wait! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Public Holiday in Dubai

I've had another fun and busy week. I met up with my friends Toby and Eleanor and Toby's baby sister Elodie yesterday afternoon. We went to soft play and burned off lots of energy, it was great fun. We all went back to my house afterwards and Mummy had made dinner for us all. It was great fun sitting around the table together. I also happily let everyone play with my toys whilst i spent most of the time sat eating.

I have to go to nursery this morning. We are playing in the big sand pit and then will get to play with water later on. As usual, our mornings start with lots of singing and dancing which is always my favourite part of the day. On Sunday a Doctor came to the nursery to see us and check we were ok. I have a rash on my face so she gave me some cream for it. I have to put it on 3 times a day and I hate it. It smells funny and doesn't taste good! Mummy insists I have to keep using it though to make my face better.

Mummy, Daddy and I are all looking forward to this weekend as we have a public holiday on Sunday so Daddy doesn't have to go to work and I don't have to go to nursery! It is great as Sunday is Fathers Day so Daddy gets to spend this one at home with me! Last year it was our first Fathers Day and poor Daddy had to go to work! I've made up for it this year though, he is going to be spoilt! Tomorrow we are going for brunch and Adriana's family are joining us. There will be magicians and clowns to entertain us and we get to decorate cupcakes, paint and practice balloon modelling. I can't wait!

I hope you all have fun weekends planned!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My First School Trip

Yesterday I had my first school trip which I really enjoyed but I'm not sure my Mummy did. I woke up at 5:30am and we didn't have to be at Pizza Express until 10:30am, I was really tired by that point. We were told to sit down around a big table and Mummy got cross that I refused to listen and tried to run around. I ended up being put in a corner to have time out- she is so embarrassing. Once she let me get back to the table, I was given a chefs hat and apron which I wasn't very keen on wearing. We were given pizza bases first and I squished mine into a big ball so Mummy had to ask for another one. We put lots of toppings on it and I made sure there was a lot of cheese all over it! Cheese is my favourite! The pizza's were then taken away to be cooked in a big oven whilst we had apple juice, sang Happy Birthday to my class mate Sara and ate Birthday cup cakes!

Come on Mummy, lets go!

How do I look?

My teacher gave us pictures of pizza to colour in which I enjoyed doing until I heard a group of people singing in the restaurant and went over to join in! I love singing and dancing, my teacher told Mummy that I am the best in my class, the music star! Our pizza's were brought back to the table and I tucked in but after eating cake, i didn't want much. I had also misbehaved a few times and Mummy and my teacher told me off for my silly behaviour- I was just having fun! Mummy decided to take me home a bit early so I could sleep. I was so tired, I fell asleep within a couple of minutes of leaving the restaurant! I did get to eat my pizza when I woke up later and it was delicious, very cheesy! Daddy would have enjoyed it but I liked it too much to keep any for him. I let Mummy have a bite...

Mmm Pizza!

I hope we go on another school trip very soon. Something tells me that my Mummy doesn't feel the same way!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Hot Weather

On Wednesday I started to feel much better and Mummy took me to play at Adriana's before she went to nursery. We had lots of fun jumping on the furniture, colouring, eating and watching Barney! Mummy took me home for a nap and when I woke up Daddy was on Skype to say hello to me. I really missed Daddy being away last week. At bedtime, I refused to go to bed and kept shouting for Daddy, I was really sad that he wasn't home. Mummy called him on Skype again and he sang songs and made me feel a bit better. Eventually I gave in and went to bed.

I had a lovely morning at nursery on Thursday and was very tired when I got home. I napped for a couple of hours and then we went to Adriana's to have dinner. Once the sun had gone down and it was a little cooler outside, we all went for a swim. I really enjoyed night time swimming and had lots of fun jumping into the pool. I think it scares my Mummy when I do that! We stayed for a couple of hours until we felt too cold and then headed home. Daddy was on an aeroplane coming home but I was too tired to stay up and wait for him any longer!

I was very excited on Friday that Daddy came in to see me in the morning. He took me into the living room and told me it was a little too early to be getting up at 5am, so I fell back to sleep cuddled up on him. I woke in my cot at 8:30am and Mummy came to get me and we had breakfast together whilst Daddy slept. He wasn't feeling very well and had spent a couple of days stuck in bed with a fever whilst he was away. Poor Daddy! We had a quiet day on Friday so that Daddy could get better. I happily played and watched TV with Mummy.

We had to go shopping on Saturday. First we went to Satwa so Daddy could have the final fitting for his new suits and shirts. They looked lovely on him, I think he was very pleased. They should be ready for him to collect in a couple of weeks. We then had to go to the Dubai Mall as Mummy wanted some maternity things and Daddy was on the hunt for crumpets in Waitrose- we didn't find any and it made him grumpy! I'll have to ask my Nanny to send some over for him!

I went back to nursery on Sunday and Daddy came home early so we had dinner together before I had to go to bed. It was lovely to have Daddy home again, I've  missed him! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling Under the Weather

I've not been feeling very well for the last few days. I managed to spend a few hours at nursery and even had my photos taken. I know Mummy and Daddy are looking forward to my first school photo so I'm pleased I made it for that. I was crying when Mummy came to pick me up from nursery, my classmate had hit me on the head with a wooden toy. It really hurt and this time it wasn't provoked. I was glad when my teacher made her sit in Time Out for it. She wasn't allowed to join in with the fun after that. Mummy and the TA gave me lots of cuddles but I had a bump on my head that still hurts now.

Before I went to nursery

I felt very hot and bothered when we got home so went straight to bed for 3 hours. When I woke up, Mummy said she needed to take my temperature as I felt very hot. It was 40.1 degrees, that's quite high! I also had gunky eyes and knew conjunctivitis was starting. Luckily Mummy acted fast and went to get me some eye drops. They had cleared the following morning and felt less itchy. I spent the rest of Sunday dozing on the sofa with Mummy and watching TV. I couldn't eat and didn't really want to drink. Mummy and I got an early night and as Daddy was working away, I slept in her bed. I'm not sure Mummy got much sleep, she was very worried.

Feeling very sorry for myself. Only Mummy cuddles will do!

I felt a bit better when I woke up on Monday. My temperature was 38 degrees and my eyes much better. I still didn't want to eat but I managed to play with my toys and read with Mummy. I could see Mummy was very tired but I didn't want to nap until 2:30pm. I slept until 6pm and ate all of my dinner, I felt very hungry! Mummy and I had a movie night with Popcorn. We watched Peppa Pig and then Tinkerbell after we had spoken to Daddy on Skype. I had a lovely evening and didn't go to sleep until 10pm! I woke again at 2:30am, Mummy agreed that I could have my beaker of milk and left me to go back to bed. I couldn't sleep so I sang my favourite songs. I'm not sure when I fell asleep, Mummy said it was 4am! I'm not sure she was very happy, especially when the cleaners woke us up at 7am! I've been told I'm having lunch early and going straight to bed for my nap afterwards!


Nursery was cancelled today as the water and electricity will be turned off. I don't mind, I'm still not 100% and Mummy is letting me watch Peppa Pig again this morning. We had to do some food shopping and I got told off for adding food to the trolley! We might go to the pool this afternoon, it depends what time I wake up from my nap though! I hope you have all enjoyed the long Jubilee weekend. Mummy and I have watched some of it on the TV here. It looked like the weather wasn't very kind. I wish it would rain here!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy!

On Friday my Mummy turned 29! She's getting old. I made sure that there were lots of fun things planned for her over the weekend as she always makes sure Daddy and I have a great time when it is our birthday. On Thursday Eleanor and I took our mummies for afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton. As it was the start of the Queens Jubilee celebrations, we felt it was very fitting. I wore my tiara and jewels! It was delicious and there were so many sandwiches, cakes and scones! I had to help Mummy eat hers as there was just so much! Eleanor and her mummy gave my Mummy some delicious chocolates for her birthday and I couldn't wait to sneak away with them! I found it very hard to unwrap them so just chewed the wrappers too! Delicious!

Yummy Afternoon Tea!
Checking I've still got my crown on! 
These chocolates were amazing thanks Aunty Liz!

After tea we went to play with Adriana for a little while. Her daddy had just got home from the UK where he had worked for just over a week. He was very tired and had gone to bed so Mummy kept telling me to be quiet- I find that very hard when I'm with Adriana, we have far too much fun! Daddy came home early so we spent the evening cuddling in front of the TV and playing with my toys.

On Friday morning, Daddy and I got up at 7am and started Mummies fun day! I had chosen a huge birthday card for Mummy and Daddy said I could decorate it however I wanted to. I used sponges and paints to make pretty pictures and then silly Daddy put my feet in the paint so I walked across the card. mummy can keep my little feet prints forever now! My feet have been blue since Friday morning though, the paint is very hard to get off! I had been to Tips & Toes with Daddy to get Mummy a spa voucher which we knew she would like very much! We also gave her some Prada sunglasses that she really loves. I'm not allowed to wear them, or even touch them! Mummy had more presents from my Nanny and Grandad, Aunty Becci, Aunty Sarah and Adriana. She was very spoiled and she is going to be even more spoiled as Daddy has had lots of presents posted to his office for her! Lucky Mummy! Mummy opened all of her cards and presents whilst drinking the cup of tea that I had helped Daddy make for her!

Once we had got showered and dressed, we took Mummy to the Dolphinarium at Creek Park. The dolphins were great fun to watch. They can jump so high out of the water, swim very fast and they were able to kick balls with their tails. I clapped them a lot as they were so clever! We also watched some seals doing tricks but they weren't as impressive as the dolphins. Daddy had arranged to take us to the Dubai Mall afterwards so that we could have lunch at a lovely Chinese restaurant. I slept for an hour before we ate as I was exhausted! The food was delicious though, we ordered so much that we had to take a lot of it home with us! There was a play area in the mall that Mummy and Daddy let me play in for a little while before we came home. I helped a little boy get over his fear of going down the big slide by giving him a push. Mummy said I shouldn't have done it!

I went to Adriana's in the evening as Daddy wanted to take Mummy to the cinema and I'm too little to go. They watched Men in Black 3 (Daddies choice!) and said they enjoyed it. I had a lovely time with Adriana and her family. We went outside and played, ate lots of food, ran around screaming It was well past my bedtime when my parents came to get me! I went straight to bed as I was so tired! The next day, Mummy woke up feeling very sick and was very tired so we decided to have a quiet day indoors instead of going out. It wasn't until after 3 that she started to feel a bit better! I got to go and play at Adriana's again last night as Mummy and Daddy went to The Royal Mirage for dinner with Daddies friend from work and his wife. It sounded like they had a lovely time and lots of yummy Moroccan food.

Today I have woken up feeling a little under the weather. I had a lazy morning in front of the TV and after some medicine I felt so much better and my temperature had gone down so I asked Mummy if I could go to nursery. We are having our photo's taken today too. Mummy has agreed that I can go in but she wants my teacher to call me if I seem poorly again. I'm sure I will be fine! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend celebrating the Queens jubilee! Daddy has had to go back to work today, we miss him!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx