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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Airport Adventure

So I got my own way this evening and Daddy has agreed that I can go to the airport to pick up Uncle Christopher, Auntie Lisa and Rosie! Apparently Auntie Lisa has packed far too much and not everything will fit in the car! I'm glad she did because it means Mummy and I can go and meet them at the airport. Daddy will take the luggage, Rosie and I in his car and Mummy will take my Auntie and Uncle in a taxi so that they don't get lost or ripped off (that happened to poor Daddy when he first visited Dubai)! I'm very excited. They land at 8pm so I get to stay up past my bedtime again tonight!

I've had a great day, Mummy took me to play at Adriana's house like she promised. We had lots of fun playing with the toys that Santa had left for Adriana. She had lots of lovely wooden toys. We had lunch together and watched Elmo. Adriana's mummy took photos of us which Mummy loves. She said she has camera envy and that I should hint to Daddy that a big camera for her birthday would be a lovely present (I hope you're reading this Daddy)!

Anyway, I have to go and get ready for our airport adventure! Daddy keeps complaining that my breath smells of garlic so better go brush my teeth before I give out kisses! Miss you all lots!

Lots of love,

Tinkerbella xxx 


My cousin is flying to Dubai today with her mummy and daddy. We are very much looking forward to seeing them and spending the next 10 days showing them our temporary home. The weather is perfect at the moment. The mornings start off chilly but once the sun is out the temperature rises to about 25 degrees. Perfect pool, beach and playground weather! There are so many things we plan to do, I just hope we manage to do and see it all! Mummy stil doesn't think I'll see Rose tonight as they wont be here until quite late. I'm still hopeful that I will!

We had a very quiet and relaxing day yesterday. Mummy and Daddy said that when they were children, Boxing Day was always a day for playing with their new toys. So that's how I spent the day. I made my parents lots of pretend tea and biscuits, I played with my new train set and played some songs on my keyboard (whilst singing of course). We had another Christmas dinner which was delicious but I really don't think I want any more roast dinners for quite a while! Mummy and I ate chocolate coins and watched Tinkerbell before my afternoon nap. She also did a buffet dinner for us which I really enjoyed but I'm not sure I need any food for the rest of the week!

Who's for tea?
Choo Choo
Jingle Bells...

I was sad that Daddy had to go back to work today, I've had lots of fun with him at home. He has promised to spend lots of time with me this week though and he has a long weekend ahead due to the New Year holiday. I can't wait! Mummy and I have to go to the shops this afternoon but she has promised we will go to the park afterwards so I don't mind as much! I'm also hoping to see my friend Adriana at some point. Mummy said we have to return some plates to them from Christmas Day so hopefully it means we can play for a little while!

I have a very busy few days ahead so will not be blogging very often.  I hope you are enjoying the Christmas break still. I hope you all have a lovely new year celebration. We are having our own little party at home so Mummy will be making food again! Daddy is really excited about the view we have over the Palm here because it means we will get to see the fireworks display at the Atlantis on New Years Eve- they tend to go overboard with fireworks there, it's incredible! I'll ask Daddy to take lots of photos for my blog!

Lots of love,

Tink xx

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, after I had been in the bath, Mummy and Daddy gave me a Christmas present. It was Christmas pyjamas! They are green with snowmen on them, I loved them! It was great going to bed in my new clothes! I stayed up quite late on Christmas Eve, I was too excited to sleep!

I woke in a very good mood yesterday morning. It was 6:30am and I could hear Mummy in the kitchen. I was very excited to see that the empty stocking we had hung in my bedroom was overflowing with presents for me! Santa Claus had been and I'd obviously been a very good girl. Mummy took me into see Daddy (he was being lazy and still sleeping) so that we could all see what I had in my stocking. I had a Baby Einstein DVD, a Tinkerbell DVD, a set of Thomas the Tank Engine books, The Very Hungry Caterpillars Library, Guess How Much I Love You book (Mummies favourite), a Humphrey's Corner book, crayons, pencils and chocolate money. I made Mummy and Daddy laugh as I kept saying 'wow' when I opened something. I was just so excited! Daddy recorded me so that we can show my grandparents how our Christmas Day started.

Once I had opened all of my presents, Mummy said we should go and have breakfast. I couldn't believe it when I walked into the living room and saw so many presents in there for me! There was the one thing I had really wanted too, a wooden toy kitchen! I heard my parents laughing at me for saying wow again as I ran over to play with my new toy. I didn't want to open anything else as I was just so pleased with the kitchen. Santa had set out little wooden kitchen accessories to go with it and I started making tea for Mummy. Eventually I gave in to Mummies requests and opened some more presents. I had pots and pans, plastic food, dinner sets, a kettle, tea  set and utensils to use with my kitchen! Once I had opened them, I didn't need to open anything else. I just wanted to play with my kitchen!

Mummy and Daddy made me stop an hour later so that I could have some breakfast and after I had eaten, I was so tired that I fell asleep! Mummy said she had kept busy making the lunch whilst I was asleep and Daddy was playing with his new toy- I bought him a very special remote control helicopter! I think it is a bit powerful for my Daddy, he crashed it a few times! I'm not very keen on it though, it's very loud and frightens me if it comes too close. I can feel a wind coming off it, you'd be scared too! Mummy had an iPad which she wasn't expecting as she had already had a very nice handbag as her Christmas present. Daddy said the iPad is for me to use too and I love playing with it!

Mummy woke me at 10:30am and put my Christmas dress on so that we were ready for lunch. I went back to playing with my kitchen and eventually gave into Mummy and opened the rest of my presents. I had a lot of wooden puzzles, a car garage and lots of cars, an easel, a keyboard with it's own stool and microphone, a magnetic drawing board, a lot more books, a Tinkerbell doll, Tinkerbell bottle and lunch box, dolls and lots of accessories to go with them. I was very lucky! I carried on playing with my toys whilst Mummy finished cooking and Daddy put my new toys together for me.

Helping Daddy put my toys together!

We had a lovely lunch but there was a lot of food! I pulled crackers with Mummy and Daddy but wasn't keen on wearing the paper hats like they did! We were too full to eat pudding straight after dinner so we played for a little bit longer until i fell asleep again! I only slept for an hour, daddy went to bed too! Mummy started getting food ready for the evening as we had invited Adriana and her parents to spend time at ours. They arrived at 5pm and I was so excited to see my friend and show her my new toys that I did a little dance at the door. Everyone laughed at me but i didn't care, I was very happy!

Yummy Dinner!
I don't like the hat!

Adriana and I gave each other presents. I bought her a singing Barney as she loves mine so much. She bought me a wooden train set and a big counting book, I love them so so much. I think Adriana was very happy with her toy too! We played with all of my new toys and ate lots of party food. It was so much fun having her here. I'm pretty sure our parents were having a good time too. Mummy made mulled cider which nobody had tried before but it looked as though everyone enjoyed it! I wasn't allowed to try it! I was allowed to stay up very late but fell asleep as soon as Daddy put me to bed. I'd had the best day with them, I just wish we could do the same every day!

Feeding my new baby whilst watching my new DVD!

Daddy is off work today too. We are having a relaxing day and will no doubt eat lots of food and play with me new toys. Mummy is currently trying to find places to put my new toys. Santa had left a lot of presents at my Grandparents for me earlier this month too so we need to go and buy some more toy boxes to keep everything in!

My cousin Rose is flying to Dubai tomorrow but I'm not sure I will see her as they won't arrive until after my bedtime. I'll see what Mummy says tomorrow! I'm so excited to be seeing her and my Uncle and Aunty. They will be here for 10 days!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day. Lots of love and kisses,

Tinkerbell xxx

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

So excited! Christmas Eve! Mummy and I have been counting down the days to today (with a chocolate calendar)! I spent Thursday keeping busy with Mummy. We were up early so went to the playground at 8.30am! Mummy kept chasing me and looking worried as I tried to go down a huge twirly slide, climbed a rope ladder after making friends with a big boy I met there who could go right to the top! She thinks I'll be climbing trees and coming home with broken bones one day! I'm sure I wont, I've put in lots of practice at home by climbing chairs, tables, the bookcase and TV unit- easy!

We met with Adriana later that afternoon to go to a story time and art session. It was a Christmas story about a stickman. We were given the task of making our own stickmen afterwards! I got pretty bored though so went off to play on the slide and eat sweets! Much more fun! Daddy came home just before my bedtime so we went for a walk to get take out! I wasn't impressed when we got home and they put me to bed! Greedy Mummy, greedy Daddy! I was however, excited that Daddy was home to start our Christmas weekend early!

Yesterday we went to the Dubai Mall so Mummy could shop in Waitrose for Christmas food! Daddy disappeared after choosing a turkey (I guess he left Christmas shopping to the last minute like most daddies do)! It wasn't fun in Waitrose so I started screaming to get out of the trolley- it worked after 20 minutes! Then I got told off for trying to put sweets in the trolley and eat chocolate. Mummy can be a real bore sometims! She took me for a Happy meal afterwards though and that made me very happy!

We came home and watched The Snowman and baked Christmas biscuits! It was a ver festive Friday! We spoke to my grandparents and auntie nicola on Skype, i showed them how good i am at tantruming and how I make up for it with cuddles! Before bed Mummy and I played hairdressers and we managed to put my hair in a ponytail and pigtails! I loved them!

So today is Christmas Eve and if I've been good, Father Christmas is going to come to my house with presents tonight!! I hope he comes to all of you too! Mummy said she will be getting the house tidy and start preparing food for tomorrow. She also has a list for poor Daddy! We are going to soft play though first as Mummy thinks we must do fun things on Christmas Eve!

I hope you all have a lovely and exciting Christmas Eve! I hope none of you are on Santas naughty list- I'm pretty sure I'm not! I'll blog tomorrow to let you all know though!

Merry Christmas!

Tink xxxxx

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four More Sleeps!

Until the big, fat man in a red suit comes to leave me presents! Mummy and I are still finding it hard to really get into the Christmas spirit with the weather here, but we are getting excited that daddy will have some extra time off work to spend with us! We have been dancing and singing to lots of Christmas songs in the apartment this week too! I've helped Mummy to write a big, final Christmas to do list which mainly includes buying food and drinks! I think we will be eating a lot over the next week! I can't wait!

Watching Mummy dance to Christmas songs!

Just as exciting as waking up on Sunday to find lots of presents will be my cousin Rosie's (and of course my Auntie and Uncle!) arrival on Tuesday! She will be staying in Dubai for 10 days and Mummy and I have lots and lots of ideas of things we can do together. I can't wait to show them our home! Mummy has promised we can go to the water park as well as boring souks! I'm hoping we can go to the Dolphinarium too!

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my friend Toby at Favourite Things. We played in the sandpit and I went on the big scary slide for the first time- Mummy made me go down it but luckily Toby's mummy was at the bottom to catch me! I loved it! Today I'm going to soft play with Adriana and her mummy. I need to have a sleep before we go as I'm really grumpy this morning. I woke up very early and spent an hour in Mummy and Daddies bed watching Baby Einstein before I felt like having breakfast. It was still dark when we were watching TV! It was like winter mornings in the UK!

I hope you are all getting ready for Christmas. A little reminder to all the Daddies and Grandaddies, you only have a few more days to buy your Christmas presents for the Mummies and Nannies! I keep telling my Daddy the same thing but he still hasn't been!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Count Down!

We are officially a week away from Christmas! I'm very excited but think Mummy is even more so! We had a few more festive days last week to help us feel as though Christmas really is on the way! I got to sing lots of Christmas songs and dance to disco lights in the dark at Boogie Babies on Thursday! I loved it, it was so much fun. I got a present at the end too! I spent Thursday afternoon with my friend Adriana who I've not seen since before we were back in Lichfield. We had lots of fun playing at her house. On Friday I had a Christmas party to go to. I had a great time playing in the soft play area, eating lots of food and meeting Father Christmas! He asked if I had been good this year (stupid question, of course I have!) and then gave me a present! It was so much fun and ver overwhelming. We left early as I was just so tired. I fell asleep in the car before we had even left the car park!

This party is so exciting! 
What do you mean have I been good?! Of course I have!

We had to go to Ikea afterwards which wasn't so festive! Mummy is planning on cooking our Christmas dinner next week so asked Daddy for lots of new things to help her make it! I'm looking forward to this dinner already! I had 2 whilst visiting my Grandparents earlier this month and I loved them!  After shopping for boring things in Ikea, we went to the Mall of Emirates so Daddy could buy an Apple TV. He and Mummy love it, they have kept it all to them selves in their bedroom though!

Yesterday we did some last minute Christmas shopping and Mummy promised me that on Thursday we would do our last Christmas shop as I have been getting fed up of malls and supermarkets recently! We went to see my friend Nellie at her new villa in the evening and stayed for a Christmas BBQ and drinks (I had juice!). It was lots of fun and their villa is so big so I had a lot of space to run around in and stairs to climb! I stayed up until 10pm and was so tired. Nellie gave me a Christmas present too! I love getting lots of presents, Christmas is brilliant! Nellie is flying back to the UK today for Christmas. I've warned her about how cold it is and how she should watch out for her mummy putting socks on her hands too! I'll miss her lots.

A garden to run wild in!

Today I am playing with my friend Adriana again and tomorrow Mummy is taking me to Favourite Things to meet up with Lily as I've not seen her for ages! I can't wait, lots of fun things to do again this week! Then it'll be the weekend and Daddy will have a few days off to celebrate and eat lots with us! Oh and I'm sure I'll get a lot more presents as I told Father Christmas just how good I've been!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Tinkerbella xxxxxx

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling Festive

Living in a warm country does make it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. We have put up our tree and decorated the apartment but somehow it doesn't feel as Christmassy as it did last week when we woke up to frost on the windows and freezing cold air! The shops and hotels here have their decorations up but we are yet to visit Father Christmas in a grotto- something Mummy is planning to do at the weekend once she finds where he is hiding! Today was supposed to be a festive day. I had my last class of Mini Miracles before we broke up for the Christmas break. We decorated a christmas bell with different coloured glitter that Mummy has hung on the tree and we listened and sang to Christmas songs. I had a wonderful morning and loved playing with my friends. It felt very Christmassy until we were back outside in the sunshine!

This afternoon I went to a Christmas party with my friend Eleanor. We got to sing more Christmas songs, decorate a Christmas tree and build a pretend snowman! After that, I decorated a Father Christmas for Daddy and again we felt very festive until we went back outside into the sunshine! Eleanor and I had a great time anyway. Our mummies went for a coffee afterwards and we got to eat lots of snacks! Eleanor is going to the UK on Sunday to  spend Christmas with her family. She's very lucky but I have warned her that she'll also be super cold!

On Thursday I have my last day of Boogie Babies and we are having a Christmas session so hopefully I'll get to feel Christmassy for half an hour then too! Mummy is planning to take me to see Father Christmas at the weekend and we have Christmas drinks with friends (she has promised there will be mince pies for me!). We also have to finish our food shopping next week ready for Christmas day so all of these things should help us get into the festive mood! Perhaps we can spend Christmas Day indoors with the air con turned on and wear our woolly jumpers?!

One thing is certain this year though, I won't be seeing any snow in Dubai!

Ella xxx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back in the Land of Sand

We arrived back on Sunday early morning after a night flight. I don't remember much of the flight as I fell asleep during take off and didn't wake up until we were landing. We were all very tired so went straight to bed when we got home. I woke a few hours later and Daddy had to go to work. I'm still on UK time so we are finding this week tough. It's amazing that 4 hours can have such an impact on our routine! Mummy and Daddy are happy that I'm back in my cot now and not sleeping in their bed! Hopefully in a few more days, we will be back to normal.

UK Bound!

I had a lovely time at home, I was absolutely spoilt with presents and Daddy had to buy another suitcase to make sure we could get everything back here! I had far too many toys to fit into 4 cases! Being back here makes it seem like Christmas has been and gone! We had a Christmas Day at both of my grandparents and got to see all of our family (except Auntie Charlotte who we missed so very much). I also managed to see all of my little Lichfield friends and have been amazed by how grown up we all seem now!

Fake Family Christmas Number 1- Look at all the presents!
Christmas Party!

It was a long drive on Sunday after our flight on Friday but we couldn't wait to see Daddies side of the family. I had a lot more presents there to open too! We stayed until Tuesday and I got to spend lots of time playing with my cousin Rose. It was sad to say goodbye but at least we will see Uncle Christopher, Auntie Lisa and Rose in a few weeks when they come to Dubai. My Nanny and Grandad are also coming over in March to visit us and I think my Nanny & Grandad Hewson will be over in the new year too as Grandad gets to work here a lot! 

Fake Family Christmas Number 2! 

My favourite part of the trip was being able to spend time with my cousins. We played and ate meals together as often as we could. They make me laugh a lot, except for Charlie who turned out to be a bit of a bully! He kept taking toys off me which made me cry as I couldn't get them back off him! We made up with lots of cuddles before I left though. I wish they were coming to stay soon too!

Dinner with Jake! 
Watch out Charlie's about!

We were all sad on Saturday when we had to leave. I don't like saying goodbye because I know it'll be a long time before I see everyone again. At least we have come back to some sunshine! It's lovely weather now. A little cold in the morning and at night but at least I don't have to wear a hat, scarf and socks on my hands (silly Mummy kept putting them on my hands!). This morning I have been to Mini Miracles and saw some of my friends for the last time before they all go away for the Christmas Holidays. We will be staying here as Daddy has to work but he will get Christmas Day off to spend with us. There are only 12 days left now and I cannot wait. Mummy is taking me to a Christmas party this afternoon too so I best go and have a nap before then.

It was so lovely to see so many of you. Mummy, Daddy and I miss everyone so much and wished we could have spent more time there.

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx