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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Potty Trained

We spent almost a whole work week indoors so Mummy could help me learn to use the potty and toilet. I think she and Daddy were surprised how quickly I took to it but when there are sweets involved, I'll do pretty much anything. I learned quickly that if I made one wee last 5 or 6 toilet trips, I'd get more sweets, lots of fun!

By Wednesday, Mummy felt it was safe enough to venture outside. We started with a (what should have been) quick trip to the shop. It didn't go quite to plan, there was lots of waiting around in the queue while the shop assistant found barcodes and then they charged Mummy the wrong amount and suddenly I needed a wee! Luckily Mummies friend was sat with her little girls outside the shop so she offered to take me to the toilet! I think Mummy was very relieved to have bumped into a familiar face!

In the afternoon Mummy took me for ice cream as a treat for doing really well and I didn't have an accident at all while we were out. So on Thursday we braved a morning at soft play with Katie (armed with my potty!) I needed a few toilet trips while we were out but again I managed to go accident free! I was very pleased with myself.

Mummy and Daddy had arranged to meet friends for lunch on Friday afternoon. I mostly told my parents when I needed the toilet but towards the end of the meal, I was so wrapped up in my food that I forgot to say anything and had my first accident since day 1! Not the best place for it to happen! We went to Katie's house for a BBQ later that afternoon and I did it again in the garden just before it was time to go home. I've learned my lesson now and I have made sure I tell Mummy every time I need to go today!

I have another week off nursery so Mummy has made quite a few plans to see friends this week after being stuck inside for so long. Daddy had to fly to Saudi today for work but it's just a short trip luckily! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home.

Lots of love

Ella xx

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