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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Week

I've been so busy recently that I've been neglecting my blog! We decided to have a nice quiet weekend last week as it was very hot and very sandy outside. I spent the day painting with Daddy, playing with my toys, helping Mummy cook and tidy up. We also had to do a little shopping which I didn't mind too much as my parents let me walk around the mall after I promised not to run away! I also got to look around toy shops and show Mummy and Daddy what I would like for my birthday which was great fun!

I had a lovely time in nursery on Sunday but I got into a fight which really upset me. My class mate pushed me away from some toys and I retaliated so we both got told off. Mummy said that she thinks it is best that I stick up for myself though and not let other children intimidate or hurt me. I'm glad she wasn't cross with me! We did lots of playing, singing and dancing though and my teacher told my Mummy that I am the most enthusiastic person in the class when we have singing and dancing. Mummy thinks I'm going to be in lots of school plays when I am older, I really hope so! Mummy took me to Starbucks as she wanted a Frappaccino before we went to see my friend. I asked Mummy if I could try it and it was so yummy I screamed when she tried to take it back. i got told off again... We went to see Adriana in the afternoon and we played until Daddy came to get us at 7pm! We hadn't realised how late it was because we were all having a lot of fun!

On Monday I went to my music class and Mummy kept having to tell me off for not listening and running around. I was just having lots of fun though and I wasn't hurting anyone! Lots of the other children wanted to run around too but their Mummies kept dragging them back into the circle that we were supposed to sit in! Mummy feels too sick to keep chasing me at the moment, it's brilliant! I did get into trouble after I knocked over the music stand and sheet music went everywhere though, oops! We had breakfast with Eleanor and her Mummy afterwards and I ate lots of fruit dipped in yoghurt whilst Nellie tried to escape. She is very funny! Mummy took me to play with Adriana after I had napped and we stayed for lunch and dinner!

Jumping with (and on) Adriana!

I was very good at nursery on Tuesday until one of the Teaching Assistants tried to take away my lunch. I smacked her and got told off by my teacher. I hadn't finished my food and become very frustrated if people try to take things away from me. She won't do it again anyway! I didn't like it when Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up and the teacher told them I had misbehaved. I wish they didn't tell tales at nursery!

Yesterday i went to play at Toby's house and stayed for dinner which was delicious! After dinner we were allowed to play outside and Toby got the hosepipe out. He sprayed all of us lots and we were all soaking wet. It was great fun but I only had my nappy on so hid in Toby's police car to try not to get too wet! Toby and I went in the bath together afterwards and had a pyjama evening in front of the TV! When it was time to go I gave Toby a big cuddle and our teddies gave each other kisses! Our parents think we are very funny! Daddy and Mummy got a takeaway when we got home and I stayed up to help them eat it! It did mean I am going to be tired at nursery today though! This afternoon we are meeting Nellie again at the Hilton for afternoon tea. It is Mummies birthday tomorrow so we have a weekend of cake eating planned! Daddy and I have got lots of exciting things planned for Mummy too, she will have a very lovely weekend. I'll tell you all about it next week.

I hope you have enjoyed the summer weather I keep hearing about! We are very jealous of you as we are now finding it too hot here! I also see that you have a very long weekend ahead for the Queens Jubilee! We will be celebrating that with more cake I think!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Goodbye

When visitors leave, our days seem much quieter. We don't continue do all of the fun touristy things that we do when guests arrive. Maybe that's not such a bad thing though, I guess it could get boring after a while! On Tuesday we went to the Dubai Mall and went up to the top of the Burj Khalifa. It wasn't a very clear day unfortunately so we didn't see much. I still had fun running around though. Mummy doesn't like that they won't let her take the stroller up as it means she can't restrain me. I on the other hand love it! We went to the big aquarium afterwards which is always exciting. Dan thought it was funny that I was more interested in jumping on the grates than looking at the fish, but I have seen them many many times before. We looked around the mall and Souk Bahar before meeting Daddy for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant with a view of the dancing fountains. The restaurant is usually very good, but we had a disappointing  experience there this time.

Yesterday Daddy had to fly to Kuwait but worked form home in the morning so that we could spend some time together. Dan came over in the afternoon and Mummy and I got ready to go out. We went to Souk Madinat in Jumeriah and looked around the many expensive stalls, walked along the water front and had coffee and cake! Whilst wandering around, Mummy heard a familiar voice and looked up to see John Cleese. Silly Mummy thought it was someone she knew rather than a celebrity! Luckily she realised who it was before approaching him and embarrassing us all! We found out that he was entertaining at the Madinat Theatre this weekend.

We went to Al Qasr hotel for dinner. We chose a Thai restaurant that we were taken to by a golf buggy which was lots of fun! I was very excited and wanted to sit up next to the driver but wasn't allowed! Dinner was delicious but the lemon Grass ice cream that I stole from Mummy was definitely the best part! There was a Thai lady dancing around the restaurant to entertain the diners but i was much more interested in my food. We headed home around 9pm and said goodbye to Dan as he had to get to the airport very early this morning. Hopefully Mummy and I will be travelling to Oxford over the summer when we are back so it won't be too long before we see him again. It will be fun being a tourist in Oxford again!

I've just come home from nursery. i had a very busy morning playing, singing, dancing and eating. I'm really tired now so think it s a good idea to go for a nap. Mummy and I are going to see Adriana this afternoon which I am really looking forward to! Daddy will be home after my bedtime tonight so I won't see him until tomorrow morning. I miss my daddy lots when he goes away!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine back home.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have decided that I really like people coming to visit us. We have so much fun and get to be 'tourists' in Dubai for a few days. Dan arrived on Sunday after spending time with friends in Singapore and Thailand. We met for lunch on The Walk and then came home for drinks whilst he and Mummy chatted lots! I showed him my toys and demonstrated my dancing skills, I think I impressed him. Dan has another friend in Dubai so after I went to bed, he met up with her for a drink.

Yesterday we went to the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm. We looked around the aquarium which I love doing. I find fish fascinating! We had a buffet lunch at Kaleidoscope and I got very messy with a pot of green jelly and a chocolate fountain! There were a lot of tourists laughing at me and asking Mummy if they could take a photo of me! Cheeky people! Afterwards we went on the monorail which runs along the island. I have been on it a few times now and it is still always so much fun. When we finally came home, Daddy was back but he had a lot of work to do. He is staying home to work today whilst I am in nursery so that we can all have dinner out this evening.

This afternoon we are taking Dan to the top of the Burj Khalifa. It is very tall and you can see a lot from there! The weather isn't too bad today, it's a little sandy but we should still get a good view. The sun is very hot now though so we can't spend too much time outside. We are going to see the big aquarium afterwards and have a look around the souks and Dubai Mall. Daddy is meeting us there later for dinner by the dancing fountains. It's one of my favourite places to eat in Dubai, I can't wait!

I hope you are all enjoying the week and that the weather is getting better. I heard Mummy and Daddy talking about booking flights to come home for a visit in August which made me very excited! In the mean time, if anyone wants to come and visit, you are very welcome to!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Fairy Party!

I have had one of the best weekends! On Friday I went to Lila's 4th birthday party which was held at a little bakery near us and had a fairy theme. i got to wear my Tinkerbell outfit again which I love flying around in! It was one of the best parties I have been to and I am pretty sure the Birthday Fairy had a fabulous time. We did lots of dancing, which I must admit I am really good at, decorated cup cakes, biscuits and a photo frame, ate lots of food and played lots of party games! After I had a little piece of birthday cake, I was given a party bag full of sweeties and a very special present that included a tiara, earrings and a necklace. They are very pretty and I have worn them every day since. I even eat in my tiara! I hope one day that I can have a party just like Lila's!

Saturday was a lot less exciting. We had to go to the Dubai Mall as Daddy needed to buy a new phone and we needed to chose a present for my Mummy as it is her birthday next week. She said that she would like some nice sunglasses so after looking around for a very long (and boring) amount of time, she finally chose a pair of Prada ones. I really don't think shopping for sunglasses should take so long! We then had to head to Satwa so that we could look to get Daddy some shirts and suits tailored. Mummy and I love Satwa, it's a very vibrant and interesting part of Dubai. There are lots of very strange shops and the people there are always sitting around outside the shops chatting. It is very different to the malls here, you don't see as many expats in the area and I very much doubt many tourists go there. Daddy spent ages choosing materials, colours and styles. Luckily the tailor was very fast at measuring so that part didn't take too long. It's will be about 4 weeks before he gets his new work clothes. I loved playing with the fabric, I made some very pretty choices but Daddy wasn't taken by the gold shiny ones I liked. Oh well...

Today I am back at nursery which is great fun. Mummies friend Dan is coming to stay this afternoon for a few days so we have a busy time ahead. I've been helping Mummy to think of some exciting things to do and see in 40 degree heat! I think it will be mainly indoor sight seeing this time! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I won't ask about the weather, it doesn't sound like it has been very good...

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxxx

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yay for the weekend!

Nursery was great fun this morning, I had a blast! My teacher gave Mummy some photos of me having lots of fun in the sandpit. I was playing with a dumper truck and a wheel barrow so now she really does think I'm a tomboy! It's tiring though, I play for almost 5 hours at nursery and look forward to getting in my bed afterwards! After my nap, we are going to play with Adriana today! I'm not sure what we are going to do but I'm sure our mummies were talking about swimming earlier this week. I hope we go to the pool!

Daddy is flying home from Qatar as well this afternoon and should be home before my bedtime! I can't wait to see him, it's much better than blowing kisses to skype and my Mummies phone for him! Tomorrow I am going to a fairy party for Lila's 4th birthday which I am very excited about. I helped Mummy choose some birthday presents yesterday and had a lot of fun wandering around toy shops! In the Early Learning Centre, I played with a toy kitchen and made all the staff a cup of tea. They were very grateful!

Kisses for my daddy! 

Thank you to everyone that sent nice messages to my Mummy and wrote on my Facebook page yesterday. It was lovely reading through them all this morning. Well I best go and get to sleep so that I can see Adriana soon! Mummy is feeling very sick today so I think she should have a sleep with me.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Going to be a BIG Sister!

Mummy, Daddy and I will be getting a very exciting present this Christmas! We are having a baby! I'm really looking forward to having someone I can play with and boss around at home all of the time! Mummy is doing really well despite being tired and feeling sick sometimes. I make sure I give her lots of cuddles and Daddy and I always tell her to rest when I am being looked after in nursery during the week. I've noticed Daddy is being extra helpful and has been coming home early to get me ready for bed. I love that he has been home to eat dinner with me and bathe me so much! He is much more fun than Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy have been to the hospital to look at the baby on a screen. They showed me a photo but I couldn't really see a baby, it looked more like a big blob. I didn't tell them that though, I just went along with it being a baby! My parents will get to see our baby a few more times before baby is born and I'm hoping Mummy will find out if it is a boy or a girl so that I can start buying presents!  I think it would be best if we have another girl though, everything in my house is pink!

Mummy and I are playing with my dolls a lot and she is showing me how to be gentle with babies. I find my dolls stop crying when I stick a dummy in their mouths or feed them from the bottle. I don't know why Mummy and Daddy are worried about having another baby, I think it'll be a piece of cake and I'll be there to show them what to do after all my doll baby practice!

Lots of love

Ella (big sister to be) xxxx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Time Out

I hate Time Out but I have spent a lot of my time in it this week. Mummy came to pick me up from nursery yesterday afternoon and said she was very disappointed to find me sitting in Time Out for hitting a classmate. I wasn't too impressed when my teacher told Mummy that I'd been there a few times during the morning! Sometimes I find that I get very cross, particularly when someone has a toy that I'd quite like to play with. So I hit them and take it. I know it's very wrong and I always say sorry when I'm told off, but I can't help it! Mummy and Daddy have spoken to my teacher about how to combat it and now every time I hit someone, I have to do Time Out. It's rubbish and I hate it! Today I have only been there once and tomorrow I'll try very very hard not to go in it at all!

Wish me luck!

Ella xx

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It is my favourite thing to do and this weekend I have done a lot of it! On Thursday I showed Mummy and Daddy some of my moves all afternoon! Daddy came home from work early and spent lots of time playing with me! We had a lazy day on Friday and Mummy made us a special big breakfast! I went to Adriana's in the evening and had dinner with her. Then we stayed up and played and danced until midnight! My Mummy and Daddy had gone to Table 9 for dinner with Toby and Elodie's parents. I think they had a lovely meal (Mummy said they ate 8 courses altogether and she felt very fat by the end of it). They were also given a goodie bag of homemade sweeties afterwards, I helped Daddy to eat his on Saturday.

Mummy wasn't very well on Friday night and all day yesterday. She had a stomach bug so spent a lot of the day in bed. I think she is a bit better today though but I'm glad I am going to nursery or I would have had to spend the day in our apartment which can be very boring. Daddy has to go back to work again today but at least he isn't travelling this week which is nice. We get to have him come home every night! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, I have to go to nursery now.

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Love Weekends!

After I get home from nursery this afternoon, it'll be the start of our weekend which means Daddy is home! I love the weekends as Mummy, Daddy and I get to spend lots of time together playing, eating and sometimes we have to shop! I've had a busy week so it's nice to be able to relax and not do too much at the weekend. Tomorrow Mummy and Daddy are going out for dinner with Toby's parents so I get to spend an evening with Adriana! I can't wait, we always have lots of fun together. I think Mummy and Daddy are looking forward to having some quiet time too and Mummy has chosen to go to a restaurant that she has been desperate to try for a very long time. I hope it's as good as she is expecting!

I've asked Mummy if we can spend Saturday at the pool and she said yes, as long as she and Daddy haven't had too much wine the night before! I don't like it when Mummy drinks wine, she ends up staying in bed all morning when I'd much rather she got up and played with me! I also need my parents to take me shopping as I am going to a birthday party next weekend and need to buy Lila a present. I'm really looking forward to it as it is fairy themed! I have my costume ready to wear and Mummy has said she will buy me another wand as my last one was snapped in half. I also need to buy a present for Mummy as it is nearly her birthday. I've got lots of ideas for Daddy!

I hope you are all having a good week and are looking forward to your weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer is Coming

It's beginning to get very hot here again now and none of us are particularly looking forward to the summer months. I've told Mummy we will have to spend most days at the pool so we can still be outside but will be able to keep cool! Daddy has also started looking at booking a flight back home over the summer so that we can escape the heat for at least a couple of weeks! It's very expensive to fly this year because of the Olympics which means we won't be coming back until late summer when the Olympics are over. I'm very excited that I will be able to see my family and friends again though!

I have now spent two weeks at nursery and I absolutely love it there! I have been given my school uniform too which everyone says I look very grown up in! We have a very busy day at nursery which involves singing and dancing, crafts, play time in the sand pit, big play ground, soft play or an indoor area called tiny town- there are little wooden shops, garages, houses that we can role play in! It's my favourite part of the nursery! Mummy and Daddy are given a report each week on my progress and have been very pleased with me so far. Mummy says she wishes that I would listen to instructions at home like I do in nursery! I have been to nursery again today and Daddy came to pick me up afterwards which is great as it is usually my Mummy.

This afternoon Mummy and Daddy have to go to the doctors so I am staying with Adriana and her mummy. I don't like it at the doctors, it is very boring! I'm looking forward to spending some time playing with my friend! I hope everyone has had a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend. We didn't have a bank holiday here but we did have a lovely weekend together all the same. I have to go now, it's my nap time!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx