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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Thomas Gang Came to Stay

My Aunty, Uncle and cousins arrived late on Thursday night and Daddy met them on his own at the airport so he could get them all back to their hotel safely. Mummy and I woke early on Friday morning and were very excited to know they had arrived. We had arranged to take them to brunch that day and picked them up at midday before walking along the Marina to the hotel. We had a great time- my cousins had their faces painted, played on the Wii and ate a lot of cake! Charlie and I also played in the ball pit and sat chatting to each other while we ate lots of yummy food and filled up on juice! We all went back to my house afterwards to play but decided to get an early night as everyone was tired.

On Saturday we spent the day at Aquaventure as it was a lovely warm day. We had so much fun in the water and I was able to go on the rapids with Mummy which was scary at first but once I knew we could hold hands really tight, I had a great time. Everyone except Charlie and I suffered a bit of sunburn because we had spent so much time outside, but it was definitely worth it! We had dinner at my cousins hotel that evening and I loved spending time playing with them.

We spent Sunday morning in their swimming pool and I showed off my swimming skills! Before it got too hot, we went to the Mall of Emirates and spent the afternoon in Magic Planet. Charlie and I ran around in the soft play area whilst Ollie and Jake went on the big scary rides! We went to the Hilton for dinner in the evening and Daddy was able to tear himself away from dinner long enough to join us! 

Ollie wanted to have a beach day on Monday so we spent the day digging holes, building sandcastles and splashing about in the sea! Uncle Tommy was great at taking me out in the water, I loved it! In the evening, they all went to dinner at Uncle Tommy's cousins' house and so I got an early night ready for nursery the next day.

I had lots of fun at nursery on Tuesday and was so happy to see my teacher. Mummy picked me up as normal and we went to the beach where my cousins had already spent most of the morning playing. I was very excited to join in! We went to Marina Walk in the evening and had dinner at an Italian restaurant before we went on a dhow. Jake, Charlie, Michael and I all fell asleep before the dhow got back to the marina as it was very late! I was glad to get home to my own bed.

Wednesday was our last day together so we spent the morning in the pool before taking the metro to the Dubai Mall. Our parents took us for ice cream at the Rainforest Cafe- it was a bit scary there but we were brave! We them went to the aquarium before we met Daddy for dinner under the Burj Khalifa. We love taking people to watch the dancing fountains, it's one of my favourite places in Dubai. 

Thursday we had to say our goodbyes which was sad. Mummy reminded me that it won't be long until we fly back to see the family again though. I also spent the afternoon playing at Dhani and Lila's house so that kept me busy until we went home to see Daddy! I had such a great time with my cousins, I just wish they lived here so I could see them everyday!

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