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All About Me!

So I came into this world at 7:06pm on Friday 29th July 2010 at Burton Queens Hospital. Mummy and Daddy say they were both in shock when they found out they were having me and in even more shock when I arrived. Nevertheless, I am their world and they love me more than anything! I remember sleeping lots at the hospital and I only cried once when the doctor poked me! Mummy and Daddy thought they were very lucky to have such a quiet baby- I soon showed them hahahahaha!!

This is me when I am about 30 minutes old! Nanny White is cuddling me!

Coming Home
After a night in hospital, mummy and daddy couldn't wait to take me home and show me where I would live. They had decorated my room in pink and yellow with lots of butterflies, it was very girly, I loved it! I woke up lots during the night when I first went home, everything was very frightening. I only liked sleeping if Daddy or Mummy were cuddling me! Mummy said I made her and Daddy very tired, but I'm worth it!

This is me snoozing on Daddy!

Finding out we are Moving
When I was 2 months old, Daddy told Mummy there was a job opportunity in the Middle East that could be suitable for him. He didn't think Mummy would agree to it, but Mummy said if it meant that me and her got to spend lots more time together, she would happily go. So it was agreed that in 2011, we would move to Dubai as that would be the best country for me and mummy to live in. Most excitingly, Daddy came home from work one day and asked Mummy to marry him before we all moved over there! That meant I was going to be a Flower Girl and get to wear a gorgeous dress! Mummy got carried away with all things wedding related and before daddy knew it, the venue and church were booked for Friday 15th April! 

This is me at 2 months old after my nap in the moses basket! I'm already getting too big for it!

My 1st Christmas
When I woke up on Christmas morning dressed like a bloomin' Christmas Pudding, a fat man in a red suit (Mummy and Daddy call him Father Christmas) had been to our house and left me lots of presents! I was very excited unwrapping all of my new toys and clothes! Mummy and Daddy had presents too, but mine were definitely the best so I must have been very very good!

We spent the rest of the day at Nanny & Grandad Hewson's house with Auntie Becci, Uncle Matthew and my funny cousins Ollie & Jake. It was a great day and made even better when I had 2 sacks full of presents! I hoped mummy could send everything to Dubai! I even got to try some Christmas dinner but Mummy said I could not have any Christmas pud- I wasn't happy after I had let her dress me up like one... A few days later we went to see My Nanny & Grandad White for the New Year and I had even more presents to open there. I love Christmas!

I also went to lots of Christmas parties!

My Friends
My Lichfield friends are Aoife, Violet, Annabel, Millie, Ava, Madison, Harry, Jacob, Luke, Oscar and Charlie. I also have 2 great friends that live in Tamworth and I don't get to see as much as I would like to. They are Oscar and Dylan, I have great fun with my friends! My BFF is Aoife Wilson-Griffiths, we have been friends since we were bumps. I love her and her dummies! Here are a few photos of us all having fun together! 
I miss all of my friends lots!

My Baptism
Daddy and Mummy had me baptised at Holy Cross Chapel in Lichfield in January and lots of my family and friends came to celebrate with me. I fell asleep on mummy and slept through the whole thing- I do however, recall having cold water poured on my head which was a bit of a shock! We all had a lovely day and I learned all about my new religion.


Daddy Moves Away
On February 4th, after lots of fun celebrations, Mummy, Nanny & Grandad Hewson took Daddy to the airport as he had to catch a very big plane to Dubai. He was going to be away from us for 9 weeks. Mummy and I were very very sad so I was glad that Nanny & Grandad were there to look after us when we said goodbye. I missed my Daddy everyday and Mummy showed me photos of him and told me stories about their life together before I was born. I used to call Daddy on Skype and we would play Peekaboo- that was fun! Mummy and I did a great job of being on our own, we kept very busy with our friends and we packed the house up ready to join Daddy. When Daddy finally came home, there was one week left before he and mummy got married!

My Mummy & Daddy get Married!
Friday 15th April, and I get conjunctivitis! I'm still looking gorgeous in my dress though! We all had such a lovely day. The church bit was a little boring for me so I just fell asleep on Auntie Caroline's lap! Mummy didn't want me to put the wedding photos that the photographer took on here yet as she and daddy want to show off the album when it is finished- I found photos on Facebook though hehe!

Our Honeymoon
We went to Rome on our Honeymoon- it was my first holiday abroad too! I was very good on the plane (although this funny lady sat next to me asked to be moved as she said it would give us more space, but I know it was because I tried to pull her hair and eat her dinner! Shhh, don't tell my parents!) We did lots of sightseeing, which was ok, but not that much fun for me. Mummy and Daddy made sure we played lots when we were back at the hotel! My favourite part was flirting with the very very handsome Italian waiter when we arrived and had lunch! Daddy didn't like me doing that... Daddy took many many photos of the holiday. He and Mummy had such a lovely time there. They told me that it was all thanks to our family and friends that we were able to go on such a fantastic honeymoon!

Our Big Adventure
On April 29th Mummy and I flew to Dubai to be with Daddy. He had already found us somewhere to live and all of our furniture had arrived so it didn't feel to alien when we arrived at our new home. It took us a while to settle but once we started going out and making friends, it got much easier. Nanny & Grandad had arranged to come and visit us 3 weeks after we arrived which gave us something to look forward to. In the meantime Mummy and I went to the pool everyday, spent time at the beach and visited soft play areas.

Nanny & Grandad Visit!
We spent most of our time at the hotel pool which was great fun. I enjoyed being able to stay up late too whe we went for dinner. I hated it when they had to leave, I wished they could have stayed with us for longer. Mummy was sad too but Daddy booked our flights back to the UK in July and once again we had that to look forward to. Even better, Auntie C was flying into Dubai to stay with us for a few days before she went to Australia, I couldn't wait!

Auntie C Came to Stay!
We showed Auntie C the Burj Khalifa, a couple of the malls and the Atlantis hotel. It was very very hot when she was with us so we spent most of our time indoors! I also took her to my pool and we had a morning at the beach before the sun got too strong. Auntie C and Mummy threw a little party for my 1st birthday too! Some of my new friends were here to help celebrate, we had a lovely time! I was so excited that I was allowed to eat my chocolate birthday cake made by my Mummy and Auntie C!

Homeward Bound!
Going home was lovely, all of our family and friends came to visit us and the best part was my second 1st birthday party! Daddy stayed with us for 10 days but then had to go back to Dubai to work. Mummy and I spent 4 more weeks at my Nanny & Grandads house before coming back. I loved seeing my Auntie Becci and my cousins especially. They make me laugh all the time! We did so many things and saw so many people, but time flew and before we knew it, we were on a plane flying back to Dubai to be with Daddy- we had missed him too much!

Our New Home.
Mummy and I have grown to love it here, there is so much we can do that we wouldn't do in the UK.
I live in an Apartment which is 36 floors up- Mummy gets very nervous of the balcony but I promised her not to go out there on my own. There is a lot of shopping to do here which worries me, as I find it boring, and worries Daddy because it means Mummy might spend too much money on clothes for me! I only like shopping in the supermarkets as the ride in the trolley is lots of fun! There is so much for us to explore here, we can keep very busy! Mummy and I go to playdates and playgroups here and we have made some lovely new friends, which makes it easier to be away from our favourite people. I hope you will all enjoy my blog. I want to be able to share all of the fun, happy and sad times here with you. Mostly I want you all to know that Mummy, Daddy and I are happy, well and having a good time! I know it won't be long and we will be home again for good and all of this time here will feel like a dream.