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Sunday, May 29, 2011


On Thursday whilst Mummy and I were at messy play, Daddy text us to say that the power had gone out in our building. At first we were not too worried as we have had power cuts here before and usually they flick a switch and voila! Mummy and I got back from messy play at 5pm and the power had been gone for over an hour so Daddy had to call our maintenance people to see what was going on. They told us that it should be back on that evening at some point and were working fast to fix the problem. That evening arrived and still no power had come on so we went out to Bobs Diner for our dinner- I loved it there! I got to eat mummies dinner and be fussed over by the waiting staff :)
After dinner, we went back to the apartment to find it was still in complete darkness, so Mummy had to go out and get some candles! I went to bed and Mummy told me that she and Daddy spent the evening trying to choose the photos for our wedding album but the laptop battery died before they could finish! So it was an early night for all of us! The power was still off the following day and once again Daddy phoned to find out what was going on. We were told it would be back on that afternoon. So we decided to pass the day by going swimming (twice!!) and going to the mall for Mummy to get new clothes (again!) Whilst we were at the mall, Daddy made Mummy get her eyes tested! She had to wear these very funny glasses to walk around the shop in for 10 minutes and so Daddy and I sneaked a photo of her! I'll upload it when she isn't looking- hehehehe! Mummy had to choose some new glasses as her eyes are getting old- she will be 28 years on Wednesday and if you ask me, that's old- and we were told we would be able to collect them the following day (Noooo! I hate shopping!)

Back at the apartment, Mummy and Daddy made me have a nap before we had to go to Daddies office party. It was a country and western theme but we didn't dress up for it as Mummy and I like to wear pretty dresses! During my nap the power came back on so Mummy was pleased that she could use her hair tools to get ready and have the AC on again! We left for the party at 5pm and had such a great time. I got to play on a big bouncy castle with another baby called Sophie. She is older than me and found it easy to crawl in there but I kept rolling around as her big brother was jumping up and down! I had great fun! I also had a balloon sword made by a lady dressed as a clown! I liked hitting things with it and biting it! We had lots of yummy food before they put the music on and we started dancing! Mummy and I are great dancers together and the best part was that I got to stay out until 9pm!
This is my balloon sword! 
Wearing Daddies cowboy hat! 
I was shattered after all that playing and dancing!
We arrived back at the apartment to find the power was out again! Daddy phoned to find out what was going on and was told that water had seeped into the electricity on our floor which had happened when the maintenance staff cleaned out the water tanks last week. It was affecting 8 floors and was taking longer than anticipated to dry out. Every time it was switched on, the power tripped again! They couldn't tell us how long it would take so we faced another night without lights and an early night! The following morning, we still had no power so Daddy took us to Paul's for breakfast- we love the breakfasts there! We decided to go for a drive to the Palm Jemeirah before we had to go back to the mall. It was very hot and the apartment was no coller without the AC! On our way to the car, daddy got a phone call from the security people in our building. They were going to give us another apartment until the problem was fixed and the keys were waiting at reception for us. We went to see our temporary home and were very impressed with how big and well equipped it is! I had great fun playing in the windows as there are curtains I can pull!! The furniture is also really low, it's great for climbing!
We now have no idea how long we are going to be in this new apartment for. The power is still off and nobody can say how long it will take to dry out! We don't mind too much as we have somewhere to stay and only have to pop upstairs to our apartment if we need anything! I'm happy wherever we are, as long as Mummy and Daddy are there with me!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Early Riser

Mummy has been getting frustrated with me this week. On Sunday I woke at 5:30am, on Monday I woke at 5:30am so on Tuesday evening we went for a drive to Festival City to buy me another high chair in Ikea,  with the intention of keeping me awake longer. I tend not to fall asleep as easily as most of my friends in the car, Mummy says it is because I am nosey and like to look at everything out of the window- it is so much easier to see things in my new big girl car seat! On Wednesday morning, I woke at 6:15am which Mummy thought was a bit better but still not good and then today, I decided that I was ready to get up at 5:30am again, despite my parents efforts to keep me asleep longer. Mummy thinks it is the light as we don't have blinds or curtains... Guess what Daddies job is going to be this weekend!

Last night, Daddy had to go to Saudi Arabia again. He left our house in the early hours as his plane was leaving at 2am. He will be back again tonight, but not until 1am which is way past my bedtime. So I haven't seen him all day and I miss him. So does my Mummy but it means I get even more attention from her when he isn't here :)

We have had a lovely couple of days. Yesterday Mummy and I went for a coffee at our favourite cafe and I played peekaboo with a boy who reminded me of my funny cousin Jake. The boy made me laugh so much that I got hiccups and was sick on the floor! I missed my dress though which was good as it was a present from my Aunty C and I love it- it's very SJP as Mummy says!

It was not as hot as it has been yesterday, so Mummy arranged for me to go swimming with my friend Sima. We both love the water and had great fun kicking and splashing around. Sima's mummy took a paddling pool for us to play in when we had finished swimming. It was very small and we were a bit squashed (well actually I was ok as I just shoved Sima aside a bit, she is smaller than me, I needed the extra space).
Move up Sima...

Today was Mummies turn to host Wednesday Playdate with my friends. Cora, Amelie and Sima all came to play at 10:30am and stayed for lunch. My newest friend, Iskander also came a little bit later, but he didn't stay for too long as we were all getting tired and grumpy! I had a great time playing. I liked to follow Cora around and take things off Mummies shelves and tables! She wasn't too pleased about it and said she wishes she had not encouraged me to crawl- hahahahaha!! I'm doing really well with crawling now and have discovered that I am strong enough to pull myself up on to furniture, toys, boxes, my pushchair, well, anything really!
Waiting for my friends!

After my friends had gone home and I had a nap, Mummy and I went for a little walk around the plaza where we live. It was cooler again today (a mere 34 degrees) but we are in for another hot spell at the weekend!I showed Mummy a new trick when we got back to the apartment. I walked with the walker that my Nanny and Grandad White bought for me, for the first time by myself. It was very scary for me and Mummy as it goes fast on the tiles. I also crashed into the sofa as I had no time to turn! I'm not sure I'm going to try that again for a while!
Out the way sofa!

Yesterday I also discovered that I could walk along the sofa if I held on tight! I did however, get stuck when I moved one leg so far away from the other that I almost fell, so I just ended up clinging on to the sofa until Mummy rescued me! I'm keeping at it though. I will get there very soon and then Mummy and Daddy can watch out!!!!
This is great, soon I can get up to even more mischief 

A week today is my Mummies birthday- I overheard her talking to my friends' mummies about a 'girly night out' next week! I had better warn Daddy! Not only does he have to remember to buy her cards from us, but he is also going to be home alone with me! That'll be fun!!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daddy's Coming Home!

Today has been really humid outside and it makes me and my Mummy sweaty! We don't like it very much!  Last night was not so bad without Daddy here. I woke up at 5:30am this morning much to my Mummies delight :) I was ready to play and do some more 'real crawling'. I've discovered that I can move around on my hands and knees, mostly I fall back down, but I am getting there.
Almost there...

It is still easier to shuffle on my bottom or roll around to get to the places I'm not supposed to! This morning I got told off because I rolled Mummies shiny silver balls around the living room! They were just too shiny to resist... When my Grandad was here last week, he showed me a trick to keep me cool when we are out- I shake water over my face! Mummy didn't like the new trick too much and she liked it even less this morning when I forgot that I didn't have water in my cup...Ooops....
Milk Explosion!!

We met my new friend Sima and her mummy Mada for coffee this morning. It got too hot so we decided to go to Sima's house to play and have lunch. I had a lovely time. Sima is a bit younger than me, but we had a good chat and I got to play with her toys. I loved being in her walker, so Mummy said she will ask Daddy if we can get one for me so I can whizz around the apartment here too! I also discovered that Sima's Mummy has low furniture- it was great for climbing on! My Mummy didn't look too impressed with me. Oh well, I had fun! After I had played, watched PlayHouse Disney and eaten Sima's lunch, I had to come home for a nap. I only like to sleep in my cot, it's so comfortable!
My friend Sima and I are watching Mickey Mouse!

I woke up this afternoon and much to mummies dismay, I've started to climb up and hang over the top of my cot- it is lots of fun! She told me that Daddy is going to have to lower it again to keep me from falling out. She can be such a Spoil Sport!
Climbing is fun in my cot! 
I have to sign off now. Mummy said I need to get an early night as I have been up for too long- I think she is needing another 'break' again... She has been chasing after me and shouting 'No Ella!' most of the day so I'm not surprised. Tomorrow is church playgroup day and I'll get to play with Cora and Amelie so I need my sleep! 

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Night without Daddy!

Daddy woke me (and Mummy) up at 4:30am this morning! We were not happy! He is going to Saudi Arabia to work and their week starts on a Saturday! This is the first time Daddy has been away from us since we moved here and we miss him already. We were hoping that when Daddy had to go on business trips, we would be able to go along too, but Mummy said there is no way we can go to this country as they are very strict about letting people in and they make women cover their whole bodies- even though it is really hot there!! So we are on our own for a couple of days.

We had lunch out this afternoon which was great. I had a croque monsieur, but it was turkey not ham as people here don't tend to eat pork- I love pork so it's a shame! Luckily Mummy has found a shop on our complex that sells pork so I can have ham as a treat now and again (it's expensive). It is very humid outside today so we decided to stay indoors the rest of the afternoon. It's not as hot as it has been but it definitely feels less comfortable when it is like this. Later if I am good, we are going to go for a swim! I just wish my Nanny and Grandad were still here so they could come too! We are missing them already!

Yesterday, daddy had to get his haircut at the Ibn Batutta Mall. I was treated to a special trolley- it was a bright pink car!! I had so much fun zooming around the shops, and when Mummy stopped to look in shops, I'd scream at her to get a move on! I hope I can go in one again really soon!
Mummy pushing me around the mall!
Beep Beep! Out the way people!

This week, Mummy and my good friend Violet's mummy have been planning our birthday party! We are all very excited- although I think Mummy and Violet's mummy are more excited about it than we are! The invitations went out today and later I am helping Mummy to pick out a cake so that the lady who made my Christening cake and Mummy and Daddy's wedding cake can work her magic again! I do hope they wil let me eat this cake though as I didn't get any of the one at my christening or the wedding! That was really unfair! 

Anyway, it's nap time- Mummy looks like she needs a break, I have been hyperactive apparently today!

Lots of love 

Ella xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nanny & Grandad's Visit

I went to the airport with Daddy very early on Friday morning to meet Nanny and Grandad when they landed. I was very excited to see them both and couldn't wait to get them back to the apartment to show them around my new home! They looked very tired but had a shower and some breakfast and we went to the Dubai Mall so that we could go to the aquarium. I had never been to one before but loved it! There were big tanks of water filled with all sorts of funny and scary looking fish! It was very exciting. Grandad held me most of the way around so that I could see properly, but I was a bit frustrated that he wouldn't let me swim in the tanks! We all had a great time looking at fish, reptiles and creepy crawlies! Daddy took lots of photos of our fun morning.

After we had looked around the aquarium, Nanny and Grandad looked very tired so we took them to their hotel to have a sleep before we went for dinner. I also had a nap, it was lovely! We went to Nanny & Grandads hotel for a drink by the pool before we went out to dinner and Nanny promised we could go to the pool on Monday as there was a little baby pool for me! I couldn't wait!

Mummy & me dressed up ready to go out!

We decided to go and see the Burj Khalifa and watch the magic music fountains whilst eating dinner. It was great fun, but I was very tired as it was way past my bedtime! I loved the fountain display, it was very pretty- we saw it 3 times! The Burj Khalifa is the worlds tallest building and it was very BIG! It was lit up like a Christmas tree too! I really enjoyed our first night out.

The Burj Khalifa!

On Saturday morning, Nanny & Grandad flew to Qatar to see their friends Ron &  Janis. Mummy, Daddy and me spent the day shopping (again!) and playing in a new pool that we found here! It is heated and is like a warm bath! I can stay in there for longer than the cold pools so will use it more often now! On Monday morning, I went to playgroup with my friends Cora and Amelie, but couldn't wait to get back so that I could go and play in the pool at Nanny & Grandad's hotel! It was the coldest pool I have ever been in, but we still had lots and lots of fun there! When Daddy came home from work, we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant close to our home. I had a great time as I got to stay up late again!

On Tuesday, Mummy took Nanny and me to the Mall of the Emirates. Mummy needs a new dress for Gary & Hayley's wedding, but didn't find many she liked- I think she is a fussy pants really! We didn't buy anything- despite spending 3 hours there! We ended up back at the pool because it was really hot! We didn't see Grandad on Tuesday as he had to work and go for dinner with his colleagues, but I went to see him at his pool one last time on Wednesday before they had to go home.

We have had a lovely time with my Nanny & Grandad here, I can't wait for our other family and friends to come and stay so that we can show them around- especially my naughty cousins, they would love my pool too! Thank you for coming to stay with me Nanny & Grandad! It was so much fun.

I can't wait to see you all in July either- Mummy is currently planning my birthday party so I am really looking forward to it!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Signing off for a few days...

When I woke up this morning, my Mummy was in a very excited mood. She told me that tonight, Nanny & Grandad are going to be on the big plane we flew on, and they will be here to see me in the morning!! I am now also in a very excitable mood! I can't wait to show them my bedroom, my pool and my new float! If they are lucky, I might let them have a go in my float like Mummy did on Tuesday! She was a little bit big for it though... Mummy says we will be able to spend all of Friday with them and have breakfast on Saturday morning before they go on another plane to see our lovely family friends, Ron and Janis who live in Qatar. Then Nanny will be here on Monday after my playgroup and all day Tuesday whilst Grandad is in work. We will have a very busy few days ahead, I can't wait! Also excited that Auntie Becci has sent a present over that Mummy thinks I will love- what can it be?!

Yesterday morning, Mummy and I went to a friends house for a play date with Amelie and Cora. They are older than me so are great fun to watch. They make me laugh so much, it reminds me of spending time with my cousins! I miss them lots. We had lunch at Amelie's house and played with lots of her toys- she has so many, I didn't know what to play with so just chewed a few pegs. Mummy was frustrated with me yesterday as I was having too much fun to eat. I missed breakfast and then only ate a little bit of lunch. When there is playing to do, I don't have time to eat! Mummy said that we will go and play with Amelie and Cora every Wednesday and take it in turns to go to each others homes. When we left at 2pm, the sun was so hot that Mummy struggled to push me home (it only takes 10 minutes!) and I was so hot and had played so much, that I fell asleep for hours!

When Daddy came home from work, we had to go shopping for food- I love sitting in the trolley! I got told off though because I like to lean over the side of the trolley and grab the food. Yesterday I got caught by daddy just as I was about to eat a nectarine- he took it off me!! Mummy said it's easier at home to shop with me because the trollies have straps to stop me getting hold of things. I prefer the ones here :)

Today is another busy day. Mummies new friend Julie is coing over with her little boy this morning. He is a year older than me so I think he will be fun to watch too! Then I am off to messy play with Cora, Amelie and a new friend that lives in my block (I have not met her yet but she is just a month younger than me). I get to play with all sorts of goopy things and then splash around in paddling pools! I can't wait!! Mummy said that Daddy is looking after me tonight so she can go and get her hair done. I am looking forward to having Daddy all to myself!! Mummy is worried about how her hair will look though...

Our maids were here again this morning. I love watching and distracting them! They play with me sometimes too- mostly when they think Mummy can't see! Mummy took a sneaky photo of me spying on them!! I was then removed from the sofa- Mummy gets scared when I try to climb as she says it will really hurt if I fall on the tiles (I already know it does, I've fallen on them plenty of times since we have been here!)

Well, it is time for my nap before my new friend gets here! I hope you all have a lovely weekend (ours starts tonight!) I'll let you know about all the fun I have with my Nanny & Grandad soon and will take some more photos.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love swimming so much! Daddy was working from home on Monday so after playgroup and my lunch time nap- which Mummy says I am really good at having now because I sleep for 2 hours and she gets lots of things done (I don't actually know what she does because we have 2 maids come here and do everything 3 times during the week...silly Mummy)- the 3 of us went to the pool and I got to use my float again! I love it lots as it means I am free to paddle around the pool by myself!

On Tuesday Mummy and I went to go out and get Daddies dry cleaning from a shop that is 5 minutes away. We walked outside into 39 degree heat and Mummy said we would go to the pool instead- yay!!!! I got to play with some little girls who made me laugh when they pushed each other under the water!  Mummy said one day, I'll have a sibling to do that with. I can't wait (I don't think Mummy can either!) The sun was very hot so we couldn't stay out too long. After my lunch time nap yesterday, Daddy was home when I woke up and he wanted tyo go to the pool! I was so excited to go twice in one day. The second time we went, nobody else was in the pool so we had it all to ourselves!

This is me having a fab time in my new float!!!

Last night Daddy took us to the Mall of the Emirates again. He wants to start running in the mornings- he is currently doing this which I think is mad! So he had to buy running things (boring!). Mummy took Daddy to the ELC to show him what I would like to have for my birthday- it is in 11 weeks and I will be back in Lichfield for it so I am very very excited!! I wanted to have my new birthday toys yesterday, but I have to wait- boooo!! Daddy took Mummy for dinner (Mcdonalds...) and I wasn't allowed any so I just went to sleep. It was my bedtime after all. 

Today we are going to my new friend Amelies home to play with her and Cora. I'll probably get told 'No' for taking toys and dummies off them again... Oh well, I have fun doing it hahahahaha!

Lots of love

Ella xx 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Brave Mummy

Yesterday, Mummy and I were very brave and used the metro all by ourselves. I love the metro, it is lots of fun. Mummy goes in a carriage that is just for women and children so I can see and shout at other toddlers! We went to the Mall of Emirates as Mummy is looking at birthday presents for me ready for my very first birthday! The mall was very quiet, which meant we got lots of attention in shops. Mummy went into one shop called Boutique 1, by this point I was getting fed up of Mummy shops so started to put up a fuss haha! Just as mummy turned around to leave the shop, a shop assistant rushed over and took me out of my pushchair! She walked off with me so that Mummy could carry on shopping. Mummy didn't seem to want to leave me though, she only looked at clothes and shoes close to where the lady and I were playing. Later I heard her tell Daddy that she found it all a little overwhelming here as people always touch me and want to pick me up. I don't mind though, I'll smile for anyone!

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant after we had been shopping and I flirted with another waiter from Italy! He was very handsome. Mummy ordered a children's meal for me- I have a big appetite here as we are always doing so many activities- and when we had the bill, we were told I was too adorable to charge! Mummy said she was a little embarrassed but will definitely take me there agin for lunch! I ate a big chicken pasta dish all to myself, but wasn't too impressed that Mummy ate my ice-cream and gave me a banana...

Mummy didn't buy me any presents after all. She did tell Daddy that she had decided what to buy for me though so I am very excited! I love getting new toys! Daddy looked worried that Mummy was getting carried away. Mummy said I am worth every penny, so it looks like Daddy should be worried!

Today I went to an evangelical church playgroup in a place called Jebal Ali. I have met two new friends called Cora and Amelie. They are a bit older than me but are still lots of fun to watch and poke. I took books and toys off them, but they put up a good fight unlike my friends at home! Mummy kept telling me off for screaming at them! We played on the slides and sang songs whilst making lots of noise with musical instruments. I really enjoyed it and slept all the way back in the taxi. Daddy came to get me out of the taxi when we got back and I was very happy that he was home today!

Mummy and I are off to the pool now. It is a very hot day, 38 degrees and Mummy says it will keep getting hotter! I hope it doesn't get too hot too soon, I enjoy playing out in the pool too much!

Lots of love

Ella xx

PS- this morning I did a poo in the bath much to Mummies horror. Hahahahahaha!! Mummy threatened to start potty training me early though so maybe I shouldn't do it too often! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Average Weekend...

So our weekend is over, and yours is apparently still going on- this is confusing!

We didn't do anything particularly exciting this weekend as Mummy insisted we go to a huge blue shop called Ikea! It was full of kitchens and living rooms and bedrooms... We needed a dining table for our new home and as Mummy keeps moaning about her inadequately equipped kitchen, Daddy bought her some presents (they didn't look like good presents though, I didn't see any toys). I think we spent an hour in Ikea which Mummy said was good, I thought it was really boring! They agreed quite quickly on what to buy which makes a change. And I got lots of fuss there! Mummy said we are going back soon as she needs a rug for the sitting room and my bedroom, blinds, light shades... I can't wait...

Mummy and Daddy took me to the pool on Friday again after we had finished boring shopping. It was so much fun, but the water was very cold so I couldn't stay in for too long! Still, I had a good splash around and it was even more fun when my Dad was with us as well.

When we got back from the pool, a man from Ikea came with our furniture and Mummy got Daddy to make up the dinning table and chairs. He started at 5pm and finally finished at 7:45pm! Don't think he was best impressed, especially when Mummy tripped the electricity and we had no power until maintenance men came to sort it out! Whilst Daddy was busy building, Mummy and I had lots of fun playing together.

Mummy and me found it funny to put my knickers on my head!

Daddy bought me a present yesterday at Ibn Battuta mall! It was a great big floating seat with all sorts of toys attached to it so now I have even more fun in the pool! Daddy was more excited about trying it out than me! We spent much longer at the pool yesterday afternoon. Mummy and Daddy are having a competition to see who can be the brownest - Mummy is definitely winning - so Daddy got out of the pool early to lay in the sun!

So my weekend was pretty average, but I love having Daddy home. Mummy told me that my Nanny & Grandad are going to visit us next weekend and that we will have more fun then! I can't wait, I am so excited! My Grandad is one of the funniest people I know and my Nanny gives me cuddles whenever I want them! I'm not sure what we are going to do yet but I think I should show them the pool...

Lots of love

Ella xx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Quick Update

Last night Daddy took us on the metro to the Mall of the Emirates! It was pretty incredible to see such a large indoor ski slope there! I wish I was big enough to have a go! Mummy looked very excited about it. The mall is very big, but it was almost my bedtime so we didn't see too much. We walked past a very sparkly shop full of disco balls that I loved, mummy said she loved it too, it was called Harvey Nichols. We saw a pair of jewelled shoes that some man called Jimmy Choo had left in the window. Mummy told Daddy she would like to own them but Daddy said 'I don't think so' (I think he is mean!) 

I was a good girl again last night and slept in my cot without too much fuss until 6:30am. Our maids arrived to clean the apartment just before Daddy left for work and I like to distract them as they love playing with me. Mummy seems very happy to have people help with the housework, maybe we can take the ladies back to Lichfield when we move home...

We have just been to the pool, it is my favourite thing to do! I get lots of smiles and attention from people swimming, it's lots of fun. Tonight, mummy and I are going to a story time about a bear hunt, I'll probably get told off for shouting though! It's the start of the weekend tonight so we have Daddy home for 2 days which we are very excited about! It does mean I'm not likely to get on my blog, so I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love 

Ella xx

PS- I pooped in the pool today and Mummy was very embarrassed- hahahahaha, when you've got to go!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First few days in Dubai

Last Thursday, mummy and I flew on a very big plane to Dubai so that we can live with daddy again. I don't remember much of the flight as I fell asleep 10 minutes after take off and mummy didn't wake me up until half an hour before we landed! Daddy met us Friday morning at the airport. I was very confused by the sun being up so early in the morning so had a nap in the car whilst daddy drove around the city to show mummy our new home. 

I woke up when we arrived at our new home. There were lots of unpacked boxes- typical daddy- so mummy would be kept busy making the apartment look like home for a few days! It is very warm over here so the entire apartment is tiled, they hurt my head when fall over so I am remembering to lift my head up now before I hit the floor! I'm thinking I should start to try and walk soon, but these tiles worry me slightly...

Daddy took us for some lunch at the Ibn Battuta mall and we also some food shopping in a big Geant. The food is very similar to being back in the UK, but I heard mummy complaining how expensive everything was! Mummy and I were very tired from our journey so went back to the apartment for a quick nap!

The following day, we went to the beach- it was my first time! The waves were loud and scared me to start with, but daddy soon had me splashing around in the water. It was so much fun and very tiring, so I had to go back for another sleep...

After I had slept, daddy took us for a walk around our neighbourhood so we could get familiar with it. There are lots of shops and restaurants here so we have plenty to do! Mummy and I were sad that daddy had to go back to work on Sunday (they have funny weekends here!) and we missed him lots. So mummy took me to the pool for a swim and because I love it so much, we go every morning after we have had our coffee in Starbucks on The Walk. 

Today mummy took me to our first baby group, but when we arrived, it had been cancelled! We went to the park instead and I played in the sandpit with a baby who's name I can't remember. He liked eating the sand too.

I think I am going to like it here!

Lots of love and kisses

Ella Bella xx 

Hello from Dubai!

My name is Ella Rose White and I moved to Dubai last Friday to begin a new adventure with my Mummy and Daddy. They thought it would be a good idea for me to start keeping my very own blog so that all the people I love most in the world can see what I am getting up to! I hope you enjoy following me on my journey!

This is me in our new home (It's very big and makes my voice echo so I shout a lot!)