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Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Day at Nursery

So today I gave in and stayed at nursery for the whole morning. Mummy dropped me off just after 8:30am and I cried a little bit to start with. After all the other children had arrived, we went to the soft play area which is a lot of fun. There are lots of tunnels and things for me to climb! After soft play it was snack time. I ate all of my snacks this time and Mummy had put a juice in my bag as a treat. I drank most of it and spilt a little of it down my top. After snack time we did some painting and I managed to paint my top so I was changed before we went outside to the playground. There is also a huge room in my nursery that has been made to look like a miniature town. There are wooden houses, a bakery, a post office with a post box, telephone booths and so much more. We spent some time in there before going back to play in the classroom. Before I knew it mummy had arrived to pick me up. I was so excited to see her, I showed her everything I had been playing with and tried to tell her about everything I had done. It was such a fun day. I said bye bye to my teacher and the teaching assistants and I was very glad when Mummy said I can go back again on Tuesday!

We had a lovely weekend. I hope you all did too. I spent yesterday afternoon at Toby's house to celebrate his birthday. He had a Finding Nemo themed party with a big bouncy castle that was great fun! I ate lots of party food and had lots of juice, Mummy and Daddy said the sugar had made me go wild, but I was just loving being there and playing! I think Toby had a lovely party too. His mummy has told my Mummy that Toby has been playing with the police car I bought for him today! I'm glad he liked it because I really liked it too! I hope Mummy will buy one for me for my birthday! Tomorrow I am going to have lunch with Toby's mummy and little sister. Toby will be in nursery so I won't get to see him which is a shame as I was hoping he'd bring the police car for us to play with. Oh well.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dubai Summer

Summer is most definitely on its way here and it is getting more humid every day! Yesterday it was really warm until after 6pm so we spent most of the day inside playing. None of us are looking forward to the summer this year in Dubai! Finding ways to keep me entertained is hard for Mummy, especially when nursery will finish at the end of June for 2 months. We have been thinking about me going to a summer camp but I'm not too keen on the idea at the moment, I still don't like nursery all that much!

I was taken to nursery again on Thursday morning and as always I let Mummy know I was very unhappy about it. I gave up crying a little while later and was very happy when my class went out to play in the sandpit. I played in the big wooden boat with my new friend Sara and I felt just like my Granddad- he is a pilot and has one of the best jobs ever! After we had played outside, we were taken in to our classroom for snack time. I like snack time, but I really don't like it when my snacks are taken away from me before I have finished! That made me very upset again and after a couple of hours at nursery, Mummy finally came to get me. I was absolutely shattered and asked to go straight to bed when we got home.

Mummy took me to play at Dhani and Lila's in the afternoon which was a lot of fun! They have a big playroom full of toys! Their mummy made popcorn and cake for us too! We couldn't stay very long as we had arranged to go for dinner at the Hilton with some of Daddies friends in the evening. I like to go to the Hilton as there is a big outdoor play area for me. After we had all eaten dinner, Mummy put me in my stroller with In the Night Garden on my iPad and I fell asleep. I woke up very late when we arrived home and was so tired, I couldn't wait to go to bed! Nursery is really wearing me out!

Yesterday we had a quiet day playing at home. I love the weekends as Daddy is home with us. He treated us to a take away last night too and Mummy and I had Pad Thai which reminded us of our holiday in Thailand. We miss our holiday! Today Mummy is off to get her nails done and I'll play with Daddy. We also have to collect my ID card and go to the post office (boring!). This afternoon though, I am off to Toby's birthday party and I'm very excited! I still need to write in his card and wrap his presents though!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

Tinkerbell xxxx

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nursery in Dubai

Mummy is still making me go to nursery even though I'm not very keen at all. Last Thursday I went in for an hour and Mummy had to stay with me as I was screaming and very upset. Mummy spoke to Daddy about it and he said that I should go everyday the following week for at least an hour to see how I get on. On Thursday I was poorly, my temperature went up to 39.5 degrees and stayed like it until Saturday night. We had to have a very quiet weekend as I just wanted to sit on the sofa and cuddle Mummy or sleep. I had to go back to nursery for an hour on Sunday but I protested for the entire time I was there. The only good thing was that we went and played in the sand which I liked, but won't be telling my parents!

I went to nursery on Monday for an hour and sat on my teachers lap whilst protesting, I was really worried that my Mummy wouldn't be coming back. She did eventually pick me up and so I let her know I was not happy. We went to meet Toby's mummy and little sister for coffee afterwards but Toby wasn't there because Mummy said he was a big boy and went to nursery too. I fell asleep in my stroller afterwards so Mummy did some shopping. We needed to buy a present for Toby as it is his birthday party this weekend- I'm very excited!

I had to go to nursery on Tuesday and again I put up a fuss. I sat with my teacher in the soft play area but I will admit, I did have a bit of a play and went through some tunnels and played for a while. I still screamed when Mummy came to pick me up, just to let her know I wasn't happy! I was very pleased yesterday that my friend Adriana is home from her holiday! Mummy took me to see her and then she left me as she had to go to the doctors. I didn't mind staying with Adriana at all, we have a lot of fun together and her mummy looks after me and feeds me! Mummy also went to speak with my teacher at nursery but didn't tell me what they were talking about. We met up with Daddies cousin at the Hyatt last night for dinner too. She works on aeroplanes so occasionally flies to Dubai! It was love to meet Katrina, I tickled her lots when I first saw her!

Daddy came with Mummy and me to nursery today. I screamed when we arrived to let them both know I didn't want to stay but eventually I gave up and went off to play. I stayed longer today too and so I joined in with snack time. I let Mummy know when she picked me up that I still am not happy with her leaving me. She told me I have to go again tomorrow too! This afternoon I am off to soft play with my friend Toby which will be lots of fun! Hopefully Daddy won't be late home tonight so we can play before bedtime. He is very busy with work at the moment!

I hope you are all having a lovely week. We only have one more day to go until we can start our weekend! I can't wait!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Settling in at Nursery

After coming home from Thailand on Saturday Mummy and Daddy kept telling me I would be going to nursery the next day for a while. Mummy talked about it all morning on Sunday and was very excited. It sounded like a lot of fun. She took me into my classroom at 11am and Miss Vicki, who I have met before and is a lovely teacher, came over to take my hand. I wasn't keen on going in and cried a little bit. Mummy left me, I was only supposed to stay an hour, and I became very upset. Most people who know me, know that I am usually very happy to go off without my Mum and am a very independent girl. However, whilst we were in Thailand I was left with some babysitters that I just didn't like. They didn't have any toys to play with and tried making me go to sleep in a cot I didn't recognise. So now, I don't trust people that aren't my parents. I became very upset in nursery and Miss Vicki phoned Daddy to say I should be taken home. Mummy came in a little bit later and I had fallen asleep on Miss Vicki as I was utterly exhausted from screaming. I was very happy to see Mummy and even happier when she took me out of nursery. Needless to say, it didn't go as Mummy had planned and I really didn't enjoy it.

Off to nursery

I was much happier on Monday when Mummy took me to Junior Jingles. I got to see my friends Dhani and Eleanor and sing and dance. After our class, we played in the play area- I kept an eye on my Mummy to make sure she didn't plan to escape! She didn't this time and we went for coffee afterwards. We said bye to Dhani and his mummy and headed home, Eleanor's mummy walked with us as she wanted Nellie to go to sleep. Within 5 minutes both of us had fallen asleep in our pushchairs. We woke up and our Mummies were ordering lunch for us which was lovely! I guess they had enjoyed chatting so much, Mummy had forgotten to go home, typical!  Daddy had to work late on Monday and I was in bed by the time he came home. I don't like Daddy working long hours but at least he is coming home and I see him in the mornings before he as to go to work again. I got used to having Daddy around more when we were in Thailand so miss him lots now when he is at work. I ask Mummy where he is all day long!

Walking home after lunch with Nellie

I woke up on Tuesday and Mummy started talking about nursery again. I chatted back to her about nursery but was also worried that she was planning to leave me there again! At 11am we were back in that classroom. I started to cry until I noticed Mummy was still with me. I sat on her just to make sure she didn't escape! A little girl came over to play with me, she looked scared too. We did some puzzles together and played with some bricks. I found it very funny when my teacher built a tower and knocked it over! I was having a great time until i realised Mummy had disappeared again! I ran over to my teacher and cuddled her. I was very upset again. A little while later Mummy was back and I calmed down. I had some snacks with my new friend and we chatted and played together. I kept checking for Mummy though. Mummy left me again for the last 5 minutes of the session and I really wasn't happy. I worry that she won't come back for me! She did though and we had a nice afternoon cooking and playing together until daddy came home from work.

Today I am off to see my friend Mia for a play date. I haven't seen her for a long time so we have lots of playing to do! Tomorrow I have to spend longer at nursery but Mummy has promised she will be there with me so I don't get too upset. Next week they will make me stay for longer periods until I am happy. Mummy promised that she will always bring me home, I just don't trust her, she can be forgetful! Going to nursery does mean I no longer get to go to my Mini Miracles or Boogie Babies classes which I really miss but Mummy promises that nursery will be so much more fun eventually. We will see... 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is an incredible place. It was so green, sunny and peaceful that Mummy, Daddy and I didn't want to leave. We wished we had chosen to stay longer but all good things have to end (plus Daddy doesn't think he would be able to find much of a job there for us to move)! Apologies in advance, this will be a long post. It might be best to get a cupa of tea and put your feet up whilst you read-

Mummy went to the spa on Saturday leaving Daddy and I at home playing. When she came back, she went into panic mode (as usual) about packing. Daddy decided it was best he went out and had some errands to run. I was a little annoyed that he left me with crazy Mummy! After Mummy had finished packing and calmed down, she took me to the playground for half an hour to burn off some energy before our flight. We met Daddy back at home, checked we had everything and jumped into a taxi to get to the airport. We had quite a wait at the airport but luckily Daddy is a gold member with Emirates so we were able to wait in the Business Class lounge. There was a lovely play area and lots of food and drink to help pass the time. Our flight was on time and Emirates were brilliant because the gave us a row of 4 seats all to ourselves. I stretched out and fell asleep within 20 minutes of taking off.

Mummy woke me just as we were landing in Bangkok. Once we were off the plane we went and had some breakfast. We were able to use another lounge at the airport but I was too tired to play so went back to sleep in my pushchair until our flight to Koh Samui arrived a few hours later. It was a very small propellor plane to Koh Samui, Mummy looked worried! The flight was just over an hour and I had to sit on Mummies lap- not comfortable. We landed in Koh Samui and were amazed by how stunning the airport was. It was very small and looked a lot like a big shed! Daddy had arranged for someone to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. Mai Samui was beautiful too but my parents were worried by just how much water surrounded the hotel. A lot of the rooms had balcony's that opened into the swimming pool. Mummy had decided against a room like this as she was worried I might try and get into the water (which I would have). Our room was wonderful anyway. There was a lot of space for me to run around in and I was very impressed that the staff had turned a towel into an elephant! We were tired from our journey so decided to sleep for a little while and then have dinner. Dinner was served on the beach which had amazing views over the sea and part of the island. We met Aunty Sarah and Uncle Rich who told us some fantastic news and made Mummy a very excited person for the rest of the trip! Daddy took me to bed a little while later as I was still exhausted from the journey but Mummy stayed up drinking cocktails and gossiping!

We decided to spend the day by the pool and had lunch and drinks there too. Daddy got a little bit sunburned which looked very sore! I had a wonderful time in the pool until it started to rain. I was terrified as we sheltered under a big parasol. We don't have rain in Dubai and this was very heavy and loud! I eventually picked up the courage to go out and splash in it when it fell a little lighter! We met up with Aunty Becci's good friends that evening as Emily and Dan were also in Koh Samui for a friends wedding! Such a coincidence! Mummy started on the Pina Coladas again and after we said goodbye, we had dinner and drinks with Sarah and Rich.

Mummy went on Aunty Caroline's hen do on Tuesday so I got to spend a whole day with Daddy! We had a great time. Daddy couldn't go out in the sun though because of his sun burn but I forgave him once he had turned our giant bath into a pool of my own! We also went to the play area together and had lots of fun until a little boy knocked me over. Mummy had gone to a place called Tamarind Springs which is a forest spa in Koh Samui. There were lots of rock pools and steam rooms followed by massages and reflexology. I think Mummy had an amazing time there. She went for dinner afterwards at a pub called the Outback Bar. It was very late when she came home, I didn't even hear her come in! Daddy did...

Clever Daddy!

Mummy left for the wedding venue after breakfast with Aunty Sarah. They were meeting all of their girlfriends there to get ready for the wedding and to keep Aunty Caroline calm. Daddy and I spent the morning playing and eating before we had a nap. In no time at all, we had to get up and get ourselves ready for the wedding. The ladies spent 6 hours getting their hair and make up done! It seemed like a long time, but they all looked beautiful and Aunty Caroline was simply stunning! She walked down the aisle at 5:30pm and Mummy said she will always remember the beaming smiles on both Caroline and Sam's faces. The wedding ceremony was not very long but it was very romantic. We toasted the bride and groom with champagne (I was given juice) on the beach and then had photos take whilst the sun was setting behind us. It truly was beautiful! We let burning lanterns go into the sky and there was a brilliant fireworks display for us before Mr and Mrs Mitchell were called to cut the cake. By this point, I was hungry, really hungry and so was my friend Charlie. We were very pleased when we got to sit down and eat chips! The adults ate a huge selection of Thai food which Mummy and daddy agreed was the best wedding breakfast they have ever tasted. After the speeches and more toasts, the music came on and we danced the night away. I managed to stay up dancing and running until 1am. I think I impressed Mummy and Daddy!

Mr & Mrs Mitchell

We woke quite late and went for breakfast just before they finished serving. All of us were tired so we decided to have a lazy day around the hotel. I got to play in the play area and Mummy took me swimming one last time. We had dinner on the beach again and I chased a frog and a cat! Mummy and Daddy had a few more drinks at the bar with Aunty Sarah and Uncle Rich before we decided to call it a night. We had another day of travel ahead of us and we were not looking forward to it at all.

We left just after 11am and the worst storm we have seen had hit our resort. I didn't mind it so much that time as I was used to it after Monday. The thunder made me jump though! A car arrived to take us back to the airport and we were sprayed with water all the way there- a Thai New Year tradition we were told. It did look like a lot of fun! We were on a slightly larger plane back to Bangkok this time and it took a little under an hour. Once in Bangkok airport, Daddy had arranged for us to use a lounge that had showers and food. We had to wait 6 hours for our flight to Dubai. The plane was completely full on the way home and I had no choice but to sit on Mummy and Daddy. I managed to sleep for a few hours but was awake and miserable for the last half of the journey. Mummy and Daddy were pleased with how well behaved I was though. I couldn't wait to get home and was very unhappy when we were told that we were being delayed by 35 minutes as Dubai airport was very busy. We finally got home at 2:45am and were surprised that it was raining heavily! We must have brought the weather back from Thailand with us! At 3am, we were all tucked up in our own beds having just been on one of the most amazing holidays. I wish we could go back. Mummy, daddy and I are missing everyone already! I've told Mummy to keep pestering Daddy until he agrees to book our next holiday!

All airports should look like this!

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

It's Mummy and Daddies wedding anniversary today! Sadly Daddy has his first day back in work after our holiday in Thailand and I have my settling in session at nursery at 11am. I guess they will have to celebrate later this evening. I remember having lots of fun at the wedding last year but not being too happy with the silly headband Mummy stuck on me! It was scratchy! We all had such a lovely day that we wish we could do it all over again!

I hope you both have a lovely day Mummy and Daddy. I love you lots!

Tink xxxxx

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunty Becci!

Today is Aunty Becci's birthday so I have a special message just for her-

Happy Birthday Aunty Becci!

Me with you last year! How much have I (and my hair) grown?!

I miss you so much! I wish we could spend today celebrating with you, Uncle Matthew and my cousins. Have a wonderful time in Wales. I hope that the boys are spoiling you lots and you have had lots of lovely presents. I helped Mummy to pick out your present so I hope you like it when it finally arrives at your house (silly Mummy)! You owe me some cake when I next come back home!

All my love, kisses and hugs,

Ella Bella xxxxxx

PS- Mummy and daddy send love, kisses and birthday wishes too xxxxxx

Koh Samui Here we Come!

When Daddy got back from work on Thursday, we were treated to ice-cream at Cone Street. It's one of my favourite ice-cream places in JBR! I went to bed when we got home as I was tired from so many late nights over the last few weeks. On Friday Daddy and I played in the morning and once lazy Mummy was up and dressed, we went to the Mall of the Emirates as Daddy needed to buy a new outfit for Aunty Caroline's wedding. I don't like shopping at all so Mummy and Daddy took me to Mcdonalds first for a Happy Meal. It didn't really make shopping any more fun. We spent last night at Adriana's house having dinner and egg painting and fighting. It was a lot of fun! I won't see Adriana now for 3 weeks as we go on holiday today and the day we get back, Adriana is going to Europe. I'll miss her lots and lots!

Easter Fun at Adriana's House!

Today Mummy is off for massages, facials, nail painting and whatever else the ladies at the spa will have to do to make her look polished for our trip! It's a present from me to Mummy as she is always treating me. I'm going to spend the day with Daddy. We have to go to his office this morning, I love playing in Daddies office! Mummy has to pack this afternoon so I will suggest to Daddy that we keep out of her way and go to the park. We have a very late flight so won't be going to the airport until my bedtime. Mummy is hoping I'll sleep on the plane but i think I might just be a bit too excited!

Tomorrow we arrive in Koh Samui at lunch time (local time) and we can't wait to see our friends there. I'm mostly looking forward to splashing around in the pool and the sea even though I get to do that here most days! I love swimming! Mummy is most excited about watching Aunty Caroline marry Sam. She told me that she has been waiting two years to see this special day. I think Mummy is going to cry and embarrass Daddy and I! The weather is really warm and humid in Thailand at the moment, but it isn't quite as bad as the summers we have in Dubai so I think we should manage with the heat! I can't wait to come back and tell you all about it and share some photos. So signing off for a week! I hope you are all having a fantastic Easter holiday. We are!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almost Easter in Dubai

Daddy will be finishing work today ready for the Easter Break. We plan to go to Thailand on Saturday which is right in the middle of our Easter celebrations. Tomorrow, Good Friday, Mummy said we will be having hot cross buns for breakfast, I love them! I am going to Adriana's for dinner in the evening and we are going to paint eggs. It's a tradition from her mummies country and my Mummy and I are very excited to be involved. Mummy has arranged for the Easter Bunny to come early to us as we will not be here on Sunday. So Saturday, I am hoping that I will have some eggs to hunt! We are flying late on Saturday so I have a whole afternoon planned with Daddy, just the two of us whilst Mummy goes to the spa and finishes packing.

It's been another busy week here. Daddy has been working very hard so we have not seen much of him. I'm so glad we are going away next week so that I can have him all to myself for a whole week (well I suppose I'll have to share with Mummy). I met up with my friends Lily, Lila and Dhani on Monday afternoon and we went to the park. It was cloudy but still warm here. On Tuesday I had my last Mini Miracles class. I won't be able to go next term as I have to start nursery. I had a lovely time though and played in the play area with Nay afterwards. Nay has to move away from Dubai at the weekend which Mummy and I are very sad about. We are really going to miss her and her mummy. I spent Tuesday afternoon with Adriana getting up to all sorts of mischief! Daddy had to get up at midnight and fly to Saudi so I didn't see him much at all and still haven't seen him since!

Mummy and I had to go and buy things for holiday yesterday at Ibn Battuta Mall and Mummy had to get some photos taken so that we could finish the registration at my nursery. I was able to buy my new school bag too, I chose Tinkerbell as she is very pretty! I actually wanted the Transformers one first but Mummy said it was a bit too old for me! We went to Adriana's for dinner afterwards and we had lots of fun eating and playing. Both of our Daddies were on their way home from Saudi but their plane was delayed which meant I was in bed before Daddy got home. I was also still asleep when he left for Abu Dhabi this morning! I can't wait for him to come home tonight! Mummy and I are still in bed. She is enjoying another cup of tea whilst I have my milk! We love lazy mornings but we need to get up soon as I have my last Boogie Babies class today. Mummy is unsure if we should go though as I have a temperature and a bad belly... She isn't sure whether it is because I had injections this week or if I have a bug. She has promised to take me to the beach or pool later too so I hope I'm not poorly!

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend celebrating Easter. I'll be thinking about you all eating chocolate eggs whilst I'm splashing around in my hotel pool with Mummy and Daddy!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I'm going to start nursery in 2 weeks time. Mummy and Daddy have signed me up at a new nursery in Dubai which is very close to home and offers so much more than any other nursery we have looked at. Mummy wanted me to start in September but Daddy thinks it is better I go now especially as the nursery cannot guarantee a space for me in September. I took the last place in my class for next term too! I will go three times a week between 8:30am and 1pm. I'm not sure what Mummy will do with all her spare time now! I'm really looking forward to it. My classroom looks lovely and there is lots to do outside. I saw slides, climbing frames, see saws, cars, bikes, a sandpit and there is a swimming pool! Mummy is really sad about me going to nursery but I think she'll be fine once she sees just how much I am going to enjoy being there. I went in last week to meet my teacher and the teaching assistants. We played lots in my new classroom and I had a lovely time exploring. I especially liked the big library and can't wait to get my hands on the books! Every week Mummy and Daddy will get a report card telling them all about my progress. I had better be a good girl then!