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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun and Friends

The weeks seem to be going so quickly here and the weather is really beginning to heat up. Needless to say we are not looking forward to the summer and are glad we will be flying back in 6 weeks to escape the weather here briefly. I was pleased to get back to nursery after two weeks off, as was Mummy. She has started taking Michael to baby classes on those mornings which he isn't too keen on. Michael apparently dislikes loud noises. I find it strange as I'm hardly quiet around him... Mummy is going to persevere though as she thinks he will enjoy them eventually and I think Mummy secretly enjoys the classes herself! I hope she isn't embarrassing my baby brother too much.

It was Mummy and Daddies wedding anniversary on Monday and Daddy had made special plans to take Mummy for dinner at the Burj al Arab. They had dinner on the beach by themselves and Mummy was spoiled with flowers, champagne and a special cake. Mollie came to look after Michael and I but I was sad when I woke up on Tuesday morning and she had gone home. She was more fun than my Mummy at bedtime! Daddy had to go to Saudi on Tuesday so Nellie came over to play after nursery and we had dinner at Pizza Express before getting in the bath and putting our pyjamas on! It was lots of fun. Mummy took me to the park on Wednesday morning but the heat meant that we didn't get to stay too long. Daddy came home Wednesday night too and I was very pleased to see him!

We had a crafty day at nursery on Thursday and made cameras out of recycled materials. It was lots of fun and I'm sure my parents can't wait for me to bring home my homemade camera to add to the many crafty items I make at nursery! Mummy took Michael and I to play in Jack and Charlie's pool in the afternoon. Lots of my other friends arrived to join in the fun and we had a pizza tea together too. It was great but I was very tired when we got home from jumping in the pool all afternoon! daddy went out to a wedding so he was quite unwell over the weekend and did not appreciate having to attend a birthday party on the Friday. Mummy said perhaps he will think twice before drinking when we have a birthday party to go to next time!

Mummy, Michael and I went shopping in the morning on Friday while Daddy stayed in bed recovering! He came to meet us for lunch but kept his sunglasses on while we were indoors so he must have been feeling pretty bad! Toby turned 3 over the weekend and we had a pool pirate party to celebrate on Friday afternoon. It was great fun, I especially enjoyed going on a treasure hunt! I fell asleep in the car on the way home as I was so exhausted from so much swimming and cake eating over the weekend! On Saturday Daddy got up with Michael and I and left Mummy sleeping. We read lots of stories and played with our toys until Mummy finally emerged and announced that we had to go to the Dubai Mall- luckily we did not stay too long. Daddy had to work in the afternoon so Mummy took me to meet Jack and Charlie at soft play for a little while. It was great fun even though we argued and refused to share things.

The cake was GOOD!

I enjoyed being back in nursery today and was so excited that Daddy came home to work at lunch time. He did however, have to go on an aeroplane tonight and will be working away for a few days. I was sad to say goodbye, we don't like Daddy going away. Mummy has made lots of plans this week though to keep us busy again and when Daddy does come home, we are going on our first little family holiday to Oman. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll make sure we take lots of pictures and will tell you all about it next week!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine at last!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holidays Are Ending

Much to Mummies delight, I only have two more days off for Easter. I'm also looking forward to going back to nursery even though this week has been a lot of fun. Mummy is confident that I am now potty trained so is happy to venture out more! I spent all day Sunday at Eleanor's house. We had an amazing storm on Saturday night that continued into Sunday. A mix of thunder, lightning, rain and sand. It helped the weather cool down a little but sadly it meant that Nellie and I couldn't play in the garden or the paddling pool like we really wanted to! Another of Nellie's friends spent some of the day with us and we played, argued and fought over toys before sitting quietly in front of Peppa Pig after lunch. Nellie and I carried on playing until dinner time and then we went to the park to play as the weather had got a little bit better. We also went in the bath together and had fun getting her mummy wet! Michael and I fell fast asleep in the car on the way home luckily for my Mummy.

Story Time 

We had a quiet morning on Monday and I stayed in playing with my toys. Mummy took me to play at Sky's house in the afternoon. I was excited on the way home as Daddy was on an aeroplane coming back from Saudi. All the excitement was too much though and I fell asleep before he got in! I was very pleased to see him yesterday morning before he went to work. We went over to my new friend India's house and played in the pool in her garden yesterday. When our daddies finished work, they ordered take away for us all so my playdate was extended until quite late! Michael and I also fell asleep in the car on the way home from there!

This afternoon I am going to meet Toby and Elodie at the park. Mummy has insisted I sleep before we go out though as I had a late night and an early start and she claims I'm really grumpy! The cheek! Tomorrow I am seeing Jack and Charlie at soft play and staying for dinner before our weekend starts! Mummy hasn't told me about any plans this weekend but I think she is hoping for some quiet, family time as we seem to always have so much on. I just hope she takes me to the pool...

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Potty Trained

We spent almost a whole work week indoors so Mummy could help me learn to use the potty and toilet. I think she and Daddy were surprised how quickly I took to it but when there are sweets involved, I'll do pretty much anything. I learned quickly that if I made one wee last 5 or 6 toilet trips, I'd get more sweets, lots of fun!

By Wednesday, Mummy felt it was safe enough to venture outside. We started with a (what should have been) quick trip to the shop. It didn't go quite to plan, there was lots of waiting around in the queue while the shop assistant found barcodes and then they charged Mummy the wrong amount and suddenly I needed a wee! Luckily Mummies friend was sat with her little girls outside the shop so she offered to take me to the toilet! I think Mummy was very relieved to have bumped into a familiar face!

In the afternoon Mummy took me for ice cream as a treat for doing really well and I didn't have an accident at all while we were out. So on Thursday we braved a morning at soft play with Katie (armed with my potty!) I needed a few toilet trips while we were out but again I managed to go accident free! I was very pleased with myself.

Mummy and Daddy had arranged to meet friends for lunch on Friday afternoon. I mostly told my parents when I needed the toilet but towards the end of the meal, I was so wrapped up in my food that I forgot to say anything and had my first accident since day 1! Not the best place for it to happen! We went to Katie's house for a BBQ later that afternoon and I did it again in the garden just before it was time to go home. I've learned my lesson now and I have made sure I tell Mummy every time I need to go today!

I have another week off nursery so Mummy has made quite a few plans to see friends this week after being stuck inside for so long. Daddy had to fly to Saudi today for work but it's just a short trip luckily! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

My ear got better by Tuesday and I was able to go to nursery again much to mine and Mummies delight. We spent the week getting ready for Easter which included decorating eggs and making bunny pictures. I couldn't wait to take them home to show my parents. I spent Wednesday afternoon at the park with Adriana and then had dinner at her house when our Daddies got home.

On Thursday at nursery we had a party day. We hunted for Easter eggs, it was great fun and I got to enjoy a lot of chocolate eggs and cakes! I didn't want to go home so was pleased when Mummy arrived and had to stay behind to talk to my teacher as it meant I could play there longer! My end of term report was a great one, but my parents shouldn't expect anything less. I like being a good girl at nursery more than at home.

We went for dinner on Thursday evening along JBR with Adriana's family and caused lots of noise. I had fun but my Mummy kept telling us to stop shouting and screaming. Adriana's mummy made us snowflake hats which I think was an attempt to keep us quiet! It didn't work. I went on another Easter Egg hunt at the park with my friend Katie on Friday. It was a really hot day but we very much enjoyed it. Most of the chocolate melted in the heat. It still tasted good!

Daddy had to work on Easter Day and as I am off nursery for two weeks, Mummy has made me start using the potty again. I'm doing really well and haven't had an accident for a couple of days now. Mummy is planning to take me to soft play on Thursday which we are both a bit nervous about! I'll make sure she takes my travel potty though just in case! I'll  have to try very hard to not have an accident as being stuck in the house is driving both Mummy and I potty!

Lots of love

Ella xx