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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun and Friends

The weeks seem to be going so quickly here and the weather is really beginning to heat up. Needless to say we are not looking forward to the summer and are glad we will be flying back in 6 weeks to escape the weather here briefly. I was pleased to get back to nursery after two weeks off, as was Mummy. She has started taking Michael to baby classes on those mornings which he isn't too keen on. Michael apparently dislikes loud noises. I find it strange as I'm hardly quiet around him... Mummy is going to persevere though as she thinks he will enjoy them eventually and I think Mummy secretly enjoys the classes herself! I hope she isn't embarrassing my baby brother too much.

It was Mummy and Daddies wedding anniversary on Monday and Daddy had made special plans to take Mummy for dinner at the Burj al Arab. They had dinner on the beach by themselves and Mummy was spoiled with flowers, champagne and a special cake. Mollie came to look after Michael and I but I was sad when I woke up on Tuesday morning and she had gone home. She was more fun than my Mummy at bedtime! Daddy had to go to Saudi on Tuesday so Nellie came over to play after nursery and we had dinner at Pizza Express before getting in the bath and putting our pyjamas on! It was lots of fun. Mummy took me to the park on Wednesday morning but the heat meant that we didn't get to stay too long. Daddy came home Wednesday night too and I was very pleased to see him!

We had a crafty day at nursery on Thursday and made cameras out of recycled materials. It was lots of fun and I'm sure my parents can't wait for me to bring home my homemade camera to add to the many crafty items I make at nursery! Mummy took Michael and I to play in Jack and Charlie's pool in the afternoon. Lots of my other friends arrived to join in the fun and we had a pizza tea together too. It was great but I was very tired when we got home from jumping in the pool all afternoon! daddy went out to a wedding so he was quite unwell over the weekend and did not appreciate having to attend a birthday party on the Friday. Mummy said perhaps he will think twice before drinking when we have a birthday party to go to next time!

Mummy, Michael and I went shopping in the morning on Friday while Daddy stayed in bed recovering! He came to meet us for lunch but kept his sunglasses on while we were indoors so he must have been feeling pretty bad! Toby turned 3 over the weekend and we had a pool pirate party to celebrate on Friday afternoon. It was great fun, I especially enjoyed going on a treasure hunt! I fell asleep in the car on the way home as I was so exhausted from so much swimming and cake eating over the weekend! On Saturday Daddy got up with Michael and I and left Mummy sleeping. We read lots of stories and played with our toys until Mummy finally emerged and announced that we had to go to the Dubai Mall- luckily we did not stay too long. Daddy had to work in the afternoon so Mummy took me to meet Jack and Charlie at soft play for a little while. It was great fun even though we argued and refused to share things.

The cake was GOOD!

I enjoyed being back in nursery today and was so excited that Daddy came home to work at lunch time. He did however, have to go on an aeroplane tonight and will be working away for a few days. I was sad to say goodbye, we don't like Daddy going away. Mummy has made lots of plans this week though to keep us busy again and when Daddy does come home, we are going on our first little family holiday to Oman. I'm really looking forward to it! I'll make sure we take lots of pictures and will tell you all about it next week!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine at last!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xx


  1. Hi Ella, You are such a cutie pie. I just love your smile. I really like your trip. Keep smiling have fun.