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Friday, August 26, 2011

Choo Choo!

Well I have had a very exciting week! On Thursday morning I met up with my BFF Aoife so our Mummies could have a coffee and a catch up as she has been on holiday for 2 weeks. Aoife and I played with my wand and her maraca whilst snacking on all sorts of fruity goodness and playing nicely (most of the time) for our mums!
After our Mummies finally finished chatting, we had a fabulous party to prepare for at Edwards house. Mummy took me home to get changed into my party outfit and Aoife had to go home to make teddy bear sandwiches ready for her and Edwards party. We were very excited! When we got to Edwards house I was greeted by his dog Zulu! Zulu is massive but such a softy, I fell in love! I hope one day when we go back to the UK for good, my Daddy will buy me a doggy too. Zulu was scared of all us babies, and I'm not surprised as we are quite loud when we are all together, so Edwards Mummy let Zulu play in the garden. I wanted to go and play in the garden with him!
Edward's house has lots of room for us to play together but my favourite part was eating the teddy bear sandwiches! We all had to take a teddy bear with us to the party too as it was a teddy bears picnic theme! All the babies had a lovely time but poor Aoife got quite upset. Well it was her party so she could cry if she wanted to! I didn't want the party to end so Aoife came back to nannies house to play whilst our mummies carried on chatting- they do a lot of it!
On Friday, Nanny and Auntie Becci took Mummy and I to the train station as we had arranged to spend a weekend with my Daddies family in Kent. It was very hard for Mummy getting on and off the train with me and all of our bags. Nanny looked worried waving us off but my Mummy is strong and managed it! The train was very busy so Mummy didn't get to sit down for long. I had my lunch and decided it was best to fall asleep as Mummy said it would take a long time. When I woke up, Daddies uncle was in London ready to drive us to my nan and grandads house. It was a very quick visit but I enjoyed seeing my family. Mummy and Auntie Nicola took me to the park on Saturday morning and Daddies Cousin Claire came with her children. They are good fun to spend time with. I saw Uncle James when I was having breakfast very early in the morning, he was off on a bike ride but forgot his suncream! Poor Uncle James looked very sore when I saw him later that day. On Saturday afternoon, Uncle Chris and Auntie Lisa came over so that Rose could play with me. Rose is still a bit too small to play but I like to poke her which she does not seem to mind too much! After Nanny had been to have her hair done, we went to a carnival and fair. It was all very loud and overwhelming. I really didn't like it there. Luckily we didn't stay too long. Mummy is taking me to a fair on Monday with my cousins but she has promised it will not be as loud or scary there. I hope she is telling the truth!

Our journey home to Lichfield was awful. We were stuck on the train for a very long time and didn't get a seat. I was so fed up in my pushchair that I screamed to be let out and cried a lot. I was also overtired from the weekend. Poor Mummy looked like she wanted to cry too. To make things worse, we arrived near Rugby and someone decided to jump out in front of the train! We were stuck for another hour and then had to be diverted to Birmingham. I could see Mummy was fed up so we phoned Grandad and he said he would drive to Birmingham to get us. I think Nanny & Grandad were Mummies heros on Sunday afternoon! They looked after me and gave my Mummy a well needed break! I didn't mean to make Mummy sad, I just don't like long journeys of any sort!
On Monday we went to Birmingham to see Mummies favourite work colleagues! We went for lunch together but Mummy was very sad when Sarah and Carina arrived and told us that Kiran had been in a car accident that morning- get well soon Kiran, we missed you lots! I had lots of attention from the girls though and I showed them how entertaining I can be! I flicked mashed potato off my spoon (Sarah later discovered some on her trousers when she went back to the office!!) and I decapitated a ginger bread man and threw his head across the floor hahahaha! It was so much fun! It was a very quick lunch though so Mummy and I went shopping for more clothes for me and then visited grandad in his office! He has a very big office with lots of wires to play with and hiding places for me! I had a great afternoon!
I have been lucky enough to go to 2 farms this week! I went to Ash End with my cousins, Nanny and Auntie Becci on Tuesday and I helped feed goat kids and stroked chicks and ducklings! On Thursday we went to the National Forest Adventure farm. I enjoyed the Maize Maze that Aoife and I did with our Mummies- it was too easy! Our pushchairs got filthy though! After we had been to the farm Mummy and I went to the pub to meet up with Uncle Gary and Auntie Hayley who had just got back from their honeymoon! I had lots of fun playing in the mirror there with Auntie Hayley! They made me laugh lots! I just wished Daddy had been with us too.
Today I am off to see my friend Lottie Lack! Our Mummies are having coffee and chatting (I think that is all mummies can do!) I've also got to help Mummy do some shopping. I need new shoes to take back to Dubai and Daddy needs shoe laces as we can't get what we both need out there! This weekend will be my favourite! It is Ollie's birthday party tomorrow and we are having a BBQ at the pub! I hope it doesn't rain like it is today! My family Auntie Claire, Uncle Garfyn and the girls are all coming up on Sunday and we are off to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor on Monday! I'm very excited. Next week will alsop be super busy. We have to see lots and lots of people before we fly back to be with Daddy. We can't wait, we have really missed him!

I best go, need more sleep as I had a bad night last night with these naughty teeth! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxxx

PS- Happy Birthday to my Auntie Nicola who is 19 today (that's old!!) Hope you have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Bees

Daddy has been gone for a little over a week but I speak to him with Mummy everyday on Skype- we love skype! I get very excited when I hear Mummy calling him and rush over to the laptop calling him. I think he thinks it is cute! He has been busy and travelling with work again so that should help keep his mind off not being with me. I miss him so much and so does Mummy so we have decided to go home on Friday 2nd September. That's a little over 2 weeks, we have a lot of things to do and people to see before then.

I've had lots of play dates with my friends, mostly at their houses because the baby groups I used to go to don't run during the summer holidays. I love playing with them lots and mostly see Oscar, Jacob, Harry & Luke. They are all so much more grown up than before I left and are more fun to be with now! Jacob and Harry are even walking! Mummy has said I have to wait until we go back to Dubai before I walk by myself so that Daddy can see. I've shuffled a few steps recently but it was to stop myself falling over as I am still very wobbly on my feet! I'll do my best not to get carried away and wait to show Daddy what I can do!
My Friend Jacob! Lock up Your Daughters Indeed!
Gorgeous Luke!
Handsome Harry & I up to mischief 
Mummy went to see her friends in Oxford over the weekend so I got to spend time with my Nanny and Grandad again. They took me to the park. I love the swings so much, I could have stayed on there all day! I was very happy when Mummy came home too. I gave her a big cuddle because I missed her so much. I love spending time with my grandparents, but it is lovely to get my Mummy back at the end of the weekend. She spoils me :)
Yesterday I went to Baby Boogie again. I really love it and even more of my friends came this week! I spent time playing with Harry and Madison who I've not seen since my leaving party in March! She can walk too, so clever! I loved dancing on my own at the class even though I am supposed to dance with my Mummy (I think she is big enough to do it by herself now). I was so tired afterwards that I fell fast asleep on the way to my doctors appointment!
In the last couple of weeks, I have started to get eczema on my legs, which spread to my arms and is now covering my tummy and back! Mummy had to get me some creams and oils for it as it can be uncomfortable. I don't have it in Dubai. Mummy thinks the sun and swimming helps a lot. Hopefully it will go away very soon, I don't like it at all! I do get lots ofd fuss from Mummy because of it though! The doctor was also very nice to me. I think he likes babies, especially other peoples! I got to play with some toys whilst he chatted to Mummy!

Today we are going to the dentist because Mummy has a baddy tooth. Poor Mummy. After that we have to go toy shopping for my friend Edward! It is his birthday this week and he is having a joint part with my BFF Aoife! I can't wait. I need to think about a dress to wear, I have so many! Aoife gets back from her holiday today too. I can't wait to see her! I have to go to hospital tomorrow as I need a TB jab. I had injections last week as I was due boosters. They hurt a lot and I cried and cuddled Mummy. I was supposed to have an MMR too but couldn't have it until after the TB jab and at least 4 weeks after it. I'll be having it in Dubai now. I hope it's not painful, I hate injections.

I best go and get ready for the day! I hope you are all enjoying the summer (it's not been very sunny in the UK recently!)

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxxxx

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Fun!

I have been back in the UK now for 11 days and we have been so busy! We arrived on the Thursday and I had a very sore mouth as my 10th tooth was pushing through. It made me very grumpy and tired which was not helped by the time difference! I was very good on the plane and had my own seat to play in. I was glad to get off though as I like being able to crawl around and I couldn't do that on the plane! My Auntie Becci, Uncle Matthew and cousins all came over for dinner on the Thursday evening and we had fish and chips as Mummy has really missed them! I didn't get any (again!) so still don't know if I will like them. My actual 1st birthday was on the Friday. I woke up very early and was still in pain but enjoyed opening my presents. I had a doll and pushchair, a train, a Cath Kidston bag, clothes and lots more from my family! It was fun opening lots of gifts! I was really excited when my BFF Aoife and her mummy turned up in the morning too, I've missed them so so much! We were happily chasing each other around and fighting over toys. It was like we had never been apart.
I had a birthday tea party on the Friday with my family and Daddy chose a Tinkerbell cake for me which was no where near as tasty as the chocolate one I had the week before! I still ate it of course! We had to have an early night on Friday as we had a big party for Violet and I on Saturday and we were going to see all of Daddies family and our friends.

My Nanny, Grandad, Aunties and Uncles all arrived on Saturday morning and I had even more presents to open! Mummy decided to walk up to the venue as she wanted me to have a nap before I got too busy playing with my friends. I slept from 1 until 2:15pm so missed a good hour of the party but I didn't mind, there was still plenty of play time left! I woke up to see Auntie Sarah and AUntie Sian had driven up from Oxford to play with me and Uncle Rich was there too! We ate some party food first, my favourite thing to do and then I went off to explore who had come to celebrate and see what fun toys there were to play with. I had lots of fun and it was great to see everyone but it was very tiring.
After everyone had sung Happy Birthday again to me and Violet (I get so embarrassed!), our friends started to go home. My family and some of our friends had decided to go out to dinner after the party as we all had so much to chat about after 3 months apart. I slept through dinner but made sure I woke up in time to play with the animals and on the swings and slide at the pub!
We have spent the rest of the week meeting up with friends and Mummy and Daddy went to Gary & Hayley's wedding on Thursday so I spent 3 days with Nanny and Grandad (they spoiled me rotten!). On Sunday we went to Twycross Zoo which was lovely but the rain started so we had to come home! Nanny made a roast dinner for us and Auntie Becci came over with my Uncle Matthew and cousins to see Daddy before he left.
This morning Daddy had to fly back to Dubai which has left Mummy and I very sad as we will not see him for almost 4 weeks. Mummy and I don't like saying goodbyes anymore. We have lots and lots of plans to keep us busy though so we won't have to miss Daddy too much! I have had the best first birthday fortnight! I'm still getting presents- this morning a parcel arrived from Auntie Caz and Uncle Mitch! I wish it was my birthday everyday!

I need to go and nap now before I meet my friend Jacob and Baby Boogie this afternoon!

Lots of love

Ella xx