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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away!

Tomorrow we fly home to Lichfield! It has come around so fast and I'm really excited to be seeing my family and friends again. This week has been the worst we have encountered with the weather. It has been really really hot but worst is the high humidity. We only have to walk outside and our skin is wet, our hair sticks to us and it is generally very unpleasant! I heard Mummy say that the BBC were forecasting light rain in Lichfield on Thursday, I can't remember what rain is like but she told me we will go and splash in the puddles! I can't wait, I love splashing! Mummy still hasn't finished packing. I've really tried to help her but she just keeps saying to leave it! Well, she only has today to finish so I hope she remembers everything we need!

Yesterday we saw some of our friends before we leave Dubai. We went to Peekaboo to play and I climbed the big slide again. Mummy kept taking me off it though as she said the other children there were much too big and I would get hurt- I'm tough, I can stand up for myself. A boy snatched some toys off me and I showed him who is boss! He'll think twice before he does it again! I played at Peekaboo with Dhani and our new friend Serene who is 5 months old but seems much older. She keeps smiling at us and trying to talk, it's very funny! We met with some more friends at Starbucks in Borders afterwards and played with books which was great fun! Mummy and I went for lunch, she had Mcdonalds and I had a chicken salad- how is that fair?! I stole 2 of her chips though haha! She warned me that we had more shopping to do too, boo!!!
It was very strange watching Mummy pick up clothes for me ready to come home. She tried some jeans on me which I love but felt really hot in! Socks! I haven't worn socks for a very long time and don't like them on my feet! I chose a grey jumper in H&M because it was really soft, and a navy cardigan. I think Mummy is packing for winter! She is worried though that I will get cold as she thinks I have adapted to the heat here really well. Mummy is stuck for clothes now though, she doesn't have much to keep her warm here! We think she left coats at Nanny & Grandads though, phew!

This morning, Daddy came home from South Africa at 6am and there was a surprise for me again! My birthday presents were all piled up waiting for me!
I had the trike I picked out yay! I love it and it plays annoying music! I've had a ride around the apartment on it already this morning but Mummy is taking me out on it later! I wish I could take it to Nanny and Grandads with me! I was overwhelmed by all the presents so Mummy and Daddy did most of the unwrapping whilst I played with the paper. I was also very tired from waking up at 5am! I have had so many gifts this year! Off Mummy and Daddy I had a ball pit, tunnel (I love tunnels, especially dark ones!), a trike, megablocks, a mega truck and matching tour van, a train set which I find funny, a scary yappy dog that jumps up at me (it isnt real though), clothes and books, including one of Mummies favourites, Chicken Licken- she will read it to me later! Mummy as always took lots of photos and videos!
My Trike!!
Daddy enjoyed playing with the trains but I was unsure to begin with!
I got over it! Trains are cool!
Cute but Scary Yappy Dog!!
I started to fill the tunnel with my bricks!
My 'BoyToys'!
I have had even more presents from friends! Lily and her Mummy bought me the bus which also goes with my truck and van- Mummy calls them my boy toys! She thinks it is funny that I always go for toys that boys would more often play with! They are often just so much more fun! My friends Lila and Dhani gave me a cake (it's not one to eat!) and it has candles you can pretend to blow out and a knife to cut it with. I got told off for stabbing Daddy with the knife... I love it but I wish it were a real cake! I had a lovely book from Iskander which Mummy won't let me touch, she has to read it to me! Clothes and a Princess sign for my bedroom from Rosie, more clothes from Sima and one of my favourite toys has been the bath toys I had from Cora. I fill them up with water and throw it over the side of the bath!! Mummy doesn't find it quite as funny as I do! To all of you, thank you so much for my lovely gifts! I am so lucky to have friends like you here! My Nanny and Grandad have also bought me a rocking horse which I love so much! I'm going to miss my toys when we are home, I'll have to go to Auntie Becci's and play with the boys!

So today will be spent packing! I've also told Mummy I want to go to the pool one more time this morning though! I like having breakfast there in the sunshine! Nanny said she will blow up a paddling pool at her house and I can eat my breakfast on the verander next to it! She is so silly but it sounds like good fun to me! I will see most of you tomorrow, Friday and Saturday! I really cannot wait and I have missed my baby friends so much! Lets hope the flight home isn't too traumatic fot us!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pack Pack Packing!

Is too much fun! Mummy is trying to get organised (in between having fun in the sun during our last few days in Dubai) and is starting to pack our bags ready to come back to Lichfield on Thursday. I don't understand why Mummy gets so stressed by it, especially with little old me helping out! We don't have too much to bring back with us anyway! All of our clothes are for summer here and from what we are hearing, there isn't too much sun back home. My jeans and thick trousers don't fit so Mummy and I have to go shopping! I also have no cardigans or jumpers or even a rain coat. We plan to get most of it there as it is much cheaper than here! As long as we pack some toys, I'll be happy!
Don't forget me and Eyore! 
Deciding what to pack is hard!
Daddy flew to South Africa today and won't be home until Wednesday! Mummy is worried he will be delayed and miss our flight home on Thursday! She is such a worrier! I miss Daddy when he has to work away and I know Mummy does too. She keeps us busy though so it isn't so bad. This morning we went swimming which I am getting really good at. I can kick my legs faster than Mummy and I've started doing what Mummy calls a breast stroke! I was trying to be like a frog! It was very sunny so we only stayed in the pool for half an hour and then had some breakfast under a big umbrella! After I had a nap and lunch, we went to meet my friend Lily and her Mummy at Favourite Things. I love playing there and it was quiet today which is even better as no other children take toys off me which usually makes me very angry!
Cuddles in front of the TV before Daddy left this morning- I miss you Daddy!
Tomorrow we are going swimming again and Mummy has said we have to play indoors so that she can finish packing our bags! But we are going to Peekaboo with lots of friends on Tuesday as it will be the last time we see them before getting on a big plane! I'm very excited about flying again but Mummy and Daddy don't seem to be looking forward to it as much for some reason. My Nanny and Grandad are coming to get us from the airport which is very exciting! I can't wait to see some my family on Thursday and then the rest of them on Saturday along with my very special friends! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! We will see you in a few days yippee!!!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bon Voyage Auntie Charlotte!

So my Auntie C left yesterday. We all got up at 1am to take her to the airport- very exciting being up at that time! It was sad to say goodbye and we are going to really miss her lots but we know she is going to have an amazing time travelling during the next 12 months! Mummy wouldn't let me go with her though, she says I can go travelling when I am bigger!

We have had a lovely few days. After my birthday party on Tuesday, we went to have dinner at the Dubai Mall where we were able to watch the fountain show below the Burj Khalifa. My Auntie took lots of photos of it and I danced a little bit to the music! Mummy said that considering I had been hyper and over excited all day with the birthday party, I was very well behaved at dinner. I fell fast asleep on the way home though!
On Wednesday we had planned to go on  boat trip around Dubai at 11am but when we arrived, the trip had been cancelled as there were not enough passengers! I got to play in some fountains though with Charlotte which was very funny! We were very disappointed so went shopping! Mummy bought a new dress which I think is lovely! Auntie C bought me shorts and a t-shirt which I love and look super cute in (even if I say so myself!) Mummy also bought my party outfit ready for my next party and I know I'll look gorgeous in it too! I'm not so keen on the headband she bought though, it tickles my head! We went for a swim when we came back home but I kept bumping my head when I played on the steps as I was really tired after being out all day. It made me grumpy!
On our last day together we went to the beach first thing in the morning and Auntie C was shocked at how warm the water is here. Mummy and I are collecting shells and added some to our collection- I discovered that they do not taste good at all! After we had showered and dressed we decided to visit the Atlantis Hotel on Jumeirah Palm Island. It is a very grand 7 star hotel here. It was very expensive! We had considered going to Aquaventure (a water park) but it was going to cost almost £100 and we would only have been able to use the baby pool! We went into the aquarium there though which was even better than the one in the Dubai Mall that I took Nanny & Grandad to in May. I was tired again though going around and got a bit grumpy so we didn't stay in there for long. We went on the monorail that runs along the palm before we left which was very exciting! We also spent an hour in our pool before dinner which was lots of fun!
Getting Grumpy at the Aquarium! 
Driving the monorail!
Next time I see my Auntie, Mummy says I'll be walking and talking and answering back! That's some time away yet. Daddy said we might be able to visit Australia next year and see her for a bit which will be very exciting. I'd also be able to visit Auntie Caroline! Goodbyes are very sad and so last night we went to my friend Lily's house for pizza and wine (I didn't have any wine though as I'm too little!) Daddy had to fly to Suadi Arabia at midnight for a meeting today! He'll be back tonight but then flies to South Africa on Sunday night! Poor Daddy is going to be very tired when we get back to Lichfield next week. 

Mummy and I are off to soft play today so I have to go for a nap now to stop me getting grumpy later! Looking forward to seeing you all very very soon.

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Auntie C and my First Party!

My Auntie Charlotte is fab! I am so glad she has come to visit, she plays with me, cuddles me when I am sad or tired, laughs at me when I'm being silly and even baths and changes me! We are getting along great but Mummy says we only have 2 days left together so I have to make the most of it! On Monday we took her to the Mall of Emirates to buy some more party things and birthday presents for me (I saw Mummy sneak off with boxes to the cashier!) We had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and I ate most of Mummy and Auntie C's pizza! It was sooo good. Eating is probably my favourite thing to do! We came home before dinner and went to the pool. I didn't want to go in my float so Auntie Charlotte held me. She said I was a fidget, but I just wanted her to let me go so I could swim by myself- I'm quite sure I could do it if someone let me! I loved splashing her too, that was great fun! When I went to bed, Mummy and Auntie C were making all of the party food and a cake! It is not very easy to buy party cakes here. The supermarkets don't sell them and bakery's charge lots of money for them! It was a very exciting night before my birthday party!
I woke up on Tuesday really happy and was allowed to open a present from Auntie C which was a T Shirt (pink!) and Mummy laughed because I hugged it when I unwrapped it- I was just so happy! I also opened a present from Cora and her Mummy and Daddy! I had some lovely bath toys that are so much fun! I wanted to open more presents but was told to wait.
Mummy and Auntie C had decorated the apartment with balloons and banners and my friends started to arrive at 10:30am. It was so exciting. We all had our best party clothes on! I had a top that said Birthday Girl so nobody would forget the party was all about me! Mummy put my tutu skirt on with it and I looked like a ballerina! When everyone had arrived we played with my toys (I still hadn't opened my presents!) and then Mummy sat us down for some party food. I had crisps for the first time and really liked them! Everyone seemed to be enjoying the food. I sat with Lily and kept checking she didn't have something I wanted!
My friends all sang a funny song to me called 'Happy Birthday' after we had eaten and played a little more. It was hilarious and I loved every minute of the attention! I got to blow out a candle and Mummy told me to make a wish (I can't tell you what it was) and I really hope it comes true! 
 This is embarrassing but so funny!
 You're all so funny!
Blowing out the candle and making my wish! 
Mummy let all of my friends blow out my candle- but they can't make wishes as it isn't their birthday, just mine! I was also allowed to have a piece of my chocolate cake! It was delicious, I couldn't get enough of it and didn't waste a crumb! I even licked the plate, which was fun! All of my friends were enjoying the cake too (oh except Sima as she is still too little for all of the sugar but in September she will be 1 and her mummy will let her then!)
Stripped off and ready to dig in! 
Mummy wants some of my cake! 
Not even for kisses sorry Mummy! 
Licking the plate! 
Haha that was AMAZING!! 
Oh wait, I missed some...
I can't wait for my next party in England! Mummy has invited my friends and we are celebrating Violet's birthday too! It'll be so much fun. All of my grandparents and Aunties, Uncles and cousins are coming too. I don't think my two youngest cousins Charlie and Rose are allowed my cake though so more for me! Mummy isn't getting a chocolate cake next time so I won't make as much mess! My Dubai party has been amazing. I have some lovely friends here and so does Mummy. I just wish Cora and Amelie could have joined us with their mummies too!

After I had slept off the party excitement, we went to show Auntie C the Burj Khalifa. We took the metro to the Dubai Mall and showed her the aquarium which I love! We met Daddy and went for dinner in a restaurant opposite the Burj Khalifa so that we would be able to see the fountains. I ate lots of my Mummy and Auntie C's dinner, it was yummy! We left at half past 8 and I feel asleep in the car because I was so busy from such a lovely day! I woke up in my bed at 4:30am, saw my Auntie and wanted to get up and play. Mummy decided it was too early though so took me into bed with her and Daddy. It was very comfortable!

I am really enjoying having my Auntie here, I wish she didn't have to leave us soon! I have had lots of sleepovers with her this week, it is great fun! I have to go now, but really looking forward to seeing lots of you soon. Hope you are all having a good week!
Lots of love

Ella xxx

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekends are for Shopping...

We shopped, shopped and shopped last weekend! That wasn't what I was planning to do. I wanted to go swimming and go to soft play but no, I get dragged around the shops! Although, I will admit, the shopping was mostly for me! I love getting new things, especially toys! My nanny and grandad wanted to buy me something special for my birthday and Mummy had told them how much I loved playing on my friend Cora's rocking horse. Today I have one! It is red and so much fun! Daddy wanted to hide it away until just before my birthday but I found it and so I have been allowed to have it! It's great fun, Mummy sings a song about horses and I rock really fast on it! Everyone should have a rocking horse. Mummy also bought me another big bag of balls for my ball pit. It's even more fun now! The ball pit is my favourite place to sit. I watch TV in it, I drink my milk and juice in it, I would even sleep in it (I did once as I was so tired but I woke up in my cot) if I was allowed!

On Sunday I went to Peekaboo with my friend Lily and her new friend Martin. Martin moved here a month ago from LA in America- I have never been there. There is a great big slide at Peekaboo which I scurried off to find and Mummy wasn't fast enough behind me so I ended up rolling down it very fast! I was a bit scared but after the initial shock I found it quite funny and wanted to go again. Mummy was terrified that I was hurt but tough old me was just fine. Luckily it is a soft padded slide so I was able to land without a bump. I also gave climbing up it a go. This slide is about 9 feet long so it is very high up. I tried climbing for 10 minutes but just kept falling down it. Then Lily came and went up it so I followed behind her without any help. Mummy was scared again but Lily's mummy was at the top to help me if I needed her to and Lily's mummies friend Sarah was at the bottom to catch me. I'm great at climbing now, I just tried to climb over the top of my cot but silly Mummy grabbed me before I could get both legs over. Always spoiling my fun! Peekaboo is so much fun, we are going next week as we were given a free hour due to smoke coming in from the air conditioning unit and we were all evacuated! It was very exciting!
Helping my friend Lily cook!
Pretty Lily!
Anything Lily can do... 
I can do to!
We met my friend Eleanor for lunch and she had brought her little friend Eric too- he is just 3 months old so very teeny! I like Eleanor, she is so small and funny to watch as she can't move much yet. I'll show her how to crawl soon though! Tomorrow she is flying back to Oxford so we won't see her until September and will really miss her and her mummy! It's going to be sad coming home next week as we have made some lovely friends here. Some are or have gone home for a few months too but not all of them. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and friends at home too though, I'm expecting to get very spoiled! Only 10 days to go!

This morning we woke up early and went to get my Auntie Charlotte from the airport. She had a long flight overnight and didn't get any sleep. She had a cup of tea and a shower and then went to bed this morning! I decided I should sleep as well. Later I will be taking her out to show her where we live and buy ingredients to make my birthday cake for my party tomorrow! I can't wait, I have such an exciting week planned out!
Auntie C is here!!!!
Anyway, I must go, Mummy is making me a snack! I hope all of you had a lovely weekend. Counting down the days until we see most of you back in the UK!!

Lots of love

Ella xx

PS- Forgot to say, those of you who left me a lovely message last week- Sima, Oscar, Charlotte and Charlie (and your mummies of course) are all in my good books again! The rest of you are not!! (Love you still though)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boogie Baby

I have had another lovely week with Mummy and it isn't over yet! On Monday my new friend Eleanor came to my house to play. She doesn't do too much as she is only 5 months old but she does give Mummy and I lots of smiles and makes some funny noises! She also watches me and has started to grab my clothes when I sit near her. I usually have to move away as I'm not too keen on her doing that and when I grab her back my Mummy tells me off! It's so unfair! I showed Eleanor my toys but i'm not sure she was very interested as she just chewed her top... She is starting to teethe like me! I feel sorry for her, it's very painful. Eleanor is going to start eating food soon so her mummy is borrowing my cook book, I hope my Mummy can remember the recipes!

I went to Favourite Things to play on the slide and in the big ball pit on Tuesday with my other new friend Lily. She is quite a bit older than me but is very funny to watch. She looks after me too! Lily makes sure I have my dummy and when I'm upset she tells my Mummy what to do! I like her a lot! We had lunch together and then our mummies looked around the shops which was boring so we fell asleep! When we woke up they were enjoying a drink so we got up and played together with balloons that a man had given us in one of the shops. It was lots of fun but before we knew it we had to get home for dinner. They days go so quickly here!

Wednesday is Bogie Babies. I have now been to 3 classes. The first class I really enjoyed as I went to the toddler group with Cora and Amelie. I didn't like the last 2 weeks though because of all the babies! I'm not sure why they scare me. I guess I just find them boring and when they cry it scares me. Mummy says as I am almost walking, I am really more like a toddler so the others in the class seem very young, I think she's right. Next week I am allowed to join the toddler class instead. I hope Mummy lets me go to that one. I enjoy playing in the ball pit after the class though so it is worth enduring half an hour of noisy babies! We put Eleanor in the ball pit yesterday for the first time but she wasn't too keen once she started sinking! I remember when I was not able to move much and my Mummy put me in the ball pit, I found it fun until I disappeared under the balls! Poor Eleanor, I tried to show her how to move but she is just too little yet! We also met Lily and Charlize (another new friend who is 10 months old and will have a new baby brother in September!) for lunch. I love that I have made even more friends here, it gives me lots of things to do!
I don't think Eleanor wanted her photo taken!
After we had lunch and Mummy had looked for party outfits for me, we went to Lily's house to play. She doesn't live far from us but it was still very hot when we had to walk! Mummy calls us Sweaty Betty's! Lily's Mummy and Daddy are still waiting for their things to arrive from Ireland. Mummy said it takes a long time and that Daddy had to wait 6 weeks for our things to get here too! I don't think I'd have managed without my toys for that long. We played with lego which we both liked playing with until we fought over the box! I also got told off for opening cupboards and drawers oh and Lily called me a naughty baby! Cheeky Lily! I had lots of fun there and got very upset when Mummy put me in the pushchair to go home. Lily got very upset at the door when we said goodbye too. She wanted to come with us but our mean Mummies said no. I didn't mind if Lily came, don't see what the problem was...

Today I am going to see my friend Iskander as I haven't seen him for a week now! We will no doubt fall out over toys a few times but I do like playing at his house. He has fun toys to play with! Makes a change from playing with my toys too. Daddy is home for the weekend tonight and I can't wait. He spent 3 nights away in Saudi this week again and Mummy and I miss him so much. He is good fun when he is here to play. mummy said he is likely to have to do some work when I am napping though as he has lots and lots to do. I think he is worried he won't finish it all because he looked very worried when Mummy reminded him we are flying home in exactly 2 weeks this morning. Poor Daddy! He also has to go to South Africa 3 days before we go home! Mummy told me she is worried he will be delayed and she will have to fly home with me on her own! I think she is just a worrypot!

On Monday, my Auntie Charlotte is coming over to stay! I am very excited and Mummy is too- I think she is happy to have a temporary babysitter! We have lots of fun things planned and I know the week will go very very quickly. I don't want to say goodbye to her again as it will be a long time until we all see each other again. Mummy says that Auntie C is very lucky to get to go to so many different countries even though we all miss her. Mummy also says she hopes one day that I will get to do the same, I think I'll see if I can go with my Auntie then...

I hope you all enjoy the weekend. 2 more left until I see most of you! I can't wait, very very very excited. Mummy and Daddy are too!

Lots of love

EllaBella xxx

PS- I am conjuntivitis free! Mummy caught it early and it cleared up the next day. I was sad that nobody (except Mummy & Daddy) left me get well messages on my blog though. You're all currently in my bad books...

Monday, July 11, 2011


So today I woke up from my afternoon nap with a sore eye and it made me feel really grumpy. Mummy looked quite worried when she got me out of my cot and I could hear her on the phone to daddy when I was having lunch talking about my bloodshot eye! Daddy told Mummy to take me to the doctors (en route to getting his shirts dry cleaned of course!) so we could check that it wasn't anything to be worried about. I like it at our doctors. There is a lot for me to do, fish to try and grab, a water machine that I can reach and push a button so it sprays out everywhere, oh and a children's corner where I can eat crayons! It is a dentist as well as a doctors clinic and the dental side was very quiet today so the the dental nurse came and played with me. She had really curly hair that was fun to tangle my fingers in!
How it looked at lunch time
When I got to see our doctor, she shined a big light in my eye and told Mummy I have conjuntivitis. I had this last April- those of you at Mummy and Daddies wedding will remember this! It was quite painful and made me really unhappy. The doctor said we have caught it early so now have to treat it with a special cream 3 times a day. I prefer the cream to the watery drops I had back at home. Mummy makes me laugh when she puts it in my eye so I don't fight her off me! Cheeky Mummy! I hope it is gone in 3 days like it is supposed to! Mummy and I need to get out with our friends and won't be able to if I'm contagious!

Send me lots of get well soon messages please!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ball Pit Mania!

Weekends are my favourite part of the week as I have both Mummy and Daddy home to play with me! We had to do our usual boring food shopping yesterday at the Ibn Batutta Mall but I also got to do more shopping for my birthday presents today, so I didn't mind so much! I was pushed around a few shops on trikes, it was so much fun and I really hope that Mummy convinces Daddy it is a good present for me! He seemed to notice just how much I loved being pushed around! We saw lots and lots but only one in pink! I'd really like a pink one! It even had a teddy bear on it and made sounds when you press buttons! Daddy left Mummy at the checkout in some shops and took me outside to wait for her- I know she was buying things for me! I'm very very very excited! Even better, when we got home today, Daddy had a surprise for me- he gave me an early birthday present! It's a ball pit and a paddling pool!! I love it and have spent all afternoon jumping in and out of it! It's so much fun, Mummy liked playing in it too! My favourite game was throwing balls out for Daddy to pick up again!
Playing in the ball pool on the balcony today!
Mummy tells me that next week, Auntie Charlotte is coming to stay! I can't wait, I have so many things to show her! I want to take her to the pool, my favourite soft play centre and most of all show her my ball pit! We are going to have a fabulous time! I've also invited some friends to my Dubai birthday party, we are having it on Tuesday 19th  so that Auntie Charlotte can have some cake and I can celebrate with her and my friends here. Mummy is waiting for her to get here so she can help choose party decorations with us- I have a suspicion everything will be pink! I found some Hello Kitty things today that I loved so will have to tell Mummy nearer the time!
It's also only 3 weeks until we will be back in Lichfield. I'm excited that I get to have another party then too! I'm sharing a party with my good friend Violet who I haven't seen since April! All of our friends will be there and members of our family are coming to celebrate too! It'll be so much fun! I think I heard Mummy say there will be a ball pit there too!! Well it's bedtime here in Dubai. Daddy is off to Saudi Arabia (again) tomorrow until Wednesday so I have to go and give him lots of cuddles now. I'll leave you with a video! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!
Lots of love

Ella xx

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dance Baby Dance!

I went to my friend Iskander's on Monday afternoon to play with my friends Iski,  Dhani and Lila. I made a new friend Lily as well. She's nearly 2 and likes to look after us little ones, I think she's great fun and mummy keeps saying she loves her curly hair! My Mummy is funny. We played with lots of toys including the ball pit which is still my favourite. Iskander's Mummy did story time too which I got bored of quickly as I prefer to chew books. Hi mummy also made lots of yummy food and his daddy baked a cake that Mummy said tasted delicious but wouldn't let me try any! 

Daddy flew to Saudi again yesterday for work so Mummy and I had a slumber party in her room! I scared her this morning because I was stood up on the bed looking down at her just as she woke up. It was so funny! We went to Boogie Babies again this week but they put me in the baby class- last week I was in toddlers. I didn't like it much today, it didn't help that I was tired, so I just cuddled mummy and got quite upset if she left me. I didn't even enjoy the parachute play. Mummy said she thinks it is because I'm used to playing with older children here. The youngest person I play with is Iskander, he is 6 weeks older than me but we tend to squabble quite a bit but I really like him and he makes me laugh! Mummy said she can see a big difference in how I act compared to babies my age after today too, I found them a bit boring. Mummy said we will try again next week just in case it was because I was tired this morning. 

After we had been to BB, we spent half an hour playing in the soft play area. I was very happy there. I love being allowed to go off and play with toys and other children. I've made another new friend today too. She is called Eleanor and is 20 weeks old, I think she is lovely! Mummy met her mummy when we were having coffee in the mall a few weeks ago and I went over to say hello and play with Eleanor's mummies shopping. I like to do my bit in finding new friends here for Mummy because I know she is sad to have left all of our friends and family back home. It won't be long and we will be going back to see everyone anyway. 3 weeks today we will be packing up ready to fly!

Yesterday was my Nanny Whites birthday. We sent her cards and a present but wished we could have been there to celebrate it. I helped Mummy design a bracelet to have made which has nannies birth stone in it- Ruby the same as mine! The lady that made Auntie Sarah's bracelet for the wedding made it and she is very good. Mummy keeps dropping hints at Daddy for Christmas present ideas for her- he just doesn't get it! I think I should give her extra cake at my party and Uncle Tommy as Mummy said he will be a year older tomorrow too! So Happy Birthday to my nanny and Uncle Tommy, I miss you both very much!

I need to go and have a nap as I'm so tired. Daddy will be home very late tonight so I won't see him until the morning. I miss him when he is away and Mummy said he has to go back there on Sunday for a few days again. I bet he misses my kisses in the morning before he goes to work! 

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Dogs Dinner

Mummy spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing dinner today- Roast Lamb and it is one of mine and Daddies favourites when she makes it! I just heard Mummy get very very upset after Daddy cut the meat. Apparently, it is so bad that Mummy said she wouldn't feed it to our dog (if we had one and I wish we did!)and it reminds her of something called Pedigree Chum. So now, I'm getting vegetables for my dinner whilst my parents have a curry that Daddy has gone out to get- this just doesn't seem fair does it?! Hopefully I can have some naan bread though, I love that!

Poor Mummy, she is very upset!

The offending meat...

Holiday Weekend

We have had a lovely weekend because Daddy had an extra day off to spend with us! We went shopping for my birthday presents on Thursday as Mummy wanted to show Daddy all the things I would like to have- and there are a lot!! I definitely would like to have a paddling pool after spending time in Iskander's last week! I showed Mummy and Daddy a trike that I'd quite like too (in pink of course!) and Mummy told me that if I am a good girl, Nanny and Grandad Hewson are going to buy me the rocking horse I love which is just like one my friend Cora has! I loved looking at toys in the shops! Daddy also bought me some more foam mats for the balcony which will help me learn to count, and stop my feet from burning when the tiles get too hot out there! They are good to chew too!
The horse I like and the reason I am being a good girl!

On Friday morning we went to The Top of the Burj Khalifa. Mummy had booked tickets for us to go at 11am but as we drove there in the morning, we could see it was not likely to be a clear view as there was sand in the sky! I loved the lift that we went in to go up the tower- we had to go up 124 floors and the lifts go very fast! There are lots of lights and pictures in the lift which made me laugh! When we got to the top, we were able to go outside to a viewing deck, but the sun was too strong and Mummy had to take me back inside. Daddy took lots of photos though and we could see from inside the building. As we expected, the views were not clear so we plan to go back again soon. Mummy would like to view by night one day too. I think that sounds like a great idea!
At the bottom- Model of the building with facts (Daddy likes facts!) 
Looking up at the building from the Ground Floor 
Our sandy view from the top! 
The water comes to life at night- we watched the fountains when Nanny & Grandad were here!

Daddies office from the sky!
We wanted a gold bar but Daddy said no!
I slept after we went to the Burj Khalifa, it was very tiring, and when I woke up again we were in Toys R Us! Mummy was hoping to find the trike I wanted there, which we did but Mummy was shocked the it was £40 more than we would pay for it in the UK (so I didn't get it from there!). We came home and I played with Daddy and gave him the run around! I'm still not feeling well so I have been having a lot of sleep, but I'm getting better. Today we are having a lazy day. I gave Mummy my cold oops! I wanted to go swimming but I'm not allowed now until we are better. Daddy is off to the gym now and I need a nap so best go.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Lots of love,

Ella xx