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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Thursday was a public holiday over here so Daddy was home with us for an extra day this weekend and I didn't go to nursery. He still had to work, but it was nice to have him at home with us. Mummy, Michael and I had a lazy morning watching films and playing with my toys and in the afternoon we had to go food shopping which is never fun! I was also a little miserable as I had conjuntivitis. Mummy had got some eye drops for me though and by Friday night, they were all better. Luckily, I didn't pass it on to Michael either.

I was still feeling under the weather all day Friday so we decided to stay in and play. We went out on my bike in the evening though and Daddy treated us to ice cream. We had arranged to go for lunch with Adriana and her family on Saturday so I was glad to wake up with normal eyes again in the morning! We went to a burger place in the marina that has a little play area. It was a lot of fun and after all the running around, we enjoyed our lunch whilst watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad.

I was back in nursery this morning and very keen to show my teacher how I can use the toilet like a big girl now. Mummy took me in armed with lots of spare clothes as she is worried I might have an accident! I used my potty and the toilet quite a few times over the weekend so I think I have almost got the hang of it. Mummy and Daddy are very proud of me which is nice, ut even better is getting sweets when I remember to go on the potty!

This afternoon my friends Jack and Charlie are coming over to play. I can't wait as I haven't seen them since before Christmas. We have lots of playing to do together to make up for it! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend back home and hopefully the weather is improving. it's getting warmer here which is great as we have more visitors over the next few weeks!

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Me, Mummy & Michael

Our visitors have come to a stop for the time being and Daddy is back to work as normal so it's just Mummy at home with Michael and I now. I think she was a little bit worried on Sunday but we managed just fine. I went to nursery in the morning and played so much that I went straight to bed when we got home! Mummy said Michael had just wanted to be cuddled and played on his play gym most of the morning so she didn't have to do much at all. Daddy was home in time for dinner and bath time which really helped.

On Monday we had a day at home together and Mummy played with me for most of the day. Michael just sat and watched us until he got hungry! He shouts a lot when he wants his milk. I don't like it when he does this, I find it very upsetting so I always tell Mummy to hurry up and feed him. Daddy was home in time again to help at bath time but then he worked until after midnight as he has so much to do at the moment. Poor Daddy, it's just as well we have a 3 day weekend coming up.

I was back in nursery yesterday and Mummies friend Hannah came over to meet Michael in the afternoon whilst I was in bed. Daddy popped home briefly but then he had to go to the airport as he is working away. Mummy really wasn't looking forward to being on her own overnight with us but it was fine and I helped look after Michael. He slept really well and I didn't hear him until 6:30am this morning. We have spent the morning in our pyjamas watching cartoons and playing with my trains.

Cuddles in bed with a grumpy Michael

I'm off to play with Adriana this afternoon as I haven't seen her since Christmas! I can't wait! Daddy will be home tonight too and we can start our long weekend together. Hopefully he won't have to work!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had a lovely last few days with Nanny and Grandad here. They came back from Doha on the Thursday and we took the metro to the Dubai Mall so we could have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. My silly family ate too much dinner that they didn't have any room for cheesecake! Mummy and I were unimpressed so plan to take my Aunty, Uncle and cousins there next month and make up for it! Nanny, Grandad and I went out on Friday for a walk and stopped for ice cream then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my toys at home before they had to head back to their hotel and pack.

Playing in the Gold Souk with Nanny

On Friday night, I was allowed to stay up late and even better, go to the airport to pick up my other Nanny. I was so excited when I saw her come through arrivals that I ran and jumped on her! I made her sit in the back of Daddies car with me and play games. It was very late when we got home and I wanted to go straight to bed! We had arranged to meet up with nanny and Grandad on saturday morning before they had to leave for the airport. We all had a lovely long breakfast out on The Walk together but before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. I was sad that they were leaving but pleased I had Nanny staying for a week to keep me busy!

Mummy and I took Nanny to nursery on the Sunday to show her where I spend my mornings. I was very excited to see my teacher as always and had a lovely time but couldn't wait to get home and see Nanny. Mummy had taken Nanny for breakfast (again) whilst I was in nursery and poor Daddy had to go to work! When they picked me up, we headed out to the mall as I was going to choose some Christmas presents with money family had sent over. I had a guitar from the Early learning Centre, which I love making a racket on! I think Mummy regrets buying it now!

Rocking my Guitar

The rest of the week was mostly spent indoors as the weather became cold and windy here. We spent an afternoon at the Mall of the Emirates and bought Michael some more clothes as he is growing so quickly! We had dinner out together but Daddy missed out again as he had to go to Saudi for work. On Thursday we took Nanny for dinner and spent an evening walking along the Marina and finally on Friday, our last day, we went for a yummy brunch! I was sad when I was told Nanny was also going on an aeroplane on Saturday, I knew that meant she was going to leave us too.

I miss all of my Grandparents and keep asking Mummy and daddy where they are and when we will see them next. It sounds like we won't be going back home to visit until the summer again though. I do however, have Aunty Becci, Uncle Matthew and the boys coming over in less than 3 weeks! I really can't wait and have made lots of plans to make sure we have a fun week together! Mummy is counting down the days!

I have to go to nursery this morning, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and have had lots of fun in the snow! We went to my friend Eleanor's and had a BBQ last night whilst everyone at home seemed to be building snowmen!

Lots of love,

Ella xxx

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boat Trip

I spent yesterday morning playing in the swimming pool at Nanny & Grandad's hotel. It was great fun but I was a little bit cold when I finally got out! Mummy and Michael came to meet us and we went out for lunch along the marina where we found a restaurant with a play area outside. I was too busy playing to eat my lunch which Mummy didn't seem too happy about! Afterwards we wandered along the marina and went for coffee and cake before looking at the Dubai ferry and deciding that nanny, Mummy, Michael and I would take a trip the next morning whilst Daddy and Grandad were in work.

The boat was good fun, especially as the water was quite rough so we were bouncing up and down over the waves! Michael didn't seem so keen though. The journey took us up to the Atlantis on the Palm and back so we saw lots of tourist sites of Dubai. It only lasted an hour and I didn't want to get off! Mummy said she was really pleased that I sat in my chair and looked out of the window for the entire time. We had to go to a cafe afterwards as Michael needed his milk. Mummy bought a cake for me for being so good! Then I was dragged around shops again as Nanny needed more shoes! After lunch, Mummy, Michael and I all went to bed for a couple of hours as we were shattered. My brother keeps waking up around 3am and refuses to go back to sleep for hours! He wakes me up with all his noise, I get upset when Michael is crying, I really don't like it!

Tomorrow my Grandparents are flying to Doha for the night. I've arranged for Eleanor to come over and play in the morning. I can imagine our mummies will have lots to talk about as usual! I'm back in nursery on Thursday too and can't wait to see my friends and teachers. Nanny and Grandad will be back by the time I get home and then we are going to the Dubai Mall to have dinner with Daddy and watch the fountains, one of my favourite things to do here! It's a shame this week is going so fast, I'm really going to miss Nanny and Grandad when they leave on Saturday. I'll have to make the most of them being here for now!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

I woke up last Saturday morning to find my Grandparents had arrived, I was super excited to see them! They had landed very late so needed to sleep in but once they were up, I had lots of extra Christmas presents to open for Mummy, Daddy, Michael and I. We were very spoiled by my grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. I'm surprised Nanny had any room for hers and grandad's clothes after packing so much for us! We had another Christmas dinner- this time Mummy actually cooked!

On Sunday, Michael had to go to hospital with Mummy and Nanny so Grandad and I went for a walk along the marina. We all met up for lunch afterwards and then had to go shopping as Grandad needed shoes! He takes longer than my Mummy to buy shoes... It was boring. Daddy had to go to Abu Dhabi, it was his first full day back at work since Michael was born and we missed him lots.

I went out with my Grandparents on New Years Eve, it was very quiet around our area as I guess people were getting ready for their parties. We were staying in and watching the fireworks from our balcony. Our view over the Palm is brilliant for watching fireworks at the Atlantis hotel. We were also able to see 3 other displays from nearby hotels. I loved it but Michael slept through all of the noise so he missed out! We had arranged to have brunch at Bubbalicious on New Years Day. It was great fun, they had a petting zoo and I picked up a duckling! I spent lots of time on the bouncy castle and ate far too much cake and sweets!

The rest of last week was spent at the beach, playing in the park or shopping (I don't like shopping!) it has been lots of fun! Family friends, Ron and Janis, flew over from Doha at the weekend to spend an evening with my grandparents and we met up for breakfast with them yesterday. I was very happy to get more presents! We had dinner at Nanny and Grandad's apartment yesterday evening and I was so tired when we got home that I slept in until 8am this morning. I think I made Mummy very happy!

I have my grandparents here until Saturday so have lots of plans to keep us busy. My Nanny White arrives Friday evening too! I'm very much looking forward to having her to stay next! Michael is looking forward to meeting our Nanny for the first time too. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I was very sad when our Christmas tree had to be put away on Friday! I ask Mummy where it is every morning hoping she might just put it back up, so far she hasn't budged...

Lots of love,

Ella xx