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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I've had a lovely few days. Mummy and I went to a play date yesterday at my friend Iskander's apartment. They live opposite us in another big tower. Mummy and Iski's mummy think we are good for each other as neither of us like to share and both of us shout! Yesterday we played nicely to start with and we had some yummy snacks together. Then his mummy had a great idea to fill the paddling pool up on the balcony for us to play in. I loved it, I got to splash and play with lots of toys. I'm not sure Iski liked me in his paddling pool though. He kept telling me off and got upset when I splashed him as he isn't keen on having water in his face, oops! We made a great mess together and let the water out of the pool on to the balcony so that it was slippery! I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to have my own pool to go out on my balcony whenever I want to!

Today was my last day with Amelie and Cora. We went to Boogie Babies which was amazing! I got to dance and play and Mummy sang! I had a brilliant time and can't wait to go again next week! I also got to sit under a parachute whilst the mummies wafted it up and down on us little ones! It was very funny. We had lunch together as well and then Cora and I had a little nap whilst the mummies ate. Amelie was full of energy though so she stayed awake and I think she was given chips! Wish I had stayed awake now too! I didn't like saying goodbye to my friends as it will be a long time before we see each other again! I will miss our play dates! When we came home, Mummy needed to keep me busy as I am not very well at the moment and when I'm under the weather I get miserable. She filled a box up with water for me to play with my toys on the balcony. It was so much fun, Mummy took some photos:
 I loved playing with the toys in the water but I was very keen to go in it, like the paddling pool at Iskander's! So mummy picked me up and plopped me in! I splashed lots and lots! She found it hard work though because I kept wanting to come out and go back in and come back out and go back in...
Daddy came home early and I started to feel more poorly so we went to the pharmacy to get me some more medicine. It seems to be helping. I even managed to eat some dinner when we got back. Mummy was a bit naughty and gave me a little piece of her chocolate too, I felt lots better after that! 
Daddy is at the gym now and it is time for me to have a bath before I get ready for bed. I'm not sleeping well with my teething and cold, so I need an early night. Daddy will be home tomorrow as it is a public holiday here! I can't wait to spend 3 days with him! On Friday we are going to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa- it is the tallest building in the whole world! I'll make sure Mummy takes pictures! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend. My Nanny, Grandad, Auntie Becci, Uncle Tommy, Auntie Charlotte and cousins are all going to Portugal on Saturday! I wish we were going too but I hope they have a wonderful time away and enjoy the sunshine as much as I do! 

Lots of love

Ella xx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer is Here!

When summer arrives in Dubai, everyone goes home. This week 3 of my friends are going back to the UK and Australia to escape the sticky heat. I'm going to miss them all very much so this week, I am making sure I play with them lots before they go! Yesterday we went to Peekabo with Cora and Amelie at the Mall of the Emirates and I had fun but there was a little girl that picked on me. I usually stand up for myself when other children try to fight with me, but this girl was scary and because I'm under the weather (teething) I didn't feel much like fighting back. I just cuddled my Mummy lots instead! We had lunch together  and then all of us had a nap in our pushchairs whilst our Mummies enjoyed their lunch. When it was time to go home, Mummy struggled walking back from the metro station and we are noticing the heat and humidity more than ever now- Mummy takes too many showers everyday!

Mummy has been taking lots of photos of me recently. She says that I am growing up so fast, she does not want to forget anything. We are going to make an album of our time in Dubai because she thinks I might not remember being here when I am older. I think I will, who could forget about having so much fun swimming, soft play and spending everyday with Mummy! She said I should show you all some of the photos so these are my favourites!
Caught off guard in the bath- I was naked! 
Mummy keeps putting silly bows in my hair...
I love breakfast time!
Caught being naughty- oops! 
Viewing the world upside down! 
Daddy aka The Tickle Monster making me giggle!
Mummy loves this one

My teeth are coming through again, but this time the back of my mouth is very sore. Mummy says my molars are coming through and she can see one has popped through already. I hope the others come through very soon as it is making me very miserable and I'm not sleeping well (neither are my Mummy and Daddy!). I find it hard to eat as well so prefer soft foods at the moment. I'm living on fruit but Mummy said she would rather I ate something! Calpol and Dentinox help, but it's still very painful. I didn't have the same problems with my front teeth, they were easy!

Today we are going to Favourite Things at the Marina Mall. I need to have a nap before we go so best say goodbye for now! I hope you al enjoyed the sunny weather back home!

Lots of love

Ella xx  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

Our friends start leaving Dubai for the summer next week and so we have been doing lots of fun things to keep busy until they go. We spent Monday at the Favourite Things in the Marina Mall. I really enjoy playing there with Amelie and Cora. The ball pit has a slide that I like going down and there are lots of toys to play with! There is also a tunnel and I love going through tunnels now, I wish we had one at home! Cora's mummy took lots of photos of us having fun in the play area. We had lunch in the food court afterwards which is always good fun but I got over excited and threw most of my food on to the floor which Mummy was cross about, oops!

Mummy took me swimming on Tuesday as it was very hot again. We couldn't stay outside too long even though we were in the shade! There isn't much we can do outside as Mummy worries I will get sun burn. Wednesday we went to the Oasis centre soft play like we have done every week recently. I really enjoy it there too but this week, they must have put more balls in the ball pit and being so small meant I kept sinking under them. I didn't like it too much! I got to play on the slide and the train though so didn't mind too much about the balls! 

We went to the Mall of Emirates for lunch and Mummy was trying to get me to go to sleep as I had been awake since 9:30am after my morning nap! I refused, being in the mall is too exciting for sleep! I had my feet measured for proper shoes and am now a size 4E (I have narrow feet so finding shoes is hard!) I don't really need shoes here as it is very warm and Mummy was advised not to be putting shoes on me until I can walk properly, but after seeing how upset shoes make my friend Cora because she has never worn them (and needs them now that she can walk like a big girl), Mummy decided I should have some too. We didn't manage to get any in the MoE so are going to other places today to look. They only seem to do pink or purple shoes for girls here! We stayed there until 4:45pm and I eventually had a half hour nap on the way home from the metro station at 5pm. Mummy was not impressed! 

On Thursday Mummy invited lots of our friends over to play in the afternoon. I had so much fun trying to keep up with the older children! I also kept getting told off for fighting with Iskander (he took a toy off me first!). Our Mummies keep telling us to be gentle and share but we are not too sure what that means?!  The Mummies and children were here between 2 and 5:15pm so I was yawning away by the time they left. Mummy gave me dinner and a bath before Daddy came home to play. I also spoke to my Aunties on Skype which was exciting. By 7pm I was fast asleep in bed. What a brilliant week I have had! 

Today is the weekend. Daddy is having a long sleep this morning so Mummy and I are watching Fimbles and having breakfast. We are going shopping soon and I have been promised a trip to the pool after lunch so I can't wait! I hope you all have a lovely weekend too.

Miss you lots,

Ella xx

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun with Mummy

APart from a lovely day yesterday celebrating Fathers Day, we have had a lovely week. On Wednesday I went to soft play at the Oasis Centre with my friends Cora and Amelie. I got tired quite quickly as I refused to have my morning nap before we went- I was busy trying to play football! We decided to go from there to the Mall of the Emirates for lunch and we met with another friend of ours Dhani (he's 9 months and brings his big sister Lila who is 3). I slept through lunch though as I was very very tired, so I got to eat when the Mummies did, which Mummy said was a good thing as it keeps me busy so she can catch up with her friends! Cheeky Mummy! We all said goodbye to each other after lunch as we needed to buy presents for our Daddies!

It was really hard to find a nice card for my Daddy, most of them were for older children. So I chose a blank card that had a Superman logo on it. I though it appropriate as Daddy is definitely my superhero! I think he liked it! We went to lots of clothes shops as Mummy thought Daddy might like a new t-shirt. She found 3 in Debenhams that she thought he would like and asked me to pick my favourite one. He really liked my choice so it was just as well Mummy let me decide!

Daddy picked us up from the metro station when we had finished as it was too hot to walk home and we were very tired from all of our shopping! We went to get a take out from an Indian restaurant that Mummy and daddy really enjoyed. I was annoyed that I had vegetables for dinner and they ate curry in front of me! At least I got some naan bread...

On Thursday Mummy was going out with her friends for a drink (probably more though!) and was pulling things out of her wardrobe but decided she didn't have anything to wear! We had to go to the Marina Mall to buy a new dress... I didn't mind much, Mummy lets me out when we are in shops and I get to play with mirrors in the dressing room! She tried on so many dresses but eventually bought a pink one that I clapped at as it was my favourite! As a treat we went to Starbucks after a hard afternoon of shopping. I love it there, I get lots of attention from people.
Mummy went and had her hair done before getting ready to go out, so Daddy looked after me. He's lots of fun at dinner time! He made me bangers and mash- yummy! I went to bed just as Mummy was leaving, so Daddy had a night free of baby chores too! Mummy was home very late, I didn't hear her get in. When I got up in the morning, it was Daddy who looked after me. I was eating lunch when Mummy finally emerged. She didn't look too well... We went out to the mall so Mummy and Daddy could have fast food for lunch- I had my first Mcdonalds chip! It was very tasty! We also had to pop to Waitrose which I got bored of very quickly so i screamed a lot. They hurried up though, so I got my way haha!

Mummy has planned lots this week and we are sad because our friends Cora and Amelie are going back to the UK on the 30th June for a long holiday. We will have to see them lots before they go! It's not long though until we will be back- less than 6 weeks- and Mummy is thinking about staying longer as most of our friends are away in September and Daddy might have to work away a lot. My gorgeous Auntie Charlotte will be staying with us in less than 5 weeks! I'm very excited to show her my swimming pools! I hope she remembers her bikinis! 

I have to go, Mummy is insisting I have a nap once the maids leave and they are nearly done. She has promised to take me swimming before lunch if I do. I hope all of your daddies are having a lovely Fathers Day! I especially hope my Grandad Hewson and Grandad White are too! Make sure you let them stay in bed like I did for my Daddy! Apparently big people need lots of sleep sometimes! 

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day today because tomorrow is Daddies first work day of the week. I got up just before 7am with Mummy so we could write on his card, wrap his present and make him breakfast whilst he slept a little longer. We took his present and card into him when we heard him wake up, I was very excited by it all! We bought him a new t-shirt (I chose it because it is blue and boys wear blue) and he was very pleased, he wore it out today!
We took Daddy to soft play at The Oasis Centre, I usually go there on a Wednesday morning. It was lots of fun! I showed Daddy the ball pit- it was very funny when he got in with me, he struggled to get back out! I went on the slide by myself and Daddy caught me at the bottom, I showed him my driving skills and I demonstrated how I crawl through tunnels! I think Daddy liked playing there with me today, he never gets to go with us in the week. I wish he could be there every time!
Showing Daddy the tunnel
Running Mummy Over! Beep Beep!
I love the Tunnel 
Daddy bought me some new clothes today as well as I am quickly growing out of everything! Mummy helped me choose 2 tops but when we got home, Mummy couldn't get them over my head! I think they are for babies with little heads, we will have to take them back next week! I got 3 pairs of trousers and 2 other pretty tops that actually fit me anyway! I love new clothes! We had to go to the Ibn Battuta Mall after playing as we needed to do our weekly food shop. Daddy always makes shopping fun for me. We 'drive' around in the trolley and play funny games. I helped Mummy put things on the conveyer belt at the checkout and when the man finished packing our bags, I helped by unpacking them again! It's so much fun.

We were very tired when we came home this evening. We had dinner and watched TV as well as played with some of my toys. My new favourite game is to stand up in the window so I can see outside, Mummy always looks worried about that though... So now it's time to say goodnight. This has been one of the nicest days I've had with my Daddy. I hope we do it again soon!
We are very tired after our day out!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Monday, June 13, 2011

Keeping up with Ella

Today has been fun! We went to the Marina Mall for a play date with Cora and Amelie (and their mummies) at a different soft play centre. I discovered that it's great to dive head first into the balls and as the pit was shallow, I could move around easily and not get swallowed up! The best part was the slide into the ball pit. All three of us loved it!

I also showed Mummy how big I am getting by sitting on a stool by myself to reach a play table. Mummy was snapping away on her camera as always! I liked it there, I hope we can go again soon!
We went to Starbucks for lunch and I got to sit next to Amelie who didn't seem to want to eat much of her food. I decided to help her out after I finished my lunch, it was yummy! Mummy decided to walk back from the mall as it should only take us 20 minutes, but in the heat it took a little bit longer and I had a nice sleep in my pushchair.

We have spent the rest of the afternoon indoors playing. Well, I've been playing and Mummy has been chasing me around calling 'No Ella' like she usually does. I'm guessing that's my name, I like it... She said I was being a handful today (no idea what that means, I can't fit into her hands?!) She said I shouldn't use the phone after I pressed some buttons and an Arabic lady started to speak through the receiver, she was funny! 
I also got caught out when I was emptying the change bag! It's great fun to do and usually I get Cora to join in emptying my Mummies or her Mummies bag. After getting caught though, I sometimes help Mummy put everything back and like to add a few of my own items, especially Davey Duck as he goes everywhere with us...
Daddy is working very late tonight so I won't see him before bed. Mummy and I are having wind down time, we do this every night before bed. I get a lovely cuddle on the sofa whilst we watch one of my DVDs (tonight it's Teletubbies, Mummies favourite!) and sometimes Mummy will read me a book but I prefer to chew them...

Mummy is taking me to the Mall of the Emirates tomorrow to buy Daddy a present for a special day on Sunday. Make sure you don't forget to buy your daddy something too! I'm very tired now, I need to go to bed with my bears- Little Ted and Baby Bear. I have put a picture of me with them on here for you to see. Little Ted was Mummies, she had him as a present from my big cousin Ollie when he was a baby like me, I love him lots! Baby Bear was the first teddy I ever had. Daddy bought it for me at Christmas when I was just a bump! I love him too, he is really soft and snuggly...

Goodnight and lots of love everyone,

Ella xx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Can Crawl Like a 'Real' Baby!!

Mummy and daddy are very excited today, I have mastered crawling (or at least what they call real crawling, I was quite happy shuffling, spinning and dragging myself around but if it keeps them happy...) Mummy made a video of me doing it to show you all at home as she is very proud of me. Mummy also looks tired today, I think it's because she is chasing me more than normal now that I've worked out I can move faster by crawling everywhere. I've turned it into a game too, I hide under the table and go very quiet so she won't see me!
Mummy thought I would just end up walking and not crawl properly, so I proved her wrong! I still keep trying to stand up by myself though. It's very hard, I don't know how big people do it...

We didn't do much this weekend. Daddy is writing a very important proposal at work so had to spend the weekend doing that. We have finally ordered pink blinds for my bedroom and a man will come to fit them next week for me. I guess Mummy and Daddy have really had enough of me getting up at 5:30am! Ooops! We also went out for lunch yesterday so that Daddy could take a break. They had big juicy beef burgers and fed me salad!! How mean are they. I screamed for most of it so ha! got my own back.

Mummy and I have just come back from swimming. It's much cooler today and so we were able to stay outside for longer than usual. Mummy said we can go again tomorrow after playgroup. I'm looking forward to it already! Well anyway, I must go, Angelina Ballerina is starting.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

So everyday is now hitting 48 degrees which is hot, but would be fine for us to still go outside if it wasn't for the high humidity and the hot wind that accompanies it! We are having to find much more indoor activities to keep us busy, Mummy says I am an easy going baby though so it's not too hard. I'll happily play indoors with my toys whilst watching my DVDs anyway. I have been poorly this week. I had a high temperature which had my Mummy and Daddy worried and stopped us all from getting much sleep. It started on Tuesday night, I didn't feel good at all. I just wanted cuddles with Mummy but every time we tried to sleep, I just felt worse and it made me very upset. Calpol helped a little bit, but I had very broken sleep, so Mummy had to keep coming to my room and comforting me. Daddy had to be up very early for work, so he was allowed to stay in bed- lucky Daddy!

We had planned to go to soft play on the Wednesday, and Mummy decided that we should still go as I woke up looking a bit better and my temperature had dropped. I was looking forward to it until we got in the taxi and I started to feel ill again. I didn't play for long at soft play, I much preferred Mummy cuddling me, so we went off for a walk (I think Mummy was trying to get me to sleep!) and met our friends later for lunch. I didn't eat very much, not like me I know, but I just wanted to sleep at that point. When we got home, I slept for 3 hours and woke up to find Daddy had come home too. I also felt much better, my temperature had dropped again and I managed to eat an apple and a banana. I was sad not to have enjoyed soft play as much this week. I'm going back next week so can make up for it!
The Ball Pit- My Favourite Place!

I have woken up today feeling so much better but Mummy has insisted on a day inside just to be sure. My temperature is still higher than normal but not as high as yesterday! We usually go to messy play on a Thursday but Mummy said I can do a home made messy play instead, I lovel it when we do that! 

This week, Mummy has been showing me photos on my Nannies Facebook page- some of them are very funny! Most were taken before I was born and everyone looks different, especially my cousins Ollie and Jake! The photos made me laugh! Mummy has been trying to get me to say more words after being very excited that I said bath last week. She was showing me a photo of my Nanny and I said 'Nana' which made her very excited again! It's not that clever, I just preferred Nana to Nanny! So now I can say 4 (what Mummy and Daddy call real) words. Being able to say things is great as I get such a funny reaction from my parents. They dance around the living room with me and throw me in the air, it's great fun!
This is the photo I saw of my 'Nana'. Look at all the wine she and Daddy are drinking!

Anyway, time to go and have breakfast! I hope everyone back home is well and having as much fun as I am!

Lots of love

Ella xx

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Dubai Brunch

On Friday we went to the Jumeira Beach Hotel for brunch with friends. It was a very big hotel near the sea and it's shaped like a wave!! We had such a lovely day!
We arrived at 12:30pm and were able to help ourselves to food and drink until 4:30pm. I shared Mummy and daddies food and ate lots of salad, beef, chicken and tried duck which was really yummy! Mummy let me have a little taste of her pudding as a treat too. Cora and I were very good and sat in our highchairs for over an hour and a half and when we got fed up, our Mummies let us play on the floor. We had lots of fun, first we emptied Cora's change bag and then I played under the highchair whilst Cora tried to climb into the basket under my pushchair. Our Mummies thought we were very funny so we did even more naughty stuff.

At 4:30pm, we had to leave the brunch so decided to go back to Cora's house so that our Mummies and Daddies could have another drink and Cora and I could play together more. Cora has her very own ballpit! I loved it! Our favourite game was emptying the balls out all over the apartment! We were at Cora's until very late and so I had to borrow some of her pyjamas- Mummy called it a pyjama party, it was fun! At 9pm we finally came home and my Mummy and Daddy were complaining that their heads hurt- think it was all the alcohol they drank! - so we all went straight to bed.

I hope we get to do it all again very soon. Yesterday we didn't do very much, it was 47 degrees here! We went food shopping but then just played in the apartment in the afternoon. Daddy had to do a little bit of work too as Mummy said he is very busy at work right now. Poor Daddy. Today is Mummies 'catch up day'. She does the washing and I get to watch DVDs and play with my toys. But so far she hasn't got much washing done as she has been chasing me around the apartment shouting 'No Ella!' It's great fun! I am going to the pool with Mummy this afternoon when it is a bit cooler as we have not been since Thursday!! 

I hope you are all having a nice, warm weekend back home!

Lots of love,

Ella xx

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Mummies Birthday!

Yesterday was Mummies 28th birthday- that's really old!! Daddy and I wanted to make it a special day that she can remember forever. It was my first time celebrating Mummies birthday and I was very excited! Daddy and I got up at 6am to go out and get a 'continental' breakfast for her to enjoy when we woke her up. We were very quiet so she wouldn't know we were up to something! At 7am, we went into wake Mummy up with presents. I bought Mummy some L'occitane products which she loved, Daddy had taken her shopping to buy more clothes that are suitable for the heat here! She also had jewellery, clothes and books from other friends and family. It was great fun unwrapping the presents! I was a bit sad for her though because she didn't get any toys! I hope I get toys for my birthday!

Daddy had to go to a conference so couldn't spend the day with us. We had planned to meet my friends Amelie and Cora at soft play though, which I don't think Daddy would have enjoyed so much. We met at 10:30am and played for over an hour with toys, slides, ball pits. It was so much fun!! I liked the ball pit lots but it was very deep so if I lay back, it would swallow me (which I wasn't too keen on!) but luckily Mummy was there to save me!
Amelie and Cora liked the ball pit too, I think they have been in them more often than me as they have worked out how to move without sinking too much! I was very jealous! There was a big slide there that I went on with Mummy first and then by myself! Amelie and Cora climbed up the big slide, I gave it a go but couldn't quite manage it! I'm quite a bit younger than they are so I'm hoping that when I'm 1, I'll be able to do it too!
After we had finished playing, we went for lunch at a healthy restaurant?! I had lots of Arabic bread which was yummy yummy! Mummy had an asparagus risotto which she said tasted like garlic (she smelled like it too!!) Amelie, Cora and I got very tired at lunch so our Mummies decided to take us home for our naps as we all get very grumpy if we don't sleep. I slept for just 50 minutes much to my Mummies delight! It was very hot yesterday so Mummy said it was best not to go to the pool when the sun is so strong as she didn't want me to burn. So we stayed in and played lots of games together instead. I also watched the Cbeebies  DVD that my Auntie Becci sent over- I love it! It was all about parties!

Daddy came home at 6pm with dinner from Carluccios as Mummy loves antipasta! We all sat out on the balcony to eat dinner but I got very hot quickly! Then Daddy remembered he had forgotten parcels that had arrived for Mummy!! We decided to drive to his office so we could get them. My Nanny and Grandad White had sent some maxi dresses which Mummy was very pleased with (she is wearing one of them today!) and Mummies lovely friend Sarah had sent her a very pretty charm for her Pandora bracelet. My Mummy was very happy and she should be as she was very very spoilt! I fell asleep when we got home as I had a very busy day playing, opening gifts, eating paper and eating lovely food! I wish we could do it everyday!

Today was less fun. Mummy had to have her medical so we were at the hospital at 7:30am. The doctor put a big needle in Mummies arm and took some blood from her. It was very mean! She also had to wear a funny white dress and have an xray. Now we are back at home and I need a nap before lunch, I'm very tired. Tomorrow we are going to the Jumeira Beach Hotel for brunch with some friends to celebrate Mummies and Cora's Daddies birthdays! Brunch in Dubai is not the same as at home. Everyone gets very dressed up and eats and drinks lots and lots and lots for about four hours! It is very popular here. I'm really looking forward to going!

Well I really must go, I'm very very tired. Our weekend starts tonight so I have my Daddy home for 2 days, I can't wait, we have lots of fun!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Quickly....

A very quick one whilst Mummy is not here to see. As promised, I have uploaded the photo of Mummy in very silly glasses that me and Daddy took- feel free to make fun, we did!!!!

This will teach her for the poo picture!! Please don't tell on me!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

We've Got the Power!

So after 6 DAYS without power and moving into a different apartment on day 3, we are finally back in our lovely new home with electricity! Mummy seems much happier as she keeps saying how clean our apartment is in comparison! It was pretty dirty in the other place which is bad when it's rented out to holiday makers and business people- we won't be recommending to friends and family when they want to visit us! But we had a good few days whilst we were out of the apartment. We went to a few restaurants for lunch and dinner- I ate my very first burger! It was a chicken and pineapple burger and I loved it, but mummy was mean not letting me have mayo or ketchup or chips... We also went swimming a couple of times which I love and wish we could do everyday!

I had a very new experience on Monday with Mummy. We went to a spa. I wasn't sure what this place would be like until we got there, but it was so much fun! The ladies who worked there took Mummy off to a room where she could just about see me (she was having something done to her eyebrows) and I was left sitting in my pushchair whilst the ladies played with me. I heard Mummy warn them not to get me out but within a few seconds, the lovely staff were unstrapping me and out I got! I played with some magazines first- they were great to chew on and then I spotted a great hiding place! So I crawled under a table where a lady was having her nails made to look pretty. One of the ladies managed to coax me out breifly with a rice cake. I took the rice cake and a selection of pretty bottles (Called nail polish I later discovered) and crawled back into my hiding place! It was so much fun when the ladies kept trying to get me and I kept dodging out of the way, I laughed so much and they seemed to be enjoying it too! Mummy however, told me she was mortified and will not be taking me again! I think that's mean, we were just playing...

Yesterday Mummy and I went for lunch as I have been a little under the weather and staying inside makes me grumpy! We like a little French Cafe that is about 5 minutes walk from our building. We had a lovely sandwich to share and the staff fussed over me there too. Mummy got very embarrassed when I decided I needed to go to the toilet during lunch. I can't help the noises I make or the faces I pull. I actually think my Mummy is embarrassing for taking photos of me when I'm going and then insisting I put them on my blog...

Today is Mummies birthday and we are going to soft play with our friends at 10am. I'm looking forward to it! Mummy had lots of presents when she got up this morning. Daddy and I were up early to buy her some breakfast and write in her cards! She looked very happy when I went into her bedroom with a big bag of presents! I bought her some L'occitane products with my pocket money because I know she loves them. Daddy took Mummy clothes shopping and bought her lots of new things to wear too. She had presents from family and friends to open as well so this morning has been good fun- I got to help unwrap presents and then eat the paper!!

Anyway, I have to go and get ready for our day out. Daddy had to go to a conference today so he can't spend it with us, but we are doing something tonight (sshhhhh don't tell Mummy as it's a secret!).

Lots of love

Ella xx

PS- I said my first word yesterday so Mummy and Daddy were very excited! I can say Bath, it's very easy as it's one of my favourite places :)