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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Trip to Doha

Mummy, Daddy and I flew to Doha in Qatar on Monday. Daddy had to work there on Tuesday so thought it would be a good idea for us to go with him and spend some time with my Nannies lovely friend Janis. I was very excited at the airport, there is so much space for me to run around and Mummy told Daddy that I should be allowed to run about so that I will be tired on the plane. I think she was hoping for a quiet plane journey...

The plane we went on was much smaller than the ones we fly on to and from the UK. The lady in Dubai gave us an extra seat just for me and sat us at the front of the plane so that we had extra leg space (aka Ella's play space). I loved looking out of the window but after 20 minutes of sitting still, I got quite bored. Daddy put Baby Einstein on for me to watch though and by the time it had finished we were almost landing in Doha. It only takes 45 minutes to get there but we spent 2 hours at Dubai airport, an hour and 10 minutes on the plane and another hour at Doha airport so it was a long and tiring journey for all of us.

We stayed at the Movenpick Towers hotel and they gave us a free upgrade so we had a great big room for me to run around in! I had my own cot but chose to sleep in Mummy and Daddies great big bed for most of the night. I have a cold which kept waking me up and that made me very grumpy. It made Daddy really grumpy too!

We had breakfast together before Daddy had to go to his meetings and I got a lot of fuss from the waiting staff. I ate lots of fruit and pastries, it was lovely. Once Daddy had left, Mummy took me up to the recreation floor of the hotel where she had discovered a play room. There were no other children there so I had it al to myself! I loved it in there but after half an hour I started falling over and bumping into things so Mummy decided it was time for me to sleep!

I made up for the lack of sleep by sleeping in my pushchair whilst Mummy wandered around the hotel. When I woke up, we were at the Four Seasons Hotel and Janis was with us! She and Mummy chatted lots over coffee and minty drinks whilst I ate, played, laughed and coloured in my books. We were able to sit outside by the hotel's pol and beach area as it was a very warm but not too hot day in Doha. It was a little more humid than it is in Dubai but we are so lucky to have such great weather at this time of year. Mummy says it's usually freezing at home now and everyone is wearing jumpers, hats and scarves!

Daddy came back just in time for us to have lunch at our hotel and said there was time for me to go back to the play room before we had to go to the airport. At 3pm the hotels driver took us to the airport so we could check in. This time the flight was full but we had 2 seats in the front together so there was extra leg space. I was too tired to play too much and happily watched Baby Einstein whilst eating my dinner. Before I knew it we were back in Dubai and I was feeling very tired. I must have fallen asleep in the car on the way home as I woke up in my cot at 6:45am this morning!

Mummy and I went out for breakfast this morning and a man told her he thought I looked like a boy. Mummy was most upset by the comment so told him off. I didn't care much, I thought he looked like a fish! I made sure I made a mess for him to clean up too! Mummy didn't even attempt to pick up the crumbs or yoghurt that I threw hahahahaha!!

I'm struggling to sleep at the moment as my cold is blocking my nose and now I have a cough. Mummy is rubbing Vicks on my chest which smells funny but is helping! We have had a lazy day watching Barney and playing with my toys. Mummy has just made dinner ready for this evening and I am getting tired so it's time for my nap. Tomorrow I have my Boogie Babies class! I can't wait. Mummies friend Richard is coming to stay too. He'll be here until Monday. We are going for a brunch this weekend which should be lots of fun! I'll not be back on here for a while as I'll be busy entertaining Rich no doubt but I'll be back next week with an update!

I hope you are all having a nice week.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Qatar Bound

Today Mummy and I spent time at the Mall of the Emirates to get a few more halloween and Christmas bits. Mummy took me to Toy Store Cafe where I was able to play on the slides whilst she had coffee. We looked around my favourite toy shop afterwards and I found something that I would love to have for Christmas. It was a battery operated convertible car with 2 seats! Mummy says I'm too little this year but if I'm really good next year, she will have a word with Father Christmas! After lunch Mummy took me to Peekaboo to play. I did lots of colouring and played (and ate) with the playdoh.
We went to the Dubai Mall when we finished playing at Peekaboo. After the tiring journey on the metro, I fell asleep so Mummy no doubt went shopping. I woke up in Hamleys. It's an amazing shop! I've never seen so many toys in one place! It also had a free play area that I was allowed to run around in until Mummy said it was time to go to see the fish! I love the Dubai Aquarium, I wish we could go everyday. Daddy arranged to meet us at the mall after work so Mummy and I went to the Early Learning Centre as there is another play area there. I spent almost an hour in there until Daddy finally met us and we went for dinner. It was half past 8 when we got home this evening- well past my bedtime! I'm just finishing off my milk and then I think it's best I go to bed.

We are flying to Qatar tomorrow evening. Daddy has to work there on Tuesday and Mummy and I are meeting up with some family friends ron and Janis. We are looking forward to seeing them and to visiting a new country over here. Mummy and I are having a quiet day tomorrow although we may go and build sandcastles. There were sightings of hammerhead sharks close to the shore on our beach over the weekend and as the water has been quite rough there have also been a lot of sea snakes sighted. Mummy and I think it's best that we don't spend too much time in the sea at the moment! I like sharks, especially the ones in the aquarium but I don't fancy meeting one on the sea!

I'll come back and tell you all about our adventures in Doha later this week! I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend as much as we have.

Lots of love

Ella Bella xx

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Long Time No Blogging

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time. Mummy and I have been super busy again and then we had a tummy bug so were feeling sorry for ourselves! Hopefully you have been keeping up with my Facebook page so you'll know what I'm up to anyway!

Last weekend Daddy went to Saudi again so Mummy and I had to keep ourselves busy busy! We spent Saturday shopping in the Mall of Emirates and Mummy bought my Halloween costume. We tried it on earlier this week to make sure it fits me. It does and I love it! Mummy took photos of me laughing at myself in the mirror. She doesn't want me to put them on here as it'll spoil the surprise for my halloween party guests next week. I promise to show it after that. We also did some more Christmas shopping and Mummy bought me more buckets and spades a new Tinkerbell beach towel- I love it! We spend a lot of time at the beach now.

On Sunday we went back to the Mall of Emirates so that I could go to Peekaboo and play. Mummy took me for lunch at my favourite restaurant after that- they always give me lots of attention, a balloon and a toy when we go there! She did more blinking shopping as she wanted a new bikini and then we headed home as we had to get ready to go to dinner at my friend Adrianna's house. We had squid which I've never had before but I really liked it. Oh and salmon, I ate so much it was delicious! Adrianna's daddy works with mine but he didn't have to go to Saudi this week so he was able to join us for dinner too.

We spent Monday morning at home. Mummy said she had to catch up with the laundry so I kept myself busy playing with my toys. After my nap we went to the beach with Adrianna, her big sister Angela and their mummy. I love the sea but Mummy was a little concerned as the waves were much bigger than normal and she told me off for trying to jump out of her arms when they came towards us- spoil sport! We made big sandcastles and played together before Mummy said I had to go home for dinner. The sun was setting anyway so I didn't mind too much. Mummy says as much as she loves the beach, she doesn't like that we tend to bring half of the sand back with us. It was all over the apartment! Daddy came home that night but I was in bed so didn't get to see him until the next morning.

Daddy got up with me at 6am. I was so pleased to see him and got very sad when he left for work again. Mummy couldn't console me and neither could the maids. I was desperate to go with Daddy but nobody would let me. Mummy and I got dressed and headed out to Favourite Things to take my mind off it. I had my Mini Miracles class to go to which I really enjoyed. We did painting this week. I painted a hedgehog. Mummy told me I had got more paint on me than on the paper- luckily I painted in my nappy! I had great fun playing in soft play afterwards too. I came home for a nap and before long Daddy was home from work to play again!

We had a quiet day on Wednesday although we did speak to my Auntie Charlotte on Skype. She and Mummy were very excited that I managed to say Charlie. It wasn't that difficult but I enjoyed the fuss they made! Mummy and I were sick that afternoon. We think it was a tummy bug. Mummy was much worse than me. I just wanted to sleep a lot but Mummy spent most of the day in the loo! Daddy came home early and looked after us luckily. I was glad he came home to play with me. We went out and I took my trike too, just because I was so fed up of being indoors all day!

Thursday we went to Boogie Babies. I'm really enjoying the music class and now know all the songs and actions. Mummy sings them at home so we can show Daddy what we do. I'm hoping that Daddy will be able to take me to a class soon so that he can see how much fun I have. I spent an hour in the soft play area after the class with my friends Toby and Nay. Toby's mummy is due to have a baby this week so I'm not sure if we will see them next week. Mummy is very excited for them, she says she loves other people having new babies as she gets lots of cuddles without any of the hard work. I hope she doesn't mean I was hard work...

We have had a relatively relaxing weekend. We did our usual Friday morning shopping yesterday. We decided to go to Waitrose at our local mall as Mummy wanted Daddy to take me on the little train there but it wasn't running. I was very disappointed. Mummy promised we will go on again another time. We came home, I napped before lunch and then we all went to the pool. I love the pool. I can doggy paddle on my own with my armbands now. I still swallow water but I don't mind too much. Mummy and Daddy are glad that I'm very confident in the water.

Today we went to Ikea as Mummy decided it was about time we got light shades in the apartment!  We have been here for 6 months now so I guess it really was about time! Daddy had to put them up of course! I spoke to my Nanny, Grandad and Auntie Nicola on Skype this afternoon too. I was a bit busy with my toys to say too much though. It was nice to see them though!

Daddy is going back to work tomorrow and our weekend is over. On Monday we are flying to Qatar as Daddy has to work away again. Mummy and I have decided to go with him and see some very dear family friends who live there too. I'm looking forward to seeing Ron & Janis and showing them how good I am at walking, running and jumping now. I think they'll have a shock when they see me!

I hope you are all having lovely weekends and the weather isn't too cold.

Lots of love

Ella xx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm on Facebook

Mummy has helped me set up a Facebook page which is linked to her account so that I can keep my family and friends (you'll be known as my 'Fans' though, I like that!) updated daily with my adventures in Dubai! Please bear with me as it is very new to me and I'm just getting to grips with how to use it! I hope you like it!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

Friday, October 14, 2011

Daddy's in Saudi :(

Daddy has made sure Mummy and I had a lovely couple of days before he went to Saudi tonight. We are really going to miss him! I took Daddy to the beach on Wednesday evening so he got to see how much I love it there now. We went out afterwards and had ice-cream on The Walk and Mummy had a nose around the market. It was full of pretty dresses and jewellery. I went on my trike, it's so much fun and Daddy is definitely better at pushing me on it than Mummy!

Daddy did a half day on Thursday so came to meet us at the Marina Mall after I had finished Boogie Babies and had some snacks with my friend Eleanor whilst our mummies chatted over coffee again! We did a little shopping which was boring so I had a long nap! Daddy bought Mummy a lovely new leather handbag that I'm not allowed to touch! She said 'no grubby little fingers allowed' when I went to have a look- the cheek! It's very nice but I prefer my pink Cath Kids backpack off Auntie Becci.

We had considered going to the beach after the mall but I was very tired so went back to bed. When I woke up it was dinner time and so we had food and then all of us got showered and dressed so we could go out. Daddy treated us to drinks at the Hilton hotel and there is a play area there for me. I wasn't too keen on being on the sand in the dark though! It was a lovely evening so we sat outside in front of a big fan to keep us cooler! As always, Mummy complained about the price of the drinks, she's so funny! We had a lovely evening but bedtime was very late for me again!

Today we went to Geant to do our shopping instead of Waitrose. Mummy said some woman called Kim Kardashian was at the Dubai Mall so it was best we avoid it today. It's a shame as I was hoping to go and see the fish again. Mummy is planning to take me on Monday instead though. There were lots of halloween things I Geant that we played with. Mummy put a stupid hat on my head but it was too big and covered my face! I don't like Halloween and Christmas too much, Mummy always dresses me up as silly things! Last year I was a spider for halloween and at Christmas she made me look like a candy cane and a Christmas pudding! I dread to think what she is planning this year!

We went to the pool this afternoon when it was a bit cooler. I have arm bands now as I like to be more independent in the water. I impressed daddy with my swimming actions, I think I'll be able to swim better than him in a few months! They took me out on my trike briefly this evening too. We didn't do anything exciting, Daddy had to collect his shirts and Mummy bought comfort chocolate ready for when Daddy left (so much for her weightwatchers tut tut!).

Saying bye to Daddy is hard, even when he's not going to be away for too long. I know Daddy doesn't like being away from us but he isn't allowed to take us to Saudi with him. Hopefully when he works in other parts of the Middle East he will take Mummy and I too. He'll be home on Monday and Mummy has promised that we will do lots of fun things again this week to keep us busy. I'll let you know all about it next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Lots of love,

Ella xx

PS- I must say Happy Birthday to 2 lovely ladies Charlotte McFarling and Ruth Fitzsimmons today. We hope you have had a fabulous day and have both been very spoiled! Love from Mummy, Daddy and me xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missing Daddy

Daddy warned us October would be busy but it hasn't made him being away any easier for Mummy and I. Daddy went to Saudi on Friday until Monday and so we didn't have a full weekend with him which I missed a lot. I cling to Mummy when he goes as I don't want her to leave me too. Daddy does always come back but I wish he didn't have to go so much. Mummy and I have been trying to keep busy. We spent Saturday outside on my trike. It's getting much cooler now so we can get outside lots. We went swimming with my friend Adrianna on Sunday morning, her Daddy was in Saudi with mine so we were both sad! We had a lovely time swimming and playing but the water was freezing! Mummy took me to play at the nursery I will go to next year in the afternoon. We met my friends Dhani, Lila and Timur and their mummies were there of course! Lila is great fun, she plays with me a lot and helps me climb up slides.

Mummy took me out for coffee (well I had a muffin) on Monday and let me play in the fountains then we met Eleanor and her mummy at the beach. I love the beach! Eleanor had a great time too! I showed her how to eat sand and splash in the water. I also tried to eat a few shells but they were too hard. Mummy had to chase me a lot on the beach as I kept running down to the water! Eleanor's mummy made sandcastles for us to squash which was a lot of fun! When we came home, Mummy had sunburn on her arms! She even had a factor cream on but I guess she wasn't wearing enough! She should get a special UV swimsuit like mine!

I didn't see Daddy until Tuesday morning. We took mummy to the dentist and she had her final appointment to fix her tooth! It looks brilliant, you wouldn't know she'd had anything done! I'm really going to miss the Dr Hamdy and his food now though. I had to go to Mini Miracles after the dentist. I had lots of fun there again. I cut out some apple shapes to stick on a tree, I was good at using scissors and especially good at glueing things (anything I could get my hands on too haha!). We met up with Lily and her Mummy for coffee, shopping and lunch in the afternoon. I don't like shopping so much, it's boring! I had a great lunch though so it made up for it! We went to the beach again yesterday afternoon, this time Daddy came! I loved showing him how to splash about in the water and collect shells. I wish he could come with us everyday! Mummy keeps moaning about finding sand all over the apartment now though, silly Mummy!

Daddy has to go away this Friday again and I'll have to look after Mummy until he gets back on Monday. He has a whole week off for Eid in November which we are very excited about! I can't wait! Best go, I'm very tired today as I have a little cold again. I need to get some sleep so I can play with Daddy tonight!

Missing you all!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Quieter Week

Mummy and I have had a much quieter week after last week! We stayed in on Sunday morning and played with my toys,  then sang songs and did silly dances to my favourite album. Mummy took me to Starbucks for a treat and then we went to the park on our plaza which I loved. We went to the marina mall for coffee with my friend Eleanor on Monday and was glad that Daddy came home early to see me before I went to bed. He then had to fly to Qatar that evening as he had to work there on Tuesday.
A little treat at Starbucks yummy!
Tuesday was Mini Miracles in the morning and I got to play in the soft play area before we went in. I wasn't very happy this week and have wanted to just sit on my Mummies hip all the time. I'm just not feeling very well after three teeth came through and another one is trying to push through. Daddy came home that evening but I had gone to bed before he got back.

Wednesday morning we woke up very early (again) as my teeth were causing me some pain. I helped Mummy make a cheesecake ready for Daddies birthday and whilst it set we went for a swim. She let me watch Cbeebies for an hour afterwards which was great. Daddy came home early to see me and then we had to take Mummy to the dentist. She had her final tooth fitted and it looks amazing- you'd never know I smacked her in the face with a wooden block and cracked her tooth! She has to go back on Tuesday to have it fitted permanently, the dentist wants to make sure she is happy with it before he does this. I'm sad that I won't get to go to the dentist again for a long time. They really spoil me there!
Helping Mummy bake...
Ready to go for our swim
Mummy made me look silly in the bath after swimming...
Thursday was Daddies birthday- you can read all about it here as I won't repeat our fun afternoon. I did have a lovely time though and really hope that my Daddy did too!

Today Daddy had to fly to Saudi for work. We had some time together earlier though. He won't be back until Monday night (after my bedtime) so Mummy and I are on our own for a few days. We have made lots of plans to keep us busy though starting with going to the beach in the morning. The weather is so much cooler now so we can enjoy being outdoors. It's lovely! I hope the weather is nice back in the UK.

Well, I must go, it is very late here now. I miss you all very much and hope I'll see or hear from you soon.

Lots of love,

Ella xxxxx

Happy Birthday to the Worlds Greatest Daddy (Mine!)

It was a very special day for my Daddy on Thursday as he turned 32! We got up early Thursday morning and gave him his cards and a present that Mummy and I had made for him. It was a scrap book of our life together so far. Mummy helped me glue photos into it and I added some pretty pictures, stickers, footprints and handprints. I think he really liked it. Daddy had to go to Abu Dhabi on his birthday so we planned to have a party when he got home later that day. I had Boogie Babies in the morning and met my friend Eleanor for lunch at Carluccio's so Mummy and I kept busy!

We laid out Daddies presents and cards and blew up balloons ready for him to come home. I was very excited as I love parties! I especially love cheese and pineapple on sticks (as does Daddy so we made plenty of them!). Mummy and I made Daddy a cheescake as it is his favourite and we decorated it with icing. It didn't turn out too good but it tasted yummy!
When Daddy got home, we had party food and sang Happy Birthday so that Daddy could blow his candles out! I loved every minute of it, but mostly liked eating the cake! Daddy had lots of presents to open. He had clothes mostly and Mummy had put together a collage of photos of us that he can put up on the wall (one day hopefully, along with the clock, mirror and pictures that are still waiting!)
I hope you had a lovely day Daddy. Mummy and I enjoyed it!

Love you lots,

Tinkerbell xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Real Winter Experience

Mummy is very excited and now so am I! Daddy has booked tickets for us to fly back to the UK at the start of December! It's only for a week and Daddy has to work for most of it so we will only get to see our families and maybe a few of my friends which will be a shame, but I get to experience a little bit of a cold winter! I can't wait! I remember last year how Mummy would dress me in super snuggly clothes and take me out to play! It was so much fun!
Ready to brave the cold last year with my cousin Jakey!
Anyway, just wanted to share our excitement with you! Have to go now, we need to get ready for our Baby Mama Zumba class (Mummy is planning on losing more weight and getting fitter but I saw her eating chocolate last weekend!). Speak to you soon!

Lots of love,

Tink xx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A busy Week

Last week was really busy and I've never been so tired! Mummy likes that I am sleeping so well during the day and night because of it too! We spent Sunday morning at Peekaboo with Lily, Timur and their mummies. They were singing songs and playing instruments which I loved doing for the first 10 minutes but then realised there are so many toys to play with there! My favourite is the playhouse as it has a kitchen in it. I also like opening and closing the windows and playing peekaboo with whoever is on the other side of them! So much fun. Mummy and I left our friends after Peekaboo as we had lots to do at the Mall that afternoon. We started with lunch of course and I got a balloon from the staff as I was very good! We had to buy lots of presents as it is Daddies birthday next week, my cousin Elyse's birthday next week and Mummies friend Beverly had a baby boy recently. It was lots of fun shopping with Mummy and because I was such a good girl, she let me choose a top. It's a pretty Hello Kitty tunic and I love it!
Lunch at California Pizza Company Yummy!
Monday we decided to have a lazy day but still went out after Mummy had caught up on the laundry and we had spoken to Aunty Caroline and Nanny H on Skype. We went to Starbucks for coffee and I had a juice and shared Mummies muffin! It was so hot out on Monday that we stopped to play in the water fountains on The Walk outside our building. I love running and crawling through the water and last week I tried some of it but it didn't taste too good! Mummy took lots of photos of me in it!
Tuesday morning we go to Mini Miracles. We do lots of singing, dancing, playing and crafts. I love it there! Last week we made maracas out of water bottles, stickers and pasta. I enjoyed it and impressed Mummy by not trying to eat the pasta or stickers! She's cheeky! We end the session by having a teddy bears picnic and singing the teddy bear song. We played in the soft play area after the class but Mummy could see that I was getting tired so we headed home for my nap. We went to Family & Friends in the afternoon to play with Dhani, Amelie and Lila. We spent 2 hours in the play area and it was great fun. There were some ladies working there that looked after me so Mummy could chat to her friends and not have to chase me around too much. I think it is her favourite new play area too!
This weeks creation!
On Wednesday Mummy had to go to the dentist so that they could take a mould of her teeth ready for her final (well hopefully final) tooth to be made and fitted this week. My Mummy is very brave, they put needles in her mouth and drill away at her tooth, I wouldn't like it. I on the other hand love going to the dentist! This week the dentist made me a special sandwich that he said Lebanese people eat a lot of. It was delicious and he made one for Daddy too! They always get lots of toys out for me when I go there and the dentist keeps leaving Mummy in the chair to come and play with me! He says I disrupt his work! I think he will miss me when Mummies tooth is finished! Daddy dropped us home after the dentist as he had to go to work. Mummy and I went to the spa as Mummy said she had giant caterpillars on her face that needed threading (no idea what she was talking about!). I got to play with the staff and they fed me fruit! We had arranged to go to see my friend Adrianna after we had finished there. Her mummy gave us even more fruit and some crackers whilst we played and watched Shrek together. We stayed for lunch as well! I had such a great time there but after lunch Mummy made me go home for a nap again!

On Wednesday afternoon we went to Dhani and Lila's house to play. Lots of our friends were there too and Dhani and Lila's mummy had made a chocolate cake for us! It was amazing! We couldn't stay for very long though as we had arranged to meet with one of Daddies clients' at the Atlantis Hotel. He was on holiday there with his family so we looked around the aquarium and then left Daddy and his client to go and talk about work. Mummy and I went for tea with his wife and oldest boy Ahmed. Mummy was a little bit worried at first as she didn't know if they would speak English but luckily Ahmeds mummy had grown up in America so was fluent. Mummy seemed to have a lovely time, they hardly stopped chatting! It was late when we left and I fell asleep in the car.
At Adrianna's house watching TV
Thursday is Boogie Babies! I love dancing and singing! I decided to give the little boys a hug in our class. They didn't seem to mind the hugs! I got to play in the soft play area with Amelie again after our class. Amelie had lots of men at her apartment packing up ready for them to move! They were staying at a hotel that night too as it was their last one in Dubai. I'll miss Amelie but I didn't make too much fuss of saying goodbye because she will probably come back to visit next year so we will see her again. Mummy took me for lunch afterwards at the Marina Mall and then we came home so I could sleep before we met Iski and his mummy! We went to Starbucks so our mummies could have a drink and we got to have fruit snacks! Our mummies took us to the play park on our plaza after they finished which was great fun but Mummy is getting a little frustrated with me as I refuse to walk in shoes so either walk in bare feet or crawl on the tarmac there. She said I am hurting my knees but I haven't noticed! Daddy called us when we were at the park as he had got home early to spend the evening with us! I was very excited to see him when we got home and even more excited that the weekend had started so I'd have 2 whole days with him!

On Friday Mummy and Daddy took me to the Dubai Mall and we went into the aquarium because they know how much I love them. Daddy bought Mummy a years membership so now we can go all the time! It's very exciting in there, everything is blue! We also had to do more shopping for Daddies birthday as Mummy and I were stuck for more ideas! We finished off at Waitrose for the weekly food shop but I found that really boring! Daddy tries to keep me entertained whilst  Mummy shops but I'd prefer to be running around the shop not strapped into the pushchair or trolley!
Watch out Daddy there's a shark! 
Mummy and I in the Lion Fish Tank!
We went to Ikea yesterday which was really awful! It was so busy and I hate shopping! Daddy does too. Mummy was very quick though so we didn't stay too long. We came home and played with my toys before dinner. I spoke to Nanny White on Skype but I was so tired I was in bed at 7pm. I'd had such a lovely weekend and was sad that Daddy went to work this morning.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I'm off for a nap now as I'm so tired still! I'll leave you with a video of me having a crazy time at the aquarium! Speak to you soon.
Lots of love

Ella xx