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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Trip to Oman

I've been really busy over the past couple of weeks and have not had as much time to write home to all of you. We are all well and I am still having lots of fun in the sun! We spent last weekend in Oman, in a beautiful place called Musandam. We went with Jack and Charlie's family and I was very excited to take Michael on his first little trip. It was just over a 3 hour drive but it took longer as I was sick in the car on the way and then Charlie was also sick in his mummies car. By the time we arrived at our hotel, we were all hungry and tired so we had dinner together before getting to bed.

In the morning we saw what a wonderful view we had form our hotel room. I couldn't wait to have breakfast and get out on a dhow for the day. The water was quite choppy that day but we had lots of fun on the boat. We saw amazing views of the surrounding mountains, little villages nestled among them, birds, fish and the most amazing experience I've encountered, dolphins swimming alongside us. It was magical! I was desperate to get into the water and swim with them! We did stop a couple of times so that we could swim in the sea, some people snorkelled too. I was not happy about getting out of the water to have lunch though!

After our trip we went back to our hotel and our mummies took us to play in the children's play area before we had dinner together. We sat outside by the pool in the evening and Charlie, Jack and I spent the time chasing each other and splashing in the pool! Even Michael was still awake and enjoying the night. The following day we had planned to go to DreamLand Water Park but after we crossed the border back into the UAE, we were greeted by dark clouds and heavy rain! Plus at 26 degrees, it was cold! Instead we stopped at a hotel for lunch and spent some time in the play area before heading home.  It was a great weekend and I couldn't wait to tell my teacher all about it when I got into nursery on Sunday!

I overheard Mummy planning our next trip away too this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it! I hope you are all enjoying your long bank holiday weekend!

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxxx

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