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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poorly Again

I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep until 6am this morning. I was very hot and in a lot of pain, I just wanted to sleep with my Mummy and Daddy. I feel a little better this evening but overall, today has not been a good day! Mummy and I also had to go to the mall this afternoon to pay a cheque into the bank. I didn't feel like it but did enjoy going on the train. It's one of my favourite things to do! I cried a lot at the mall and eventually fell asleep as I was very tired. Mummy bought me some flip flops and trainers to take to Thailand whilst we were there. I don't think I like flip flops very much, they feel funny between my toes and walking is quite difficult. Mummy says I'll get used to it. I hope so, it's not long until we go!

I was feeling sad on Monday and went to my music class normal. I am really starting to enjoy the sessions and I try my best to get involved with all the activities. I was able to play for a little bit in the play area but my mouth was hurting and I felt tired. Mummy and Eleanor's mummy took us for a walk so that we could both have a sleep whilst they browsed the shops. Mummy bought me a lovely height chart that we can mark my growing up on! It was from Zara Home and has lots of animals on it, I love it!

Yesterday I went to Mini Miracles and painted a butterfly just like the one in my favourite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I got to dance, sing, jump and play with balls too, it was great fun. I played with Nay and Aiden in the soft play area afterwards too. I came home and I spoke to my Nanny on Skype. I showed her how clever I am at jumping on the sofa, climbing on the TV unit and my pushchair. I think she was impressed! It's now less than 3 weeks until she and my Grandad come to stay. Nanny is staying in my bedroom for the first few days whilst Grandad goes to India. It's going to be a lot of fun. I hope she likes getting up before the sun though! I love it when Nanny & Grandad come to stay as I always get presents! Last time she brought over 2 Barney's and a funny worm book as well as clothes for me, I was very lucky!

Next week my other Nanny and Grandad come to visit, they are bringing Aunty Nicola too. It's come around very fast, I'm looking forward to 4 weeks of visitors before we fly off to Thailand! This weekend is going to be a nice relaxing one for us as we won't have any time on our own for quite a while! As long as there are no sand storms, we are going to go to the pool! I would like to go to the beach but Mummy isn't keen on swimming with the jelly fish that we have seen recently!

I hope you are all having a good week and have a fun weekend ahead!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sand Storm Again

Once again we have woken up and can't see much out of our window. I really don't like sand storms, they ruin all of our plans and you never know how long they'll last for! Daddy had to go to work this morning and we were a little worried about him driving in this weather, it's not very safe. Mummy was also a little annoyed that all the washing she had done yesterday is now covered in sand and has to be washed again! Not a fun way to spend another day but I can help her!

We had a lovely quiet weekend. I spent Thursday afternoon with Adriana and we took a walk along the Marina. Little did we know our mummies were planning to go shopping which we both hate! At least we got some pretty clothes from Gymboree and an ice cream each!  We also got to run around and play outside before we went to Adriana's house for dinner. I love having dinner there and I always get to stay up late! Daddy came home very early Friday morning so I didn't see him at all on Thursday. I was glad to have him home but he slept a lot as he was very tired.

When Daddy finally woke up, we went to Ibn Batutta Mall so he could get his haircut whilst Mummy and I went shopping. I was allowed to ride in the trolley with a big box of popcorn! I think Mummy was trying to keep me quiet as I don't like the supermarket! On Saturday Daddy said we could go to the playground. It was very hot though so we couldn't stay long. He laughed at me as I just go around in circles up and down the big slide! I wish we had a garden so that I could have my own slide. Mummy plans to get one when we come home, I can't wait! We were supposed to have friends over in the evening but we all had to postpone it until we come back from Thailand. We have lots of busy weekends ahead now!

I have no idea what we will do today now. We were supposed to go to a playgroup this morning but it's not a good idea to be out in a sand storm. Hopefully I can go and see Adriana later, I've asked Mummy to call her mummy for me! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and having better weather than us for a change!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Friday, February 24, 2012

2 Weeks and Counting...

My Nanny, Grandad and Aunty arrive in weeks time! I'm very excited as I haven't seen them since the first week in December! We have lots of things planned to do as they haven't been here before, so it will be a busy time showing them around Dubai and I can't wait. We will take them for a typical Dubai Friday brunch to begin with, I love the brunch as I get to go and play in the children's area and eat sweets and popcorn! We plan to take them to see Old Dubai, The Creek, and the outdoor Souks, the Burj Khalifa, The Fountains and I must show them the aquarium and my pool, I've made sure Mummy put it high on our 'to do' list! They will be spending 6 days with us so we have plenty of time together.

Just as exciting, 3 days after they leave, my other Nanny and Grandad arrive! Nanny is staying at ours for a few days as Grandad has to go to India to work but then he comes back and they will be here for almost 2 weeks! We haven't done a 'to do' list for the 2 weeks though as Nanny and Grandad have been here so many times before, we let them choose when they arrive. As long as we go to the pool, I'm happy!

Even more excitement to add! Once Nanny and Grandad leave, we have a couple of days here on our own before we fly to Thailand to see some of our favourite people! We have a very busy couple of months ahead! Luckily we have a quiet weekend planned today. Daddy is still in bed as he came home at 3am! He must be very tired. I hope me playing with my chinese car doesn't wake him...

I'll blog again soon!

Tinkerbella xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun With Friends

I've had another busy week this week but have had a lot of fun! Our weekend was mostly spent indoors as there was a very big sandstorm. Our balcony was covered in sand on Sunday morning much to the cleaners delight! It took them a long time to get rid of it for us. Mummy and Daddy took me to Fat Burger as a treat on Saturday before we had to pop to the supermarket. We played indoors for the rest of the day. I spent Sunday at the playground with Adriana after a lazy morning with Mummy. We had lots of fun but after a short time our Mummies noticed our arms looked red so we had to go and find some shade to play in. The sun was very hot on Sunday, it was 30 degrees! We found a place to play and Mummy blew bubbles for us to chase and pop! We went back to Adriana's for tea afterwards.

I'd just eaten a banana. Mummy could have wiped my face before this picture... 
Playing with my Mummy!

On Monday morning I went to my Junior Jingles class and sang songs with my friends. It's a lot of fun and I get to go in the play area before and afterwards! Mummy took me home for a nap and lunch afterwards and then I had to go back as we were attending an Under the Sea event. It was great fun, I got to sing songs about fish, make a turtle and go fishing in a big box of water! I did lots of splashing too! Eleanor came over to my box to splash in the water that I had thrown over the floor!

Tuesday was our Mini Miracles class and I got to play with jelly and eat lots of food at our teddy bears picnic. Mummy took me to the soft play area before the class as we had to get home early. Mummy and I looked after Toby's little sister Elodie in the afternoon which was a lot of fun until she started to cry and I couldn't hear Barney on the TV anymore. Mummy did tell me off for screaming at Elodie and telling her to Shhh! I think I was justified in doing so... I like babies when they are quiet. I like to tickle, kiss and hug Elodie, she is very cute! Daddy came home early so we could make pancakes in the evening! I didn't really like them very much but it was more because my tummy was full after dinner! Daddy had 2, he was greedy! He also managed to toss them in the pan which Mummy can't do. She prefers the safe flipping method!

Wednesday was a day for just Mummy and I. We went to the mall to buy me a dress for Aunty Caroline's wedding in April! It's very pretty and I can't wait to wear it. It's a similar colour to my Mummies new dress too! I just need some pretty sandals to wear with it and I'm all ready to go! I'm very excited. We are going to Thailand in April with lots of our friends for a week to celebrate the wedding! Mummy can't believe how quickly the time has gone by! Aunty Caroline got engaged 2 years ago and in 6 weeks she'll be a Mrs! My Mummy loves being a Mrs so I'm sure Aunty Caroline will love it too!

Today I am going to Boogie Babies to do lots of dancing and singing! I get to play in soft play afterwards too. I'm sure Mummy will make Eleanor and I go for a coffee so they can chat! This afternoon we are going to play at Adriana's again. Daddy had to go to Doha this morning very very early. I haven't seen him yet and won't see him tonight as he isn't due home until 2am! He has a very big, important presentation to do. I know he is worried about it but Mummy and I think he will be brilliant! Mummy has seen Daddy give presentations before and she said people always listen intently to him. He's very clever! Mummy hopes I will be clever like him one day and not like her! She makes me laugh!

Tomorrow is probably going to be a nice quiet day for us as Daddy will be very tired. If it is nice, I think we will go to the pool in the afternoon. We have some friends coming over on Saturday evening and they are bringing their twin boys. I'm looking forward to showing them all my toys! I hope everyone is having a good week!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

PS- My friend Luke has just had a new baby brother called Rory! I'm very excited for him and glad the baby and his mummy are both doing really well. I've seen a picture this morning and he is tiny and very cute! I wish Mummy and I could come and cuddle him but will have to wait until later this year!! Congratulations to all the Bennett family! It's wonderful news, we are so happy for you all xxxxx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie Boy!

This time last year, my Aunty Becci had complained for a whole week that the baby in her tummy was hurting her. Mummy told me she was in labour and my new cousin would come and say hello soon. It took him 7 days to finally arrive! Ollie and Jacob spent the morning with Mummy and I. We went to Waitrose cafe and had cakes and juice whilst waiting to hear from my Nanny. After they had arrived at the hospital, Charlie was born within an hour, we couldn't believe it after he had pretended to come out so many times in the run up to that day! Mummy says he has been a little monkey ever since! Charlie was born on Friday 18th February, 4 days past his due date and we thought he was gorgeous! Charlie and Aunty Becci had to stay in the hospital for a few days as Charlie needed medicine everyday. He had lots of visits form the family though.

My big cousins looking very proud of their new little brother

Today Charlie turns 1! We are very far away from home this year and are sad that we won't be able to spend the day celebrating with him. Especially as I love birthday cake so much! I hope Charlie has a wonderful day and has as many presents as I did! Mummy posted a little something from me too so I hope that it arrives in time for him to open today!

Charlie & I at Nannies & Grandads House Christmas 2011 

We miss you Thomas Gang!

Lots of love

Ella Bella xxxx

Friday, February 17, 2012

Germ Free!

Yesterday Mummy decided I was finally well enough to go out. I was very glad to get back to my Boogie Babies class in the morning, that was until I collided with another little girl and we banged heads! We are both sporting matching bruises too! I played in soft play after the class and then went for lunch with Eleanor and Freddy, and our mummies of course! Mummy had to go to Waitrose afterwards to get some food which I found exceptionally boring so fell asleep. 

Daddy was at home when we got back! I love having Daddy home early for the weekend. Mummy had arranged for friends to come over and play though so he soon hid in the bedroom watching TV. I'm not surprised, we make a lot of mess and noise! I had great fun though! Mummy had bought lots of snacks for us so we had a little tea party! I ate far too much so didn't have a lot for dinner. Daddy treated us to dinner at the hotel next door. Mummy and I shared a pizza and Daddy had a very bad steak. He was most disappointed. Poor Daddy, he should have had a pizza!

Today we were planning to go to the beach but a sand storm has put a stop to that. We are stuck indoors now and no idea how long for. I'm keeping busy playing with all of my toys though. Tomorrow we have to go to a government office to sort out our ID cards. That's going to be extremely boring! Mummy is hoping to take me to the playground afterwards so I won't mind too much. I hope you are all having a good week and have lots of fun plans for the weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all my blog readers, I hope you are all having a lovely day. Daddy gave Mummy her favourite perfume this morning which helped make her feel much better after she woke with a nasty cough. Poor Mummy! At least I'm all better. I am still taking my antibiotics but I feel so much better now and I can eat as my throat doesn't hurt anymore! Mummy is making dinner for Daddy tonight so I guess I'll be going to bed early! To make up for it, Mummy bought fish fingers for my dinner today!

I also have a new toy! It's a battery operated ride on and it makes lots of noise! Mummy thinks it is really funny because it speaks and sings in Chinese! We didn't notice when we were in the shop! I don't mind though, I love it! It definitely helped me to feel better yesterday! Daddy came home last night and I'm very glad to have him home. He had to go to the office this morning so I can't wait for him to come home and play later! I missed him so much.

It's time for my nap so Happy Valentines Day again!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Visit to the Doctor

Mummy took me to the doctor this afternoon as my temperature went up and I wouldn't eat or drink. I hate it there so put up a good fight when the pediatrician tried to examine me! The last few times I have been there, she has stuck needles in me! Luckily that didn't happen this time but I hold grudges! My temperature was reading 39.9 but Mummy had just given me Calpol so it probably brought it down a little bit. The doctor said it was very high still. She looked in my ears and said I had an infection so needed antibiotics. She also said my sinuses are completely blocked- I did try to tell Mummy that- so has given me special bedtime medicine to help me breathe. My glands are also swollen and that explains why I couldn't eat. The doctor also thinks there might be a problem with my tummy so Mummy has to take a stool sample to them later! I think that's disgusting!

So I'm all dosed up and watching Barney on the TV. I have just spoken to Daddy on Skype and was very happy to see him. Mummy was a little bit envious that I smiled and played for him. He also told Mummy to get some ice cream for me! I love Daddy! I ate the ice cream, it really didn't hurt and gave me a little bit of energy to read some books by myself. Mummy says we are going to have to have an early night tonight. I think it's a good idea as I'm very tired!

Daddy comes home tomorrow! I can't wait xx


I appear to have gotten worse over the weekend! My temperature is sticking between 39 and 40 no matter what Mummy tries to do. I don't feel like eating or drinking much and am very very tired as I keep waking up during the night. Mummy said I'd sleep for anything between 20 minutes and an hour, then wake up crying but I don't remember much! I slept in Mummies bed in just my nappy as it was so hot! I kept trying to cuddle Mummy but it made me even hotter so I got very upset. This morning we have just stayed in bed watching cartoons and reading books. Mummy thinks we should get dressed and go for a little stroll outside. I don't mind going as long as I don't have to walk. I am finding even walking hard to manage today! We had lots planned again today too, typical.

I really hope this doesn't last long! I want to go and see all of my friends!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eleanor's Birthday

We have had yet another busy week and Mummy and I have both been under the weather but found that keeping ourselves busy and out in the sunshine really helped. Mummy and I had a lazy morning on Tuesday and after my lunch and nap, we chalked on my easel. Mummy was a little upset when I decided to try out the chalk on Daddies TV though.  On Wednesday Mummy took me to the playground in the morning and I spent some of the afternoon at Adriana's whilst Mummy was at the hairdressers. She said she really enjoyed being able to read a magazine all the way through without any interruptions. Mummy can be very cheeky sometimes!


On Thursday we went to my friend Toby's house to play and stayed for lunch. I had a lovely time, Toby has so many fun toys to play with! Mummy, Daddy and I went out for dinner together in the evening which we all enjoyed and had a short walk near the marina whilst the sun was setting. It's very pretty here at that time of day. We all had an early night as we had a very exciting day ahead at my friend Eleanor's birthday party.

Lunch with Toby

Eleanor will be one on Wednesday but her birthday party was held yesterday at her villa. We arrived at 10:30am so Mummy could help Nellie's mummy get ready and we took a few of my toys over for the other guests to play with. I was fascinated by Nellie's ball pit, it is enormous! Twice the size of mine, I loved it! I ran around, played and ate so much all day and finally decided to sleep for an hour at 3pm. I woke up ready for round 2, more eating, playing, running and drinking! It was great fun. Mummy and Daddy took me home at 7pm and we were all exhausted!

Birthday Girl! 

I woke up at 3am with a high temperature so got to spend some time in Mummy and Daddies bed. I found it very hard to get back to sleep until my medicine kicked in. I woke up at 8am and Mummy and I had breakfast and watched barney whilst daddy slept in. He has to go away to Doha again today. We will really miss him. Mummy and I are going to play at Adriana's this afternoon though so we can keep ourselves busy. Adriana's daddy has also had to go away this weekend. I wish our Daddies didn't have to go to work, we miss them when they are away. On Thursday morning I sat outside the lift when Daddy left and cried a little. I think it made Mummy really sad to see.

It's been really hot here and yesterday we all caught the sun! I'm pretty sure it's not hot at home from all of the pictures we have seen on Facebook! Mummy said maybe if we move back home next year, I'll get to join in and make snowmen too! I saw Harry and Charlie playing outside our houses and it made us really want to come home and join in! I've never had a ride on a sledge! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I have to go, we need to do some shopping before Daddy goes to the airport (boooo!)

Lots of love

Ella xx

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mid Term

I don't have all of my usual classes this week due to it being Mid Term in Dubai. Mummy and I are keeping busy though and we met with my friend Toby at Favourite Things yesterday. I love playing there and afterwards we got to run around outside whilst our Mummies had a drink and chased us! Mummy has arranged for us to go to Toby's house on Thursday morning to play. I can't wait! I saw Adriana in the afternoon for an hour before Mummy had to go to her Zumba class and I got to play with lots of other children whose mummies are trying to dance themselves thin! Mummy and I are also running now. Well, Mummy is running and I get pushed along very fast! It's great fun, we go so fast it makes my tummy go over!

Today my music class went ahead but mummy and I were very nearly late as I didn't get up until 8am. Mummy was disappointed as she had woken up at 5am and hadn't gone back to sleep thinking I'd be up soon anyway. It meant I missed Daddy before he went to work too which I was sad about as he is working away tonight. Mummy said he will try to pop back for a bit before he goes to the airport to see me though! I enjoyed my music class and got to play with Eleanor. My friend Dhani came this week too and Mummy has arranged for us to go to the playground together on Wednesday morning! She really is keeping me occupied!

Nellie and I went for a late breakfast with our Mummies too this morning- they will do anything to be able to have time to chat! They were talking about Eleanor's birthday party on Friday, we are really excited! I bought Nellie her birthday presents over the weekend and keep getting told off for trying to open them! Mummy told Daddy that she should have bought one of them for me too- she really should have, I loved it! (I can't say what it is incase Nellie is reading my blog!). Mummy complained about how messy I got after breakfast! My clothes were stained with strawberries- oops!

I'm really tired after our busy morning so planning to have a sleep now before lunch. I'm hoping Mummy will plan to see Adriana's mummy this afternoon so I can go and play again! If not, I want to do some painting! I hope you are having a lovely week and have enjoyed playing in the snow (it sounds very cold to me!).

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's the Weekend!

I love our weekends here together! On Thursday I went to my Boogie Babies class and played at soft play in the morning. I always have a lot of fun there, but on the way home I was sick so Mummy had to cancel a play date with some friends who live in The Meadows. She wasn't sure if I had a bug so felt it best we stay away! I didn't have a bug though, I just ate far too much at lunchtime and then got a little over excited! It meant I was able to go to Adriana's for dinner too! We had a great time as our Mummies took us to the playground before we ate. I was very tired after running and climbing so went to bed at 7pm. I didn't get to see Daddy for very long though.

I love the big slide!
Adriana can jump very high, I'm trying to do the same!

Yesterday we had to go shopping. Daddy needed new clothes for running and Mummy wanted to buy some clothes too! I was so bored, I fell asleep! We spent ages looking around the mall and then had to go to food shopping afterwards too! We all had a nap when we got home. Daddy had a casino night with work and Mummy and I were having a movie night with Brana, Adriana and Angela. We had to go to theirs for dinner at 6pm and Daddy and Luca were able to join us as they were not going out until 7:30pm. I had lots of fun playing and eating! We got home at 10pm and Mummy and I watched In The Night Garden until I eventually fell asleep in her bed. She put me in my cot again once I'd fallen asleep though!

Our Pyjama Party!

Daddy came in at a very silly time and he had drunk far too much beer! Mummy said he sounded like an elephant crashing around, and he really did! He woke me up, I was not very happy about it and neither was Mummy. We got our own back this morning though. I went and tickled him with my cold hands at 7:30am and jumped on him at 9am! He soon woke up but only for half an hour and then went back to bed! Lazy Daddy! I think Mummy has forgiven him though as he won a spa break for two at a raffle yesterday! Easily pleased!

Today we have to brave Ikea. Daddy and I hate Ikea! I need more toy boxes though and it seems to be the only place we can get them here without spending a fortune. Mummy doesn't want to pay much as she is worried our things will be damaged when we ship them back home. A lot of things were broken on the way over here last year! I'm hoping we will go to the playground afterwards too!

Daddy is back at work tomorrow and we have quite a quiet week as it is mid term here and most of our classes are on holiday! Mummy has Zumba tomorrow so I get to go and play again whilst she gets skinny! We have a music class on Sunday and then Mummy goes to her Pilates class so I get to play some more! We have friends over on Thursday afternoon and on Friday we are going to Eleanor's very first birthday party! I bought her a present yesterday and now i have to choose a dress! I love parties!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and have lots of fun things planned next week too!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Far Today...

We have watched In The Night Garden (twice), had breakfast, danced to my Barney Songs DVD (thank you Nanny & Grandad), got showered and dressed, sung songs whilst playing the keyboard (badly), played with my cars and garage, drawn and coloured a picture for Daddy, read three Thomas the Tank Engine books, sorted out my old baby clothes (and discovered I fit back into some of the 6-9 month trousers so no shopping this weekend yay!), had an hours nap, eaten lunch, hung out the washing, watched Bob the Builder, played with my babies and I've made numerous cups of tea for Mummy.

It's only 12:30pm and we have no idea what to do next! Hopefully Daddy will be home early and he'll have some ideas. For now I guess we'll put the train set together and play trains for half an hour until we get bored.

Choo Choo!