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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January is almost over...

And apparently so is winter in Dubai! We are reaching temperatures of up to 28 degrees again now! The weather in Dubai is officially mad! it does mean that we can start going to the pool in the afternoon again though and spending weekends at the beach! They are my favourite things to do here!

I had a great play session on Sunday whilst Mummy went to her exercise class. I think she had fun too but she was very sweaty and red faced when she came to pick me up! Daddy got home at the same time as us so we got to play before bed. Mummy left us to spend the evening with Adriana's mummy as it was her birthday. I was sad to hear they went for ice cream whilst I was in bed! That's not fair! On Monday we went to my music class and then Eleanor and her mummy joined us for breakfast. I went to play at Adriana's afterwards which is always great fun! We did lots of painting and drawing.

Today I had Mini Miracles which I love! I played at soft play with Nay afterwards too. Mummy had to go shopping, I got a new t-shirt so I didn't mind too much, before we went to have lunch with Adriana. We did some more art work today and Mummy had to bath me as soon as we got home as I had drawn all over my face with felt pen! Daddy came home for an early dinner but is now out running. He and Mummy are always doing exercise!

We have no plans for tomorrow so I'm hoping we can go to the pool if the weather stays warm! I hope you are all having a good week. It's bedtime for me here now so I must have my milk and story. I'll blog again after the weekend to let you know what adventures we have had!

Lots of love

Tinkerbell xxxx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Srecan Rodjendan Brana!

It is my good friend Adriana's mummies birthday today! So from Mummy, Daddy and I, we wish you a very Happy Birthday (or Srecan Rodjendan) and hope you have a lovely day! I hope Luca, Angela and Adriana are spoiling you today!

Lots of love xxxxx

Another Fun Filled Week!

I've finally cut another 2 teeth, the canines have come through! They have caused me quite a lot of bother including a sore tummy, runny nose and just general achey pain, so we have not had much sleep this week! Last Monday, I went to my music class but as I was feeling really miserable, we didn't stay to play afterwards. We cam straight home and I went to bed to catch up on missed sleep. Daddy came home early to help look after me which I loved! He has been working in Abu Dhabi or at clients all week so has been very very busy!

Tuesday I went to Mini Miracles in the morning as I was feeling quite a bit better. I played with nay afterwards in the soft play area and then Mummy and I did a spot of shopping and had lunch together before coming home. Daddy got back early again and Mummy went off to the spa for some treatments before she went out with Toby's mummy that evening! They went on a ladies night at The Adress Hotel and they had free drinks all night! I think daddy was pleased as Mummy came home and had only spent around £10! That's very good for my Mummy!

On Wednesday I went to the playground with Mummy and showed her how good I am at climbing on the ladders and monkey bars. I can do them better than she can! We went to meet Dhani, Lila and their mummy afterwards for coffee and we got to eat a lot of popcorn! Daddy had to work late on Wednesday but he came home to give me my bath first so I got lots of play time with him!

Thursday was Boogie Babies which was great fun as always! I played with all of my friends in the soft play area afterwards and then Mummy took me to Borders to buy some more Thomas the Tank Engine books and I chose a book all about fairies! I love books, Mummy and Daddy read to me a lot now and I am trying to read them myself- it's very hard! Daddy was home early again that evening and so we started our weekend early!

On Friday we all stayed in bed most of the morning and by the time we had been food shopping, it was dinner time! We decided we should do something on Saturday to make up for it but ended up going shopping as Mummy wanted new clothes! It was very boring! When we came home, we decided to take a walk along the Marina but Mummy wanted to pop up to the apartment to get her sunglasses first. It was just as well we did! A sand storm was heading our way which meant there was no way we were going out! I was a little disappointed but we all played with my toys and had dinner instead.

I had a really bad sleep last night. I was up 7 times in total, it was very upsetting. I finally settled in my parents bed but I think daddy must have put me back in my bed after I fell asleep as I woke up in my room again! Mummy thinks I need a good sleep today before she goes to her Zumba class and I go to play. I'm not so keen on that idea, I'm having too much fun playing and blogging! I was cheered up when Mummy told me that she spoke to Grandad last night and he and my Nanny are coming to stay again in March! They arrive 3 days after my other grandparents leave. Grandad has to work in India so is leaving Nanny at ours for a couple of days too! It means I get to have a slumber party with Nanny! I hope she is a morning person hehe!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter in Dubai

We seem to have lost the sun in Dubai, it was last seen on Friday morning! It feels cold even though the temperature is still in double figures and Mummy and I are wearing jumpers and snuggling up indoors today. I'm not feeling too well- teething, and Mummy didn't sleep well last night so we wanted a quiet day. We have spoken to my Aunty, Uncle and cousins on Skype and it's always lovely to see them. I just wish they were actually here with us!

On Friday morning we had to do our usual weekend food shopping. It was sunny when we went to the mall but really cloudy and grey when we left! We had arranged to meet some friends who have just moved to Dubai at the Hilton for a drink in the evening and we had to dress in clothes that we had bought for our trip home in December! We stayed for dinner there too and I got to share Mummies chips! I took my iPad so that I could watch videos and play games whilst the adults talked about boring things as they always do!

On Saturday we had planned a beach day but Mummy and Daddy were woken up by a strange noise outside the window early in the morning. When they went out on to the balcony to investigate, it was really raining! There were thunder storms to follow too. We all stayed in bed in the warm for a while after that! I was sad that we couldn't go to the beach but Mummy invited Adriana's family over for dinner so that I'd have some company in the evening instead. I love spending time with Adriana, we chase each other and jump on furniture together. It's always great fun! Adriana's mummy brought the rest of the photo's she had taken at the beach too. They are lovely, Mummy and Daddy are so pleased with them.

This morning we had planned to go to a playgroup and this afternoon Mummy is supposed to go and dance herself thin again. We don't feel like going and I plan to go to bed and nap in a moment instead. This weather doesn't make us feel very much like venturing outside! It's just as if we woke up back in our house in Lichfield! We are missing home today.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Do

Yesterday Mummy took me for a hair cut with the intention of just having my fringe trimmed. We went to George in Favourite Things as he cuts a few of my friends' hair and seems to do a good job. I got to sit in a chair that was like a race car, I loved it! George put Mickey Mouse on the television for me to watch and got cutting.

Vroom Vroom!!

I don't like having my hair cut at all! I put up a bit of a fuss and tried to push him away so Mummy is blaming me for the end result! My fringe is half way up my forehead! But at least I can see and I had great fun playing in the chair! I hope Mummy takes me back there very soon!

My New Do!

Beach Shoot

Adriana's mummy took some photos of us playing on the beach yesterday! Mummy and I think the few we have seen are lovely so I wanted to share them with you.

I hope you like them as much as we do xxx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Weekend with Daddy!

It's very nearly our weekend and I'm so excited as Daddy will be home to play with me all of this one! I have asked Mummy if we can spend Saturday at the beach playing too! This week has been a very busy one for us and it has been so good to get out after being housebound last week! On Tuesday I went to my Mini Miracles class and got to see my friend Nay again. We did lots of fun activities but my favourite part was making a collage of Elmer the Elephant! I love Elmer, I have lots of Elmer in my bedroom! I gave it to Daddy as well because he came back from Saudi on Tuesday night and I was just so happy to see him! I do the excited jig when he comes home, he thinks it is really funny! I had dinner at Adriana's before Daddy came home and we played with her toys. I love spending time at Adriana's house, I always get fed!

Daddy worked from home yesterday so I spent lots of time with him. We met Toby in the afternoon at a play area before dinner time. I haven't seen Toby since Christmas either, so it has been a lovely week seeing friends after so long. Our mummies were very busy chatting about important things. I heard them talking about a ladies night out very soon, I don't think I'm invited though.

Today Mummy took me to Boogie Babies. The class were all very hyperactive so we had a great time dancing and singing! Everyone was getting a little bit boisterous towards the end of the session so I was glad when I got to play in the soft play area with Nay! We had lunch at the mall and then Mummy took me to get my hair cut. It was a great salon as I got to sit in a 'car chair' and watch Mickey Mouse on TV. Mummy is a little concerned by how much hair the hairdresser cut off but at least it's not in my eyes anymore! This afternoon I am off to the beach with Adriana and her big sister Angela. Their mummy is going to take some photos of us all as she is very good at taking pictures (not like my Mummy!).

Tomorrow we have to do our usual boring food shopping in the morning! Mummy and Daddy have arranged for us to meet friends at the Hilton in the afternoon for drinks. There is a big park on the beach that I get to play on there too. I think we will have a busy weekend to look forward to!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xx

Monday, January 16, 2012


I saw my Nanny & Grandad on Skype yesterday morning! I love seeing them on Skype, we sing silly songs and clap, dance and shout Yay at each other! Mummy thinks it's funny that I spend time with them on Skype because I don't speak to many people. It's just that they are very entertaining! Grandad sings a song about how I remind him of a pickled onion! How silly is he?! I was also really excited when Grandad said he is planning a trip over here in March again and is hoping that Nanny can come too! It'll be the third time they have come to visit us since we moved over here!

I went to play at soft play yesterday afternoon and my friend Eleanor came to meet me. I've not seen her in a very long time, so was glad she was able to make it. Our Mummies left us in the play area with child minders and they went off to do something called Zumba. Apparently they intend to dance themselves thin! They were both very sweaty when they came to pick us up! I guess it must have been very hard work. I had a great time playing but I wasn't too impressed when Mummy asked if I had been a good girl and the lady responded with 'Well, she's definitely got a little personality, she does exactly what she wants to do'... Hmmm. I spoke to Daddy briefly on Skype before bed but i was so tired, I just lay on the sofa and wanted to sleep- sorry Daddy, I really do miss you!

I met up with Eleanor again this morning as we had our music class together. I didn't enjoy it as much as Boogie Babies. The teachers were not too keen on me wandering around or nosing in the bags and boxes. My teacher at Boogie Babies lets me do it so I didn't like that Mummy had to restrain me this morning! We are going to give it another go next week, but I'm not going to promise that I'll be good. Mummy and Eleanor's mummy went for coffee and talked for ages after our class! I fell asleep, they were being boring!

This afternoon Mummy and I have played outside. The weather is getting a little cooler again so I had to come back in and get a cardigan! I wish it could stay like this all year! We came home and did some drawings for Daddy and then Mummy made curry for dinner. I loved it even though Mummy made me take my clothes off before I got stuck in! I've just had my bath and Mummy has given me milk (in my big girl cup of course!). We are going to read a story next and then it's bedtime as we are both very tired and have another busy day tomorrow! I'm going to a fairytale party and will be wearing my Tinkerbell costume! I can't wait! Even better, when I get home, Daddy will be back from his trip so I'll get lots of cuddles before bed!

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. My nanny said it is very cold over in the UK at the moment so I'm glad I'm here! I hope you are all wrapping up warm!

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Saturday, January 14, 2012


For the first time in a week I was able to go out and do something fun today! Mummy didn't take me to Marina Mums on Thursday as I fell asleep and was still getting over being ill. Daddy left for Saudi at lunch time and so Mummy and I went to soft play for a play and run around. I love going there, I had the place all to myself for an hour and I was given sweeties! I didn't feel so sad about Daddy going away again. I also have a very exciting week ahead. Tomorrow I get to play with Nellie and we haven't seen each other since the week before Christmas! Her mummy and mine are off to a fitness class together as they are trying to get thin! Monday I have a music class, Tuesday I have Mini Miracles, a Princess party and Daddy will be coming home! On Wednesday I'm hoping I will get to see Toby as I've not seen him for ages and miss him lots and on Thursday I have Boogie Babies! So much socialising to do!

Today I had more Christmas presents to open too! Aunty Charlotte sent me a Little Einsteins DVD, a t-shirt with a koala on it and a cuddly koala! I love koalas and hope to be able to go to Australia to see a real one very soon! I wonder if that's all the presents I'll get now? Well best go, it's dinner time here and Mummy has made me something lovely to eat! I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Better

I woke up this morning and could actually open my eyes!! I'm very happy to be feeling normal again. Mummy wants to keep an eye on me this morning so we won't be going to Boogie Babies just in case I'm still not 100%, but she has promised I can go to Junior Jingles with the Mar
Ian Mums this afternoon if I still look well enough later! I can't wait, I've missed going outand seeing my friends! It also means that I get to go to all my play groups and classes again next week!

It's almost the weekend here. Daddy is hoping to come home early this afternoon so we can enjoy a couple of days together before he has to go away to Saudi on Saturday. I'm hoping we will do lots of fun things now that I'm better!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

PS- Congratulations to my friend Violet on becoming a big sister! Mummy showed me photos this morning and she is beautiful! Your mummy and daddy must be very proud xxx

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Housebound Day...

So I'm still contagious! I couldn't open my right eye for a while this morning and I wasn't best pleased when Mummy started wiping at it with wet cotton wool- I prefer to pick at them! To make things worse, I also have an upset tummy. Last night Daddy came home in time for us to all have dinner together and then he did my bath and bedtime routine. We read Gordon from my Thomas the Tank Engine books and I went to sleep. Half an hour later, I woke up following a nasty explosion- these things shouldn't be happening now I'm a big girl. I was very upset. It was all made better by cuddles with Mummy and Daddy in their bed and I happily went back to sleep until it happened again at 7am this morning! I hope I don't spread my bug to Mummy and Daddy.

We are stuck inside again today. Yesterday was very boring even though Mummy really did try. We went for a walk (well she chased me) around our plaza. We baked a few chocolate chip muffins, which I got to eat with Mummy and we played with every toy I could find in my toy box. My favourite game was climbing. I put my chair on to the sofa and climbed into it. Great fun but Mummy looked a little concerned. She still had time to take photos though!

Caught in the act!

I'm very sad that I won't be able to go and play at Toby's house today. I think Mummy is sad not to be having coffee and chatting too much with his mummy too. I also think she's sad that she won't be getting cuddles with baby Elodie, but I don't mind that too much. She starts getting silly ideas when she is with babies! I'm happy with the way things are now thank you! I also don't think I'll be able to go to Boogie Babies tomorrow or Junior Jingles. I hope this ointment in my eyes works very soon, I really want to go out and play!

I hope you are all having a better week than I am. At least my Daddy is back in Dubai. I cried a lot when he left for work this morning. I thought he was playing hide and seek so went off to look for him. When I realised he had gone, I was very upset. Mummy ran me a bath to make it a little bit better. Daddy said he'll come home early today too so I'm a little happier now.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxxx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm a Big Girl Now!

3 weeks ago Mummy and Daddy started to give me milk in a cup instead of a bottle. I was very sad about having milk in a cup to begin with as I like the comfort of my bottle in the morning and before bed. My morning bottle was first to go, I put up quite a fight for a few days but my parents didn't give in! After a while, I had a few sips from the cup and it wasn't too bad. I was more upset when the night time bottle was taken away but I knew it wasn't worth fighting over. Mummy can be a real meany when she wants to be! I have a special Tinkerbell cup that I like to have my milk in. This week I have started to use other cups too and I must admit, it's not all that bad! I guess I am a big girl now.

As for my dummies, Mummy and Daddy can keep their hands off those! I won't give them up without a big fight!

Conjunctivitis Again!

I woke up yesterday morning with conjunctivitis again! This is the third time in less than a year that I've had it and it's not very nice. Mummy took me straight out to get the ointment for my eyes and some milky bars so that I wouldn't be too upset about her putting stuff in my eyes again! I was also treated to breakfast at PQs for being so brave, my favourite! We had been hoping to spend yesterday with friends but had to stay away as my eyes are infectious and we don't want anyone else getting it! Mummy had to let Lila and Dhani's mummy know too as I spent Sunday playing afternoon with them. I hope they don't get it too!

We spent Sunday morning at Ibn Battuta Mall buying me new clothes after she had put me in 3 outfits and claimed either my belly was hanging out from under the tops or the trousers were ankle swingers! I wasn't impressed! My feet have got big and now apparently the rest of me has grown too. So we searched the sales for pretty clothes in 18-24 months and were very successful considering how expensive it usually is here! Mummy got me some jeans from Gap that I love and I was allowed to choose a couple of dresses. I picked one up that I thought was very pretty and when Mummy took it to the till it was only 5dhs! That's less than a £1! I'm a little bargain hunter already! We left the mall to go to Family & Friends to meet Dhani and Lila. I hadn't seen them for so long, I was very pleased to see them again! Dhani is very clever and has started walking and talks quite a lot too now!

We had a very busy week planned. I had Mini Miracles this morning but obviously can't go. It's the first class of the term too! We were supposed to have dinner at Toby's tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. He has a baby sister and we really don't want to make either of them poorly! I'll have to see how my eyes look in the morning. Hopefully by Thursday I will be clear. I have my first Boogie Babies class in the morning and then Junior Jingles in the afternoon. I don't want to miss them! At least Mummy has arranged another busy week next week and my good friend Eleanor is coming back from the UK to join us! I'm going to see her on Sunday at Mummies Zumba class as her mummy is joining in too! I can't wait to watch them both dancing around. I'll have to be careful not to laugh!!

Daddy is home tonight. He is getting an early flight too so will be back by 6pm. I'm so excited, I miss him when he goes away! Mummy thinks he has to go away again on Saturday though. I hope it won't be for very long. Poor Mummy is feeling very homesick at the moment, it's not helped that we can't go out with our friends and she's very sad when Daddy works away. I'm going to drawer her a picture this afternoon, that normally cheers her up a lot! Her friends from home also made her more cheery with their lovely comments on Sunday and now she is looking forward to our holiday in Thailand in April- it's only 13 weeks away according to Auntie Caroline! We can't wait!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbyes Are Sad

Rosie had to go home this morning. We have had a fun 10 days together though and I was able to show her lots of places here. My favourite was the waterpark at the Atlantis hotel! We met them at their hotel this morning to say goodbye and make sure all of their luggage would fit into a taxi to the airport! It was very sad to see them leave as we have no idea when we will see them next. Mummy and Daddy are not sure whether we will go back to England in the summer or whether we will spend Christmas at home this year, it's very unlikely that we can do both though.

On Thursday evening, we went to the Dubai Mall and had dinner whilst watching the fountains. I love the fountains so much and I think Auntie Lisa and Uncle Christopher were impressed. It made Rosie jump when it first started though as it is very loud! She didn't look too impressed but eventually didn't mind it so much. After our dinner, we had tickets to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa. Mummy, Daddy and I have done it before but not at night. The views of the city were amazing and even better we saw an incredible fireworks display over the city whilst we were there! Daddy took lots of photos whilst Mummy chased me around! I'm not too sure she was impressed as she didn't really get to see much! Auntie Lisa and Uncle Christopher were impressed by the views too. Rosie fell asleep, I guess she thought it was a bit boring hehe!

Daddy and Uncle Christopher went to the races at the Meydan yesterday. I got to spend the day with Mummy, Auntie Lisa and Rosie. We went for a swim in our pool and Rosie really enjoyed it. We got a bit cold after half an hour though and had to go back inside. Mummy made dinner whilst Rosie and I napped and then we got to make a lovely mess with our spaghetti bolognese and had to have a bath together! I loved having her here to play. Our daddies had a great afternoon watching the horses racing but they didn't make very much money!

Today we went to the mall to buy me some new shoes. My feet have grown lots in the last few weeks and my favourite light up shoes don't fit me. Daddy chose my shoes today and I love them. They are white with pink hearts on them! I also got some new slippers. We looked everywhere for some nice slippers but all we could find were bright pink Hello Kitty ones that cost a lot of money. Mummy refuses to pay the prices here for something that is so cheap back home. I have got some purple and pale pink Barbie ones, much more subtle! Daddy had to leave for the airport this afternoon. He is working away in Doha this week. Mummy and I miss him already!

I really hate goodbyes.

Ella xxx 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Very Happy 2012 Everyone!

A little belated, but Happy New Year to all of my blog followers. I really hope that this year is a fantastic one for everybody. We are hoping it will at least be as good as 2011 for our family! We had so many happy events and fun times. Mummy & Daddy got married (I got to be a very pretty Flower Baby), we moved to the land of sun and sand, made lots of wonderful new friends and have had so many exciting adventures along the way! 2012 has a lot to live up to!

Our Christmas was a lovely one even though we were away from our family. It was made even better by the arrival of my cousin Rose and her mummy and daddy. We collected them from the airport on Tuesday last week (Auntie Lisa really had packed a lot of stuff!) and took them to their hotel in Al Barsha. It was a nice hotel but the service has been very miss for them. That tends to be an issue in Dubai anyway and luckily it hasn't caused too many issues! On Wednesday we decided to have a quiet day and had lunch at Pauls on JBR and a wander around the Marina so Uncle Chris and Auntie Lisa could see where we live. We had dinner at home, Mummy ordered take away, lazy, before Daddy took them all back to the hotel.

I was too busy eating to smile...

We showed them the Mall of the Emirates on Thursday afternoon and had coffee and cake before heading back to our apartment so Mummy could make dinner. Rose and I had lots of fun playing and eating, then playing some more. She eats my toys more than I do! We had an earlyish night on Thursday as Mummy had booked a Friday brunch for us the next day. I love going to brunch in Dubai! We get to eat as much as we want to for 4 hours, yummy! Rose and I ate lots of chips and chicken nuggets, fruit and cakes before Mummy took me over to the creche so I could play with toys, watch films and eat popcorn and candy canes! I had a lot of fun and I'm sure my family did too! Rose and I played back at the apartment for an hour before she had to go back to the hotel. Mummy, Daddy and I were tired too so we went to bed early!

Keep away from my candy cane Mummy! 
Rosie is such a poser! 
Full of food and time to play!

We went to the beach on Saturday. I love the beach and have a lot of fun flicking sand, smashing sandcastles (I was quickly removed from breaking a big sandcastle I had found by Uncle Christopher, meany!) and running in and out of the sea! The water is really cold now so we don't go in as much as we do in the summer. Rose wasn't very keen on the beach, she didn't like the feel of the sand and I think the waves scared her as they are very loud! She went to sleep on her mummy whilst I ran around and used up all my energy! Mummy did a buffet that night and Rose and I wore our party dresses ready to celebrate the New Year. We were in bed by 9pm though! I was woken up at midnight by very loud bangs and Mummy came to get me. We went out on to the balcony and there were fireworks going off all over the sea. It was incredible, I just kept on saying 'Oh Wow!'. Daddy filmed the displays but you can't see just how amazing it looked. We watched the Sheraton display first as they set theirs off 3 minutes too early! Then the Hilton joined in and shortly afterwards, the Atlantis started their incredible display. I was so happy to have woken up and seen it all with Mummy, Daddy, Auntie Lisa and Uncle Chris. Rosie slept through it all though!

Happy New Year! 

Rosie, Uncle Christopher and Auntie Lisa stayed over that night as there would have been no chance of getting a taxi back to the hotel. Mummy and Daddy arranged for Rosie to spend New Years Day with us so her mummy and daddy could explore Dubai on their own. I loved having Rose to stay again, we had a lot of fun together! Mummy said it gave her a good taste of things to come having a baby and a toddler to look after! I wasn't too keen on Mummy giving Rosie cuddles though, I'll be less keen when it's my sibling. I hope I made enough of a point to her and Daddy! We stayed in and played on Sunday as we were all tired. I was very excited when I woke up in the morning and found Rosie in my parents room. I tickled her a lot and gave her cuddles. She thinks I'm really funny!

On Monday we went to the Dubai Mall so that I could show Rosie the big aquarium. She loved it there too! Auntie Lisa saw people diving in the tank and decided she wanted to have a go too! She booked in for the next day, I thought she was very brave after seeing all the sharks in there! Tuesday afternoon, we went to watch her dive and she got very close to quite a few big scary fish, including sharks! The instructor had told her to keep her hands in tight in case the fish mistook it for food! It did look like lots of fun too. I might have a go when I'm a bit bigger.

Don't worry Rosie, it can't get you through that glass!

We spent the afternoon at Aquaventure yesterday. It's a waterpark at the Atlantis hotel with lots of pools and slides. I had a lot of fun splashing around and swimming in the pool. I even got to go on some water slides in the children's area but it got very busy and the older children were too boisterous. Daddy and Uncle Christopher were first to go off and play on the slides. They went on the biggest slide called Leap of Faith- it is almost a vertical drop. Mummy thought they were nuts and refused to go on it. They also had a go on the rapids and when they finally came back, Mummy and Auntie Lisa ran off and did all of the rides, except the vertical one. It looked like they all had lots of fun!

Daddy had to go into the office today so Mummy and I are planning on going to a soft play area before Rosie comes over this afternoon. We are having dinner at the Dubai Mall so that we can watch the fountains tonight. I love the fountains! Daddy has also booked tickets to go up to the top of the Burj Khalifa. We have been before but not in the night time so we are really looking forward to it. Tomorrow is Rosies last day with us. Daddy and Uncle Christopher are going to Meydan to watch the races and Auntie Lisa is bringing Rosie over to play one last time. I'll be very sad when she has gone but it does mean I don't have to keep sharing my toys. I'm not very good at sharing...

I'll be back to let you all know about our last few days together at the weekend. I hope you are all having a lovely week too.

Lots of love

Tinkerbella xxxx