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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Visitor

I had another great week at nursery and was very excited on Wednesday when Daddy came home with Uncle Chris. He stayed with us for 3 days as Daddy was taking him to have dinner at the races on Thursday night. I had to go to nursery on Thursday morning as usual and Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Christopher enjoyed breakfast at Paul's without me. I wasn't impressed! Daddy came to get me, which is always lovely as it doesn't happen very often. Mummy spent the afternoon at a spa having treatments that she claims were long overdue and when she came home we all got ready to go out.

Mummy and I spent Thursday night at Adriana's house. We had dinner together and played with her many toys. A little later in the night Adriana locked us in her mummy and daddies bedroom. It wasn't ideal as a key is required to open it from outside and her mummy didn't have they key! We were in there for just over half an hour before Adriana's daddy came home and rescued us. Adriana was very upset once she realised we were actually stuck and she was probably in trouble. Our mummies were quite worried but were very relieved when we were freed. I don't know what all the fuss was about, I was having fun jumping on the bed. We were taken out for ice cream afterwards too- I might encourage Adriana to lock us in a room again if that's the outcome!

Daddy and Uncle Chris spent the night at Meydan and then went to a bar nearby before coming home well past my bedtime. On Friday we had to go shopping, which as you all know, I hate. So I made lots of fuss which resulted in a big bag of sweeties from Uncle Christopher- brilliant! Daddy had to take Uncle Chris back to the airport as he had to go home for work and I was sad to say goodbye again. I have been asking to see him all morning but Mummy says he is too far away. Hopefully he will come and visit me again soon!

Today I had been hoping to go to the park but it has been raining so I don't think that will happen now. Michael and I have watched cartoons and I've been making things with my Play Doh. I think I heard Mummy suggest we have to go to the supermarket later too, I'll have to make another fuss...

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I have one more week at nursery and then my Auntie Becci, Uncle Matthew and cousins arrive! I cannot wait, I just hope the weather gets better so we can go to the beach!

Lots of love

Ella xxxx

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