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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Heat is On

We don't much like summer time in Dubai. The only time we can get outside is either whilst darting between air conditioned cars to air conditioned buildings or by spending time in the pool- the latter being my favourite. Mummy and Daddy agreed that I could do a few days each week in summer camp at nursery again this year. It's only 4 hours a day but it keeps me busy, it's a lot of fun and I get to spend a bit more time with my friends before I have to move to big school in September.

When I'm not in summer camp or swimming, we tend to spend our time at friends houses making a lot of mess or at soft play which can be pretty pricey here. Mummy also got into an argument last week when a place we visited tried to charge Michael. All he did was sit and try to eat toys as my Mummy pointed out. I could tell she was quickly getting cross and she's not one to back down when she gets like that. Needless to say Mummy won, and we left without paying for Michael. I'm not sure we can go back again for a while though...

Weekends have been very busy too. After my party last Friday, I went to Jack and Charlie's on Saturday morning with Michael while Mummy and Daddy went to see the doctor. We went car shopping once they picked us up which I loved! I suggested Daddy should buy a pick up truck but he didn't seem keen! Michael and I had dinner at Toby and Elodie's new house later that day- always great fun as we get to eat in our pants- and spent the evening playing with toys before saying goodbye as they are leaving Dubai for a few weeks to escape the worst of the heat.

Quite a lot of our friends have escaped back to the UK, Australia and Lebanon for the summer but unfortunately we have not been able to make the same plans this year and will be making a very short visit in September, just as it should start to cool down here and will no doubt be snowing back there! Mummy is starting to find it difficult to keep me entertained when we are stuck indoors so has started trying to teach me things like how to write and read. She makes it sound like it's going to be lots of fun but I'm not stupid. It's boring...

This evening Mummy and Daddy are going on one of their 'date nights' (basically they escape Michael and I and spend time together in peace, I'm not keen on it at all) which means our babysitter is coming over and I love her! She lets me eat cereal, play on the iPad, watch Disney Junior and go to bed when I say so. A great night ahead for me!

I hope everyone back home is well and hope the lovely weather has continued for you. I was jealous of all the paddling pools in the garden photos on Facebook! I cannot wait for the weather to cool down enough that we can spend time out doors again!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

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