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Saturday, July 13, 2013


It has been far too long since I had time to get on to my blog! We have been so busy recently but have had such a fun couple of months. At the beginning of June my Mummy turned 30. We celebrated with a weekend at the Atlantis hotel which was fantastic. Michael and I went to the swimming pool, looked around the aquarium, ate far too much and did a little shopping in the gift shop. We also had brunch with friends to celebrate on the Friday at the Ritz Carlton. I had a great time and ate most of the chocolate fountain! Mummy was very spoiled with some lovely presents too.

A few days later we were on the plane heading to the UK for a short visit. Michael and I spent the first weekend with my nanny and grandad as Mummy and Daddy were going to their friends, Sarah and Richards wedding. I know they had a wonderful time there, I just hope it wasn't because we were not with them... When they came back to nannies, we had a BBQ at Aunty Becci's house and my Aunty Claire, Uncle Garfyn and cousins came up to stay. It was a lot of fun.

We drove to Nanny and Grandad White's the following day and spent 5 days in Kent. Grandad took me to the beach- it was very different to the beaches here and I loved it- we also went to the park and he treated me to a slushie and a biscuit in a cafe! I loved playing in the garden with him and Roxy (the dog). It was great being able to spend so much time outside as it had been getting too hot in Dubai to do that. Before we had to come home, we spent some more time in the Midlands with family and friends and I was sad that our trip had to be over so quickly. I do love going on the aeroplane though!

I had my last week at nursery and Mummy and Daddy received a glowing report which made them very proud of me. We had a little party to mark the end of the term and I was saddened that I have to start a new school in September. I am spending a couple of days a week at nursery for summer camp though so I am still seeing lots of my friends.

In a couple of weeks I am going to be 3. Mummy has arranged a party for me next week which I am really excited about. Mummy and I had a day out together without Daddy and Michael yesterday and I chose my outfit. I can't wait to wear it! I'll make sure I update you and show photos next weekend.

We have heard there is a bit of a heatwave in the UK so I hope you are all enjoying the time in the sunshine! It is still very hot here, too hot to venture outside for long unless we are going to the swimming pool! Mummy has found lots of things to do though so Michael and I are being kept busy! We have been to soft play, spent a lot of time swimming, had crafty afternoons, been for afternoon tea and spent time at friends houses or had friends around to play at ours. We are looking forward to the summer ending though!

I am off to order my school uniform this morning!

Lots of love

Ella xxx 

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