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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun in the Park

Now that it is cooler over here- although still reaching 30 degrees most days- we are able to spend more time outside which we love. It was quite warm on Friday so Daddy and I went to soft play. I had a great time and he's much more fun than Mummy as he can actually get into the play areas with me (Mummies tummy gets in the way now!) Daddy also spent time chatting to another Mummy there and he took her phone number! I'm not sure what Mummy will think of that one...

Mummy and I had to do our usual food shopping on Saturday morning but I also got to choose some new clothes as I am growing again! We also had lunch out before we came home for my nap. We had arranged to meet Adriana's family at Creek Park later in the afternoon. The weather was lovely and we had a great time. I played for hours and poor Mummy struggled to keep up with me! Daddy went on a cable car over the park with Adriana's daddy and sister. They were gone for a very long time and I was starving by the time they got back so was glad to head home for dinner!

Nursery was great fun on Sunday, I had a very good day and Mummy was told just how much of a good girl I had been! In the afternoon, Charlie and Jack's mummy picked me up and took us all to soft play together. We also had dinner at the play centre, it was lots of fun. Mummy was spending the afternoon with her feet up as she is really tired and uncomfortable now. I quite like her being pregnant if it means I get to go off with my friends and have fun! Daddy got home just before I did so i got to play with him for a bit before bed time too!

My friend Eleanor had a baby brother on Sunday too. He wasn't supposed to come out for another four weeks so their mummy and daddy are in a bit of shock. My Mummy can't wait to meet him and today we went shopping to buy him some presents. It was boring so I slept in my stroller! I hope Eleanor likes her new baby, I'm still a bit skeptical about having a brother as I quite like having all of my parents attention. Mummy and I watched Tinkerbell this afternoon and have built towers with my bricks that i can knock down- hours of fun! I'm back in nursery tomorrow for the last day this week as we have a holiday on Thursday- Daddy is off work too so we are going to a BBQ at Jack and Charlie's house.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Lots of love,

Tinkerbell xxx

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