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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Atlantis, The Palm

I've been poorly all week so had to take time off nursery. Daddy was away on business for a few days which always seems to happen when I don't feel well. We had a very quiet week. After spending Sunday evening celebrating Adriana's birthday, I didn't feel like doing much at all. Mummy had a couple of appointments with her consultant and as my baby brother is showing signs of getting ready to come out and meet us, she is now being monitored weekly at hospital. Mummy isn't worrying too much though as she believes he will be just like me and come late- I had to be evicted!

Daddy came home on Thursday and we were very excited to see him. We had planned to spend a night at the Atlantis hotel over the weekend but he had made special arrangements for us to spend an extra night there and had upgraded our stay. We had a lovely room which overlooked the Dubai skyline and beneath our balcony, we were able to see into the giant aquarium. It was very exciting watching the fish swim around whilst we enjoyed breakfast on the balcony.

The hotel is very big and there was a lot of activities for us to do. We went to the swimming pool on Friday morning but I still didn't feel 100% so we didn't stay too long before I asked to go back to our room and sleep. Daddy slept too as he had signed up for the Nike Run that evening and needed lots of rest in preparation. Mummy said she enjoyed having some time to herself whilst we were being lazy! Cheeky Mummy! We went for lunch at Ronda Locatelli which was very nice but certainly not worth the money and then headed to the aquarium as Daddy hasn't been to it before. Mummy and I love the aquarium, much more than the Dubai Mall one. We went to the club lounge after we had toured the aquarium and Mummy and I filled up on too much cake! It was great!

We walked with Daddy to the start line of the run that evening but I got bored of waiting for them to start and fell asleep! Mummy took me back to the hotel and the noise there was enough to wake me up so we went and got some dinner for me. Mummy and I then wandered around the hotel and watched the fish again until Daddy called to say he had finished. He did so well, Mummy and I were very very proud of him! Once we were back in our room, I decided I was ready to turn in for the night so my parents ordered room service and watched TV whilst I slept in my special bed.

I loved sitting out on the balcony eating breakfast again this morning and it wasn't long before we had to check out and head home. It really felt as though we had been on a nice little holiday. I hope we can do it again soon! Mummy and I agreed that my Daddy is the best in the whole world after treating us this weekend! My temperature however, went back up again today and I feel terrible this evening so plan to go to bed early. I'm hoping that I'll feel well enough to go to nursery tomorrow as I really miss my teachers and friends but Mummy has told me to wait and see. I'm keeping everything crossed that i feel better tomorrow as Mummy and I have made lots of fun plans this week! Even more exciting, we get to put the Christmas decorations up next weekend so Mummy and I are making hanging decorations for the tree! I can't wait!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are enjoying the weekend!

Lots of love

Ella xxx

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